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Bergen County Laser Hair Removal
Permanent Hair Removal, Underarm & Arm Laser Hair Removal, Bikini Line Hair Removal, Body Laser Hair Removal, Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal, Facial Laser Hair Removal, Leg Laser Hair Removal
Women are not the sole ones booking multiple laser hair removal sessions. Laser hair removal for guys is becoming increasingly popular as it saves men time and also helps them remove hair from hard to show areas like their back.
With this hair removal for guys treatment, our aesthetician uses a hand-held laser to focus on the pigment on individual hairs and the light travels down the hair shaft. Then, the warmth from the laser light destroys the hair follicle so hair can no longer grow from it. To know more or to set an appointment call us at 201-393-2900.
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25-15 Fair Lawn Ave, Lower Level R
Fair Lawn, NJ
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