Al Chapman woke at 6.30 am. It was a very pleasant way to greet the new day. His finance, Priya was gently stroking his slowly erecting cock in a style he had got used too, and loved.

Priya was naked. They had made love the previous evening and although Priya liked to wear pyjamas in bed, after sex she preferred to be naked beside her lover.

"Morning gorgeous," she whispered as she eased over, not releasing the now stiff organ from her hand and moving down.

Priya loved sucking cock, but especially Al's. The forty something business man had enjoyed a very full and satisfying sex life and his long cock had played a large part in his success with women.

As Priya took him in her mouth and began that oh so familiar technique he lay back and watched as the raven haired beauty pleasured him.

Priya adjusted her position, he slipped his hand between her legs and combed his fingers through the black crinkly hair of her pubic triangle. His first sexual experience as a young teenager had been with a very hirsute girl and had loved a hairy pussy from then on.

Priya had trimmed hers, but after learning of Al's little fetish, had let it grow, au natural. Now she could feel his fingers parting her labia and finding those little sensitive places, while his cock slid in and out of her mouth. She was head over heels in love with this man and couldn't wait to marry him.

As normal with their wake up sex Al came fairly quickly and usually Priya swallowed his cum, but this morning she withdrew him at the point of ejaculation and let the sticky fluid splash onto her ample breasts.

"Happy birthday my darling man," said Priya as she scooped a fingertip of sperm from her breast and placed it between her lips.

"Now I need a shower, want to join me?" She said.

They climbed out of bed and into the shower cubicle in the en suite attached to their bedroom. It was only a small cubicle. They soaped each other's bodies and exchanging kisses beneath the stream of hot water was one of their most intimate moments.

Al's day had got off to a very nice start, it would get better.

Priya had an important meeting in London later that day, and would be staying overnight in the capital.

Al was driving her to Hotton station when she said, "I feel awful leaving you on your birthday, but this meeting in London is so important to the family, I just can't miss it.",then added, "I am sure I can think of ways of making it up to you when I get back tomorrow."

After dropping Priya off at the station, Al made his way to the HOP an outdoor leisure pursuits park, which he ran with Priya and her brother Jay. There was some general maintenance work going on that day so the park was closed and the staff given the day off.

Al relished the thought of being alone in the office. After brewing a pot of coffee texted a message to his lover, Debbie Dingle, by sheer coincidence an Emmerdale girl, running a garage in Scotland who came to his rescue after a breakdown.

The message read, Just put Priya on the train, I will be at the hotel at 4... can't wait to see you

Al settled down at his desk, picked up his coffee and pressed "play" on the remote control of the CC TV system

He had watched his young employee Amy Wyatt having great sex on camera with the black engineer about 5 or 6 times now, and was contemplating his next move.

He picked up the phone and dialled Amy's number.

Amy was enjoying a lay in on the bonus day off from work when her phone rang.

"Hi Amy, it's Al, I know it's your day off, but I need to see you at the HOP as soon as possible. It's a serious matter I need to sort today." Al's phone voice was very stern and Amy was confused, what could it be? She showered, dressed and made her way to the HOP.

Al was in his office when she arrived. Looking all business like in a dark grey suit and white shirt with a red tie.

"Thanks for coming Amy, I have an important matter to deal with involving you." He said.

Amy was still trying to work out what was so urgent that he needed to bring her into work on her day off.

When Al reached for the remote control of the CCTV system, the colour drained from her face as she realised what the call was all about.

"I thought I would get your comments on this piece of video," said Al as he clicked "play".

Amy wanted to look away as she appeared on the screen kissing Joe the engineer, then her hand circling his big black cock.

Al never took his eyes off her as she nervously kept glancing over at him, then back to the screen, her sexual exploits continuing.

"Ok, enough, turn it off," she said.

Al turned off the recording and turned to Amy. "So young lady, what have you got to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

Al said loudly, "sorry, sorry, is that it?" Then continued, "I'm the one whose sorry Amy, because I have to sack you, this is a clear case of breach of discipline and calls for immediate dismissal.

Clean out your locker and leave the premises, now!"

Amy was shocked, she didn't have time to evaluate what the punishment might be, but the sack, she didn't expect that.

"Please Al, Mr.Chapman, I am so sorry, please give me another chance, I love this job, " she pleaded, and burst into tears.

Al stood and looked at her, "there might be a way you can keep your job." He came up behind her and leaned down and kissed her ear.

Amy froze.

Al moved his hand to the front of her blouse and popped the top button open. At the same time his lips moved from her ear down to the soft skin of her neck.

Amy sat quite still as Al undid another couple of buttons on her blouse, revealing a rather sexy red

bra, his hands lightly brushing over its fabric.

His hand slid inside the bra cup and he squeezed Amy's breast, as his other hand moved under her short skirt, and slowly stroked the soft flesh of her inner thighs.

Al asked Amy to stand, which she did, her right breast poking over the fabric of the bra.

She looked at Al and thought, why not? He's a good looking guy, it's another fuck and I get to keep my job.

Her instincts took over, her panties were moist.

She raised her mouth to his and plunged her tongue into it. Al responded, his tongue seeking hers as his hands reached beneath her skirt and he began to rub her arse through the fabric of her moist panties.

Reaching for them, Al pulled Amy's panties down as far as her knees and roughly inserts a finger into her.

Amy pulled off his tie and her own blouse, the breast still poking out of her bra. The kissing was becoming more intense as Amy was enjoying the excitement of fucking with her boss just minutes after being sacked.

Al finally removed Amy's bra and began to kiss and suck on the extended nipples, while still fingering her.

Amy removed his shirt as Al spun her round and laid her on the desk, her legs splayed, but with her panties still by her knees. This didn't put him off as his mouth began to devour her pussy.

She came for the first time as Al's fingers and tongue, worked their magic.

Al pulled her towards him and Amy pushed her legs over his shoulders, as he ripped her panties off.

Al unzipped his pants and Amy reached inside his shorts and fondled his hardness, she thought to herself, that it wasn't in Joe's league, but it would more than do.

After disposing of his pants, Al nudged himself nearer to Amy's pussy. She was still rubbing the now solid cock and she slid it up and down the outer lips five or six times, before inserting it into her.

"Yes," said Al as he first felt the inside of her, then began a frantic, then more relaxed rhythm.

Amy was loving the feeling, and especially the fact that Al was kissing her while he fucked her, the combination made her come again.

After a while, Al withdrew and stepped away from the desk. Amy slid from it an immediately dropped to her knees and took him deep into her mouth.

His second blow job of the day was just as memorable and enjoyable as the first, the difference was that as Amy slid her lips over the black skin, she never took her eyes off his.

With Amy still sucking, Al reached down and unclipped her bra, freeing her pert breasts, ready for his next move.

Al eased Amy's head and the cock slipped from between her lips. He motioned for her to lean back and he began to smear the cock over her breasts, their shared juices coating the soft flesh. He then gave her a new experience as he pushed the breasts together and slid the cock between them.

Amy had never had a "titty fuck" before and as the big black bulbous head snaked its way towards her mouth, she extended her tongue and licked around it, before it disappeared again between her breasts.

Al said, "this is driving me crazy" Amy stood, took of her skirt and apart from her shoes, stood naked before him.

Taking Al by the cock, Amy said, "Come with me" and led him to the leather sofa on the other side of the office.

Amy knelt on the arm, her pert arse offering him an inviting target, which he homed in on instantly.

His tongue swept over the twin orbs before finding the wet slit between her legs and then began its journey.

Amy was in a very happy place, with Al's fingers and tongue doing incredible things from behind, but when his other hand snaked around and he inserted fingers from the front as well, she exploded.

Amy swung around into a sitting position and lowered her head to his groin and again swallowed his whole length until the head hit the back of her throat. She just couldn't get enough of his cock.

As much as he was enjoying the experience, Al was desperate to finish the sex inside her.

"Do you want me to fuck you now?" Al asked, as his engorged cock slid out of her mouth.

She didn't reply, but simply laid back and placed one leg over his shoulder and the other on the floor.

Al rammed his cock into her and she gave a yelp of either pain, or passion, he couldn't decide or care, as he continued with his thrust.

Amy helped herself to a final climactic orgasm by furiously rubbing her clitoris, as Al neared his.

He managed to withdraw and his ejaculation jizz flew from him, splattering over Amy from the pussy to breasts.

Al leaned forward and kissed her.

"Have I still got a job?" Asked Amy innocently.

Al picked up his clothes and turned to her, "we will call it a final warning, this time," and casually walked out of the office.

"Bastard," she said, then with a smile picked up her mobile phone, which she had set to record while Al was struggling to remove his pants.

Al showered, then sent a text to Debbie Dingle, his new lover, it read, Can't wait for later, should be at the hotel about 5. Wear something sexy. Love

He went back to the office, Amy had gone, but left a note, it read,

"Thank you for some incredible sex, best ever. Any chance of a pay rise, or a nice bonus perhaps?

Ps... Check your phone... two can play that game."

He picked up his phone and saw a video message from Amy. He frantically opened it and was horrified to see his unmistakable image sinking his cock into Amy, who lay looking at the camera with a huge smile on her face.

Al also smiled, "cunning little bitch " he said out loud, he would have to review Amy's performance and decide if she was deserving of a bonus or raise. He somehow suspected she would.

Undeterred, he climbed into his car to drive to Newcastle to meet Debbie, who unknown to him had a very special birthday treat lined up.

Debbie Dingle had always had a long and varied sex life. Now in her mid thirties, she was entering a new phase as the other woman in the Al and Priya relationship.

As she drove down from the garage she ran in Scotland to Newcastle to meet up with Al, she had a passenger with her. Hannah was a twenty year old accounts clerk, whose company looked after Debbie's financial dealings. For more than a year she and Debbie had been meeting for lesbian sex, despite the fact she had a boyfriend in a long-standing relationship.

Hannah was a natural redhead, with cute freckles. She was slim, with a good set of breasts and a flaming red bush at the junction of her thighs.

Hannah was to be Al's birthday surprise.

After booking into the hotel, Debbie and Hannah made their way to the top of the range room Al had prebooked.

"Wow, this is something else," said Hannah as they entered the room.

"Only the best for Al," said Debbie, then after kissing the young girl, continued, "that's why I brought you along."

After unpacking, Debbie went for a soak in the bath. When she emerged, she was wrapped in just a white cotton towel,

"Come here," commanded Hannah and Debbie walked slowly towards the other woman. Hannah took the towel and as it dropped to the floor she gazed at Debbie's naked body.

For a mother of a teenager and a younger boy, Debbie still had a stunning figure, full breasts with delightful pink nipples and a brown pubic triangle, grown full, Just to please Al.

Hannah took Debbie in her arms and their mouths met in a long and passionate kiss. Hannah's hands move instantly to Debbie's breasts, and the nipples hardened under her touch.

Still kissing, Debbie lifts Hannah's tee shirt over her head and is pleasantly surprised to find the girl is bra less. Not quite as large as Debbie's, Hannah's breasts are soon being licked and sucked by her partner.

Debbie had just removed Hannah's jeans and panties, when the door opened and in walked Al.

"What the fuck," he exclaimed, seeing the two naked females, arms around each other.

Debbie walked over to him and kissed him, "happy birthday darling," she said, then continued, "I didn't know what to get you, so I invited Hannah to join us, hope you don't mind."

"Mind? This is mind blowing," and he walked over to the two girls.

After kissing Debbie he took the naked Hannah into his arms and they kissed.

"Let's help you off with this," said the redhead, as she unbuttoned Al's shirt and ran her hand over the skin of his chest.

"I see what you mean," Hannah said to Debbie, "he is quite a hunk, I'm going to enjoy this."

As Hannah kissed Al again, Debbie stood behind her and kissed the back and side of her neck while her hands reached around and cupped her breasts.

The three of The climbed onto the bed. Hannah was in the middle and she spread her legs, inviting Al too eat her pussy, which he accepted and was soon licking and sucking on Hannah's pronounced labia.

Debbie was really turned on watching her lover performing oral sex on her friend. She joined in by first kissing Hannah deeply, then moving down to suck and lick on the now very erect and sensitive nipples, while her hand caressed the shaven head, busy between Hannah's thighs.

The young girl was enjoying her first threesome and it didn't take long for her to have what she hoped was the first of multiple orgasms that night.

As Hannah caught her breath, Debbie whispered in her ear, "I told you he was good." Hannah simply smiled.

They swapped places. Al was now kissing Hannah alternately her lips and breasts, while Debbie's mouth was lost in a triangle of ginger crinkly hair.

Al sat up in bed his hand slowly rubbing his erection and said, "it's my birthday girls, who is going to be first?"

"That would be me then," said Debbie as she began to lick around the black bulbous head of his impressive cock.

Then, not wanting to miss out on the action, Hannah began to lick the shaft as it emerged from Debbie's mouth, her tongue tracing the veins like a road map, until it again disappeared up to the hilt inside Debbie's eager mouth.

As Debbie continued to suck on the engorged flesh, Hannah moved to position herself over Al's head and lowered her pussy down until it covered his mouth. As she ground her hips, Al began to probe inside her, his tongue snakelike as it sought the most sensitive places.

Debbie was desperate to feel Al inside her, so she reluctantly eased her mouth from his cock and straddling him, guided him inside her and began to move her hips.

Leaning forward she pulled Hannah gently towards her and they kissed, as Al continued to explore her now very wet pussy.

As Al finally approached the inevitable ejaculation, Debbie and Hannah again lay either side of him, with Debbie rubbing the cock, encouraging the flow to begin. When it did it was impressive. The greyish white fluid shot from the narrow slit at the end, most of the initial burst landed on Debbie's face, then Hannah took hold and received a smaller amount, again on her face.

With Al's jizz still slowly trickling down her face, Debbie took the quickly deflating cock back between her lips and extracted the very last drops of him.

As Al watched, the two women licked his jizz from the others face, then in one of the most erotic things he had witnessed, let the jizz slowly flow from one mouth to the other until it was all gone.

The three lay in a post sexual haze for a good while.

Hannah caught the last train home to Scotland, leaving Al and Debbie to finish of a quite memorable birthday alone.

The next morning after a final sexual goodby, Al was getting ready to leave the hotel when a young lady approached him in the car park. She was like him mixed race and very attractive. "Excuse me, but you couldn't give me a lift as far as Leeds could you," she said with a 'little girl lost' look, then added, "I can make it worth your while, if you get my drift."

In a secluded lay by off the A1, Al's cock was in its fifth different mouth in just over 24 hours.

Not a bad birthday at all, he thought to himself as the head in his crotch continued to bob, not bad at all.,0,0,0,23,842

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