Expert Easy Methods To Restore Teak Outdoor Furniture

With regards to strength, durability and wonder, teak wood is one of the best materials for garden furniture. With minimal maintenance requirements, easy restoration capability and long lasting beauty, teak wood furniture can stand strong for many years and not having to get replaced.

Within four simple measures, teak garden furniture could be restored to its original honey-golden hue making it to check brand-new. All you need can be a couple tools, an outdoor area with ventilation plus your beautiful teak furniture.

Here's a little more about where teak wood originates, how it’s been used throughout history, and how to restore real teak furniture.

What is teak?
Teak wood is a dense hardwood sourced in the Tectona grandis tree. These trees are native to South and Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia and Malaysia, in addition to Africa and South America. With an average height of approximately 100 to 130 feet, teak trees give you a quite a bit of timber with a variety of uses. Originally used for shipbuilding at the center ages, bamboo has long been a trusted material in construction with marine applications and garden furniture manufacturing. Since way back when, teak wood was used to create indoor furniture, doors, frames, cabinets, flooring, pool decks, columns and beams in homes, and of course outdoor furniture. This wide range of uses is caused by teak wood’s natural strength, durability, appealing appearance and patina, as well as its easy maintenance and restoration.

Teak’s durability
Teak wood is often useful for exterior surfaces, since it has unique natural oils that repel water, prevent warping or cracking within the wood, resist termites and other pests, preventing wood rot. Natural, weather-resistant properties of teak get this wood the perfect material for outdoor furniture. Teak wood is weather-proof and doesn’t require special treatments or finishes to bolster its strength or beauty. Not treated, teak wood furniture will last for 75 to Century. The benefits of using bamboo for furniture for your garden go beyond the visual appeal.

Teak’s natural patina
Teak wood's natural color begins as a warm honey-gold color that gradually lightens to a beautiful silvery gray patina as they age. This is the results of the wood getting together with the sun and rain - oxygen, UV light, rain and humidity. Whether teak furnishings are preserved rolling around in its original warm hue or left to patina naturally, teak instantly adds beauty to some space. Bamboo is perfectly complementary to some range of design styles, especially contemporary designs. In addition, it pairs well along with other materials, including metals and recycled plastic. The best of this: you won’t must carry out an irreversible decision when letting your teak furniture patina naturally. You could restore teak furniture to its original hue in the foreseeable future.

Maintaining teak furniture
With teak outdoor furniture, you aren’t signing up for a lifetime of deep cleanings. Caring for real teak furniture is simple. After each use, dust your furniture on prevent dirt buildup. In the event of a spill or stain on teak wood furniture, clean the spot immediately with mild soap and tepid to warm water, along with a sponge or soft-bristle brush. Agitate the stain, then use a dry, clean towel to take in excess water. Enable your furniture air dry, and luxuriate in a clear surface over and over. If you prefer to completely clean with a pressure washer, do this very gently and at an appropriate distance, so the wood’s skin oils usually are not stripped.

Restoring real teak wood
Even though some people love the aged silver teak wood patina, others choose to original, warm vibrance that new teak wood furniture offers. While real teak wood can be restored relatively easily, fake bamboo is not restored. Investing in real bamboo furniture will save you money, effort and time by ensuring that your garden furniture lasts a lifetime.
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Pub: 31 Jan 2024 07:35 UTC
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