At almost 23, I was still a member of the youth club "Firefly" on King Street in Hazelstead.

I had fucked Amy on the property next to the youth club, a neglected small park. She was about the same age as me. It had happened twice and the second time, our lovemaking hadn't turned out well. Amy was lying with her bare ass in the tall grass and she hadn't felt when I pushed my cock into her pussy that a tick had sucked itself tight on her left buttocks. She had only found out at home when she took a shower to wash her pussy after I had banged her. Her younger sister Vicky had carefully removed the parasite from Amy's buttocks with tweezers.

At first, I thought that because of this tick Amy would limit herself to the double fuck party with me. I thought it was a shame because she had such a nice tight pussy. When I squirted my cum into her fuck hole it was like birds flying out of my asshole, singing. I felt so good in her fuck hole.

That she wouldn't let me screw her again turned out not to be the case. I had shagged her to her entire satisfaction and she had come twice, screaming. Apparently I was good at sex, better than the guys who had fucked her before.

Amy probably wanted sex with me, but she no longer thought about letting me fuck her in the grassy park next to the youth club. Unfortunately, it was impossible to have sex with her at her home because of her parents, two sisters, and a brother. It didn't suit me either at my home because my parents shouldn't know that I was banging everything left and right that had tits and a pussy.

Still, I had underestimated Amy. She was very capable and resourceful, even shrewd. She didn't remain passive. She was looking for a place where we could have sex undisturbed and where there were no ticks or other parasites.

One day, Amy called me. On the phone, she told me the good news she had. She was allowed to pick up the keys for an apartment to rent in a building on Welbeck Avenue in Saint-Troyan. The apartment was rented out by the Schach-Fleisher agency on Freebee Square in Hazelstead. This real estate agency had recently settled in Hazelstead, in a beautiful bourgeois house from the 19th century that had been rebuilt after the war.

A friend of Amy was, like her, a singer in the choir of the St. Anna Monastery. This girl worked as an employee for the real estate company Schach-Fleisher. She had promised Amy that she would keep the keys to the rented apartment for her for three days so that Amy could "inspect the apartment at will" without anyone disturbing her.

Amy immediately picked up the keys on Freebee Square. Then she called me. We visited the apartment together. We weren't exactly thrilled, even though we had now found a place to make love undisturbed.

Amy's friend hadn't told her it was a pretty shabby apartment. It was large and spacious, with high ceilings, and had two bedrooms, but it was poorly equipped and smelled bad. There was no furniture and water, gas and electricity were cut off. In one of the bedrooms, which was well-lit by a large glass terrace door, we found a mattress on the floor. The last tenants hadn't bothered to take it with them. It looked worn and smelled musty.

When I saw this mattress, I took Amy in my arms and wanted to lay her down on it. She looked at me indignantly, slipped out of my arms and left the bedroom. She stopped in the hallway. She leaned against the wall and told me not to be so impatient.

For the next few days, she had envisioned a special scenario. I was surprised and I doubted. What interested me was simple and direct sex with her. Her pussy was so delicious and I didn't know what she meant by her "script". Maybe experience sexual fantasies? It wasn't really what I would like. Amy told me:

"I love that you fuck me and as often as you can, be aware of that. But don't get me wrong: to do it the same way all the time, me on my back, legs open and you on top of me, no, I don't want that. You should leave me something too. That would be fair, don't you think, Dick?"

Since I couldn't immediately find a suitable answer, Amy became impatient and repeated with a little bitterness in her voice:

"You just want to fuck me, just enjoy my body. You don't take my feelings into account."

Her voice was very firm as she added:

"Look, Dick, we've got this apartment for three days now. I have to return the keys on Thursday morning. So, from now until Wednesday night, you can make love to me in any position you want. Only now and then will I choose how you should fuck me too."

I was a little surprised and asked Amy:

"How to fuck you? What do you mean? Do I have to do acrobatic tricks to have sex with you?"

Amy laughed:

"But no, not at all. I just don't want you to always lie on top of me and bang your cock from above into my pussy. I love that we both lie tenderly and intimately on our side while you fuck me, looking deep into my eyes."

I didn't mind, I agreed, and I told Amy that it was alright with me.

"One more thing?" I asked her.

"Yes, there is another position I really like," she replied. "It helps me to come faster and more satisfactorily."

"Tell me, Amy?"

"I call it 'lappy', but there will probably be another name I don't know. You don't lie down, you sit upright, I sit on your knees, my face is turned towards you, you stick your cock into my pussy, and then I'll do it all myself. I go up and down and rub my clit against the stem of your cock. All you can do is play with my tits. You can also squeeze them hard. Then I'll come even faster."

I didn't mind either and Amy didn't want anything more than these two positions. Still, I had to promise her that I wouldn't try to do it with her, forcing my cock into her mouth. She found a blow job humiliating for a woman. And of course, I shouldn't try to force my stiff cock into her asshole.

She waited for my answer. I replied that I had no problem with what she wanted. We thus reached a compromise that satisfied both of us.

When I asked Amy if I could fuck her while we were still in the apartment, she didn't resist. She didn't completely undress. She just undid her bra from under her top to give me the opportunity to play with her nipples. She let me take off her panties myself.

Our fuck party didn't last long. Amy wasn't present with her thoughts. Without enthusiasm, she let me hump her in the missionary position. When I had come, she wiped my dick with a couple of Kleenex tissues. Immediately afterward, she put her pants back on and wanted to leave the apartment. I asked her why she was in such a hurry.

"That mattress..." she said. "You have certainly remarked how repulsive this musty smell is, and you have also seen that it is anything but clean. We have to find something. I wouldn't want to get a bad rash here between my legs or in my pussy."

Amy was right. We absolutely had to avoid the risk of getting mushrooms or the like between our legs. So, we took our precautions. I brought a large white sheet and pulled it over the mattress. Amy brought a blanket. There was no heating in the old apartment and it was quite cold, even damp. She didn't want to catch a cold when she let me fuck her completely naked.

In the days that followed, we rushed to get to the apartment as quickly as possible. We fucked like wild animals, in positions chosen by Amy and in others too. It was always me who let Amy decide how to do it. Even when I asked her if there was any other position she preferred or wanted to try, she replied that I knew exactly what we had agreed on. She sat on my lap and looked at me, and as she rubbed her clit up and down my stiff cock it never took more than five minutes for her to cum. She was also very happy when I used my fingers and lips to accelerate her orgasm.

What I found strange was that Amy only splashed a fountain out of her pussy at her orgasm when we did the "lappy". So my balls and thighs were sprayed with her quite hot puss fluid, and of course, the sheet that I had pulled over the mattress too.

After having had sex, usually twice in about one and a half hour's time, Amy washed my cock and her pussy with mineral water before we dressed again. We dried ourselves with a corner of the sheet because those small Kleenex tissues weren't enough.

We were very satisfied with this apartment on Welbeck Avenue in Saint-Troyan. I caressed, kissed, and licked Amy's hot body there until she was ready for love. I fucked her in her pussy, lappy, in other positions, and, as Amy had asked, while we were on our sides in each other's arms.

One evening, I asked Amy if this time I could for once not cum in her pussy, but with my cock between her tits. She didn't want that because she thought it was filthy and gross, hot sticky cum between her two breasts. No problem, we fucked and fucked again, on the second day even three times in a row, until I was lying completely exhausted next to Amy on the mattress.

This mattress clearly bore the traces of moisture from our constant fucking. It no longer smelled so musty, but gradually the sheet smelled of semen and the liquid that Amy squirted out of her snatch.

Thursday arrived, faster than we had expected... Amy returned the key for the apartment to the agency on Freebee Square. Once again, we had no more space where we could fuck undisturbed. It wasn't that easy to find a place like this. But that wasn't a problem for me! I wasn't worried because, in the meantime, I knew enough girls who could offer me a place to stay if we wanted to make love...

I saw Amy again from time to time in the youth club. We smiled at each other and winked at each other. But otherwise, it was over. I never fucked her again...,5945147

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