I knocked on the door of apartment 1310. Ron hadn't given me his phone number when we met a few days ago, so I couldn't confirm beforehand if he was home. After a few seconds the door opened.

Ron's handsome face flashed me a smile as he opened the door. "Tom! Good to see you, squire." He moved back to let me in.

Again, I had trouble placing Ron's muddled accent. I entered to find a nicely furnished apartment, similar to Demie's, but less retro. Various potted plants hung from the ceiling and adorned the corners, giving the room a natural feel.

I looked to the space in front of his couch. There was no TV, though there was a cabinet holding the Playstation 4 Ron had mentioned. Then I looked up above the couch...he had a projector!

Ron headed to the kitchen and I heard the clink of dishes. I remembered he had talked about tea the first time we had met, which was a British thing. "Oh, Ron, you don't have to..."

"Nonsense!" he said as he came back into the living room, a tray in his hands. "I always keep m'self ready for a cuppa in case friends drop by."

As he put the tray down I considered Ron. He seemed like a nice guy, certainly friendly, and other than Monday, who lived a few miles away, I didn't have any guy friends. With the new baby, I really needed to get out of the apartment now and again, so I figured I'd see how well Ron and I got along.

After some tea that I choked down (I really don't like tea) and playing some Rocket League that I absolutely destroyed Ron in (the guy had no skills), I headed home.

"Was wondering when you'd be home," Kate said, handing me the sleeping baby as I walked in. I looked out the window at the morning sunlight. I'd been at Ron's all night?

As I took baby Amy in hand, she woke up and started to cry. I rocked her back and forth, which usually calmed her, but she just got louder. Finally, Kate took her back, at which point the baby quietened.

"Weird," Kate said, and as she went to hand Amy back to me the baby started crying again. Kate kept a hold of her and stepped back again. Again, the baby calmed.

The former witch considered me. "Are you wearing some new aftershave, or something else she could be reacting to?"

I shook my head. "I've just been over at Ron's. Unless the baby doesn't like the smell of tea." I smacked my lips distastefully, thinking of the warm leaf water. Bleah!

"Ron...the handsome guy you mentioned? Well, I'll put her in her playpen. I really need sleep." After Amy settled down, Kate gave me a kiss and headed back to her room.

The baby flopped about in her playpen for a while and then started to fuss. When I picked her up she started to cry again.

Demie came home right at that moment, her face screwing up in distaste as she heard Amy crying. "Ugh. Just give her to me."

I held Amy back. "Demie, you will NOT use your 'whammy' on my daughter!"

She looked at me, shocked. "Of course not. Babies don't understand language yet so it wouldn't work. Gimme." She held out her hands.

I tentatively held my daughter out to the demon, who took the child into her arms with unexpected gentleness. Immediately, Amy calmed down.

"There we go...you know Auntie Demie, don't you?" the demon cooed at her.

I shook my head, bemused. "Amy cries when I go to hold her, but only since this morning, and she's just fine with you?"

Demie shrugged. "Is she hungry? There's something I've been wanting to try." She headed over to the fridge and took out a bottle of Kate's breast milk. Sitting on the couch, her half-top disappeared and then the demon gulped down the entire bottle.


She brought Amy to one of her breasts and the baby quickly latched on and started to suckle.

I stared. "What...?" Normally the only liquid Demie produced from her body tasted like spiced rum, but then I realized what she was doing: she had manipulated the interior of her body with her shape-changing power so that the breast milk she drank went straight to that nipple! And with the heat of her infernal physicality, the breast milk had gone from fridge cold to body temperature warm as it made its way down.

The baby continued to drink, unconcerned. I looked at Demie, who had a contented smile on her face, her eyes closed.

"This is...very calming, actually," she said. "I got the idea after watching Kate doing a feed."

I sat on the couch next to them, bumfuzzled. A demon was breastfeeding my daughter!

Soon, the baby went back to sleep. Demie picked her up and placed her gently in her playpen before returning to the couch, her bare boobs still on display. I noticed a drop of milk ready to fall from one nipple.

She followed my gaze. "There's still some left, if you want...OH!"

I had fastened my mouth to that glorious boob and was sucking for all I was worth. There wasn't much milk remaining, and once that was gone I could taste spiced rum again. My cock was straining at my jeans as Demie lay back, her own jeans disappearing. I quickly pulled down my pants and shoved my hard erection inside her furnace of a vagina while I continued to suck at her nipple.

"Yesss..." she moaned as I started to thrust.

All too soon, I started to orgasm. "Unhh! Ohh..." I moaned as I splashed my semen inside the succubus.

"Not yet..." she moaned. She tried to keep thrusting her hips up at me, but I pulled out and flopped back on my ass, sated, my penis already dwindling.

Demie lay there, considering. "Huh..." She looked down at the load that I had dumped inside her, and then squinted at me. Her eyes started to glow.

"What's up?" I asked her.

She got to her feet, suddenly fully clothed again, and stared into my eyes. Hers continued to glow as she commanded, "Just wait here."

I sat there, unable to do anything but follow her command. What was going on?

After a few minutes, Kate followed her back, yawning. She took Amy from the playpen and brought our daughter to the couch. As Kate got close to me, the baby woke up and started to cry again. Kate stepped back and Amy calmed down once more.

"What's going on, ladies?" I asked.

Kate moved to the adjoining loveseat while Demie sat back down next to me. "How did we meet?" Demie asked me.

"You were there," I responded.

"Yes, but tell Kate."

I looked over at Kate. What I had done to summon Demie still caused me terrible guilt, so talking about it was hard. "I...bought a book at a flea market, and it gave me instructions on summoning a demon. I almost didn't go through with it, but then I accidentally started the fire anyway and...a homeless person died. When I got home, Demie was waiting for me. I didn't do the summoning spell correctly, so she was going to kill me, but then she smelled the kush in my pocket and made a deal to stay." I turned back to Demie and gave her a smile. "The rest is history."

Both women looked at me, considering. "What are your parents' names?" Kate asked.


"The first names of your parents. Tell them to me."

I looked at her, confused. "Why?"

"Just do it."

"They're..." My mind went blank; there was nothing. My parents' names...what were they? I blinked, concentrating. Why couldn't I remember?

"You don't know, do you?" Demie asked.

I wracked my brain. I couldn't even see my parents' faces in my mind.

"Name the first school you attended," the demon asked.

I winced, thinking hard.

"Name of your first pet," asked Kate.

I smirked at them. "What, are you gonna break into my online banking using my verification questions?" Neither woman was smiling.

Demie grabbed my chin, holding it fast with incredible strength. "Where's Tom?!"

"I'm Tom!" I couldn't move!

Her eyes glowed again. "Where...is...Tom?"


To be continued...

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