hihi! welcome to the basic guides from RENTRYHELP

so.. welcome to rentry.co? anyway, the basics : the basics' literally on the how button, right beside preview and text buttons....

but if YOU want the basics that are mostly important when it comes to decorating a rentry(and maybe r just too lazy or impatient /lh) then here it is!

I. Headers

you just type "# [EXAMPLE]" and you get this!


there are literally 6 types of headers here, which you have to press 1 to 6 hashtags for the headers

Header 2 ( 2 hashtags )

Header 3 ( 3 hashtags and you get the rest ! )

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6

II. font thingies!

simple! type "*Italics*" for Italics, "**Bold**" for Bold, and "~\~Strikeout~\~" (without the \ in it) for Strikeout! Italics, Bold, Strikeout

III. Moving the text/images! just type ->EXAMPLE<- for the centered text, ->EXAMPLE-> for the right-aligned text/image


IV. Adding images!!!! You just have to type out "![Image description.. whateva u wanna type in](The link of the image address you copied)" You just have to copy image address through PC by right clicking on the image and click "Copy image address"

But I did what you said??????????? Help? It's because many of the websites or whatever aren't imagery stuff idk ask the owner who made Rentry.co lols /HJ

The images can be added from(what I know) Tumblr, Carrd, Most of the wiki's that aren't from Fandom or whatever( The Splatoon wiki/Inkipedia for example ), Discord, Postimg, Imgur, DeviantArt, ...

V. Putting links just type/copy the link you want to add lol,,, but if you want to cover it with a text then uhmmm "[img description](https://link address)",,, be sure to put https:// part

EXTRA! >How did you make the horizontal rule that's appearing on my screen??? "***" or "-----"

>How to not make my text boldy or so on... add a "\" beside the asterisks/...

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