Another visit to our favourite club and another evening coming to an end. We ventured up the tight winding staircase one last time for good luck as you just never know. Ending up alone in the now eerily quiet red and black dungeon room I sat playfully on the leather swing holding the chains in a suggestive manner.

Usually the corridor would be awash with single males awaiting the nod to slide the gate open and step over the threshold. The previous evening I was caged in the cavernous corner with 6 guys taking turns and then all around me... My good friend had been sat on the Y shaped bench overseeing who was suitable. However, it was now couples night so a more chilled dynamic of an evening had followed.

The same Y shaped bench had been used earlier that morning for a photo shoot with me in matching black and red leopard print lingerie. From the swing I could see out the corner of my eye the black metal frame of the St Andrew's Cross that has also provided much earlier pleasure. Now the cool feel of the red leather could be felt through the sheer black fabric barely covering my body. I was wearing a black and gold mesh teddy in similar look but much softer to the mornings look. My body arched and squirmed, I needed warmth. Looking up I caught a glimpse of the ceiling straps I'd earlier been hanging from.

No words between us but a nod to the bench and I made my way off the swing. Sitting on the edge I was gently pushed backwards. Legs ever so spread and dangling off the edge. I lay back fully and enjoyed the silence. The chains of the swing still swaying was almost like dull background music. The corridor was empty, fun was winding down for the night and many soon heading for home. This was our first proper alone time in the depths of the club. A room full of memories seemed quite fitting.

I was being teased, tips of fingers running up my silky stocking covered shins, the inside of my thighs caressed and trailing over my mesh covered lips. I could feel warmth, I could feel excitement build!

"Enjoy, let me..." I let my head drop back and relax, closing my eyes in total acceptance. His hands were exploring me more and more. Both hands round my waist, then trailing over my hips, back up past my waist with a gentle brush over my pert nipples.

A faint sound of heels in the distance were almost in time with the swaying chains nearby. They were getting nearer, but I could here no voices. Who was it? I could now sense a third person in the room.

Slowly I opened my eyes to meet the most gorgeous brown eyes with a wicked glint casting their approval the length of my body. Her skin as smooth as chocolate against her vibrant turquoise lingerie.

Curves to match my own, she sashayed in hot pink heels, with a supermodel like strut around the bench. A peacock like display, fanning out her imaginary feathers. Was it a ritual too draw us in, her courting possible new play mates with her plumage?

"Let me"... I now felt her hands on my body, she'd been watching and followed the exact sequence of touch my friend had just caressed me with. Never had I laid before a female in such a way, i was full of anticipation. I felt a vulnerability never felt before.

I soon felt another set of eyes cast over me. A strong masculine presence now filling the gap in the gate. He was watching her every move. He moved closer but kept his distance, now standing beside my friend. A smile filled my face, as a fun wink and a smile back, we both agreed. They both gently nodded to each other, an acceptance between them. No need for chatting, we all silently knew! Leaving the dungeon together we found the nearest private room across the corridor and locked the door.

A quick introduction, they had been working late and had made it for the last hour of the evening. Chemistry had done the talking for us, no need for much more.

Our lips met, kissing slowly at first as we grew ever more passionate. I slipped the straps off her bright bra to reveal full breasts as she slid the sheerness off my shoulders to reveal the same. Cupping each other's breasts and gently taking turns to tongue each other's nipples. Removing each others lingerie fully we took turns to lie back and taste each other's wetness. The guys sitting eagerly either side of us just watching and waiting for the signal to join in. Soon we became an entanglement of skin tones as our bodies explored something new.

Her soft lips were a stark contrast against his hard pale cock. Watching it was arousing something deep inside me - I like seeing new and I like seeing different. I knew he was watching the same but opposite, that made the desire burn deeper. Before long i was pinned in the corner of the pvc booth, his fingers exploring every part of me, me tasting even more of his dark length. I could see my friends hands now round her full hips about to pull her curves in closer. Her eyes began to roll in pleasure just as mine do with his same feel. I was craving that similar feel too, and with that he just knew. I was released from the corner and soon on my knees facing her. I was now taking his thick dark length deep inside. Both guys moving in sync as our lips met again to kiss with each thrust. It became hot and it became frantic. We all knew being in the right place at the right time had made for an explosive evening. With that timing was again on our sides as both guys came in unison just as the lights came up to signal closing, the perfect end to our weekend!

We never did catch their names, just our elusive 'peacock playmates' as they are now affectionately known!

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