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I went back to the legion in the evening. My centurion was kind of proud when I told him that I had successfully fulfilled the alchemist's task in such short time. He told me that he had expected that I will return after Jupiter day and would get my chance to improve my contacts next year earliest. In my opinion this was a little pessimistic from him. I had two weeks time before it would be too late. Now Agrippa has more than three weeks to create a good present for the legion.

The next days nothing special happened. I read some magic books that about healing spells. There was one book that caught my attention. It contained a spell to remove poison for the body magically. According to what I found this could also be used against alcohol or drugs which were consumed. I learned this spell. Maybe it would be useful in the future.

One week before the Jupiter day my centurion summoned me into his office.

"Darius, I have a special task for you. I was asked by somebody important to me, to send you to her as help. She is a priestess, which is seeking for one of her missing acolytes. I know that is not usually your job, but this priestess wants you. So I command you to help the priestess. I owe her a lot. Her healing abilities saved me personally, so I would like to do her this little favor," he told me.

It is not right. This was usually not a job for a legion mage, but he is my officer that commands me. With a little disappointment I replied, "Sir, as you command. I will leave immediately. Where shall I meet this priestess?"

"Go to Aventine hill. There is the Bona-Dea temple. Ask for priestess Alyssa," he instructed.

"On my way," I said with a little grin.

This made my mood much better. Knowing that my sister is asking for me changed my mood completely. I needed to ask Alyssa, what happened between my centurion and her. I packed my equipment and went to Aventine hill. Without any distraction I went directly into mother's temple. A lot of people where there today, mostly injured or sick. Taking a look around I could not see both Alyssa or my mother.

I went to an acolyte and asked her, "Bona-Dea's blessings for you. Have you seen High priestess Ulana or priestess Alyssa?"

"Bona-Dea's blessings for you, too, pilgrim. I can see that you must be Ulana's son Darius. I am acolyte Galena. Alyssa will be busy with a pilgrim for the next hour. The high priestess is not here and will return in the late evening. She went to the Forum Romanum in order to visit court form some important matter. Please follow me. I will get you a drink while you need to wait," she said leaning into my direction.

I could see into the V-cut of her toga while she was leaning into my direction. Galena's breasts where small but also very nice. I was sure that she did that on purpose. I followed her to a waiting room, which contained a table with some grapes on it and a big couch.

"Make yourself comfortable. I will get a drink for you," she said and left the room.

I did as she asked me to and placed myself on the couch. The grapes looked tasty so I tried some of them. They had a good taste. The Galena returned with two little amphorae and gave one to me. She took a seat next to me, "Cheers!"

The amphora contained a good red wine. Now with the wine in my hand I took a closer look at Galena. She was a small young lady with a slim body shape and nice small breasts. My penis was getting bigger the more I looked at her. All of my thoughts were about taking her here and now on this couch. Everything else became meaningless. She became the center of my world. Then she stood up. She came before me, before she let her toga fall to the ground. There she was. A naked beauty was in front of me. Nothing else matters at the moment.

"Lick my pussy!" she commanded.

I could not resist at all. I ate her pussy as it would be the only thing I ever wanted in life. The strange thing was that this pussy tasted exactly like the wine I was drinking earlier. I had the feeling that I never had such a good taste on my tongue. I could have done this for hours but then Galena commanded me, "Remove my clothes and lay on the couch."

No resistance was possible. I did exactly as she commanded.

Then Galena started to tease my meanwhile fully erected penis with her mouth. She took it inside completely before I could not do anything else. This was like haven. Then she started to go back a little and teased me with her tongue. This was too much for me, so I came directly into her mouth.

She grinned and sat down on the floor. I heard her sum a mediation melody while I was still lying on the couch like if I would have drunken a whole barrel of wine. Then she got near me and asked me to stand up. I doo not know how it was possible but in seconds I was on my feet and had no problems in standing accurately.

She kneeled on the couch and told me, "Take my pussy now, but do not come before I command it!"

My penis was back to full size in a second and I started to fuck her doggy. This pussy was wonderful. It was very tight. Maybe the tightest pussy I was ever able to have. I entered her carefully and started to move slowly. Then she commanded me "Fuck me violently! As Hard as you can!"

I did the hardest I could. This was exactly what she needed. She came twice, before I saw a second person entering the room. I ignored the second person still fucking the hell out of Galena. Then I heard a voice that sounded somehow familiar.

"I need Darius now. Stop your games and let him finish," the familiar voice said.

"You heard her. Flood my pussy now," Galena cried out in lust.

I did as I was commanded to and pumped my load deep into her vagina. Galena had her third orgasm in a row and was sinking into the couch. Then I laid back before I felt a hand touching me and the familiar voice said: "Potentiam Interruptus!"

My head was getting clear again. I saw my sister Alyssa laying a hand on me and before me there was Galena lying exhausted on the couch with her pussy oozing a big mass of my white seed out. Then Alyssa kissed my forehead and I was feeling full of energy like I had slept for about 24 hours.

"Darius, please get dressed. We need to talk," she told me.

I got dressed and followed her into another room. Alyssa closed the door and offered me a seat. Then she took a deep breath and said, "Darius, I need to apologize for my student. Eugenia was here last week after she got injured in the arena. There we had a talk how you were taught by her to use weapons and especially how she was motivating you. Eugenia had some other lovers meanwhile, but I think she still likes you. But during her description of what you did with her I realized that Galena was spying on us. Maybe she heard too much."

"Alyssa, you do not need to apologize for it. Her pussy felt wonderful."

"Yes, she has a nice little tight pussy. I also realized that when I fingered her. But anyway, she should not have used influence magic on you. This was not a nice move of her," she said a little worried.

"It was in the wine, wasn't it?" I asked.

"Yes, so you found out that she prepared your wine with control magic. She will repay that she did this. Everything would have been alright if she did not force you by magic to do it. I did not teach her to use the spells this way..." Alyssa explained.

"Anyway, after all I had my fun, too. But I am here for something else. My centurion commanded me to help you by a special request. What is it about?" I asked.

"I have more students like Galena, but I must admit that she is the most gifted student I have. The problem is that two of my other students are missing now, so I did some research in the illegal areas. I found out that there is a slave hunter in Rome, who is catching young women to sell them abroad. I have a trail I can follow, but I need you as backup. I know you can burn them easily into ashes if they are not cooperating," she explained.

"So you simply want me as your backup if things are going wrong? I am fine with that. Where do we need to go?" I asked.

"The trail leads to a hideout in one of the side arms of the Cloaca Maxima. I want to catch one of the guards from there in order to question somebody. According to my information these guys are scum so you do not need to hold back," she explained.

"Understood. When do you want to start?"

"At dusk, I don't want them to be warned when somebody sees us entering the Claoca Maxima. Get your weapons. Everything else is already here."

"No problem!" I said. My sister left and I stretched my right arm out with open hand. Now only a little concentration and my weapon was flying directly to me. There was no reason to return to the legion office, because after some minutes I had my sword lance which I got from my graduation at the academy summoned into my hand. I ate a little due to hunger which I felt after my meeting with Galena.

Now with a little time leftover I wanted to talk to Galena again. I went to her room and knocked. Her voice summoned me to come in. In the moment when she realized that it was me, I saw a little bit of tear in her eye.

"I need to apologize to you. It was not right to use the control magic at you. May I do anything for reparation or compensation of what I have done to you?" she asked in a sad voice.

I thought about it. Her abilities are definitely useful in some situations and her pussy was the tightest one I ever had. I would be a waste not to make use of it.

"I will accept your apology under two conditions," I claimed.

"Good. Please tell me your conditions," she said with a little more happy face.

"First condition: Regardless of what happened, your magic abilities are good. I want you to improve your witch magic to the highest level and that you will support me with it in the future," I demanded.

"Understood, and what is your second condition?"

"Your pussy is wonderful. I want you to have your fabulous pussy available for me, whenever I want," I said.

The second request made her feel much better. I was sure that she nearly smiled.

"I accept your conditions gladly. I will train as hard as possible to master the witches' magic and I will be available for you anytime. I am free in the moment if you like..." she said and spread her legs to show me that she was not wearing underwear.

"Thank you very much. But in the moment I will leave with Alyssa in some minutes. Therefore I only want to ask you some questions regarding magic."

"Yes, I will try to answer as good as possible," she said a little disappointed.

"When you got my sperm, did you feel any magic in it? Somebody told me that there was magic in it and I want to know more. Was something suspicious when you got my sperm?"

"Yes, your seed was somehow different. The act of receiving it felt very good and when I sacrificed it to the goddess, I felt much stronger than usual. I felt a little like my powers have increased but unfortunately only by a bit," she explained.

"Thank you for the information. I will see you soon. Bye," I said.

"Good luck and please return soon. I will be ready for you anytime. Meanwhile I will start to study," she said for goodbye. I left the room and went to Alyssa.

When we were going to the canalization Alyssa was talking to me on the streets.

"I saw that you talked to Galena. I also talked to her about what she did earlier. I made a point," she said.

"Yes, I talked to her. She agreed that she will do something for her redemption. She will help me personally with her magic abilities on different matters," I explained.

"And additionally you will also get her tight little pussy, don't you?"

"Guilty," I admitted. "But I need to say that I like this pussy."

"Originally I wanted to throw her out of the temple. She used my teachings on my own family. This is not what I can ignore," she said in I tone I never heard from her earlier.

"I want to ask you to do the complete opposite. Please intensify her training in witches' magic and also show her your silent abilities. I would also like to use her additionally as my spy. I will need one sooner or later."

"But what about her loyalty? It was really disloyal of her what she did to you. Did you think about that?" my sister asked.

"This is something I will take care of. For the worst case scenario I know a good alchemist with whom I am already working together. I can ask for a love potion if needed in the worst case, but I think I can do it much easier. Don't worry I have a plan," I ensured her.

"So you definitely want or need her. Let me think about it. I need a little time to decide. Now let's do what we are here for."

Some steps ahead there was an entrance to the Cloaka Maxima. We entered it and Alyssa guided me through the channels. After some time she stopped me.

"Do you see the guard there in the corner? We need to catch him silently in order to question him. I have handcuffs here, but this guy will defend himself," she said and pointed the finger on the guard ahead.

"Let me check the situation," I said and went to a dark corner.

The guard's route was simple always the same. I checked it carefully and found a good place for ambush. This guy was a mercenary so I needed to hit fast and hard before he realized what happened. I let my bastard staff levitate in the air on the slab and waited for him hidden in the dark. Then he was at the point and I let my staff pike him to the ground. Before he could scream for help I covered his mouth. Unfortunately I was not a little in a hurry so he was able to bite into my hand a little before I got him under control completely. A little blood was running from my hand but not that much, so I simply ignored it. Alyssa came fast and used the heavy handcuffs.

"Done so far. You can question him now. I can move the staff a little if he does not answer," I said to her.

Alyssa looked with a deep angry look to this guy. "You enslaved some woman here in the city to sell them. Where are they?" she asked before gave me a sign to let him speak.

"Fuck you, bitch", this guy said before I covered his moth again.

I reached out for the staff to give him pain for this answer, but Alyssa interrupted me.

"I will do this myself. Simply hold him tight," she said.

I nodded. She lifted her dress and removed her underwear. Then she took a squat position over his belly and started to piss. When the liquid touched his belly he screamed into my hand due to the pain. His skin first started to get red before some bubbles started to be visible from boil. It was like acid was dropped on him. After some drops my sister stopped.

"Same question: Where are they?" she said in an aggressive tone before signaling me to let him speak.

"I will rape you to death for this!" he replied.

Wrong answer again... so I covered his mouth once more to keep him silent.

"So you like to rape me. I hate rapists like you. The possibility to rape somebody will now be taken from you now," she threatened.

The she moved a little back and started to piss on the outside of his trousers. The textiles started to evaporate and then there was smoking from his genital area. After a much longer piss and countless screams into my hand my sister looked at him again.

"Still same question: Answer now or I will get really angry!" she said in the angriest voice I ever heard. She seemed to be completely focused on her hate and especially on the hate for rapists like this scum here. She gave me sign to let him talk.

"No, fuck you!" was his crying answer before I covered his mouth again.

This was not intended. Did we get noticed? I listened but I could not realize anything. Alyssa took a look around but nothing happened.

My sister stood up and was taking a step in my direction. Then she started to piss aiming for his face. When I realized this I removed my hands from his head and jumped away. I got some of her piss on my hands but I did not feel any pain. This was a terrible mistake from me. Now the guy started to scream freely for help and also his pain screams echoed in the channels. Alyssa sighed and ended him with her piss.

Then we heard them scream: "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!" and the armed mercenaries were running in our direction. It was too late to escape. I pulled my staff out and got it in a throwing position.

"What are you doing? We need to run," Alyssa said hectically.

"Too late! There is only one way out," I said as the first of them came around the corner.

I throw my staff and magically amplified its speed. The man was impaled on the wall from it. I stepped forward and pointed with my index and middle finger on the second man.

"Ignifaxius," I said in a confident tone.

The ray of flames was coming out of my fingers directly hitting the man's chest. The good thing is I do not need to aim; I only need to be focusing in my mind where it should hit in my sight. The ray trilled the chest and the hole started to burn. The man was already dead at this point. Now his colleagues were getting slower. So much about their charge...

"Ignifaxius," I said again. The next of them was falling to the ground. The remaining three mercenaries were now going to run.

I stroke another one down and signed my sister to follow me and chase them. We followed them to their hideout which was secured with an iron door and heavy lock. Unfortunately it would cost too much power for me to melt though in my actual state.

"Shit. It will cost me too much of my power to melt this lock. Can you open it, Alyssa?"

"This lock is too difficult. I have the right tools for something like this at home, but there is nothing here now. There is another way, but you need to trust me this time.", she said and fully confusing for me she started to finger her pussy.

"I do trust you. Why are you fingering your pussy?"

"You did not trust me before. When we questioned the guy you caught earlier you were afraid of my piss and removed you hands. Look at them now!" she said reproachfully.

I took a look on my hands. My sister was right. The hands had no traces of any acid contact and to my surprise even the little wound from the mercenary's bite is gone. The skin was completely healed.

"How did you remove the bite marks from my hand?" I asked.

Alyssa was still fingering herself and answered, "The liquid has the effect on the person according to the feelings I have for the person. I hated this fucking rapist mercenary, so the piss was like acid for him. But you are my beloved brother, so the same thing has the opposite effect on you. So I want you to trust me. There is no way my magic will hurt you unless you make me angry."

"I apologize for earlier. The lesson is learned," I said in a little shame. "But what next? Why are you fingering yourself in such a time?"

"I am preparing a spell, alike the one which created the magically connection between our parents. I am going to squirt soon and you need to swallow it. The effect of it will boost you so that you will not have problems to melt this door and to burn these fucking rapists to ashes. But in return I will be weak after this spell. My remaining power will also be transferred to you. So the strategy is all cards on you.", she explained a little moaning meanwhile.

"Let me help you!" I offered.

I went down on my knees and lifted her dress. Her pussy was already dripping a little so I used my tongue to help. Her taste was like pure honey, not like a sweet pussy usually tastes like. This should be a side effect when witches perform magic. Licking her with this wonderful sweet juice felt very good. After nearly one minute her body started to shake.

"Darius, I am going to squirt now. Make sure to drink as much as possible of it. Every drop you miss is a waste of power, that you will need," she said before she shook again.

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