Back in the same hotel, where it nearly all began. You can't believe you're back in Boston, everything happened so fast: Madrid, a career, a loving boyfriend, even a simple family life style, and then one day an offer came, and you said yes. Why? You still don't know. As you waited diligently on the bed, dressed up with one of those tight top, that made it look like your boobs were about to burst out, slutty panties, and some black high heels, you thought to yourself. 'I have lost it...what people would think of me... being on my four waiting for a man to come and treat me like a whore, and me asking for more.'

The noise coming from the TV takes you out from your reverie. As requested per your master, you had to put some filthy movie while you waited in position... the scene in that one was especially hard. The woman was tighted down with ropes, as a group of men proceeded to grab her body parts like meat, and to treat her even worst. The sound of human flesh clapping on flesh, and the yelps and growl of the woman as she was being degraded and treated as a simple object to please the vilest instincts of those men had a double effect on you. The little feminist voice in your head was screaming in outrage, at how such thing should be even permitted in our society. Haven't we progressed farther than those basic animal instincts? The other part of your body was having a wildly different opinion on the matter. Your cunt was burning by envy, you could already feel it dripping, and had to squeeze your legs to try to alleviate the pain caused by your own lust. That's why you came back to Boston. The internal fire of lust had been reactivated in your guts, and it was as if it had never left. This proper and respectable life started to sound hollow as your lust pounded on your own personal moral walls... and it had won. Now, you waited in position, in the same hotel where you were made for the first time a slave to pleasure a Master... but this time there wasn't time to waste, you'll happily sign the contract that will give your body into the ownership of your Master.

You heard the automatic lock on the hotel room door unlocked. and you just had the time to give a quick look around to make sure all the request made by your Master had been fullfilled: the porn was of course the obvious one, and the easiest one, now the scene was focusing on the poor woman being face fucked by the group of men, her eyes were glazed in lust, and her face covered in spit and saliva. The other task given had been a bit more detailed: A collar dog had to be laid in front of you, with a a gag, blinds, a leach. A whip had to be laid just at your feet, and this one gave you reason to worry. You never had been too much a fan of pain, and even hadn't taken a good spanking for a long while, so you prayed that your master would prove to be merciful... talking of praying. You realized, you fucked up with one of the task. The bible and your slave contract (or what you thought to be your slave contract as it still was in an envelope) had to be on the small table, but you left it on one of the chair when you moved them earlier. Your instinct was to quickly move it, but the door was already getting open. One of the task was that you weren't allowed to look at your Master when he came in the room. You had to have your eyes fixed on the filthy porno playing.

You did your best to keep your eyes on the screen, but your curiosity was overtaking you and you wanted to peek at your master. It had been years you havent seen him. Just as your eyes darted toward the door:

'Slave what were your orders?' came thundering from the door.

'Sorry! Sorry... Master.' you said blushing, and doing your best to stare at the screen, but again you could feel your curiosity forcing you to turn your head... and to fight it you did your best to focus on the porn film playing. The scene was now involving the woman alternately chocking on two different large cocks. Suddenly, one of the man started to grunt and started cuming over all the woman face, as she did the best to catch most of the cum with her mouth. She was letting out loud wimps as she caught some of the thicker jeez. Some of the jizz flew to the floor. The woman after a second of hesitation, went to the floor to lick it clean with her eyes drunk in lust.

'What a filthy whore.' you heard your master whisper just behind you. He had taken advantage of your focus on the film to come from behind you. 'You like this?'

It was the little feminist voice in you who answered. 'No, this is wrong.', but you had to press your legs together as to prevent the heat to escape from your cunt. You felt shame to be so turned on by those vile things.

You felt the hand of your master grab your hair, while his other hand went to grab your left breast, and squeeze it. Your breasts always had been extra sensitive, and the quickest way to turn you o. You let a deep moan, as your master hand moved from one breast to the other one. With his hand holding your head, he made sure to keep you facing the TV screen. Now the woman, with her mascara running, was being chocked on an ever bigger cock as she was gasping for air.

'So you're telling your Master that this doesnt turn you on?' You felt your cheeks turning red, as you felt the hand of your Master sliding toward your sloppy pussy. Your Master knew right away, how turned on you were.

'I'm turned on, by what turns you on, Master.' you tried as a smart answer. Although you couldn't see your Master face, you could feel him smiling, and I started pushing his hand against your damp panties.

'So you like being treated like a toys made to be used to pleasure your master?'

As you felt your Master hand squeeze your tits, you wanted to scream 'Please! Make me your sex slave... and if you want I'll be proud if you share me with whoever you believe deserve your sex slave.'... but moaning and squeezing in lust you only were able to let 'I want to make my Master proud.'

You felt a sting on your ass, from the un expected spank he gave you. 'Stand up. I want to admire my slave.'

In a rush you stood from the bed, and as you almost forgot you had those high heels you needed the help from your Master to keep your balance. Its then you realized the door of the room was still open. Your heart stopped in horror at the thought that anyone in the corridors would at the very least hear the porno film playing.

'Stay still. I want to expect that body.'

You tried to stay still as the hands were molesting your body, exploring, squeezing, spanking, softly touching and caressing every part of it. From your upper neck to your feet, your Master explored your body with his hands, as if it was a rare artifact. You were left in a state of panting, and increasing nervosity, at the sight of the open door.

'I'm proud of your body.'

'Thank you Master'

'On your knee, slave.' he ordered you as he pushed you down.

You began to plea 'Erm... the door is open, can we...'

He interrupted you right away. 'Are you ashamed that people know who's your Master?'

'No, but...'

'Then no but.'

Somehow expecting to suck your Master's cock, you went toward your Master's belt, but were stopped in the middle of your action. Your Master grabbed you by the neck, and gave you a soft peck on your forehead, while patting gently your head, then went toward the bed.

You felt the a leather collar being attached around your neck, all this symbolized your new found status as a slave. If the situation would have been devoided of any kink factor it would have been as a knight being honored with a medal by a King... and somehow you felt the same peace in your heart.

A leash got attached to your collar. 'Does the open door still bothers you?'

It did a little, but you were proud to have the courage to answer 'Only if it does bother you, Master.'

'Good, then come.' your Master said as he pulled on your leash. You're reflex was to stand up, but you were made understood that you would have to crawl toward the door.

'Come in the corridor.'

Your heart sank, and you felt your fleeing instinct would kick in, but the firmness of your Master gave you no option.

You were suddenly in a situation you never have been in your whole life. On your knee in the corridor of a hotel, dressed only with too-high high heels, over-revealing panties, tight top, and hold by a leash. You had the unique feeling of being exactly as horny as you were scared.

Gently your Master caressed your face, as you looked at him eyes wide open waiting in dread for the next action.

'It will be time for you to sign your slave contract. Soon you'll belong to me. I'll make sure that you become not only a slave and a slut, but that you become proud of what you are. Now untie my boots.' I commanded, which let you confused. Somehow that wasnt what you were expecting, and only understood your Master was serious when he pointed at his ruby red doc Martin boots.

'Go ahead slave, show your submission, and untie my boots.'

With hesitation, you approached your hands toward the boots, only to hear. 'Just as with my cock, you won't be allowed to use your hands to untie my boots'

Now, on your knees on the rough carpets of the hotel corridor, and slowly proceeding to untie your Master boots with your teeth. You could feel the cold air from the corridor on your naked ass cheeks, and kept the fear of being caught by some passerby away, with the thought that they would simply assume you were a prostitute paid to do this. Somehow the thought of being taken for an escort made it easier to accept the degrading act you were performing.

It was with some pride that you manage to untie the first boot with ease, but when you began to untie the second boots, the task became harder, as your Master started foundling your pussy. A few time you had to stop your task to let a loud moan, as your Master hand grinded with vigor on your starving pussy. On one occasion, you gave a look filled with lust to your Master begging him to fuck you, only to be forced to complete your task. However, the distinctive 'bing' ring from the elevator revived the dread in your heart. The corridor was fairly far down the alley, and just gave you enough time to complete your task with the second boot.

Your Master, helped you to stand graciously on your high heel. 'Thank you slave.' You heard the elevator door open, and the voice of a couple talking.

'Good, now stay put while your Master inspect the room to see if it respond to all his demand.' With no time to answer or react, you found yourself standing outside the hotel room, with the door now closed. You felt your face growing red, there was nowhere to hide, and waiting while your Master inspected the room.

You could hear, but still not see the couple down the hall. They sounded drunk, and were seemingly making out. Long seconds ticked by as you stood there, holding your own leash in your hand.

A noise came to your right. Luck was on your side. Your good Master had been fast enough to inspect the room, and come out from the room, before you got caught by the couple.

Your Master took his hand forward, and without hesitation you gave him back the leash. He made you go back on your knee, and kissed you deeply on your lips. One of his powerful hand grabbed your breast and squeezed it out from your top, while his other hand went straight to your sopping cunt, and roughly grabbed your panties and pulled them aside, exposing both your ass and pussy to the cold air of the corridor. The passionate and violent kissing went on, until it was broken by your Master.

'Whose slut are you?'


'Whose slave are you?'

'Yours, Master.'

'What will you do for me?'

'Everything that make you happy.'


'Because that makes me happy to be the best possible slave...I want you to be proud of me Master.'

'I've always been proud of you.' he said as he gently stroked your hairs. 'Slave open your mouth.'

Slowly, deliberately, with tenderness he spat in your open mouth.

'Come in slave... now I'll proceed use your body as my little sex toy.'

As you were about to enter the room, you caught a glimpse of the couple, who down the corridor had seen everything. You could see envy and lust in their eyes, as you entered the room.

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