The Riptide Retreat: Haruki, The Catgirl

You awaken to the sensation of being set down on a hard surface. When you fully come to, you realize you're on the doorstep of the Riptide Retreat, with no one else in sight. Your body is still covered in an almost half-inch thick layer of mucus, but you're wrapped in a beat-up towel that seems to be holding together for the moment. You notice the sky is a soft shade of orange. It's sunrise.
Weakly laughing, you pull yourself to your feet and stumble through the front door. Vaughn is there at the front desk, like always. He's looking over a few papers, but his attention quickly turns to your battered and slimy form shambling through the doorway.
"Holy shit. Ryan?" He asks, in a tone of almost disbelief. "What the hell happened to you?"
You stare at him, still too out of it to give a proper response.
"A-Amber... Happened... I need a fucking bath..." You groan.
Your towel is starting to dissolve under the effects of Amber's slime, and Vaughn seems to notice it coming apart with a panicked expression.
"Shit! Get back to your room and clean off! We can discuss this later." He says, standing up to shoo you off to your room.

Vaughn seems very reluctant to get within six feet of you, but he does his best to make sure you get to your room in one piece. You manage to make it inside and shut the door just as your towel fully dissolves. Naked, exhausted, and still covered in cloth-dissolving gelatin, you drag yourself into the bathroom and turn the shower on.
You spend at least a half hour scrubbing yourself clean, trying to get all the slime off of you. By the time you're finished, you're feeling much more like yourself, though you're still incredibly exhausted. You stumble out of the bathroom and drop face first onto your bed.
You're asleep within seconds, barely even getting comfortable on a few pillows before your entire body shuts down to try and recover from your state of intense exhaustion. Time passes in unknown amounts while you're asleep, but you soon find yourself being disturbed awake.
Deep in the throes of your comatose slumber, you can vaguely sense an odd rumbling sensation across your body.

It's strong enough to pull you out of your sleep, as your brain slowly awakens to try and discern the source of the odd feeling. Senses returning, you realize it's less of a rumble and more of a... purring.
Your eyes snap open to reveal none other than Haruki draped across your naked body, purring and rubbing herself against you.
"You." You state with a tone of deep irritation in your voice.
"Meoooow," Haruki replies, looking up at you from your chest and giving you a mischievous grin.
"Get off of me, right now." You demand.
Haruki only purrs in response, still smiling.
"I don't have time for this. I need to be resting." You say.
"Not until you give me some babies." Haruki says in a demanding tone, as she begins to grind her body into yours.

"You're in heat, aren't you?" You say.
"Meooow, I'm always in the mood." Haruki says, before leaning in and nibbling on your neck.
You can feel her fluffy tail slither its way up your leg and to your inner thigh.
"Haruki, get off of me." You demand.
"Make me." She replies in a sultry tone.
You push her off of you as she lets out a surprised squeal, quickly leaping back to glom on to your side.
"What's wrong? Don't you find me attractive?" She asks.
"Of course I do, but I'm not sleeping with coworkers." You say.
"I want to make babies." Haruki says, as if that explains everything.

"How many times do I have to tell you, I can't get you pregnant?"
"Oooh! Pity, pity! That just means I'll have to try extra hard..." Haruki says with a small moan as she moves to nibble on your ear again.
"Haruki, I'm serious. If you don't stop, I'm going to have to get serious."
"You wouldn't dare!" Haruki says with a smirk, as she slowly licks your face.
With a deadpan expression, your arms spring to life and immediately bring your hands down upon Haruki's ears.
"Ah! No, no, not there! Anything but there!" Haruki cries out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.
Your hands then slowly move down to her shoulders, as you give her a hard push.
Haruki's body flies off of yours, bouncing against some of the pillows on the bed as she lets out a surprised squeak. Her face twists into a thoroughly amused and aroused grin, as she wiggles her hips and springs forward to try and pounce on you again.

Now fully awake, you're ready for her little maneuver. You sit up straight with your arms outstretched to absorb the full force of her impacting against you. Haruki smacks against your body with a heavily pleasured squeal, immediately wrapping her arms around your back and legs around your waist.
"Mmmh! Yes! I've got you now!" Haruki squeaks as her body rumbles with heavy purring.
"No. I've got you." You state in a sadistic voice as your arms clamp around her body.
With a quick heave, you toss Haruki over your head and onto her back. You pounce on top of her before she can even react, holding both of her arms down against the bed.
"I've got you now." You say with a wry smile as you look down at her.
Haruki's face turns red with embarrassment as she looks away.
"You're such a bully." She says.
You shift your knees to keep her arms pinned, freeing your arms to fold against your chest as you admire your work. "I'm not the one barging into sleeping people's rooms and molesting them. But maybe it's you who's trying to get felt up, hm?" You've got a very smug smile on your face.

"I can't help it! It's breeding season, my hormones are absolutely raging!" Haruki whines, huffing, mewing, and squirming against your body weight on top of her.
"And...?" You ask in a leading tone.
"And...I want you to do naughty things to me!"
"What sort of naughty things?" You ask with a raised eyebrow.
"All sorts of naughty things!" Haruki exclaims. "I want you to touch me and feel me up everywhere! I want your fingers in my mouth, I want you to suck on my tits, and then... and then..."
You unfold your arms and quickly brush two fingers along her left ear, immediately derailing Haruki's train of thought as she lets out a wet moan.
"I want you to breed me." She says after catching her breath, looking up at you with lustful eyes.
"You don't say." You smirk.
"I do say!" Haruki exclaims, huffing and puffing as she tries to buck her hips into yours. "I want you to fill me up with your cock and ride me into the bed!"
"What a horny little kitten..." You say as you rub your fingers along the outsides of Haruki's ears again. This time you take care to caress the fluff of her ears as lightly as you can.

"Ngh... ngh..." Haruki moans, her face turning even redder as she squirms under you.
You lean forward and give a long lick along the side of her neck, causing her to shudder.
"Well? Keep talking. Tell me more." You say in a low voice as you nibble on her ear.
"I-I want... nnh... want you... to..."
You slowly push your fingers against her ear fluff, rubbing it with a bit more force as your other fingers begin to massage the inside of her ears as well.
"Mmmm... I want you to rub my ears... and suck on my tits... ngh... and then I want you to fill me up with your cock!"
You slowly move your fingers away from her ears, which causes Haruki to let out a long, drawn out whimper.
"Hm. You're quite greedy, with all these demands. Maybe I don't feel like it..." You say in a slightly teasing voice, flicking a finger against her right ear in just the right way.
"Ahhh! No, no! I want you to! I do! Please..." Haruki begs as she tries to grind her hips against yours.

You chuckle softly, then lean in to give her left ear a long lick, before nibbling it slightly and blowing warm air on it. You're still sitting on top of Haruki, keeping her arms pinned with your legs as she squirms and thrashes against your grip. She's desperate to get her hands on you, but you've got her pinned so that she's completely at your mercy.
"Now, now. If you want something, you have to ask nicely." You say as you slowly move your fingers back towards her ears.
"Please give me what I want, I want your cock inside of me. I need it so bad, I'm desperate for it. Please fuck me." Haruki says in a rush, her voice filled with lust and desperation.
You smirk in response, tracing two fingers across her cheek and guiding them towards her mouth.
Haruki gasps at the sensation, rapidly licking her lips in anticipation of your fingers' arrival. Her tongue eagerly wraps itself around your fingers as she begins sucking on them. You gently brush your fingertips along her tongue, causing her to moan in pleasure.
"Mmm... hungry, aren't we?" You say in a low voice as you push your fingers against her thrashing tongue.
"Mmmm! Mmm!" Haruki moans in response, her voice echoing in the room.

You slowly slide your fingers out of her mouth, Haruki's tongue following your fingers for a moment longer before she lets out a disappointed groan. You gently trace the outline of her lips with your fingers, which causes her to close her eyes and let out a contented sigh.
"So cute..." You whisper as you lean in closer to her.
Haruki desperately cranes her neck forward, stretching her tongue out as far as she can to try and meet your lips. You stay just out of reach, instead springing your two fingers back into action. You quickly wrap her tongue around them, before pushing back so that her tongue retreats into her mouth.
Haruki's head slams back against the mattress with a squealing moan as her eyes roll back in her head. You slowly slide your fingers out of her mouth once again, her tongue following them until they once again disappear from her field of view.
"I need you... I need you so bad..." Haruki says, barely able to form words between her panting.
"Oh really?" You ask in the same warm and sultry voice.
"Please... put it in... I need you to put it in..."

You gently trace your fingers along her jawline, causing her to shudder. You lean down towards her, as she raises her head to meet your lips. Her tongue eagerly awaits your intrusion, but you only move close enough that she can lick your lips. You slowly move your lips back and forth, gently rubbing against her own, as her tongue desperately tries to slide into your mouth. You pull away, leaving Haruki panting once again.
"Please... please..." Haruki begs.
You lean in once more, but this time you turn your head at the last moment. Your lips land on her cheek as she lets out a moan of ecstasy.
Haruki's body bucks underneath you with incredible force, enough that you actually bounce on top of her for a moment. She's definitely strong, and you get the sense that she could probably break free of you pinning her down like this, but you've got her so worked up that it's far beyond her thoughts right now.
"Nyoh... Please... I need it..." Haruki begs.
You slowly move your lips towards her ear, then whisper...
"Say it." You command.
"I... I want your cock..." Haruki says.
"Say it like you mean it." You say, giving her ear a quick nibble.

"I neeeed your coooock!" Haruki moans as she bucks her hips flail up and down. You're hovering just above her stomach, so Haruki's hips and legs are free to thrash wildly with her arousal, empty of something to brace against and pour their desire into.
"Not quite... I want to hear you say it like you mean it." You say, this time rubbing your cheek against her chest.
"Please! I need your cock inside of me! I need you to fuck me! I need your dick in my pussy, in my mouth, anywhere! Please! I need it!" Haruki begs.
"Hmmm... I think you'll have to settle for some other attention right now. Tell you what, if you can survive two more minutes without cumming... I'll give you what you want." You say in a hushed voice against her ear. "Do you think you can survive?"
"I... I can do it." Haruki says, trying to calm herself down.
"Good girl." You say, giving her ear one last lick before sitting back up on top of her.
Haruki's body is covered in a light sheen of sweat as she tries to control her breathing. You slowly lower yourself until your lips are just above hers. You softly kiss her on the lips, then quickly pull away.

"Now then, where were we..." You say, as you slowly slide down Haruki's toned stomach.
The scent of her arousal is strong. You've really made her wet. It would be so easy to just slide further down and taste her.
But you don't. This isn't about what feels good for you right now. This is about making sure Haruki absolutely collapses under your ministrations. She needs to pay for disturbing your rest again, in the form of a mind-breaking orgasm.
You slowly move down to her legs, and gently spread them.
"Nyuu..." Haruki quietly moans as she looks down at you.
Her pussy is soaked and swollen with desire. It's practically begging to be touched, but you resist for now, instead focusing your attention on her legs.
You gently place your hands on her inner thighs, and slowly push them further apart. You then indent your fingers against the juicy meat of her thighs, working your hands in deep motions as they creep closer to her dripping pussy.
"Ah! Ah! Fuck! I can't... I can't take it..." Haruki moans.
"Sure you can. How badly do you want it?" You smile.
With your hands placed firmly on her inner thighs, you lean forward and softly breathe on her exposed pussy. Her scent is strong, but you want to drive her absolutely wild with desire, so you take a deep breath and exhale directly on her clit. You've made sure your breath is nice and hot, an effort which is paying off in spades.

"Ah! Fuck! I can't take it!" Haruki screams, as you lean back and see her tail appear from between her legs, previously pinned between her back and the mattress. It quickly moves towards her clit, grinding against it furiously.
In a single swift motion, you snatch her tail in your hand and wrap it between your fingers, peeling it off her clit in the blink of an eye. Haruki's tail strains against your grip, and you notice her thighs clenching with exertion and pleasure.
"Nyoh! Please! I have to cum! So badly! I have to! I have to! I need it!" She cries out as her fingers curl against the bedsheets and her hips strain upwards.
"Say please." You state calmly, staring at her pussy.
"Please! Please! Let me cum! I need to cum so badly! I need your touch! Your fingers! Your tongue! Anything!" Haruki begs.
You slowly lower your head into her crotch. You gently flick your tongue against her clit, and she instantly shudders as her pussy tightens.
This maneuver proves to be your first misstep, as Haruki instantly slams her muscular tights against the sides of your head while one of her free hands immediately glues itself to the back of your head. Haruki is incredibly strong, so pushing your head forward to smush it against her soaking pussy is effortless. You're trapped.

Haruki's hips begin to grind against your face with increasing fervor, and you feel like you're about to pass out from lack of air. You try to twist free or at least push her off, but she's stronger than you.
"Ah! Yes! Fuck! I'm gonna... gonna..." Haruki moans.
You feel your grip on her tail slipping, and you're forced to release it as you struggle against her grasp.
"Oh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Haruki screams as her body begins to shudder.
Her juices burst forth as her entire body convulses, the smell of her arousal consuming your senses as the pressure of her thighs against your head becomes almost crushing. She squeezes and shivers over and over as the pent up lust from all your teasing tears through her body.
You feel her thighs begin to relax as the crushing weight on your head is lifted, and you greedily suck in air through your mouth as her juices drip down your face. You try to move, but Haruki's hands are holding your head against her pussy as she continues to grind into you.
"More... I need more..." She begs in a strained voice as her pace begins to slow.
You bide your time for a few more moments, until her pace slows a little more. She's at the trough of the afterglow, which you seize as your chance to pull yourself free.

You pull your head back, and Haruki gasps as you free yourself from her grasp. You waste no time leaping forward and pinning her down again. You go for the same full body-weight pin on her torso, with your legs on her arms so she can't pull any tricks.
Haruki lets out a sound that can only be described as a lusty, meowing moan as you assert yourself on top of her. You bring your lips close to one of her ears again, an upset growl in your voice.
"Too greedy, kitten... Too greedy... You've gone and cum before your two minutes are up." You mock-growl.
"I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." She whimpers, her voice trembling a bit.
You can feel her entire body trembling as you look down at her. Her long blonde hair is splayed out on the bed like a halo, and her wide blue eyes are looking up at you. Her face is red, not just her cheeks, but all of it. Her ears are twitching frantically, flicking up and down as though to beg for attention and forgiveness. Her neck is also red, flushing with arousal as you can see her pulse quickening. You can even see her nipples hardening through her hair, which is draped across her chest and soaked with sweat.
"Are you ready to beg properly?" You ask, your voice still stern.

"I'm sorry, sir. Please let me suck your cock." She begs, her voice trembling. "I'm sorry for my greed. I want your thick, hard cock in my mouth. I want to taste you. I want to swallow your cum. I want to feel it pouring down my throat."
She goes on and on with every detail of how she wants you inside her.
"Hmmm. That's a good start." You muse as your hands start to wander towards Haruki's ears, teasingly brushing against the tips of them. "But I want more. I want you to tell me why you were greedy."
"Because I want your cock in my pussy...!" She says, body and voice quivering as her tone becomes more needy. "I'm so wet right now... I'm so wet and I want you to feel how tight I am! I want to feel you thrusting inside of me! Please... Please fuck me."
You can't help but let a smirk grace your lips as her face takes on a look of lust and desperation.
Your fingers finally embrace Haruki's ears, starting on a gentle circular rub across their fuzzy surface.
"Good kitten... Good girl... You were very greedy, but you've been a good girl now. Such a good girl for me..." You coo at her as she writhes beneath your fingers and the bedsheets.

You increase the pace of your ear rub, fingertips slowly drifting towards the fluff on the inside of her ears, the most sensitive spot.
"Do you want my fingers in your ears?" You ask, stopping your ministrations.
"Please! I want to rub every inch of my ear fluff!" She begs.
"Tilt your head and lean into my hand." Haruki complies, and you gently press your thumbs into the patches of fluffy white fur that sit inside her ears.
"Tell me what you want." You command.
"I want... I want..." She struggles to say.
"You want what?"
"I want to suck your cock!" She cries.
"What about my fingers in your ears?" You ask.
"I love it! I need it! Please don't stop!" She begs.

You gently flick her ear fluff, and she lets out a cry of pleasure.
"Don't forget to beg." You remind her as you start to churn your thumbs into the fluff, moving with deep circular motions.
"Please don't stop!" She whimpers, before letting out a pleasured cry. "Don't stop!"
You continue to tease her ear fluff, and she continues to squirm and squeak. Her body squirms against yours as her hips and legs thrash with need. You're sat on her stomach though, so her lower body continues to remain abandoned by your touch as you increase the depth and strength of your fingers against and inside her ears.
You feel her tail creep up again, but you swiftly wrap it around your foot and pin it with your weight. You can feel it push and pull against your foot as you keep it sealed there, desperate to break free.
"Don't." You warn, before going back to your circular motions.
"I need you..." She whimpers.
"What do you need?"
"I need you to fuck me!" She begs.

"You need me to fuck you?" You ask.
"Please don't make me beg!" Haruki whimpers, as she starts to push her hips up against yours in an attempt to gain some sort of stimulation for her lower half.
"Oh, it's far too late for that..." You say with a satisfied growl as you continue to rub her ears.
You watch as she squirms and writhes, her body desperate for more stimulation. Her entire body is alive with sensation, but it's not enough. You watch as her hands reach out and grasp handfuls of the bedsheets, squeezing them tightly as she tries to find something to hold onto while you continue to touch her.
"I need it!" She cries desperately.
"What do you need?" You ask in a devious tone.
"I need it! I need it so bad!" She whimpers.
"What do you need?" You ask again.
"I need your cock inside me!" She begs.

"Inside me! Inside my... my..." She can't even bring herself to say the words, instead bucking and wiggling her hips even more aggressively to indicate her desires.
You push your fingers harder and deeper into their massaging motions, causing Haruki to screw her eyes shut with a noisy moan.
"Inside...?" You ask again.
"Inside my pussy!" She screams.
"Ooh... That's better. Now you're getting specific." You say with another sadistic laugh.
You press your mouth against her right ear and gently flick it with your tongue. Haruki immediately lets out a high pitched squeak as her entire body tightens up in an attempt to hold in her pleasure. You gently blow into her ear, causing her to let out a shuddering whimper as she desperately claws at the bedsheets.
"Nyoooh! Please! Don't stop!" She cries out as her entire body pushes against you with raw arousal.
Your mouth works across her fluffy ear in lengthy motions, sucking gently as your tongue pushes and caresses every inch. Her other ear is now being even more strongly attended to by one of your hands, while the other scratches underneath her chin in curling motions.
"Ah! My ears... So good... So good..." She whimpers.

You maintain your oral assault on her ears for another few moments, before you finally pull away. Haruki lets out a pained whine as you stop touching her, her whole body still shaking with anticipation and desire. Her big blue eyes are glazed over and hazy with arousal, her mouth slack and open as she pants heavily.
"Please..." She begs.
"Alright. I think you've paid for your greed." You say with a satisfied smirk. "You seem to want a lot of things, though... What's supposed to happen first?" You ask in a teasing tone.
"You fuck me!" Haruki says loudly.
"Hmmm, I don't think so. You'll have to wait a bit longer for that."
"Please! Please! I want your big cock inside me!" She begs shamelessly, her tail twitching and curling with arousal.
"I don't think you've earned that either... Maybe later. What about..." You trail off.
"Yes! Yes! I'll do anything!"
"You'll suck my dick?" You ask in a teasing fashion.
"Yes! I'll suck your dick!" She promises.

"Hmm, maybe I'll believe you later. For now though..." You say as you lean down and plant your lips against hers.
"Mmmm..." Haruki moans as she pushes her head up to force the kiss as deep as she can.
Her tongue presses against your lips with surprising force, absolutely dying to be let into your mouth. You keep your lips sealed, and Haruki lets out a small whimper as she pushes harder.
You pull your head back slightly and let out a small laugh.
"Oh, you want it that much?" You say teasingly.
"Please! Please let me in!" She begs shamelessly, her tongue still trying to push its way into your sealed mouth.
You laugh again and give in, opening your mouth and letting her in. Her long, slick tongue slides along yours as she starts to make out with you while her body wriggles beneath you.
The embrace of tongue deepens as she sucks and licks your own tongue with the ferocity of an addict. She squeezes her eyes closed as she savors the feeling you've permitted her with a deep moan. As she continues to taste every corner of your mouth, her entire body begins to rumble. She's purring with delight, powerfully enough that the vibrations can be felt in your own mouth. You quickly become uncomfortably aware of the fact that you're sitting close to her chest, as the deep vibrations of her purring start to stimulate your lower half.

Her tail pulses and twitches against your foot as her entire body writhes sensually and shamelessly against yours. It doesn't take long for the stimulation to take effect, and soon your lower half is throbbing with need. You don't even need to touch yourself; the purring alone is enough to put you on the edge.
"You're going to get me started..." You warn her with a groan.
"Good!" She gasps, pulling her lips from yours for a moment. "Will you let me suck it now? Please? I've been so good... It's so hard..." She says, panting heavily as her eyes wander to observe your throbbing cock.
"Hmmm... I don't know... How badly do you want it?" You ask.
"I want it so badly... I want to feel it in my mouth... In my throat... I want your cum..." She whimpers, pawing at your thighs desperately.
"Alright. You've convinced me."
You finally roll off of Haruki, freeing her from the pin of your body weight. Haruki hasn't been free for more than half a second before she twists her entire body around and pounces on you. She makes sure you're the one who's against the mattress this time, forcing your thighs down into the sheets as her arms brace against your legs and her hands spread across your pelvis. She takes your throbbing cock in one hand and points it towards her face, staring at it with intense lust as she licks her lips. She wastes no time in throwing her tongue at your cock, licking eagerly at the head as she tries to push as much of it into her mouth as she can.

"Mmmm... Good girl." You moan, gently petting her blonde hair as you prepare to enjoy her work.
You feel her mouth start to slide down your cock as she begins to bob her head up and down. Each time she goes down, she goes a little bit deeper until you're hitting the back of her throat. You let out a content sigh as you feel her nose press up against the base of your cock. She holds her position there for a moment, waiting for your signal.
You gently nod your head, before starting to massage her scalp with your fingers. You make sure to get nice and close to base of her ears again, exploiting their sensitivity for all they're worth.
You feel her start to bob up and down faster, before she starts to slide back. The entire time, her tongue is as active as possible, licking and slurping all over your cock. You increase the pace of your massaging on her skull, at which point she begins to purr again.
This immediately draws a startled gasp out of you, as her purring sends thunderous vibrations through your cock, which is still buried in Haruki's greedy throat. Her purring grows louder as she continues to suck, sending more and more vibrations through your body. Your legs start to tremble, as the pleasure quickly builds up.

"H-Haruki! I'm going to..." You try to warn her, but you're cut short by her deepthroating you again.
You let out a low groan as you release your load into her eager and waiting throat. She greedily swallows every bit that erupts forth, not wasting a single drop of your cum.
Her purring reaches a new peak as she moans and meows with satisfaction, all of it muffled by your cock in her mouth. She finally pulls back, giving your cock one last kiss on the tip before smiling at you.
"Oooh... That was good. You're so tasty..." She giggles as she begins to crawl up towards your face.
You lean forward and plant a small kiss on the top of her head, which causes her to shudder briefly with delight.
"You really needed that... I could feel how greedy you were." You say with a smile as you gently scratch the underside of her chin.

"Mmmh... I just can't help myself after all that teasing... This little kitten is starving for more of your milk..." Haruki moans as she starts to purr again, pressing her body against yours to share the deep rumbling sensations coming from her chest.
You shudder briefly as you feel the rumbling purrs, but you quickly regain your composure.
"I think you've done well. Let's continue." You say.
"Oh yes! Yes! Finally!" Haruki says with a grin.
Haruki lays back down on the bed, her head resting on your pillow. She spreads her legs wide, giving you an unobscured view of her glistening pussy. Her tail is twitching wildly, swishing from side to side as she quivers with anticipation. Her ears flick back and forth as her entire body is covered in a sheen of sweat.
"Please..." She whimpers. "Give me your cock... Breed me..."
You lean forward and position yourself over her. You slowly start to lower your hips, your erect cock coming into contact with her.

"Mmmmm... Oh... Ooooh..." Haruki moans as she feels your head start to gently part her lips.
She looks up at you with a look of pure lust and desire. Her mouth hangs open slightly as she pants with need. Her tongue hangs out slightly, swaying back and forth as she huffs and moans.
You try and push yourself in nice and slow, but Haruki isn't having any of it. You're in her embrace now, and she intends to exploit that fact.
Her muscular legs quickly wrap around your waist and clamp down with incredible force, shoving your entire length inside her in a single ramming motion.
"Oh fuck! Yes! Give it to me!" She howls as she tosses her head back, her long blonde hair flying everywhere.
Her legs are clamped so tightly around your hips and waist that you can barely move, but that doesn't matter to her. She arches her back and thrusts her hips into you with what feels like enough strength to shatter concrete.
Her tail rubs along your back as Haruki's moaning and purring only gets more intense. She's able to flex her insides with remarkable strength, squeezing your length incredibly tightly as she forces it in and out of her.

You're barely able to do anything but grunt and moan in response.
"Harder! Fuck me harder!" She howls as she continues to ram her hips into yours, your bodies making loud smacking noises.
You grit your teeth together and oblige her, slamming into her as hard as you can.
"Yes! Yes! Keep going! Breed me like you mean it! Fill me with your thick cock! It's so hot! So big!" Haruki screams as she her fingers dig into your back.
You feel her legs suddenly shift you in her grip as she leans back, wrapping her arms around you and pulling your face into her chest. She holds you tightly while continuing to thrust, her breasts squishing into your face as her vocalizations continue to increase in both pitch and ferocity.
Remembering one of Haruki's previous demands in the throes of her begging, you take one of her nipples into your mouth and begin to suck on it with force.
"Oh, fuck yes! Just like that! I love it!" She screams as she tosses her head back and begins to quiver.
You feel her inner walls begin to pulse and vibrate around your member as you continue to thrust into her, the force of her orgasm beginning to push you out.
"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'M CUMMING!" Haruki screams as her body begins to shudder.

You're just about to be forced out of her, when Haruki's legs clamp down again, shoving your cock as deep inside her as she can manage. You feel your glans being squeezed from all sides by her tight walls as they try to squeeze every drop of seed out of you. You thrust into her a few more times, but she's so tight that you're not able to get more than a few inches out of her before being sucked right back in. You feel yourself reach the peak of her depth, and it's too much. Haruki can feel your cock starting to quiver, drawing a deep gasp out of her.
"Please! Please! Do it! Cum inside!" She cries out, her eyes glazed over and rolled back.
She feels so good that you're helpless but to comply with her demands. Your cock erupts inside her, filling her womb with a torrent of your hot seed.
"Yes! Yes! There it is! I can feel the heat of your seed! Fill me! Breed me! Give me little your little kittens!" Haruki screams as she continues to quiver and shake.
You thrust into her a few more times as she draws every single ounce of force out of your climax. You collapse on top of her, your face smushed into her chest, your arms wrapped around her body. You pant as you lie there trying to gather the energy to move. Haruki keeps you tucked inside her with her legs, running her hands through your hair as she purrs deeply.

"Oh, that was amazing. You're amazing." She whispers in your ear.
You lift your head to look at her face. "Thanks."
"Do you want to go again?" She asks with a sly smile.
"We don't have to..."
"I want to. I need to. Please, I need your help," She says while rubbing her body against yours, "I'm insatiable right now. I need your help."
You don't really have much choice in the matter. You're weak in her grip. She's like a horny predator holding down her prey. You nod your head, and she gives you a wide smile.
"Thank you! Thank you!" She says, kissing you on the lips.
She keeps you inside her as she rolls over, straddling your hips as she lands on top.
Haruki starts to purr once again as she tilts her head back with a moan. "Mmmh... Oooh yes... You're so big...!"
She begins to grind her hips into yours, swaying them back and forth. You reach up and grab her hips as she leans down to kiss you.

"I'm going to ride you like a proper mate," She whispers in your ear.
The moment you touch her hips, she yelps and shudders. You slide your hands around her body as she squeals in delight. You begin to knead at her soft breasts as she rocks her hips into yours.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She cries.
You lean up to take one of her nipples into your mouth, and she lets out a long, pleasured sigh. She begins to bounce up and down as you squeeze and suck on her tits.
Her reactions to your attention are incredibly arousing, and Haruki lets out a meowing moan as she feels your erection filling her back out.
Your hands roam all over her soft, slick skin as she rides you. You touch every inch of her that you can reach as she grinds and bounces on you. Her long golden hair is in your face, and you occasionally lick an inch or so of her tits when she leans forward.

"Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes!" She cries out, digging her fingers into your chest.
She leans forward to kiss you, plunging her tongue into your mouth like it's where she belongs.
You feel her pussy clenching around your dick as she rides you into the bed. Her pace slows as her tongue wrestles with yours, and you can feel her body temperature rising.
"I can feel you about to cum," She whispers in your ear, "I need you to fill me up. Please... Please give it to me."
Her desperate plea is more than enough to send you over the edge.
You unleash a fresh wave of seed inside Haruki's womb, the sticky heat invading the senses of her lower body as she continues to bounce and grind.
She's right next to your ear, licking and sucking on it in between panting, moaning, and mewling. "Keep... Keep going! Fill me up with everything you have! Breed me good and hard! Make my belly full with your babies! I need your cum!"
Your thrusts slow and weaken as you empty yourself into her, each spurt sending more and more seed into her depths. She continues to grind against you, moaning as she does.

"That's it... That's it... So good... So big... So thick..." She keeps chanting as she rides you.
You thrust a few more times, but your orgasm is already beginning to fade. You're sensitive and ready to collapse from the exhaustion that's setting in. Haruki's body stops bouncing, but she still keeps you close against her as she finishes her own orgasm.
"Ohh... Oohhh.... Mmmmm...." She moans as she hugs you close.
You embrace her in return, wrapping your arms around her body and holding her close. She continues to grind against you, keeping you inside her for as long as possible.
"More... I want more..." She whispers in your ear.
"I don't know much more I can give you, Haruki..." You say between tired breaths.
"That's fine... I'll do all the work if I have to. I have to have more..." She says with a sensual purr as she licks your ear.
"Oh god, I've done something nasty to your heat, haven't I?" You say with a slight tone of regret.
"You've done nothing wrong. This is all me." She says with a smile.
"I need you... I need you..." She says, her voice now almost a whimper.

"I know, I'm here for you." You say, trying to calm her. Trying to defuse some of Haruki's addict-level lust is your only hope of escaping with your cock intact.
"I need it... I need it..." Her voice fully melting into a desperate whimper as she kisses the side of your neck. She's starting to wiggle her hips again, trying to stir your cock back to life inside of her.
You can tell your window is closing to escape another round, so you try to soothe her some more by gently petting the back of her head and neck.
"I'm here... You're so beautiful." You say in an attempt to calm her.
Your words seem to work, as she closes her eyes and stops grinding against you. She even lets out a contented sigh as she pulls you in close.
"I love you..." She whispers to you.
"I love you too, Haruki." You say, as she nuzzles her head against your chest.
You hold her close for a moment, and then try to think of a way to get out of this situation. You still have some strength left in your arms, but you doubt if you could overpower her. You think about trying to trick her, but she's far too clever for that. You're stuck.

You sigh, resigning yourself to another round of lovemaking with her.
"Come on, let's go again." She says with a smile as she makes sure you're tucked deep inside her.
You don't even say anything, just leaning your face into her shoulder with a small moan as you feel your body stirring again.
"Oh, gooood...." She moans as she wraps her arms around you and begins to grind against you.
You're not sure how many more times you can get it up, but you'll sure as hell try.
"Ohh.... Ohhh.... Nyymmmm...." She moans as she arches her back and begins to rub her breasts against your chest.
You continue to thrust into her as she works herself into a frenzy of lust once again. You're actually starting to enjoy yourself, even if you are tired as hell.
"Ohhh.... Ohhh.... I need it... Harder... I need it harder..." She says, grabbing the sides of your head and kissing you deeply.

You pick up your pace as she continues to beg for more. Her moans grow louder and her pussy begins to feel even tighter.
"Oh! Oh! Oh!" She pants.
She begins to scratch the sides of your head as her eyes glaze over with pleasure. Her body temperature is incredibly high at this point, burning up in the depths of her heat. She's panting and sweating as her entire body quivers, bouncing and squeezing on your dick. All the while she keeps your sides firmly within the grip of her thighs, squeezing them tightly as carnal bliss threatens to overwhelm her.
"Mmh! Haah! G-good! So good! Your cock is so thick! It's stretching me so much! Please don't stop! Give me more!" Haruki moans. Her cries of pleasure mix with purring and mewling as her legs draw you even deeper inside her.
Haruki's fingers curl around your head as she slams her body against yours, the sticky sounds of your flesh slapping together filling your ears alongside her vocalizations of pleasure.
Your hands are a little too restless on her back, slowly creeping up towards her neck and chin. You've noticed she seems to really enjoy chin scratches and rubs, which is something you're about to exploit handily as she nears the edge.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! It's happening! I'm gonna cum!" She cries, her eyes rolling back into her head as she loses herself to the throes of ecstasy.
A sudden flood of wetness washes over your dick as her pussy tightens and loosens repeatedly, sending you over the edge with her. You groan as you shoot rope after rope of cum deep inside her, which causes her to moan louder than ever before.
"Aaaahhh! Ah! Yes! Cum! Cum inside me! Fill my womb more! More! I need it! I need you to pump me full! Ohhh!" Haruki cries, her body convulsing as she rubs her chin against your hand and scratches at your back.
Your dick continues to pump your cum into her as you moan loudly. You can feel it slowly starting to drip out of her as your hips continue to buck.
Just as you're starting to subside, Haruki tweaks some kind of pressure point in your back with her clawing motions, which causes you to erupt all over again.
"Yes! Good! More! Feed my womb with more of your sticky hot cum! Oh! So good! So good!" Haruki cries, shuddering even more powerfully as her fingers curl into your back.

You continue to thrust up into her as she rides out her own orgasm, milking you for everything you've got. Your dick starts to hurt from overuse, but she shows no signs of stopping.
"Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Push my womb to the limit! Make it bulge! Make it swell! Fill me with your babies! I want your kittens! I want your litter!" Haruki cries.
You groan as you continue to thrust, your dick swelling up inside her even more. It's so swollen that it almost hurts now.
"Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh! Oh! Breed me more! Do it for your mate! Cum! Cum! Give me your babies!" Haruki cries.
You groan as you feel the pressure in your dick release, sending another flood of cum into her. You can feel your balls draining themselves completely as she continues to moan.
"Oh! Yes! More! More! I can feel them! I can feel your little lives inside me! Ohhh! More! Keep going!" Haruki cries.
You continue to thrust, even though you're growing sore. Eventually, you collapse into the embrace of her legs, unable to continue. You pant as you feel Haruki's hands slowly rubbing your chest and shoulders.

"Oh! You were amazing! I can't believe you kept going for so long! You really are a stud! I'll definitely have to keep you around!" Haruki says.
You smile weakly and nod as you try to catch your breath.
"I'll...need a break for a few minutes though..." You say.
"Of course! You've been working very hard! But don't worry, I'll be here for you when you're ready to go again. I'm sure you'll be able to satisfy me a few more times before we have to see customers today." Haruki says.
You nod and take a deep breath, relaxing in her embrace.
Haruki presses her forehead against yours, running her hands through your hair as she purrs deeply. You feel your muscles relaxing even further as you sink into the comfort of her embrace. Her legs gently squeeze your hips again, causing you to sharply inhale as you feel your dick twitch inside Haruki.
"Oh? Did you think we were done?" Haruki asks.
Her hands slide off of your head and down to your shoulders, before slipping beneath your arms and onto your back. Her nails gently scratch at your back, sending shivers up your spine.
"I want you to relax, and just focus on how good it feels to be inside of me. I want you to enjoy it... Just as much as I am..." Haruki says.

You try to say something, but before you can she presses her lips against yours, aggressively forcing her tongue into your mouth. You're a little surprised at first, but soon you find yourself kissing her back as she continues to kiss you deeply.
She wraps her legs around your waist, forcing you into her as she moans deeply. You moan as well, the pleasure increasing substantially.
"See? This isn't so bad, is it?" She asks.
You try to think of an answer, but before you can she starts kissing you again. All you can do is focus on the pleasure you're feeling and the increasing need for air.
"Just focus on my voice. Focus on how my pussy feels wrapped around you. Forget about everything else."
You do exactly that as you focus on her words and her body. The catgirl's voice is like an angel's as she whispers into your ears, telling you everything you want to hear.
The pleasure increases more and more with every moment, and before long you're practically tongue-fucking Haruki's mouth as she tells you how much of a stud you are.

"Oh yes, that's it. You're a natural. Just keep focusing on how good this feels. Nothing else matters right now."
You feel your body tensing up as you get closer and closer to the edge. Haruki's pussy is gripping you so tightly that it almost feels like she's trying to milk you. Her nails dig into your back as she holds you in place to take your load.
"Just let go. Release yourself into my body, again and again. Over and over. I need your cum inside of me... I want it... I need it..."
You feel like you're about to explode as she holds you in place with her legs, and you're forced to thrust into her with no break in rhythm. You're a puppet at this point, with Haruki holding the strings as she forces you to fuck her harder and faster with every passing second.
"Cum! Cum for me! Right now!"
You explode into her, as she has her own orgasm, her pussy tightening so much around your member that it's almost painful. You continue to thrust into her as she moans in ecstasy, milking you for every last drop.
"More...! More! That's perfect! Flood my insides with your baby batter! I need it! I need all of it! Flood me! Flood me!"

You continue thrusting into her as even more thick ropes of cum splatter against Haruki's depths. Something about the way she's pushing you into her, the way she's pressing against the muscles in your back, it's like your climax is never going to end.
"Yes! That's it! Give it all to me! I want it all! I need you to breed me with everything you have! I need your children! Give them to me!"
Haruki's words are like a switch. Suddenly, you're thrusting into her even faster and more forceful than before. You're giving everything you have. You feel like your balls are going to turn blue, but the catgirl's moans and squeals are so loud that nobody would be able to hear you if you were to shout for help.
"I'm... Almost there! Don't... stop! C-cumming! Oh fuck! Pound me harder! Push every drop of your sticky stuff into my belly! I'm almost there! Almost there!"
Haruki's pussy clenches down on your cock so hard that it feels like it's going to snap off. You groan as you feel your muscles give out, and you collapse onto the bed, with Haruki on top of you. Your member twitches inside of her as your cum continues to pour into her depths.

"Yes! Yes! Give everything to me! I need it all! I can feel the heat! The thickness! It's sloshing so deep inside of me! I can feel every ounce of your liquid love! Of our litter!"
You can barely breathe, but the sound of Haruki's voice is enough to tell you that she's in heaven. You feel your vision fading, as your body goes limp.
"I need... More!" Haruki says, before biting down on your shoulder.
You let out a pained yelp, before you feel your dick twitch inside of her.
"Yes! Again! Shoot it inside me! Flood me with your strength! I need to carry your children! Our future! Give me our young! Give them to me!"
You feel like you're going to pass out, but somehow, you manage to keep thrusting into her. You can feel your dick beginning to soften, but Haruki's moans are enough to keep you going.
"Yes! That's it! I can feel your cum filling me up! It's so warm! So full of life! I'm going to cum again! I need to cuuum!"

Haruki begins to claw at your chest as she lets out a final moan, before exploding with her own orgasm again. She screams out in pleasure once more, begging for you to fill her with your semen. In the throes of her orgasm she starts clawing at your sides, pinching a brand new series of ripe pressure points as her hips slam into your even harder and faster.
"I can feel your cum! It's so thick! So hot! I'm going to cum again! I can feel your children! My womb is sloshing with your strength! Your babies are filling me up! They're growing with our love! Give me more! More of your love!"
Haruki's eyes roll back into her head as she begins to shudder, digging her fingers into you as tightly as possible.
"I'm... I'm... Yes! C-cumming! Again! Aaaah! There's so much! It's spilling out! Pump me with it! Break me with it! I want the hottest, freshest, thickest cum you can make! Oh, my babies are going to be strong! I can feel them! We're making life! We're brewing a litter! Yes! Yes!"
You can barely even move as you begin to go numb. You can feel your dick slowly beginning to soften, but the feeling of Haruki's pussy squeezing it is enough to keep it hard.

You let out another pained groan as you feel her keeping you stiff in her grip.
"Yes, my darling. We'll have so many children together. Lots and lots of little fluffy kittens. They'll have your eyes... and my fur... Oh! It will be so good!"
You begin to feel lightheaded as you struggle to focus on anything but your dick being gripped by her pussy.
"My womb is yours. You can pump it as much as you want. I want to have your babies, over and over again. I want to be big and full with your seed. I want to bring you children by the dozen. I want them to fill my womb and stretch my belly. Give me your children, darling! Flood me! Flood me! Pump me until you're dry!"
You begin to feel dizzy as you struggle to maintain consciousness.
"I need it! I need your young! I want you filling me up! Give it to me! Give it all to me!"
You begin to feel a tingling in your groin as you groan, feeling your dick beginning to throb.

"I can feel it! I can feel it pumping! It's so hot! Keep going! Breed me until I'm thick and full!"
You grit your teeth as you begin to roar, your dick beginning to throb.
"Yes! Yes! More! More! Give me all of your babies!"
You let out a final yell as your dick begins to burst forth again.
"Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck yes! It's happening! I'm being pumped full of your babies! Get it all out! Get it all out! Feed my greedy belly!"
Haruki grips you tightly as you moan, pumping her as she begins to moan.
Your orgasm barely lasts, as your dick starts to push out nothing at all. Haruki has quite literally drained you. There's nothing left to give. Not that she can tell. You've given her enough cum that it's spilling out of her with each thrust.
"That's it! Spill it all! Flood me to the limit!"
You moan as you go flaccid, your dick being squeezed out of her. You groan as you feel your dick beginning to get sore. Haruki finally lets you go, rolling off to the side as she runs one hand along her stomach, and the other along her pussy.

"Oh... There's so much... It's spilling out of me... I have to keep it inside. So full... So thick..." She pants in a daze of satisfied lust as she rubs her belly in lazy circles.
"How was it?" You ask, unsure of what to do.
"How was it? It was fucking amazing! That was the best I've ever had! You're amazing!" She exclaims, grabbing a hold of you and giving you a kiss.
"Amazing and almost dead." You groan. "I think you broke my dick. It was dry heaving at the end there."
Haruki giggles.
"Oh, sorry about that. I got a little too into it. That's what you get for being so hot."
Haruki kisses you again, and you're beginning to wonder if she's going to try to convince you to stay again. Instead, she sighs contentedly as she gets off the bed.
"I have to clean up before work starts. Mmmh... I'm so glad I stopped by today." She says.
You simply let out a pained groan in response.
"I'm not..." You mutter under your breath.
"See you again soon!" Haruki says with a giggle as she steals a bathrobe and disappears out the door.

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