As the weeks passed after Dad left, I had resigned myself to just being a thing for Mom to use. When she had a bad day, I'd be fed Viagra and made to fuck her until I passed out, good days I'd just fuck before she went to work and when she got home.

I was even made to quit my job so I wouldn't be tired from it and not be able to get it up for her. Heather was pretty supportive, she'd cuddle with me at night and occasionally shower with me, letting me just stand there as she cleaned me off.

One night, after a viagra fueled day of "It's my day off, you'll fuck me until I can't walk", Heather dried me off from the shower and laid in bed with me, she kissed me on the cheek and leaned on her elbow to talk.

"So, I have a plan but I need you to wake the fuck up little brother," she said softly.

"What do you mean?"

"I've not had the chance to pull the camera I put in Mom's room and I've been watching you. You're letting her push you around and that was fine when you were the shy virgin I got to play with but you're a regular fuck machine now thanks to her. I love how she's taught you all the ways to really get a woman off but you shouldn't be just 'okay' when she tells you to do stuff. Take charge, give her what she wants but on your terms."

"What if I like it?"

"Like what, being a little bitch to be ordered around by Janice for the rest of your days?"

"No, the sex."

"So keep doing it, just on your terms. Here, give me your phone."

Heather pulled up a porn site and after searching for a minute, played a video.

"Understand what I mean now? Be firm but respectful," she said once it was over.

"Okay. Are you staying with me tonight?"

"No, she's working tomorrow, remember, she gets pissed off if I'm in here when she comes for her before work quickie."

"You watch those too?"

"No cameras in here my love. Get some sleep."

I slept really well that night, Mom/Janice woke me with her usual routine, she'd suck me until I woke then get on all fours to give her a few orgasms before she got ready for work. Those mornings, she didn't care if I climaxed or not as long as she did. After watching Heather's porn video I was horny but I wanted to wait until I had more time to enact my plan. I wanted to cum though and once Janice was on all fours I held on to her hips and was giving her pretty hard and deep thrusts.

When she'd cum a second time I knew my time in her was limited so I focused on the reflection of her swinging breasts in my mirror and after a few more thrusts I pushed in deep as my cock exploded, spraying my seed deep inside her. I held on to her hips until I was spent then slowly pulled out.

"That was good, thank you my love," she said breathlessly.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek then she left me to go shower. Heather surprised me when Janice had left for work too, she came into my room naked and kissed me passionately.

"Why does your mouth taste like cum?" I said when she finally let me breath.

"Why do you think little brother, she told me she's noticed you don't cum in her if you think she's going to make you eat her afterwards so when you did this morning she came into my room and sat on my face. You can repay me by making love to me, I need to feel you inside me."

Being inside Heather again was a treat, I took my time, licking her to a wonderful climax then slowly pushing my cock inside her after I kissed my way up her body. She came a few times before I got off again, my cock ached a little from fucking Janice but looking into Heather's pretty eyes as I sprayed inside her was worth it.

"I really enjoyed that," she said as she snuggled into me.

"I did too," I replied.

"You should shower and get some rest so you're ready for tonight. Have you thought of what you're going to do?"

"Yes but you'll just have to watch, I'm not telling."

"Oh you suck," she said, grinning.

"Just nipples and clits my dear."

Heather playfully slapped my arm then left, I showered and took a nap and was really well rested by the time Janice got home from work. I hadn't left my room so I didn't notice but Heather had been cooking, she was serving dinner by the time Janice got out of her shower.

"This is a wonderful surprise Heather, thank you," said Janice as she took her seat.

"Well I haven't cooked in ages and wanted to surprise you," replied Heather.

"Don't eat too much Marcus, I had the shift from hell and I want a couple of hours with you. Make sure you take a pill too," Janice said to me.

I mumbled a quiet 'okay' and had most of my food, Heather gave me my Viagra pill and mouthed 'I love you' out of Janice's view.

"Mmm, that was wonderful Heather, thank you. Marcus, help her clean up then get to my room,"

I did as I was asked and helped Heather load the dishwasher. Before I left the kitchen, she held me, touched the side of my face and softly kissed me on the lips.

"I meant that you know," she said quietly.

"Meant what?"

"That I love you."

"I love you too Heather, I shouldn't keep her waiting."

I went to my room and changed into just my robe and made my way to Janice's room, lightly knocked the door and went inside, closing the door behind me. Janice was already naked and was sitting on the bed with her legs hanging off the edge.

"Mmm good, less time to wait, come and eat me, get me nice and wet," she said, slowly opening her legs.

I slowly undid the belt on my robe then let it fall to the floor at my feet.

"I will be happy to do so but things are going to be different from now on, get over here and suck my cock," I said firmly. Janice just laughed.

"Who do you thi..."

"I wasn't kidding," I interrupted, firmly.

Janice looked at me, spotted that my resolve wasn't damaged by her laugh, saw the serious look on my face and got up, knelt before me and took my cock into her mouth, stroking me as she sucked. Once I was hard I gently stopped her.

"On the bed, all fours," I said.

Janice didn't argue or hesitate, she got up, climbed onto the bed and got on all fours. She wasn't facing the camera so I had her turn round, using her mirror as my excuse then got up onto the bed behind her.

"Mmm, you're soaking wet already," I said as I rubbed my cock between her labia.

I wasn't waiting for any reply, I pushed my cock inside her, held on to her waist and gave her strong, deep thrusts as I built up my pace. I knew I'd last ages, I'd enjoyed making love to Heather but I knew it would leave me a little tender by the time Janice wanted me again but I didn't care. It wasn't long before the sound of my body slapping against hers and her moans of pleasure filled the room, I felt her cum a few times before I even got close but it was my pleasure I was focused on and I just kept thrusting harder. I looked up at her mirror, watching her beautiful breasts swing as I fucked her always set me off and this time was no different, I pushed in as deep as I could then groaned as I emptied my balls into her pussy, keeping my cock in place until I was spent.

My cock was aching by that point, I pulled out of her slowly but wasn't done, I remembered something Heather had told me and walked to the dresser as I caught my breath. Janice had slumped forward, her hair was matted to her face with sweat but she was smiling. I took the bottle of lube and the butt plug over to the bed and put them down beside Janice, she looked at them and her eyes widened a little.

"My cock is aching, I'll only be able to cum if I fuck your ass. You don't have a problem with that do you?" I said as I ran my hand over her ass.

"N... no Sir," she stammered.

"Good, now put that in and suck this cream off my cock."

Janice looked up at me, seemed to think about saying something and instead did as I told her. She got on her knees after she eased the plug into her ass and took her time licking and sucking my cock until it was cleaned of our juices. She took the bottle of lube and gave my cock a generous coating then got back up onto the bed, putting a couple of pillows at her stomach then just laid with her ass up for me. I pulled the plug from her ass then placed the tip of my cock at her entrance and slowly eased my cock into her. It took me a few minutes of slowly thrusting, giving her time to get used to me then began to slide in and out of her ass. Janice was groaning in pleasure by the time I got close again, I'm pretty sure it was far less than a full load I sprayed into her but the tightness of her ass felt good as I came. I pulled out and collapsed beside her on the bed as we both sucked in air, Janice pulled the pillows away from under her and put one under my head.

"Y.. your father never liked giving me anal, it's been so long since I've had it, that was amazing," she said, brushing the hair from her face.

"I hope you understood what happened here today," I replied.

"I think so."

"Outside this room you can be Mom again, when you want me you can tell me you'll be waiting in your room but in here I am in charge, I won't be your little fuck toy anymore."

"I understand Sir."

"I hope you're satisfied tonight though, I'm pretty worn out."

"I am too Sir, thank you."

I kissed her on the cheek and after picking up my robe I made my way to my room. To my surprise, Heather was there waiting for me.

"I'm proud of you my love, I have a nice hot bath waiting for you," she said after kissing me on the cheek.

"I hope you enjoyed the show," I replied.

"You were amazing."

The bath felt great on my sore muscles, Heather really pampered me, helping me dry off then when I was in bed she covered me up, kissed me on the cheek then left me alone.

Next morning I got dressed and went to the kitchen to get breakfast, Aunt Claire was there drinking coffee with Janice. She got up and greeted me with a hug.

"Hey handsome man, how are you, haven't seen you in ages," she said with a smile.

"I'm good Aunt Claire, I've just been keeping busy," I replied.

"Has your Dad called you at all since he left?"

"Once but I hear that Chloe is a bit controlling and is afraid Mom will steal him back."

"I can't believe he ran off with the babysitter, didn't she look after you like 3 times? She must have made some impression if he kept in touch with her after what, 6 years since they moved away?"

"Well Mom suspected he was getting blow jobs from her back then and all the time since they moved but who knows. Do you need more coffee Mom, I was going to make some?"

"That would be great, thank you love," replied Janice/Mom.

"Well your Mom said you've been looking after her really well," said Claire.

"It's been a change for sure." I said, looking at Mom, she just winked at me.

"Well I'll come see you all next weekend, I just stopped by to bring your Mom some dresses for Heather."

I poured Mom some coffee and when she came back from seeing Claire to the door she had me stand so she could hug me and kiss me on the cheek.

"I like being Mom again, if you need the other side of me when I don't request, you can ask me to be waiting in there too," Said Mom.

"I like that idea," I replied.

"Well good, I should get ready for work, I'm a little tender from last night so I think I'll skip my quickie today," said Mom, grinning as she walked away.

Aunt Claire came to see us most weekends, as the weeks went on I found myself sleeping with Heather more than Mom, I wondered what was going on so I decided to ask Heather after a pretty satisfying session with her.

"What do you mean, what's going on, are you not enjoying me anymore?" she replied.

"You know that's not it, Mom has been insatiable up until a few weeks ago then all of a sudden you want more, a big contrast from the celibate nun those pills turned you into."

"Well, maybe I decided I fucking love my brother's cock and I want to go back to the old me. I couldn't do that with Mom wearing you out so I've been reducing my dose on these pills and feeding them to Mom instead."

"Won't she find out?"

"Nope, zero side effects, just less desire for sex."

"Fine, just be careful okay."

"I will, can we go again before she gets home from work?"

That weekend, with Aunt Claire drinking coffee with Mom and I in the kitchen, Heather came out of her room in just a black negligee, she had a drowsy look on her face and was slurring her words. Before Mom could even get to her feet, Heather collapsed and had a seizure on the kitchen floor. Mom rushed to get a blanket while Claire moved the chairs out of her way, I just froze. When Heather came to, Mom had her slowly sit then helped her up onto the couch.

"I thought you said her pills were really safe?" Said Claire.

"They are, at the right doses. Heather sweetie, have you been taking the pills like the Doctor told you?" said Mom, looking at Heather's eyes.

"I www... wanted Marcus' cock back, didn't want him giving it all to you," slurred Heather.

"Heather, your pills, have you been taking them?" repeated Mom.

"I just want Marcus to fuck meeee, you can't have him any more... b.. been giving you half."

"What's she talking about Janice, she doesn't mean your Marcus right?" said Claire.

"No, my Marcus, my baby brother," said Heather, still slurring.

"It's a long story Claire, I think we need to get her to hospital," said Mom.

"If she's been giving you her pills I'd better drive, Marcus, get some clothes for Heather," ordered Claire.

What felt like 50 hours later, a sedated Heather was laid in bed hooked up to an I.V. while the Doctor talked to Claire in the other room.

"Take these, they'll flush your system, you'll puke your guts up in a hour but your blood work doesn't show much more than a trace. You fucking owe me, Jennings has agreen to keep it off the books, is just going to report she decided to reduce her dose. I'll drive you both home, when we get there you're going to tell me everything," said Claire, sternly.

"What about Heather?" I asked.

"You can pick her up tomorrow."

The pills they gave Mom didn't take the hour, she threw up pretty much as soon as we got home. Claire sat with her mouth open when she told her about me fucking both her and Heather.

"You told me Heather was getting it from some kid you'd vetted, not her own brother Janice. Why were you fucking him too?" asked Claire.

"It was supposed to be just one time, a cleared payback fuck so I could forgive Jack for fucking Heather too but it's what he wanted, an excuse to just run off with Chloe. I was angry and horny, something in me snapped and all I wanted was to be fucked without worrying about some Doctor finding my profile on tinder or something," replied Mom.

"And how did you get involved?" Claire asked me.

"I uhm, I stole nudes and a video she'd recorded for her ex and she caught me jerking off to them, kinda went from there," I replied.

"If I wasn't a Senior Administrator in that hospital this could have gotten really ugly for all of you, Jennings owes me more than a few favors but this puts me at zero with him and I don't like that. I'd have thought you learned after Uncle George, Janice," said Claire.

"Who's Uncle George?" I asked.

"He's passed away now but your Grandpa's brother. When your Mom was 19 she got caught by our Dad in a threesome with her Uncle and his girlfriend at the time, he didn't know it was far from the first time but he beat the crap out of our Uncle and we were forbidden to visit him again," replied Claire.

"Don't give me the high and mighty tone Claire, you were fucking him too, you just never got caught. Don't look so surprised, he told me, said you were a bit too kinky for him but he liked you," replied Mom.

"I didn't mean the tone, I'm sorry, it just hit a little too close to home."

"Well home was where I was trying to keep it."

"So what happens now?" I asked, a little too excited about the new revelations.

"I can see that dirty little mind of yours whirring away young man, I get all I need at home and my man would know if I've had a bigger dick in me. Besides, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want my strap on," said Claire.

"Oh hell no," I replied, Mom and Claire laughed.

"I think, you should go back to your nympho sister, keep her from hooking up with some loser, your Mom will find herself a boyfriend with my help and none of this leaves this house, that sound good?"

"Works for me."

"Good, I'm going home, both of you get some rest, I'll call you when you can pick Heather up." Said Claire, she hugged Mom then left.

"So um, I'm going to brush my teeth then I would love it if I can be waiting for you Sir," said Mom with a smile.

"I won't keep you waiting long," I replied.

'Normal' for me would become something far from normal to the rest of the world, for right then, my normal would be fucking the tension of the morning out with my Mom, then going on a high energy diet when Heather got home.

Not, of course, that I am complaining...

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