A New Approach.

When Sam woke up the next morning, his head spun like crazy. He got out of bed and ran straight to the bathroom and buried his head in the toilet bowl. It was fortunate that if nothing else, Sam kept the toilet clean. After purging his stomach of the hell that churned his insides, Sam stood up to brush his teeth. He hated vomiting, but the aftertaste that remained in his mouth and lingered in his throat was worse.

"Ahri?" He asked when he saw the woman in the reflection. Then it clicked that he couldn't see himself in the mirror. Sam stared at Ahri's reflection for nearly two whole minutes while trying to make sense of what he saw. "Ahri," he repeated. Then Sam realised that Ahri's voice spoke when he did. The man brought his hands to his face and began to feel around.

"What the hell is..." Sam's heart raced once he began to process what was going on. He looked down at the two massive mounds protruding from his chest. He lifted them from beneath with his fingers and watched them bounce back into place. Then, Sam began to caress the nipples through his top with his palms and fingertips. "This isn't real," he said with a disbelieving chuckle.

Sam remembered the unpleasant taste of bile in his mouth and began brushing his teeth. Or rather, Ahri's teeth. He quickly spat the toothpaste into the sink and rinsed Ahri's mouth, then peeked out of the bathroom to see his own body lying in bed. "Ahri?" He called out. "Ahri!" He called again when his body didn't respond. He presumed the two of them switched bodies somehow. Sam's body scratched its chest and snored for a while before returning to a quiet snooze.

Sam felt Ahri's body urge him to take care of a pressing matter. He shut the bathroom door and sat on the toilet seat. "It should work the same," he whispered. It felt awkward feeling urine coming out of something that shouldn't have been there. Once Sam emptied Ahri's bladder, he became curious about other things. After cleaning himself, he explored the lips between his legs. Sam became excited at the notion of delving into an entirely new world, and his heart raced as the soft lips of Ahri's pussy parted for his fingers. He pulled his fingers back a bit until his middle finger caressed a bump. "Oh," he sighed. "That's nice..." Sam continued to pleasure himself until a knock sounded at the door.

"U-uh, yes?" He asked, pulling his fingers away.

"I need the toilet!"

It's bizarre hearing myself talk... "Right!" Sam said. He got up and flushed, sniffed his fingers, then washed his hands. When he opened the door, he saw his body look at him; then the two passed each other.

"Hey uh, how do I...?" Ahri called out from Sam's body.

Sam, in Ahri's body, called out from the door: "How do you what?"

"Nevermind!" Ahri said. Then, Sam heard himself urinating.

"My God, that's so loud, can you hear that?" Ahri asked.

Sam chuckled, "Yeah."


Sam realised Ahri was probably going to explore his body just as he did hers. Is she in there right now touching me? The idea excited him, but there was another matter to handle. Sam's stomach grumbled. He walked to the kitchen and whisked some eggs into a bowl. Soon, the smell of scrambling eggs filled the apartment.

The bathroom door opened and Sam said "Good morning," without turning to face himself.

"Morning," Ahri replied.

"So... we've got a lot to talk about, Ahri. You can't just use your magic on me like -- " When Sam turned to pour the eggs onto the plates on the table, he saw something that stunned him.

"This thing is so annoying...!" Ahri said as she jerked herself off. Sam saw the frustration in his body's face.

"W-what are you doing, Ahri?! Don't do that in the kitchen!"

"I know! But it won't go down!" Ahri said, her voice rising in embarrassment.

It was so strange to Sam to hear his voice sound like it was going to break -- was Ahri about to cry? "It-it's okay, Ahri! Just sit down. I'll take care of it for you."

"What do you mean?" Ahri said, still holding her cock.

Yeah, what the hell do I mean by that?

Ahri sat down and waited for Sam -- her cock still throbbing with need. "W-well...?"

Sam blushed, "Alright, umm... Just eat your breakfast." He said. He felt his pussy quiver in excitement at the thought of what he was about to do. He got on his hands and knees and crawled under the round table. He had wondered before what it would be like to suck himself off, and would never admit to trying it on more than one occasion. But he could never reach - he managed one lick, but that was as far as he could go. Now he was staring at his crotch from Ahri's eyes, and he felt himself swell with pride as he noticed how big his dick was.

"What are you going to do?" Ahri asked with a sly tone in her voice. She knew.

Sam heard her eating the eggs. He was too excited to reply, so instead, he began licking the cock. Sam couldn't help but recall last night, how he rejected Ahri's advances... Yet now he was about to...

Ahri's fork clinked against the plate as she continued to eat, a small smile growing on her lips as she felt the warmth beneath the table. The fox spirit coughed slightly, causing a few chewed up eggs to spray back onto the plate. She couldn't help but push her hips forward to allow her new cock to rub and tease itself against the exploring muscle. God. That feels amazing. "Y-yeah, like that..." Ahri goaded softly, seeming to forget about the food Sam cooked. She shook herself out of the cloud of pleasure. Come on, focus! Sam asked you to eat, so do your best!

Sam's mouth slowly moved down along the shaft. He could feel saliva on his cheek and nose from when Ahri thrust upward. The excitement the man felt from pleasuring Ahri in his own body was causing the lips between his legs to leak a pleasant-feeling, warm fluid that quickly soaked the pink and red panties Ahri wore. He felt Ahri's cock twitch from each kiss -- the meat was so hot and thick, and he thought it felt fantastic against his lips and cheeks. Eventually, he made it down to the balls. He had no idea how to describe the act of giving his own body a blowjob, but that didn't stop him from taking his body's testicles into his mouth. He suckled them softly while the cock lay over his face.

Ahri's breathing became erratic as she felt each gentle kiss and lick against her cock. It was such a divine sensation, the way Sam used her own body's lips to pleasure her. The fox spirit couldn't think of anything, at that moment, that could compare with what she felt now. Ahri dropped her silverware again before pushing her body forward once more. She needed to explore more of Sam's -- er -- her mouth on those new balls of hers. Ahri tilted her head back as she gripped the sides of her chair. The body she inhabited slowly breathed in and out as a dribble of precum leaked from her cock.

Sam felt the precum nestle in his hair, then trickle down his forehead and it kept going. Sam eagerly licked up the precum as it reached his philtrum. Is she enjoying it that much? Ahri seems like she's going crazy up there! Oh man, this is so hot! Oh my god, I can taste my precum! How bizarre! I want more! The taste of his own cock's precum mixing with the taste of his balls made the newly acquired pussy between his legs quiver with excitement.

The sound of cutlery hitting ceramic reminded Sam that he had eggs waiting for him in the frying pan, but a more exciting thought crossed his mind as he pulled his mouth from Ahri's balls. He kissed Ahri's balls, then slowly licked his way back up along the dick. "When is my breakfast coming?" He asked, but immediately felt embarrassed. I can't believe I just said that! He wrapped his lips around the tip of Ahri's cock and massaged the crown with soft, sensual circles using his tongue. More precum oozed out, but he swallowed it directly from the source.

Ahri's cock twitched inside Sam's mouth. She loved the warmth, the wetness. The way Sam used that tongue to worship dick was blowing her mind. Ahri released her grip on the chair and reached under the table, gently taking a hold on the head between her legs. "Stop teasing me already!" She ordered and began pulling Sam deeper into her groin.

Sam's heart raced as he felt more of his cock slide into his mouth. It occurred to him then, how strange it must be for the fox deity as well. She was receiving a blowjob in a man's body from herself! It's obvious she's enjoying herself, though! She's making me deepthroat it!

The warm, thick length dragged forward and slowly stained Sam's mouth with more of the slick precum. Ahri shivered happily as her patience reached its end. She couldn't handle it anymore; she needed to go deeper! Suddenly, she slammed Sam down deeper between her legs. She felt her cock become constricted in Sam's tight throat, "Hnnnf!", she groaned, "I'll give you your breakfast soon!" Ahri couldn't help but giggle at the idea of sperm being Sam's breakfast, but good GOD that idea was incredibly hot right now.

"Ghhhrrgghk!" Sam gagged loudly but still kept his tongue busy. It continued to rub up and down along the cock that was now choking him. "Ggghhhrrrh", he gagged again and again. Each time he gagged, Sam felt thick rivulets of mucus and spit run from his mouth down Ahri's shaft. The sensation of the meaty crown pulsating inside his throat drove Sam crazy with lust. He would never have guessed choking on his cock would excite him so much. A thought popped up in Sam's mind then: I don't think Ahri has ever sucked a dick... Her gag reflex seems so fresh. Sam had never sucked a dick either, but he guessed right. Despite living for three centuries -- and having a flirtatious personality, Ahri was a virgin.

"That feels so good!" Ahri moaned, becoming addicted to the feeling of having Sam gag and choke on her dick. When Ari felt Sam rest his hands on her knees, she shuffled forward slightly and pulled him harder into her crotch. When she could feel his cheeks firmly squished between her thighs, she thrust lightly in an attempt to get her cock even deeper inside her own body's throat.

Another round of drool and throaty-mucus popped from Sam's mouth and spilled down the shaft like a thick cascading slime.

Ahri bit her lip as the warm throaty mix bathed her balls before pooling on the chair, and spilling over the edge to splat on the floor. She held Sam down for a moment longer as she enjoyed the feeling of a virgin throat squeezing and struggling to be her dick's home. It was all so alien to her, and she found that she couldn't get enough of it! Ahri pulsed in Sam's throat again, which triggered her to drag his head back up the messy cock slowly. Her mouth hung agape as she saw the thick slop stretch from her nuts, connected to Sam's mouth until it finally snapped. Her nuts shimmered, and she closely observed Sam's expression. She loved how red his eyes were, and what a mess he was. She wondered if he was uncomfortable or in pain. She didn't want to hurt him or anything like that, but the idea that he was struggling so much to please her excited Ahri beyond belief.

Occasionally, Sam squeezed Ahri's knees. His poor breath control combined with the fact he had never sucked dick before lead to a frightening and painful experience now that he was balls deep blowing Ahri. Despite that fear, he didn't want it to stop! The pussy between his legs continued to quiver in pleasure and anticipation as Ahri held him down. When he felt the cock sliding out of his throat, a sensation of hope and relief overcame him. He immediately took a breath, and was glad that he did, because the reprieve Ahri allowed him didn't last long.

"G-give me a sign if you want me to stop..." Ahri whispered hoarsely.

Sam could tell as he looked up at her through teary eyes that she did not want him to give her a sign to stop.

With no visible sign, Ahri instead said: "Give me a sign if you want me to go harder..." Her heart raced in anticipation, and it was obvious how badly she wanted Sam to tell her to be rougher. The thumbs up she received made her bite her lip. Ahri tightened the grip on Sam's head and began working him back and forth with slow tugs, pushing Sam all the way down to the base. She sheathed her cock inside his throat again, before tugging herself out once more, albeit only halfway. She listened as Sam struggled to breathe through mucus-covered nostrils. She knew her cock was teetering on the entrance to his throat, and she couldn't get enough of it. It was all lust-driven experimentation.

Sam felt the cock slide back into his throat again and again. Thick rivulets of drool hung from his chin as Ahri repeatedly thrust into his throat. He could feel the warm drool drenching his top, clinging to Ahri's large, round breasts through the material of her white clothing.

Ahri slowly sped up as she felt a deep pressure and need within her cock. She had never felt anything quite like it before! It was a growing feeling, and as it grew, her pace did as well. She jerked Sam's mouth on her cock with increasing speed.

It feels like she's using my throat like a fleshlight! Why am I so turned on?! Sam's thoughts were all over the place, but they all had a theme in common: How much he enjoyed being used to get Ahri off. "Gghhhrrk gghhlurgh gglllrrghk, gghhhrruuuggh, gluurgk, gllurghk, ggluurghk!" Sam loved the sounds that were coming from his throat.

Ahri became more intense as she used Sam's mouth to pleasure herself. The growing sensation of pleasure felt like it was about to reach its peak, and Ahri knew something was about to explode. She fucked Sam's mouth and throat with reckless abandon as the feeling grew stronger. "A-aaagh, how do you... nnnfff, deal with this so often?" Ahri moaned in his voice. Her toes curled a bit as the feeling continued to build up. Her balls smacked against Sam's chin over and over as it became clear that she was ready. Ahri's fingers struggled for a moment before gripping Sam's head with an iron grip! Sam's head was almost a blur as he was firmly and wetly facefucked. Ahri loved how slutty and abused the face was that stared back up at her. The fact that it was her own just excited her even more. "Aaaahhhnn, c-cumming! Uhhh, something's cumming!" She stammered as her steady, rapid motions became jerky and less frequent.

Sam felt thick ropes of cum splatter in the back of his throat, which were forced down like muck in a drain as Ahri continued slamming her cock in his throat. When Sam swallowed a load of jizz, another load replaced it immediately. That kept happening until Ahri's vigour died down, and she released the tight grip she had on his head.

Ahri slumped in the wooden chair, panting as if she'd just ran a marathon. "That was..." She huffed, closing her eyes. "Wow..."

Sam rested his right cheek against Ahri's inner left thigh, panting even harder than Ahri. "Y-yeah..." He croaked, his throat felt too sore to speak correctly. "Huh...?" Sam couldn't believe what he was seeing. Dripping with saliva, mucus, and covered in cum, Ahri's cock twitched and pulsed. It showed no sign of going soft any time soon. "No way..."

"It's still..." Ahri trailed off in disbelief as she looked down at Sam, half of whose face was obscured by her dick. "How many times do I have to... you know...?"

Sam crawled out from under the table and lost his balance as he tried to stand up. He felt light-headed. Sam ignored the now-cold scrambled eggs in the frying pan and approached the sink. He filled a glass with water and drank it down. The cold water soothed his aching throat. "Go and sit on my bed. I'll do something else you might like."

Ahri stood up, but when she saw Sam fill his hands with water, she stopped him. "Wait!"

Sam looked back at Ahri.

"Don't wash it off just yet..." Ahri said, smiling smugly. "I love how messy your face looks."

Sam felt his cheeks burn bright red. "Okay," he said.

In The Bedroom.

Ahri sat down on Sam's bed. She flexed her cock, amused by how it seemingly moved on its own when she focused feeling on her groin. She felt so good before as she came down Sam's throat. Excitement grew, and Ahri became impatient with Sam, who was in the adjoining bathroom. "Hurry, Sam!"

"Sorry coming!" Sam called out. As promised, he didn't wash his face. The man stared at the reflection for a while longer, admiring how messy Ahri had made him. It was Ahri's face staring back at him, but he still felt like a slut. It was so fucking hot! Saliva and throaty goop drenched Ahri's huge breasts. Sam became more aroused as he squeezed Ahri's breasts and felt the slimy fluid cling to his fingers and her tits. Dark makeup stained Ahri's cheeks, and there was a lingering discomfort in his throat. Sam opened the cupboard under the bathroom sink and retrieved a bottle of lubrication.

The door opened, and Ahri waited for Sam, who got down on his knees in front of her. Just seeing him on his knees was enough to make Ahri's cock twitch in anticipation. "What's that?" Ahri asked, looking at the bottle.

"You'll see," Sam said.

"What's it like sucking your own dick?" Ahri asked.

Sam looked for a sign that Ahri was teasing him, but he couldn't see any such expression. "I can't describe it." He said, shuffling closer to her. "I know it's hot as hell, though..." They both chuckled. "What's it like getting blown by your mouth?"

"Surreal... but it's so sexy, especially seeing how desperate you are to please me." Ahri smirked.

This time, Sam could see the playful expression on Ahri's face. They both chuckled.

"Alright, so come on already! Do the thing you were gonna do." Ahri demanded.

"Okay, okay!" Sam gripped the collar of the shirt Ahri's body wore and pulled it off. Then, he reached behind and attempted to unclip the purple bra, but struggled.

Ahri rolled her eyes, "Turn around; let me do it."

Sam did as he was told and turned his back to Ahri. "Thanks", he said, as he felt the bra loosen. "Ah, it feels with them free..."

"Right?" Ahri asked. "Well, come on! Take care of this already!" Ahri ordered.

Sam noted the giggle in her voice, but he also clocked impatience in her tone. He understood the frustration of having a hard-on that wouldn't subside. Sam would probably laugh at her dilemma if not for his arousal and desire to relieve her. He popped the lid off the bottle and began squirting its contents on his breasts.

Ahri swallowed, "I didn't know my chest could look so inviting..."

Sam smiled and lathered the lubricant around his tits. He drenched them, and they shimmered majestically under the light from the ceiling. Sam admired his breasts and for a moment, felt jealous and wished to be back in his own body. But, when he saw the glint of excitement in Ahri's eyes, he was happy.

Ahri moaned and relaxed onto her back as she felt Sam envelop her cock with his breasts. She looked down to see only the crown of her cock peeking through the two shining mountains. She throbbed as Sam squeezed his breasts together as if trying to make the cock disappear.

Ahri had no idea breasts could make her feel so good. Those breasts were like a godsend, and Ahri was happy she mimicked the appearance of such a sexualised character. Sam seemed unaware that his tail was free. Ahri's cock took all his focus. Ahri watched as the tail flicked back and forth, and eventually, she reached forward and caught it.

"Hey!" Sam exclaimed, a confused and embarrassed expression crossing his visage. "W-what are you doing?"

"Why are you acting so surprised? You know how sensitive my tail is." Ahri said, as she slowly caressed the tip of the fluffy, purple and black tail.

"Y-yeah, but this is..." Sam groaned and closed his eyes. The sensation was so great that he stopped moving his breasts around. It was all he could do not to break down into a moaning, thriving mess of sexual pleasure as Ahri molested his tail.

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