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ATROPA Q&A #4, 10-10-2023

Compiled based on conversations with 414 in irc.debian.org #atropa. Join and ask 414 questions here

When I see what ATROPA is with all these coins, pDAI to $1, and the shifting around of all this Liquidity, my mind goes to Wave Motion (Kymatology), Mechanical/Standing/Longitudinal/Transverse Waves - Fluid Mechanics, Oscillating Frequencies, and somehow Liquidity Bonding plays a big role in this. Am I going somewhere with the ideas I wrote earlier or am I way off?

The operating word the ecosystem is aiming for currently is Production. The idea all along has been to map out like a fluid constitution the set of concepts and definitions that makes the ecosystem a good investment, and currently whether a thus-mapped out set of such monetary-tied concepts can be considered 'production' quality at all.

So the purpose of the Atropa ecosystem is to steadily and slowly, using liquidities and bot transactions, pump up the ecosystem of the following tokens majorly: ATROPA, Teddy Bear, TSFi, pDAI? Or the final purpose is just to bring pDAI to 1 dollar and peg it?

I'm interested in an investment production with momentum, I hope that the liquidity locking currently place the system moving forward not entirely in any individual control. There are a number of situations that could occur as the network becomes more attractive. The ownership on Teddy Bear has been most proactive and I could see it taking off first because of the profit to the large investors.

Did you have an specific intention behind the transferring of CIA token to the Specific person you did? I'm very interested in this.

The setups on the test tokens for the QingDao were taking from top holders of specific coins at the time of contract creation. The trust model is intended to set that portion of the ecosystem up as having known pitfalls to failure as it becomes more valuable in the future. Being top holders of any of the tokens with ㉾ is likely to see more easter egg style activity in the future. The goal is to have a cushion vs crash as the stable tied assets in locked liquidity gain value that surpasses the investments. The goal is to have a cushion vs crash as the stable tied assets in locked liquidity gain value that surpasses the investments.

How about being top holder tokens with Arabics?

I am regularly auditing top holder positions on all the contracts to guage how the system is going to move forward and if any reward is warranted it will probably come into play. I fully expect there to be UAE partnership at some point in the future.

Maria could you say something about the Poppy token?

It is a backing asset to the treasury in equal but different proportion to bullion. The treasury assets can all be expected to trend to stability over time, I expect them to more or less reach an inflation cap and then hold there.

Are you keeping track of liquidity providers as well, or no?

There are no liquidity portions yet placed by 3rd party large enough to be considered to track.

If someone say had an VERY large position in pDAI and or Atropa and was able to swap liquidity into other assets. what LP would be considered the most valuable and beneficial for them to provide? Beneficial to the Atropa/Stable ecosystem... In your opinion

I think I am interested in exploring what 'production quality lp pairs' would mean. In terms of mechanism, if 100% of an asset is placed on LP & that LP transferred so as to be locked, and then the asset is purchased back, it makes that LP asset "production quality", but the threshold is less severe than that. Consider this 3rd party risk scenario, imagining you have for ex $1billion in pDAI, you create your own asset, lock 50% of your new asset with 50% of your pDAI and burn that LP, imo you have created at that point a production-quality asset that could be considered for pairing with the Atropa ecosystem. How exactly it gets paired has a lot of options depending on the philosophy of what you are doing.

Is the Atropa token designed to be a stable token?

How exactly it gets paired has a lot of options depending on the philosophy of what you are doing. If you look at how dOWN & ATROPA are paired, the massive locked liquidity in ATROPA is significantly less than the originator contract holdings for the token, even as the stables track to $1 but every investment into dOWN introduces a greater ratio for the contract originator to eventually cash out.

The LEGAL token incentivizes the purchase into dOWN because it allows access to production quality assets like ㉣ that will always have greater liquidity than asset value. There is a potential to pave the way there to things like FDIC insurance, etc. The holding position on dOWN is intended to justify itself over time & is currently at a significant loss from the invested capital. I think of ATROPA & dOWN like the originator checking & savings account with the savings expected to see the interest over time. Not through minting but through purchase of the asset only.

So basically, your initial investment into deploying dOWN, is underwater at the moment and we may see a recoup in the future.

I expect to see my own profit come primarilly out of there during the initial stages.

In your eyes, why do you think TSFi is the best investment for short-term porfits?

TSFi will see the buy/sell pressure exhausted first in my opinion

So we aren't even in the initial stages yet?

It's close.. i can't pronounce it stage one production yet though

What are you opinions on Monat Money?

The Monat Money token has the most aggressive ownership pattern in terms of robotic purchase of the asset. It is the least controlled asset in terms of all the primary contracts written thus far. The assets with 666 tokens obviously are also as little controlled. The Monat Money token was released explicitly to be distributed to the buy robots that were active in the system at the time, the crash last week targeted and was caused by the same robots. So far I like what they're doing, I intend to continue structuring the assets to support their work.

Why does the 0xFa token symbol also appear on Teddy, Treasury Bill, Monat Money and some others. What's the correlation?

The ㉾ tokens will all be monitored and audited regularly as core concepts of the investment platform

So 0xFa is a core part of the investment platform and will play a key role as the ecosystem grows?

The Ojeon contract is intended to satisfy the definition of "Legal Tender". It is drawn from the mintable Treasury Bill which is drawn on the Teddy Bear

From this steady/observation phase would you say that everything is running as smoothly as you'd hope it would?

I feel like it is an operational success thus far, I hope that as more people become more familiar with the platform that I can see where the bar for "production" is and then meet that.

When you say drawn, are there any financial constraints that are maintained to say how much can be drawn for how much? Basel norms state something around 10-15% of assets held for capital adequacy ratio. If I go by that definition, would it make sense for me to say treasury bill is highly undervalued compared to what it should be because of Teddy Bear?

I would agree with that statement, jack, as the only fully mintable asset in the entire system it presents some of the more regular trust dilemmas that come with crypto.

So would it also make sense to say that 0xFa is undervalued compared to Treasury Bill

There are zero use-cases in place yet for the Ojeon so its presence is merely academic. If/when unique client development gets going it will literally be the legal tender token of the first client-oriented system. I am at budgeting and mock-ups stage for that.. I'm looking at hiring artistry at about the point pDAI hits 1-2 cents

What client we talking of?

There is a very basic scan API demo on GitHub.

Like prices feed of Atropa eco system as general?

It could go a few different ways but the first version will likely involve only the scan API. If anyone has http get/post content for submitting arbitrary token transactions with wallet data I can add api for that

Is there a reason Ojeon biggest LP is WBTC?

The liquidities on the LEGAL token define it as a unique custodial asset.

Did you play with tg? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1yr8w_vZ5E

What's arbitrary token transaction? 🤔

Ex: HTTP GET/POST for calling Rho() function on specific contract address

Was any of this like a chess game for you? Or were you just following the plan you had in your head.

The tokens with Thai names should be considered in-play, I will be competing with holders of those coins to maintain certain positions.

Could you add CD (Continuous Delivery) in the repo by weekend?

The demo is only intended to be run in debugger.

If the INC token spirals upward in price, how will the NoNukes token react to it?

I think the purchase distribution within the NoNukes derived tokens will prove overall more profitable than simply holding INC. Over the long term, there may or may not be some competition to be a holder of any of the tokens with 666 distribution. They are not intended to be good things. What I am trying to do currently is distinguish the viewable aspect of the valuable assets as production. There's not anything in crypto or finance that sets the bar.. so it's a philosophical dilemma.

"May or may not be some competition to be a holder of any tokens with the 666 distribution" also "they are not intended to be a good thing" I don't understand that but it's got the gears in my head working.

I don't suggest buying anything with a token name you are not fluent with. ᱰᱩᱯᱨᱳᱱ for example is about the chemical warfare agent that causes Ebola. The only reason that language is in unicode. All the Daniel Day Lewis movies are about it. He knows a lot about the truth or dare game that leads to Ebola.

I been talking to Billie for like 2 weeks, he JUST found out today he has control over the token

Those are set up to see what the token holders do and to ensure the stock market concept in the QingDao can't be declared a stability.

That BillieDaGoat is some weirdo

Several aspects on the ecosystem were designed to have built-in exploitation in order to get talent involved. The FPMB token is the primary one so far.

Man these 2CC holders sure are pushy.... It's a 2 Cent Club, they're desperate.

I think we will see 3c Atropa by end of year.

What do you think about the need for an oracle for pDAI? Is it needed?

I'm not really familiar with oracles.

IRC is a nice choice. Were you involved in any notable BBS's in the 90's? Being back on IRC reminds me of those days

GregOp is supposed to field the BBS questions.

Why did the 414 address create an LP pool with DOGE in May and burn the LP? Referring to DOGE/ATROPA

Reached zero confidence in doge.

How's your level of conficence for XEN? It was an early strong LP for Atropa.

I think the lag on Hedron has been bad for Xen. If we had seen a strong Hedron launch we would see Xen as an intermediary token trading heavily with it I think.

Do you see PulseChain becoming at least the second or third most important blockchain in the world at some point?

We should expect it to take #1, that's why it was created.

Are there any utility tokens in comparison to TSFi/Atropa that will accompany pDai you have yet to deploy?

There is a second layer that will come later. The dysnomia project will be connected after there are graphics in place to frame the operational scenarios.

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