I shared it with another nurse but that girl was not here today because it was her off day. Amber had come into my office complaining about being sick. I had examined her and found no reason for her to even be there. I shook my head as I spoke to her about this, "You seem perfectly fine to me. I can't seem to find anything wrong. Are you ok? Is there something else you wanted from me?" I wondered if she was trying to skip class? It wouldn't have been the first time that a student had tried to get me to write them a note and send them home.

Amber was a gorgeous eighteen year old student at the school and was pretty popular too. I had to admit that I loved the way she looked. If I had my way and was able to get my wish; then all the girls would be wearing their birthday suits to school. I would call that progress for sure. Amber had straight blonde hair and blue eyes with a bit of black eye liner around the edges. She also possessed a body that would make any woman jealous. She was wearing her usual school uniform which consisted of skirts and a variety of different tops. She was one of the girls that often were wearing a skimpier skirt than anyone else and the one she had on now was no exception. It was a bit frilly at the bottom and rode high above her knees. The shirt she wore was navy blue without any pattern but it was a tight fit for her eye popping form. It pushes her breasts up and gave off an magnificent view of her twin peaks. Her legs, which were crossed at the moment, were smooth and soft looking. I just wanted to run my hands over her skin and get a taste of her delicious figure.

"I really wasn't feeling well, Miss Paylan." Amber told me as she put one hand up against her forehead as if she was going to faint.

I had to almost giggle at that. Her show of weakness almost made me believe her but I knew better. I put my hand against her forehead and smiled as I answered, "Well, you do seem to be running a little hot; maybe you should take off some of those clothes?"

This caught her totally by surprise. Most nurses would offer to douse you with a little water on a face cloth but my statement had caught her off guard. I was pleased to see that she had blushed on account of my efforts to seduce her using words. I leaned forward and brushed my hand through her soft, blonde hair. My white, snap-button up shirt was inches from her nose. I could even gently feel the brush of her nose against the cleavage left by the open area of my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra and so my nipples were hardened like someone had poured cold water on me.

"Come on now sweetie, I know the real reason for why you came here. I can take care of you. I will make you feel all better. I saw the way you were looking at me and so I know you want me." I told her and sank to my knees in front of her as she sat in the chair by my desk.

A faint red blush still remained on her face and she had now put her hand over her mouth as she saw me in front of her. I took that to mean that she was ready. I leaned forward and planted my lips on the hollow of her neck between her shoulder blades where it dips inward. I slowly licked my way up her chin to her lips and kissed her warm, wet lips. I saw that she had closed her eyes because of this. I withdrew my mouth from against her skin and laid my hand on her neck instead. I lightly caressed my hand down her arm to the bottom of her shirt. I had one hand on her knee, while the other slipped somewhat under Amber's shirt and I leaned in to kiss her much deeper than before.

Amber was growing excited by the looks of it and that resulted in her moaning right into my mouth while we kissed. We locked our tongues together and let them dance before I broke the kiss. Amber dropped her eyes as I now had both my hands on the bottom of her shirt and quickly pulled it over her head; smoothing out her hair as the shirt came off. I set the shirt on the chair beside the desk and returned to kiss her once more on those attractive lips of hers. I had my hand on her cheek and the lower half of my body was straddling Amber's body and I simply loved the way my body was grinding against hers. She was so warm that it was amazing to feel the heat coming off her body as if it were begging to be touched.

Amber made no move to gain an upper hand on me as I did all of this. It seemed that she was more than willing to be the submissive one for the time being. I turned away from her while I continued to sit in her lap and cleared the desk off beside us. I swept most of it onto the floor and didn't care that it made a mess. I would clean it up later on when I was finished with Amber. I tugged her up out of the chair and spread her out on top of the desk. My hands were longing to touch her sexy teenage body and pressed against the area running in between both her breasts. She was wearing nothing more than a pink bra and her skirt now with her shirt off. I stopped to trace my fingers up and all over her swelling breasts.

She stared up at me, shivering and purring with that same blush from earlier. I turned back to face her and let my hand moved underneath her skirt and inch along to her cotton panties. I enjoyed the feeling and texture of her underwear and rubbed on them more and more as I got the reaction from her which I wanted. I could see that she was also biting her lip and so I climbed on top of her. I put one of my legs on either side of her. I lowered my lips and slipped my tongue into her mouth. I locked my tongue with hers and bit softly at her lips. Next, I moved my lips towards the right and down her cheek to her neck again. I continued until I was able to bury my lips against her breasts.

"This will not do. This needs to come off your nicely fuckable body." I told her and removed her bra which now left her sweet, perky breasts freely to be used by my hands. I wrapped my hands around them and fondled those lovely parts of her body. Her nipples hardened against the flicks f my tongue and she moaned more as she stared at me. I worked down to her skirt and unfastened the button holding it in place. I then pulled the strap back to remove the skirt and laid it on the chair with her shirt. I turned back to her and leaned down as I brushed my hair aside and began to kiss her stomach. I didn't end there but continued down to the edge of her panties. I had moved my hands up over her breasts and neck as my tongue slipped southward; therefore, the pressure from my tongue on her panties drove her to cry out with more pleasure. I drove my tongue forward and licked her from the bottom of her panties to the top. My lips and tongue were directly settled on her wet, warm and nicely sweet-smelling pussy. She smelt amazing and was soaking wet but only began to flow more under the pressure from my mouth.

"Oh, that feels so good. I wanna lick and have some too." She cried out as her arms outstretched above her and she pushed against the wall. I giggled softly at the expression upon her face which reminded me of a little girl wanting a new toy. Amber finally showed some effort to take charge and flipped me over onto my back. She presses her body down more onto mine and grinds hard against my hips. I moaned and shut my eyes and ran my hands over her sides to her ass. I waited to see what she would do next?

Amber was a kinky girl and she knew all about the stories of what went on in the nurses' office. Plenty of students had privately discussed the routine visits of students receiving happy endings and so she had come fully prepared to receive the same. She reached down over me and snatched up her bag from off the floor. She opened it and takes out a bottle of whip cream. To most people this was an odd item to have in a teenager's school bag but Amber had planned this out and knew my personal reputation and how I had already been with several other girls at the school. Amber turned to me with a smile as she spoke to me again, "I have always wanted to try this to someone."

She then reaches down to grasp my shirt. There was a ripping noise as she tears my shirt wide open and sent buttons flying everywhere. I was as horny as hell and my nipples remained hardened which she found the time to play with them; despite her efforts to open the can of whip cream. I was deeply surprised by how the girl had changed from a sweet angel to the kinky and naughty schoolgirl that I would never have thought she would be.

She back at me as I watched her and moved her hands further down my body. She continued by roughly snatched my skirt down and practically ripped it off me in the process. I arched my back and nuzzled against her as she kisses my stomach and breasts. She then proceeded to tearing off my panties and left a red outline over the area they had been a moment before that. This caused me to gasp in surprise and cover myself almost as if I was embarrassed for her to see me; although, I really didn't mind. She raised the can of whip cream and shook it before spraying it onto my neck, my 44DD breasts, stomach and finally down in between my legs. She started at my neck; gently biting and licking off the whip cream before her kisses became much harder against my skin. I continued to gasp, moan and cry out as her lips move across my body and filled me with such an enjoyable feeling that I was speechless. I shook with pleasure as her tongue caressed my nipples and she pulled on them while sucking eagerly upon my breasts. I was in an ecstasy state of mind as her mouth continued to move further down my body and she cleaned off all the whip cream thoroughly on her way down there. She ended by burying her tongue, lips and mouth on my sopping wet pussy. It wasn't just all whip cream in the end; indeed, it was mixed with the cum created by the breath taking sexual experience she had just given to me.

It was my turn to finish her off and I let my fingers go to work on her. They moved forward, rubbing along the length of Amber's pussy and got her even more aroused. I pulled off her panties and told her about how she was not getting them back. I wanted to keep them in order to keep the smell of her anytime I wanted a reminder of how sexy she was on that desk. I began to use my fingers on her pussy. I started on the inside of her thighs and brushed two of my fingers and thumb over her wet pussy. I let my fingers slide in and work her up more. I waited until I felt it was now or never and shoved my fingers into her. I began to fuck her with my fingers and she tightened around them. She moved her body with the rhythm of my fingers and as I brought them down into, she pushed herself up to meet the feeling. Soon she had enough and was done with a gushing flow that shook her body till it dwindled down to a trickle.

She soon got dressed and returned to class fully feeling better. I went back to working as a Nurse as happy as I ever could be.

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