Sailor Moon Cats

Everyone requires help from time to time in fighting against the bad guys. This is particularly true for superheroes and the group known as the Sailor Guardians. They are fortunate to have pets to help them fight evil. Here are who have aid in helping the Guardians to take on villains and prevail.

Luna is the black-purple cat that guides Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, and all the other Sailor Senshi through the entire show. She is the mentor for several of them and it was she who first realized that Usagi had powers that were superhuman. Also, she was a close friend of Queen Serenity before her kingdom was destroyed in the Silver Millennium. She and her partner Artemis were tasked with waking the Sailor Senshi.

Luna and Artemis both have a wealth of intelligence as well as a range of abilities that are valuable to the Sailor Guardians. Both transform into human girls, and they have abilities that are beneficial in human form. Luna is a young human girl who helps the girls around her to do their work. It is not uncommon for her to be taken seriously, but she may also lighten up to play with Usagi. She is also a romantic and she hopes to meet someday love.

Luna and Artemis are both excellent mentors for senshi and both possess special abilities. For instance, Luna can perform a midair somersault to summon things for the senshi (such as their transform pens or their Disguise Pen). She can even create a protective barrier around herself should she be attacked. This is just one of the many abilities that cats possess!

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Chibiusa is very close to Artemis in the same way as Usagi and Luna are. Their friendship is a major part of the story and the two are equipped to aid each other in fight. Diana and Artemis are the daughters of the future of both, are also very close.

Their bonds are very strong because of this and they are able to take on villains. In the end, they are a very valuable team member.

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