A simple guide to make your anime model better at


I. MAIN GUIDE (credit to andite#8484)


  • An anime model you want to make it better at DRAWING HANDS
  • An realistic or semi-realistic model which is good at DRAWING HANDS. I suggest you use BasilMix

Step 1: Download this cool extension to the auto's sd-webui: https://github.com/bbc-mc/sdweb-merge-block-weighted-gui
Step 2: Go to Merge Block Weighted tab -> MBW tab.

Step 3: Select ALL_A at Preset Weights.

Step 4: Select Model A to the anime model, Model B to the realistic or semi-realistic model like BasilMix

Step 5: Adjust IN01 to IN02 to 1.
Step 6: Enable Save as half for fp16 and Save as safetensors. You can also set Output Model Name to any name you want.
Step 7: Click RUN MERGE and wait the merging process to finish. When it is finished, the screen will show something like this

Step 8: Click this button to refresh your model list, then choose the new model. In this example, it is bw-merge-Anything-V3.0-pruned-fp32-Basil_mix_fixed-0-half.ckpt.safetensors

Step 9: Profit

II. Negative embedding: WIP

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