8 Ways Recess Helps Students Learn, Helping Them Develop Good Habits and Get Better Grades
What is recess and how does it help students?
A recent study found that children who are given more recess time in school have a higher chance of succeeding in life. This is because recess gives children the opportunity to exercise and play, which helps them develop better motor skills and social skills.
Recess also allows students to get away from the classroom, which can help them learn better by giving them a break from the monotony of the classroom.
8 Ways Recess Helps Students Learn
Recess is a time when students can learn more efficiently. It is the perfect time for students to explore their interests and learn about new things.

  1. The environment encourages creativity
  2. The social aspect of recess allows students to share ideas and work together
  3. It encourages physical activity
  4. It helps with concentration and focus
  5. It helps with memory retention
  6. It builds confidence in kids
    Are Kids Really Out of School Too Much?
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