fart Piebald / Riddle cross

ah VIPER/VIPERS. NO THEY/THEM. Only close friends may use HE Snakegender nonbinary lesbian .. Seventeen divier

I am an evil hateful bitter old man. World's biggest hater! I hate interactions for the most part, but I will stay civil. I don't like making friends unless I initiate it. This isn't me being an asshole, I'm genuinely discomforted by people trying to gain my trust and I always assume the worst of people. Sorry LOL!! I'm awfully fond of Nagisa Ran, Tsumugi Aoba, and I guess Yuzuru Fushimi. I'm sick and twisted... there is nothing but hatred and black goop and evil emo thoughts in my brain. I also really like snakes and birds ^__^ Please send me snake and bird videos. I tend to phrase things bluntly or aggressively, but I don't really mean to come off rude. Please let me know if I step out of line, I'll correct myself.

My sick and twisted evil alters interact with people. Sometimes they pretend to be me and other times they don't. Don't be weird. ahhh ahhh ahh

DNI swirly

Proshippers, Shumika likers, think you like Nagisa Ran or Yuzuru Fushimi more than me, fake commies who beat their dick to Russia, self proclaimed "problematic enstarries", your only psychosis symptom is a character delusion, POLYEDEN FUCKERS I HATE YOU YOU'RE AWFUL AND I HATE POLYEDEN STOP SHIPPING ME WITH MY FUCKING FAMILY.

My DNI is slightly flexible I suppose, just don't be a fucking freak. If I interact with you first and you break my DNI, you're fine I guess. Just watch yourself. I'll throw you into a wood chipper and cook you up if you make me mad. Joke!!! blood

Interests evil I like a lot of things. Main interests are bolded. Special interests + hyperfixations are italic.

Enstars, Twisted Wonderland, Project Sekai (I don't like the stories, just the gameplay), Vocaloid, Ghost and Pals, Pokemon, Horror media, Lost media, True crime, Bungo stray dogs, Warrior cats, Doll eye, Various other medias that I just don't feel like including AHH

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