All characters are either 18yrs old or over.

"Shit!" Brent gasped as he sat at his computer. The traffic on the road below at its steady lunchtime crawl, he gazed at his screen; scrolling, looking, searching.

He twirled his gold wedding band around his ring finger, the photo of his wife on his desk, their holiday in the Bahama's a year ago, he smiled as he looked at her in her green bikini, her long blonde hair down her back, a cheeky grin on her face, he looked back at his screen. A message popped up.

'Horni man' it said.

Brent's heart skipped a beat, he had these feelings for a while, bisexual feelings. Although he loved his wife, he started looking at men, his co-workers. Nathan in the office below. Shit he was handsome.

Brent opened the message.

'Hi Curious Bi, thanks for message, I don't mind shy men, actually it suits me. Would love to meet for drink, while in town. What do you say?"

Brent pushed reply, his fingers hovering over the keyboard, What to say?

"Mr Richards." a voice said opening the door, his secetary walked in, Brent closed his laptop.

"Aghhh yes, Kim?" he pushed out. He gazed at her long tanned legs in her blue waist high pencil skirt, her pink blouse pushed up under her 34DD bust, the hint of her cleavage been pushed by her balconette bra, he could tell she wore that style of bra, his wife wore nothing but balconette bras.

She walked around his desk standing next to him, the scent of her perfume arousing his senses, the look of her perfect round boobs in her bra, "I need these signed please, the meeting is scheduled for 2pm tomorrow, Mr Andrew will be expecting a good show."

"Great!" Brent said leaning back in his chair as Kim handed him the pen.

"They have been cleared by accounts, all they need is your signature." she said smiling at him.

He grabbed the pen, he signed by her finger as she pointed, he admired the pink nail polish so expertly painted on.

"Great!" she replied. "Your meeting is all booked for 2." she said.

He watched her walk out, her perfect shaped arse sitting in her tight skirt, the back split half way up the skirt. 'So close to seeing your pussy' he thought opening his laptop, the message still sitting there.

He responded. He laughted seeing horny spelt 'horni'

'Hi Horni man. Yes, how does tonight about 6.30 sound?' he pushed send. He waited, the nervous inticipation, his heart pumping faster, he started thinking about playing with another mans cock, maybe sucking it, kissing it, was he top or bottom or both. Fuck, had he gone to far, could he do it. His thoughts of his wife of 12 years, he did love her.

He had just turned 42, he had been with his wife since he was 21, it took 9 years to finally put ring on her finger.

He had a good job, high up in the company, a beautiful wife, nice home in a nice area, a gated community which pleased his father..

His computer beeped, he message appeared.

Horni man

'Yes, that would be perfect, see you then. Crossroads Hotel. Room 324.'

Brent sat back after sending the acceptance, "Shit Brent" he said softly as he picked up his phone to text his wife, he would be working late tonight, he was working on a important job. He hated to lie to her. But saying he was meeting a man for sex, not a good reason from his wife's point of view.



Brent entered the lift and stood next to a elderly couple, he watched as the man in is 80's kissed his wife's cheek.

"Our 60th wedding anniversary." he said looking at Brent.

"Congratulations." Brent replied straightening his tie, for a women in her 80's she wasn't to bad looking he thought. It took his mind off the thought he was meeting a man for sex.

The lift stopped on the floor, he let the elderly couple exit first, the whole; Respect your elders thing. He admired her body, still slim, she wore a tight fitted black sequined dress, black stockings and high heels, he was impressed she could still stand on them at her age.

He turned left, as they turned right holding hands. So sweet he thought in their 80's and still so in love. He found room 324. His heart skipped a beat, the sweat formed on his forehead, his palms were sweaty, he wiped his forehead and wiped the palms off his hands on his trousers. He almost turned and walked away, then knocked. "Shit." he said as he heard footsteps approach the door.

It opened, a middle aged Indian man stood at the door, he wore a dress shirt and trousers. His short dark hair combed to the side.

"Curious Bi." he said softly.

"Yes." Brent said.

"Come in." he said. Brent followed him inside, he looked up and down his body, not quite the way you would a female, you were meeting for sex.

"Nice to meet you?" replied politely.

"Yes. I'm Danny, its not much of an Indian name, but my father is white." he said.

"Oh, ok." Brent said smiling at him. "I'm Neil." Brent said not wanting to give his real name.

"Neil hi! Can I get you a drink?" Danny asked.

"Scotch please, on the rocks!" Brent said.

"Aghhh a Scotch man." Danny replied.

"Yes." Brent replied. Sitting on the sofa. Danny looked at him and grinned.

"Your married?" Danny asked. Brent looked down at his ring. He knew his wife was home thinking he was at work, not out fucking another man, that is if he had the balls to go through with it.

"Yes." Brent replied.

"Its ok, I am as well. I'm 54, my wife knows I see men, its actually good for our sex life, I am always looking for fun with other men. So don't worry, I won't bite!" Danny said as he handed Brent his drink.

"No ok!" Brent took his drink as Danny sat next to him.

"So Neil, your bi curious, your profile says, you have never been with a man?"

"No, I've always wondered, I mean, I'm straight, I think, I don't really know."

Danny laughted. "Look I've been bi for 10 years, I have slept with many men, always practiced safe sex, as I have a wife. You do to, so lets take it slow and have some fun aye?"

"Yes, oh shit!" Brent said.

"What?" Danny said.

"Shit, I was so nervous, I forgot to by condoms!"

Danny laughted again. "Rookie error, its ok I have plenty. Don't worry mate." he said.

"Good." Brent said.

"So tell me does your wife give you oral sex?" Danny asked.

"Aghh yes. She does!" Brent said.

"Its good aye? But it feels different with a man." Danny replied.

"Yes, I suppose it does!" Brent replied looking at Danny.

The two men sipped their Scotch, Brent's thoughts everywhere. Brent looked over at Danny, "So your wife knows you sleep with men?"

"Oh yes, like I said, it really good for our marriage, she actually sleeps with woman so we are both bisexual."

"Oh wow, do you have children?"

"Yes, we do. We have a daughter who is 34, a son who is 32, daughter who is 29, another daughter who has just turned 21." Danny replied.

"Do any of your chldren know about your arrangement with your wife?" Danny asked.

"No, they don't, although my 29 yr old daughter knows her mum is bisexual." Danny replied looking over at Brent, he reached his hand over and placed it on Brent's thigh. Brent flinched and looked over at Danny.

Danny moved it up to his groin feeling the bulge in Brent's trousers. Brent thought he had come this far, he pushed his arse forward and undid the clip on his trousers and pulled down the zip. Danny pulled down the front of Brent's underwear letting his cock fall out.

"Nice!" Danny said as he helped push Brent's trousers to the floor, he gripped his semi erect cock stroking it. Brent watched as Danny stroked his penis, his cock now erect. Precum pushed out from his knob. Danny leant into Brent's lap licking around Brent's knob.

"Fuck!" Brent said looking down at his cock been sucked, by another man, his shaft been licked and kissed, his 6 inch curcumcised cock in another man's mouth. Brent leant back closing his eyes, feeling the sensation of another man on his dick.

Danny sat up, his hand stroking Brent, "Shall we go have a shower together?" he said.

"Ok!" Brent said smiling. The men stood and made their way to the bathroom. They undressed, Brent seeing Danny's semi hard cock as he undressed.

Danny stepped up to Brent reaching out lifting his cock, slowly stroking it and looked down, the two men leant in and kissed, a soft kiss, the men's lips meeting as their hands touched each others cocks. Brent getting used to feeling another man's penis.

They washed and cleaned.

After showering they got dry and got onto the big king size bed and lay together, Danny rubbing Brent's chest as the men kissed,

Brent was surprised he had a erection, feeling Danny's hand move to his cock, his shaft been stroked, his new friend kissing down his chest as his cock was been stroked.

Brent looked down as he saw his knob been pushed into Danny"s mouth, Danny sucking up and down Brent's thick shaft. He moaned as he sucked, holding his base, he took it out and licked up the bottom of his cock to his knob.

"Oh Fuck!" Brent said as Danny looked up at him.

"You know Brent, sometimes men are better at blowjobs, and women are better at eating pussy." Danny said smiling up at his new male friend.

"Yes!" Brent gasped feeling Danny push his mouth back down his cock, he felt his knob against the back of Dannys throat, the intense suction on his knob.

Brent closed his eyes again feeling his cock been sucked, almost pretending it was his wife, she did give a good blowjob, but Brent was going to have to class this, as the best he has had.

Dannys strong mouth continued to suck him, his rough male tougue circling his knob, licking his shaft as he stroked him.

"Oh fuck!" Brent said reaching down holding Dannys head, "I need to cum!" he gasped. Danny sucked harder, gripping Brent's cock harder.

"Fuck Danny, I need to ... cum!" he moaned again.

Danny took his mouth off and looked up kissing Brent's knob. "Cum then!" he said kissing his knob, licking the oozing precum, then moving his mouth back Brent's shaft.

Brent moaned as he felt his cock about to give way, Danny sucked, stroked, Brent moaned, seconds later Brent cum, releasing his semen into Dannys throat. Danny moaned as he licked Brent's cock clean, swallowing his semen. He looked up at Brent grinning "Like that?" he asked.

"Fuck, I meam usually my wife swallows, but fuck, a man, holy shit?" he gasped.

Danny sat up and looked at Brent, "Do you want to give me a blowjob?"

"Yeh, it is my first time, but ok!"

"You don't have to swallow my cum, just do what feels comfortable aye?" Danny said reassuring him.

"Yeh ok." Brent replied a Danny took a swig of Scotch, then lay down. Brent knelt between Danny's legs grabbing his cock. Having a man's half erect penis in his hand felt weird, then it erected. It wasn't as big as Brent's but it was still fat.

Brent slowly put his tougue out touching Danny's knob, he then kissed around his shaft holding the base listening to Danny moan. Danny looked down and smiled as Brent pushed his mouth down Danny's cock, fully taking his erection in his mouth. He moved his mouth up and down his cock, he could taste Danny's precum on his lips as he sucked.

He put it to the back of his mind as he sucked, he gripped his balls, he took his cock out licking it and then sucked it. Feeling the sensation of sucking a cock, imagining how his wife feels sucking his.

Brent was starting to enjoy it, it wasn't as bad as he thought, he listened to Danny moan. His cock twitching, "Oh yes Brent!" Danny said.

"That good?" Brent asked.

"Oh yes, look if you don't want cum in your mouth, I would suggest you give me a hand-job.

Brent sat up wrapping his hand around Danny's cock, he stroked it listening to his moans, he sat wanking Danny, eventually a shot of cum shot out of his cock, followed by a stream of semen, it ran down Brent's hand as Brent milked him.

"Fuck yes!" Danny said as he lay back.

Brent stood up and went to the bathroom to wash his hand, Danny followed washing his groin of his semen.

"Not so messy if you swallow I suppose?" Brent said.

"No, look it takes a bit to get used to, swallowing another mans cum, it took me a year to do it after my first experience with a man." Danny replied.

"Oh cool," Brent said, Danny put his hands on Brent's hips leaning in kissing his lips. He pulled him close, both men hugging, and kissing, their chests together, their cocks touching. Danny held Brents head, eventually, and with passion they french kissed.

Their cocks hardening again against each others, Dannys hands sliding to Brent's arse squeezing his arse, he spread his arse cheeks. Danny kissed down Brent's neck and rubbed his chest, following his hands down his chest kissing Brent's nipples.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" Danny asked.

"Aghh yeh ok!" Brent said as Danny sat on the bath. He turned Brent around opening his arse.

"Bend over!" Danny said.

"Brent bent feeling Danny's lips kiss over his arse, he felt his bottom been opened wide, Danny kissing over his anus, his tougue licking around Brent's arsehole. Brent moaned feeling his cock and balls been aroused again, surprised he was getting a erection.

"Lets go to bed!" Danny said, "Get into a 69 and play!" he added.

Brent lay down as Danny straddled him in a 69. Brent lifted his knees speading them wide, Danny again kissing and licking his balls.

Danny poured lube onto Brent's arse moving his fingers around Brent's arsehole, Brent felt Danny's finger push into him.

He jumped as he played with Danny's dangling cock, moving his lips over it again feeling Danny play with his arsehole.

Brent moaned feeling Danny again suck his erect cock, this time fingering his anus. Brent holding Danny's arse as he sucked his cock.

"Enjoying that?" Danny asked.

"Ummm yes, I am!" Brent replied, holding Danny's cock kissing and licking it, feeling the cold lube loosen his anus.

"Good, ready for sex?" Danny asked.

"Ummm, yeh!" Brent said as Danny rolled off. He stood reaching into his bag pulling out a condom, Brent lay legs open as Danny ripped off the top and pulled out the rubber, he squeezed the tip putting it on his knob, then rolled it up his cock.

"Ribbed for extra pleasure!" Danny joked. Now on hands and knees, I like doggy style!"

Brent knelt on all fours as Danny knelt behind him, he picked up the lube and lubed his cock, then Brent's arse. He pushed his knob against Brent's anus and rubbed it slowly pushing, spreading his anus.

"Oh fuck!" Brent said feeling his anus been stretched by Danny's cock. Brent gripped the bedhead, the knuckles turning white as Danny pushed into Brent's arse.

"How's that?" Danny asked watching his cock push into Brent's virgin arsehole.

"Ummmm ok!" Brent said smiling.

"Good," Danny said squirting more lube on Brent's hole. His cock gliding in and out of Brent's arse nicely. Brent grunting with each thrust, Danny holding Brent's bottom open watching his cock fuck him.

"Ohhh fuck Danny!" Brent said.

"Considering your an anal virgin, your arse has taken it nicely!" Danny replied thrusting his groin into Brent's arse. Brent feeling Danny deep in his arsehole.

Brent reached to his groin feeling his hard cock, Danny's intense thrusts raping his arsehole, the sound of male thighs on male arse cheeks slapping and thrusting echoed through the room. Brent's body jolting been the receiver of sex, been thrusted and used. He knew how his wife felt been drilled into the bed, his cock thrusting her pussy.

Of course he had wondered about fucking his wife's arse, he had admired it on many occasions as he was fucking her doggy style watching his cock in her pussy. He wanted to take her anal cherry.

With a pop, Danny's cock pulled out, "Roll over!" he said.

Brent lay on his back as Danny spread his legs lifting them. His cock again finding Brent's arsehole sliding in the lubed used hole. Brent gasped feeling him push in. Danny grabbed Brent's cock stroking it, as he fucked him.

"Fuck!" Brent said watching.

"Its nice been in your position been fucked with a guy in a 69 on top sucking your dick while been fucked." Danny said.

"Yeh?" Brent said.

"My wife enjoys it." Danny said slowly thrusting Brent's arse.

"Your wife?"

"Umm yes, threesomes, she loves been on top, in a 69 with a guy on bottom eating her pussy, sucking his cock watching me fuck his arse." Danny said.

"Oh fuck, how erotic!"

"I think your starting to enjoy it?" Danny said thrusting harder.

"Oh yes, fuck my arse!" he said.

"My pleasure!" Danny said moaning speeding up, again thrusting deep into his arse. Brent closed his eyes, actually enjoying it.

Minutes later Danny cum, shooting cum into his condom. He stood looking down at Brent smiling.

"Oh fuck!" Brent said as Danny pulled out. Danny took off the condom and lay next to Brent, rubbing his chest kissing his lips.

"I enjoyed that baby!" Danny said kissing him again.

"Me to." Brent said smiling.

After Brent returned the favour fucking Danny's arse the two men refilled their drinks and toasted. Brent dressed and kissed Danny goodbye to go home to his wife.

Part two to 'cum' (Ha Ha)

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