The lab was empty, deep within Loreline's castle, where the secret formula to Lexi's poison lay. If we were to succeed, I needed to retrieve it. But this latex lair of pleasure did not make it easy.

Mindless slaves ran around each floor, hurrying on all fours to do their mistress's bidding. But that wasn't even the worst of it. The further down I got, the more... terrible the tortures appeared. Behind closed doors men screamed and begged for release, some were even sticking out of the walls, their faces obscured by the latex.

The few doors that were open, showed me the deepest depths of eroticism and soul crushing pleasure. Men, with only their heads sticking out of the ground, their lips happily sucking on the heels of the sadistic tormentors. The women, clad in nylon, latex, leather, spandex and anything else that would drive a man insane, stood high upon their heels and boots, above their slaves, laughing and relishing the position they were in.

It was terrible, yet in the darker, lust filled parts of me, I envied them. That did not sway me though. I did not come here to rescue them or to be a hero. I came here for the poison.

After a while I finally found the door that I was looking for. Thus far I did not run into Loreline, Lexi or one of their henchwomen. I remained unseen.

That was about to change.

The room, like the rest of the lower parts of the castle, had a light, toxic green tint to it. Everything was obscured by darkness, yet made visible with this strange light, and in the middle of all that lust filled color, a single table stood. The door shut behind me, and my heart skipped a beat.

The man was stuck in a latex body bag, with only his face visible, as the restraints held him tightly in place. The latex of his bag shone in the toxic light as I saw his eyes roll back upon his head. There was a tube stuck to his mouth, pumping him with a strange liquid... the liquid I knew I came for.

"See how docile he is thief? fufufufufu~ That is exactly how you will be." A purr, a toxic, lust dripping, voice echoed around me as a person walked out of the shadows and stood beside the table. The click of her heels echoed to the beat of my heart.

She was perfect. I knew who she was, without the assassin introducing herself. Everyone knew of her and of her beauty... and of her sadism.

But the stories did her no justice. She was an angel. Silver haired with golden eyes of a snake, that seemed to shimmer in the dark, her lush body hugged tightly by a nylon bodysuit. Her thigh high, latex boots only adding to the air of pure dominance she had. The light of the outfit was like a hypnotic glow, glistening in impossible ways as she stood in all her glory.

"Cat got your tongue?" She asked again, this time her voice was more akin to a snake. Lexi, sat on the table, next to the bound prisoner and crossed her legs. In the silence of the room I could hear her nylon as her legs moved with cat like grace, as she sat in the most alluring way possible. The latex of Lexi's boots hugged her legs as tightly and alluringly as the nylon of her bodysuit. Her look, the one of a predator ready to swallow its prey. I understood why she was feared so... and I understood why all bowed down to her.

"I was hoping to run into you." I lied, with false bravery. She pouted and unzipped the crotch of the prisoner. He let no sound escape him as the tube pumped him further.

"fufufufufu~ Of course you did. All men do." Lexi said and freed the slaves cock. She held it in her hand, lightly caressing it, as if to mold it. "Do you envy this toy? Do you want to trade places with it?"

With her other latex clad hand, Lexi placed her finger upon her knee, and trailed it up her thigh. I saw the snake upon her nylon... and I saw her claw. Her poison filled claw that broke men and kingdoms.

"Which poison should I use hm?" She asked me. "What should I do to mold you into a perfect slave that I want you to be. To break you. To bend you to my will as you kneel and bask in my beauty... right before you are used like he is."

She sighed in pleasure and I fought with all my being not to kneel right there. To lick her boots, taste the latex and the nylon...

"This little finger" the assassin began with her teasing tone. "Will trap you inside of your own mind. Aware of everything, yet unable to move, forever. Soon afterwards your mind would begin to conjure images of me doing things to you that you would not believe, but you would still be aware that it is only a vision. A lie. Stuck like that you would be broken and trapped in bondage... discarded. How does that sound? A mirage filled end with no orgasm what so ever."

"Why don't you poke yourself with it?" I barked back.

"Not your style? Mmmm~ than how about the next one." She showed her other clawed finger as the sound of her nylon dominated the lab. "Courtesy of my succubus friend. You will cum, endlessly, until all of your bodily fluids are sucked out. Until you are a husk. How does that sound? Or would you rather be turned into a latex doll?"

Lexi asked, liking her middle, clawed, finger.

"fufufufufu~ This one will make you into a doll, for me to use and play with as I please. Your skin will be all latex, every touch will be sending orgasmic shivers through your body as your mind is made into putty."

"Fuck off." I said, drawing my knife. "I can take you."

I was bigger than her. Lexi's lithe frame was extremely easy on the eye, but I was much bigger than her, even when she was wearing heels.

She simply tapped the tip of the prisoners cock as he buckled beneath her touch, his member twitching and jerking.

She pointed her index finger at me, her smile growing feral.

"Oh honey is this the one you crave? The one that will turn you, ever so slowly, into pantyhose? Ones that I might wear once and throw away? Your consciousness spreading through the material, stuck on the eternal edge without climaxing. fufufufufu~"

I took a step forward, carefully, measuring her movement.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" She said, eying her thumb. "This one honey... oh it will kill you. Slowly, like most of the others it will keep you on the edge, but I will get to play with you until your last breath. I will snuggle you between my thighs, slowly choking you, making your blood run faster and slower, until we see how long it takes for you to expire?"

Lexi's perfect figure, the tight nylon upon her, the evil smile, the sadistic glint in her eye, the way she looked in those boots... It made the situation very clear...

The man strapped to the table groaned as she slid his cock back inside the latex sack and clicked a button upon the table. Lexi stood up from the contraption, again her nylon bringing a symphony of movement, her boots clicking upon my brain, the tube left his mouth and she closed the sack over his head. Not long afterwards the table slid into the floor and Lexi and I were alone.

"Well? fufufufufu~ "

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