Friday night couldn't have come quick enough. I spent the afternoon cleaning and tidying; making sure everything was ready for my Master's homecoming. He'd been away for a week on business and I knew he had a whole weekend of fun planned for us. As the clock crept ever closer to 9:30pm, I made the final preparations, before taking up my place kneeling in my collar by the front door. My mind began to drift as I waited, sinking lower and lower into a relaxed, almost meditative state, when suddenly the door opened. I tried to keep my head bowed respectfully, but couldn't help a quick upwards glance to see the smile on Master's face.

He saw but said nothing, just smirked, and stroked my hair before walking past me to put his bags in the kitchen. He returned a few moments later to find me still kneeling.

"Come here, girl."

This was the cue for me to move. I ran down the hall to him and threw my arms around him.

"Welcome home Master! I missed you!"

"I missed you too, little one." he said, smiling. "Now why don't you fetch me a drink and then come and sit with me and I'll tell you all about my trip"

I walked to the kitchen smiling, happy and content now that Master was home. I took his drink to him and sat at his feet, leaning my head against his legs. Master began to talk and I tried my hardest to listen, but the warmth and comfort, both physical and emotional, meant that I drifted to sleep. When Master noticed, he chuckled softly, which woke me up. I was horrified and tried to apologise, but he silenced me with a kiss and said it was fine.

He took me by the hand and led me gently up the stairs and into the bathroom, before leaving me to get ready for bed. I padded across the hall to the bedroom and curled up at the foot of the bed to wait for Master to finish in the bathroom. When he came back, I sat up and asked,

"May I sleep with you in the bed tonight please, Master?"

"Yes girl", he replied with a smile. I moved up the bed to join him and we curled up together. I was asleep within minutes.

Saturday morning came, and I got up early to make breakfast and let Master sleep in. He found me in the kitchen just as everything was ready. We ate fairly quickly, in comfortable silence, enjoying each other's company and the anticipation of what was to come. When we had finished, Master told me to clear the plates while he prepared upstairs, then to wait for him in the bathroom. I did as he asked, trying to ignore the plastic tubing that I could see hanging up while I waited.

"Right then little one, let's get you all cleaned up for Master!"

I stood under the shower as he shaved me and washed my hair, relaxing under his gentle ministrations. I knew how much Master enjoyed taking part in the maintenance of his girl.

"Now then girl, you know what comes next." Master's voice brought me back to reality.

I whimpered as the shower stopped and I heard the tap start.

"I think some warm water and soap is what you need to clean you out! Lie down on your back and spread your legs, knees wide."

I watched as Master let the water run over the bar of soap and into the bag, filling it half full before hanging it up. He smeared some lube along the nozzle, pushing it slowly into my arse. I heard the click of the clamp and felt the water begin to flow into me. The water was warm but the soap made my stomach cramp. I started moaning, small, low sounds. When the flow was finished, Master inserted a plug and started the timer, setting it on the cabinet behind me.

"Five minutes, girl, you can let it out when the timer goes off but not a second before. Remember to keep breathing, little one."

Master left the bathroom and I tried hard to breathe slowly through my mouth. I began to rock gently, but didn't dare move to check how much longer I had left. After what seemed like forever, the timer sounded and I gratefully released it all. Master returned to the bathroom, smirking.

"Feeling better, little one?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you, Master." I replied with just a hint of sarcasm.

"Well you know we're not done yet! On the floor girl, on your hands and knees."

I did as instructed and watched as Master cleaned out the kit before refilling it with water and salt. He reapplied some lube and slid the nozzle into me. The warm water and salt was more soothing than the last enema, cleaning the soap from me. Once all the water was inside me, Master replaced the plug and had me sit up on my knees.

"How are you doing little one, are you ok?"

I nodded my head yes.

"Good girl. Now come over here and suck my dick."

I crawled over to him and pulled Master's dick from his trousers. I licked up the shaft from the base to the head, enjoying the moans coming from Master. I swirled my tongue around the head before taking him all deep into my throat. I paused there for a moment, unable to breath, to make eye contact with my Master. He let out a guttural moan, grabbing my face and trapping it between his hands; and began to fuck my face. He stopped after a few minutes and moved me so that I was sitting on the toilet and he was standing in front of me.

"Now then," he said, "be a good girl and show Master how you expel all that water to get your arse ready for me to fuck."

I blushed a vivid shade of red but did as I was told, removing the plug and spreading my knees wide to give him a good view. I tried to control the rate of release, but it was no use. The sound echoed around the room and all I could do was hope there would be no solids, as I watched the smile on Master's face. I looked away when I was finished, suddenly embarrassed by what I had just done. Master pulled me to my feet and enveloped me in a big hug, all the while telling me what a good girl I was.

When Master could feel that I had calmed down a little, he led me through to the bedroom. He directed me to present myself on the bed; with my shoulders on the bed and my arse and pussy clearly on display in the air. Master stood behind me, inspecting his property. Out of nowhere, he began to spank me; steady, firm spanks which made my skin smart and my body tingle.

"Right, my little slut, I'm gonna lube you up and fuck you in the arse, because I want to, got it?"

"Yes Master", I breathlessly replied.

The fucking may have been because Master wanted it, but I wanted it so badly too. He knelt on the bed behind me and began to force himself slowly into me. I felt the pressure of his head as it began to enter, followed by the burning and stretching of my muscles. When he was fully inside me, he stopped for just a moment to let me relax into it, then began to thrust back and forth into me, building up his speed and rhythm. Soon the sensations overwhelmed me and I gave myself over to the groans, whimpers and moans coming from my mouth.

"Are you enjoying this, my little fucktoy? Do you like being used for your Master's pleasure? Does it feel good to be used like the whore you are? Answer me, girl!"

"I... I... Yes... Yes Master." I could barely string two words together, so lost was I in the moment. Soon Master began to move with shorter, harder movements, and I knew he was getting close to cumming.

"I'm going to cum inside you, my little slut, and mark you as my own." Master leaned into me, filling me with his full length and shot his warm load into me. Neither of us moved for a moment, our bodies pressed together as we listened to our ragged breathing. Then Master surprised me by plugging my arse. I looked round at him questioningly but he just smiled smugly and told me to be ready to go out in 30 minutes, and not to touch the plug under any circumstance.

Master drove us to the shopping centre, and told me we were going to pick out something nice for me to wear to lunch. I was a little nervous about trying on clothes while still wearing the plug, but I tried to forget about it and just enjoy my time with Master. He soon picked out some dresses he liked the look of and sent me to the changing room to try them on. I showed him each dress in turn and he picked one in his favourite colour, purple. I was pleased because that dress had been my favourite too!

We were both getting very hungry by now, so we quickly picked some shoes which matched and I got changed into the purchases while Master paid. Then he drove us to a restaurant close by for some lunch. To any outsider, it would have looked like a sweet, romantic dinner; but they couldn't hear the comments Master was making:

"Do you like showing me what a whore you are, sat in public with your arse full of my cum?"

"Are you sitting comfortably, slut, or is there something there bothering you?"

"I bet you're so fucking horny by now, there'll probably be a wet patch on the chair when you stand up! Don't worry, I'll sort you out when we get home. Maybe"

I blushed furiously throughout all of Master's teasing, turning even more red as he chuckled at my reactions. He loves to watch me squirm.

By the time Master decided we were leaving, I was very horny (just as Master had predicted...) and hoped that I would be allowed some kind of relief that evening. The car journey home was fairly quiet, as Master left me to my thoughts while they wandered away to memories of pleasure.

We arrived home and Master sent me straight to the bathroom to clean myself out. He came into the bathroom once I was done and asked if I wanted to cum.

"Yes Master, please let me, Sir" I answered, perhaps a little too eagerly, if there is such a thing.

He directed me to lie on my back on the floor next to the bathtub and to remove all my clothes. Master perched on the side of the tub to watch me.

"Now place one finger on your clit and start making small circles."

I began to make breathy sounds of pleasure.

"Now faster, girl, faster circles, I want you to edge for me. But remember you must wait for permission before you may cum."

"Please Master?" I asked, after a few moments of bucking and thrashing and moaning on the floor.

"Oh no, little one, it's far too soon yet! Slow down for me and let the feeling of urgency fade."

Master lent across and began to run a bath before turning to me and saying,

"Edge again, girl."

The cycle repeated itself over and over again, getting more and more desperate, until the bath was filled - edge, plead, be denied, edge again - seven edges in total before Master turned off the tap. He looked down at me, a sweaty mess with my juices everywhere, and smiled.

"Edge, girl."

I looked at him with exhaustion in my eyes but did as he asked. I reached the edge with seconds and pleaded with him to let me cum. He tormented me just a few minutes more, before granting his permission.

"Cum for me like the good little slut you are."

I let go of the orgasm which I had been holding back, feeling the relief as it racked through my body, sending jolts of pleasure throughout. Master continued to speak in his quiet, calming voice, telling me how good I had been, as I came back from my earth-shattering orgasm. He scooped me up and placed me into the luxuriously hot bath and joined me there. Master used a sponge to gently wash me.

Both the orgasm and the hot water had made me sleepy, so when we had finished in the bath, Master carried me into the bedroom and lay me down on a big, fluffy towel on the bed. He quickly dried me off before moving me under the covers. He lay down behind me and curled around me. I fell asleep with a smile on my face, murmuring my thanks to Master.

I woke up the morning after to feel a cold trickle between my arse cheeks as I lay face down on the bed.

"Master?" I asked sleepily.

"Shh little one, it's ok, Master just wants to use you," came the reply, as he gently rubbed the lube around.

"Mm'k" I murmured, not yet fully awake. That soon changed though, when I felt him force his way into me, his full length deep within me on the first thrust. He spread my cheeks apart to give him a better view of my sphincter stretching; and began to slowly stroke in and out. After six or seven thrusts, he leaned down to whisper in my ear.

"I'm going to fill you up now, my little slut, because I own you; you gave yourself to me to do with as I please, and so I will!"

And with that I felt a warm, stinging sensation as he filled me with his hot, salty piss. Master reached across to the nightstand and grabbed the butt plug, before replacing his dick with the plug. Then he lay back down and drifted back to sleep, his arm resting heavy in the small of my back, preventing me from moving. I stayed where I was, enjoying the fullness and the loving, warm glow which comes from feeling owned.

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