Boom Boom, Brenda & Booze -- Chapter 4

Due to work schedules, softball games and other commitments, we did not get together every night. One night I introduced them to Tom Collins. Everyone was relaxed so we sat on the basement sofa and watched TV.

"Wonder Woman" was on. There was a scene where Diana Prince was gagged, blindfolded and tied to a chair. The scene really got Margie's attention. Watching the scene, she went through a gamut of emotions.

At first, she was tense and did not move, riveted to the bondage action. Then Margie began to squirm and touch herself. She ran her fingers on her sternum between her breasts. Then she touched bush area. Bondage got her interest.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brenda was not reacting to the scene at all.

After "Wonder Woman" was over Brenda went to the bathroom.

I asked Margie "I see you were interested in Wonder Woman being tied up. Bondage is sexy. It requires trust by you in the tyer. There are several ways to get into bondage. You can be tied like Wonder Woman. You can be tied to a bed, which is very sexy. You can be tied in a role play. If you want to try bondage, I want Brenda around just to be safe. It would suck if I tied you up and collapsed from say a heart attack. Safety and trust are important in bondage. What do you say?"

All the time I was running my right index finger up and down her left arm.

"Well, you are right, bondage is sexy and interesting. I don't want to get hurt."

"The last thing I want is hurt you. I can get soft cotton rope from the hardware store, which is comfortable, and give it a try. Bondage is very sexy. What do you say?"

"Well, I want to talk it over with Brenda. She has to be here."


Brenda returned. Margie talked to Brenda about being present during bondage. At first, Brenda was taken aback. But as Margie talked to Brenda more about it, she showed interest and agreed to be around when I tied Margie up.

"I'll get the rope. You get a bunch of scarves and a sleep mask if you have one."

The next day I went to the hardware store and bought a roll of cotton rope. I cut the rope into 10' and 25' pieces. 10 10' pieces and 4 25' pieces. I only needed half the rope pieces for Margie, but if Brenda wanted in on the act, I was prepared.

I showed up 7ish with the rope and a can of Reddi-wip in a brown grocery sack. The girls were primed as in they had been drinking wine. They were very relaxed and friendly. Margie looked sharp. She was dressed like Diana Prince. Margie was wearing a dark silver silky blouse, a black skirt and black heels. The heels made her legs look great.

We retired to Brenda's bedroom. A standard 4-legged chair wood stood in the middle of the room. Brenda's four poster bed was a few feet away against the bedroom north wall flanked by lamped end tables. At the foot of the bed was a pile of scarves.

I asked Margie. "Do you have to go to the bathroom?"

"No, I just went."

"Ok, put your hands behind your back, palms facing. But first, if you want to stop say 'Red'. If after you are gagged hum the 'Happy Birthday Song' twice and I will stop. Ok?"


I took a 10' piece of rope and started looping it around her arms above the wrist bone. When almost out of rope I cinched it and tied the loose ends at the top. The tie was not too tight. I could slip two fingers inside the tie.

"How does it feel?"


"Test the tie."

Margie moved her hands around, but she could not get loose nor reach the top of the tie. Her hands were secured.

I grabbed a 25" piece of rope. I started looping it around her torso. Above and below her D cup boobs. Once the rope was almost used up, I tied the loose ends around the top of the rope in the back.

"How do you feel?"


I led Margie to the chair and had her sit down. I pulled out 3 10' lengths of rope. I used the rope to tie her legs above the ankles, below and above the knees.

"Try moving your legs."

She tried and did not get much movement.

"Everything Ok?"


From the pile of scarves, I selected one long enough for a cleave gag. I placed the scarf middle in her mouth and tied the ends behind her head.

"Margie, you look so sexy with that cleave gag I could cum."


Then I grabbed a black scarf, wrapped it around her eyes and tied it in the back of her head. To test the blindfold effectiveness, I waved my right hand in front of her eyes. Margie did not react.

I took another 25' length of rope and wrapped it around her mid-section and the chair's upright posts. She was not getting out of the chair.

I grabbed 2 more 10' lengths of rope. Then I looped the rope round Margie's hands and the back stretcher. I did not make it tight, but snug so she could move her hands a bit. Next I took the other 10' of rope and looped it around her bound ankles and the front stretcher. She was going nowhere.

"Margie, struggle for me."

She tried. She could move her body parts a few inches, but that was it. She was going nowhere.

While all this was going on Brenda was lurking in the background. Her body language was all over the map. Once I blindfolded Margie, she got really close to the action. She started to massage the top of Margie's back. It's like she was torn several ways and did not know what to do.

My fingertips strummed with Margie's boobs.

"Margie, you look incredibly sexy."


I started unbuttoning her blouse. She was wearing a black lacy bra. Very sexy. I stopped three quarters of the way down. It's like her boobs were waiting to pop out of her bra. I helped the cause.

I pulled down her bra so her boobs stuck out over the top. They looked huge. They looked bigger than D cup boobs. My tongue flicked at her right nipple followed by her left nipple. She squirmed.

Next, I put my hands on either side of her right boob. My mouth encircled her right areola. My tongue circled her nipple, going faster and faster with each revolution, evolving to sucking as much of her boob as I could in my mouth. She began moaning. The moaning intensified as time went by.

Then I switched to her left boob and repeated the process. Margie's moaning and squirming intensified. She hummed "The Happy Birthday Song" twice. I removed her gag.

"Are you Ok?"

"Yes, since you won't fuck me, untie me, throw me on the bed and do what you talked about last night! Gawd, I'm so horny!"

I started by taking off her blindfold and working my way down. Brenda pitched in by untying the rope around her ankles and working her way up. With the untying finished, I gathered up the rope. Margie bolted out of the chair, took her clothes off in record time, threw herself on the bed and stretched her arms and legs towards the bed corners putting herself in an X formation. She was ready to be tied to the bed ASAP.

I grabbed her right hand leading with a lark's head loop tied it to the upper left bed post. I did the same with her left hand and the upper right bed post and both legs and the respective lower bed posts. She was tied snuggly. She could move her arms and legs a few inches. Not too tight nor too loose.

After crawling on the bed, I gave her slit a long, slow lick. She groaned. I jumped off the bed, opened the grocery sack and grabbed the can of Reddi-wip. I sprayed Reddi-wip on her areolas. Margie said "What the hell are you..." Before she could finish the sentence, I started slurping the Reddi-wip off her boobs.

Margie's response was "Ahhhhh!" with her body twisting and limbs pulling at the ropes.

Once the Reddi-wip was gone I resumed licking her slit.

"That was great! Ohhh, I'm cuming!"

She came 5 or 6 times. While Margie was coming down, I jumped off the bed, stripped, placed my knees on either side of her ribcage and titty fucked her. She resumed groaning and pulling her limbs. Next, I leaned up and stuck my cock in her mouth. It did not take me long to cum a couple of times. I rolled off to the right.

"That was great! I'm ready for you to untie me."

"Of course."

After untying her Margie laid still panting.

"Ready for more?" I said running my right index finger up and down her left arm.

"Oh, no. I need to rest. Time for more wine." She got up and headed for the kitchen.

Brenda perked up. "My turn. I want you do what you did to Margie and blindfold and gag me."

"The first thing is to take your clothes off. Need any help?"

"I can manage."

While Brenda stripped, I put my shorts back on to keep my manhood from dangling.

She put her hands behind her back, palms facing.

"No need for that, I'm tying your limbs to the bed posts."

"Oh, we can do that next time."

Next time? Can't wait.

"It's much easier to gag and blindfold you before tying you to the bed."


"Before I gag you, if you want to stop for any reason hum "The Happy Birthday Song" twice."


I grabbed a scarf long enough to wrap around and tie behind her head.

"That cleave gag makes you look so sexy."


I picked up dark brown scarf, wrapped it around her eyes twice and tied it in the back. I waved my hand in front of her face. There was no reaction.

Meanwhile Margie returned to the bedroom with a full glass of wine. She plopped her Marilyn Monroe quality butt in the chair and leaded forward watching the action. She was still naked. Her ample bosoms swaying.

I took Brenda by the hand and helped her onto the middle of the bed.

"Spread your arms and legs like you are forming an X."

She complied.

I grabbed her right wrist, looped it with a lark's head knot and tied the ends to the left top bed post. I did the same with her left wrist and ankles and respective bed posts.

"Brenda, try the ropes."

She moved her arms and legs a few inches, but that was it. She was secure.

I started at the bottom of the bed. I ran my finger nails from her ankles to her knees. She squirmed a bit. Running my finger nails to her inner thighs she squirmed a bit more. I flicked my right index finger in her bush area. She squirmed more.

Then I crawled on the bed and gave her slit a nice, long lick. Brenda squirmed even more. I kept licking her slit a bit faster each time. She squirmed and moaned. When she was on the verge of cuming I quit. I slid off the bed and took my shorts off.

I grabbed the can of Reddi-whip and sprayed ¼ inch on her right boob. Then I proceeded to lick it off, ice cream cone style. She twisted her body from side to side and moaned through the gag. I began sucking her right boob and played with her clit until she was on the verge of cuming. Then I stopped.

After she came down, I did the same with her left boob. She twisted her body from side to side and moaned through the gag with equal enthusiasm. I sucked her left boob and played with her clit until she was about to cum. And I stopped.

I slid down the bed. Grabbing the underside of her lower cheeks, I proceeded to give her slit a long, slow lick. Next, I sucked exclusively on her clit. When she was on the verge of cuming I stopped.

Brenda hummed the "Happy Birthday Song" twice. I removed her gag.

"You butt hole when are you going to make me cum?"

I hopped off the bed and applied ¼ inch of Reddi-wip to the top of my cock.

Then I assumed the 69 position over her, stuck my cock in her mouth and resumed sucking her clit.

She was sucking my cock with great vigor. She liked the taste. I was doing the same with her clit with equal intensity. I wanted to make her cum before I came.

We tied. We came at the same time. I came twice and dribbled out a little more. She squirted about five times.

After emptying my load in her mouth, I rolled off to the right to catch my breath.

A couple of breaths later I said, "Are you ready to be untied?"


I started by taking her blindfold off. She blinked her eyes a few times. Next, I untied her right hand followed by her left hand and feet.

I laid down at the bottom of the bed on my right side facing the headboard.

"Ladies, what did you think of your first bondage experience?"

The question surprised them. Margie sat up in the chair, still naked. Brenda scooted her back to the headboard, still naked.

Margie started "It was different. It felt sexy. Being blindfolded made the sex feel way more intense."

"Sensory deprivation." I chimed in.

"Yeah. Sensory deprivation."

"Want to do it again?"

"Yes. I want to do it again!" Her enthusiasm increased as she uttered the sentence.


"Yeah, I liked it a lot. There was something about being unable to move, see and talk that made me hornier."

I cut in, "Feeling helpless?"

"Yeah, that's it. There is something stimulating and sexy about that. I want to do it again. Wine anybody?"

"I still have some." Said Margie.

"I'll take a Riesling."

Brenda headed off for the wine.

"Margie, there is something I want to try." As I moved up, with my head near the headboard.

"What's that?"

"Fighting gravity."

"Sounds interesting."

"Climb up here and put your knees outside my face."

"I see where this is going."

Margie stuck her slit in front of my face. I grabbed her boobs with my hands and began with a long, slow lick on her slit. She shuddered. I moved on to licking and sucking her clit. She shuddered and moaned.

With all the prior activity I figured there was not much for her to ejaculate. I just enjoyed playing with her large breasts. I tried every trick I knew in breast play. Margie squirmed and moaned a bunch, but did not cum. She was going at it so hard sweat beaded on her forehead.

I heard Brenda enter the room with the wine. Before she said anything, I waved at her with my right hand and pointed to my still erect cock. Brenda understood. She put our wine glasses on the TV set in the room, crawled on the bed and started to suck my cock. After the night's activities there was no more cum within me.

After playing with the slit and clit a few minutes Margie was done. She rolled over to my left breathing heavily. She was exhausted.

Brenda eagerly took her place.

I went after her slit, clit and breasts. Brenda's tank was empty like Margie's. So, I enjoyed playing with her boobs, slit and clit. She moved all around and groaned.

Brenda said "Margie, aren't you going to join us?"

"Maybe in a bit."

After a few minutes Brenda too was spent. She rolled off to my right and crashed.

With both of them laying on the bed I got up and retrieved our wine glasses. I placed theirs on the end tables, turned on "The Tonight Show" and crawled between them, wine glass in hand.

Not much was happening. Margie and Brenda were tired. During commercial breaks we gradually got our clothes on. I faster than them. Too much wine and physical activity for Margie and Brenda.

By the time "The Tonight Show" was over they were dozing. I got out of the bed, covered them as best I could with the bed's blanket, gather my ropes and Reddi-wip and left.

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