"Hehe... taking them off and putting them back on?"

"Mmmhmm... grabbing the back of the shoes with your toes..."

"... Pressing my toes hard into the insides..."

"... Rubbing your feet together with your shoes on..."

"Hehehe... picking them up between my toes?"


Before Mac can continue the war of words with Delilah, the shoe on her raised foot falls off and lands onto her right thigh face down. Delilah curls her toes even harder, looking at her foot in its sock. Mac feels his cock through his shorts poke at her other sneaker still on her right foot, and tries to resume the verbal battle, adding "... Um... twi-twirling them around with your t-toes..."

Delilah smirks, amused and impressed at his determination, and continues as well, saying "Haha... switching shoes with my feet?"

"Yes... mmng... taking your shoes off completely..."

"... Fiddling with my toes and clamping them together..."

"... Rubbing one foot on top of the other..."

"... Making my toes crackle and POP..."

Right when she says that, her toes clench, and a audible popping sound can be heard inside the art room. Delilah lowers her leg back down, and it rejoins the other leg on Mac's lap. She crosses her feet at the ankles, with her exposed foot. Mac finally sighs, and speaks to her in a admitted manner "Delilah?"

Delilah looks towards him with a slight smile and says "Yes, boyfriend?"

"I love your converse so much..."

Delilah grins, proud that she finally got him to admit it. "Aww... they love you, too, tiger. They love the attention you give them when they are having fun with my feet."

Mac goes on, reaching for the sock on her foot and softly grabbing her toes. "I love the fact that you had them for 9 years now..."

"Hehe, yes... I got these with my Dad at JCPenney in the mall. I only got them because my brother Jeff said that were the best shoes in the world. Ever since then, they have been my go to shoes most of my life."

Mac finally pulls off her black-with-white-hearts sock off her foot slowly, exposing her smooth and almost silky bare foot. Delilah sighs in satisfaction, and wiggles her toes on her foot, showing off the light pink nail polish she put on that morning. Mac gasps at the natural beauty of her foot, as he never really sees her actual feet that much. Sandals were never Delilah's style, mostly just sneakers and now flats.

As her bare foot becomes present, so does the natural smell of foot odor and sweat from her shoes. Mac closes his eyes and quietly breathes it in. Before he can savor the scent, Delilah interrupts him and says softly "Mac... take it out..."

Mac opens his eyes back up and says "Huh? Wh-what?"

Delilah points at her phone and shows him the time. "We only got about 8 minutes left, dude... I need to try this before we have to leave... Take your cock out of your shorts."

"Delilah, I... we... we're—"

"Inside of an empty school, yes. Which gives us all the privacy we need for the next 8 minutes. Now take your cock out, please!" As she becomes more infatuated, she removes her legs from his lap and stands up. Positioning herself in front of him, Delilah looks at Mac, who still has a mixed look of confusion and arousal. "Well?" she asks again.

Mac finally does what she requests, and begins to pull his shorts down little by little. Reaching in with his hand that doesn't have Delilah's sweaty sock, he grips his manhood and finally pulls it out all the way. Mac's penis is completely erect, sticking out towards Delilah like it was a telescope searching for an erotic constellation.

Delilah doesn't say a word and lowers herself, getting down on both of her knees. "Delilah... wh-what are you doing?" Mac asks her.

"Shuddup and give me my sock" she says back.

"Delilah, I th—"

"Fucking give it to me, Mac!" she says in a more stern manner, with heavy breathing. Mac does as she asks, and hands her the sock. As she grabs onto it, she looks up at Mac and says "I'm sorry... I just... I just need to do this..."

Gripping the floor with her feet (one sock on and the other bare), Delilah looks at Mac's penis and at her sock. She then places her fingers over the opening of the sock and stretches it out. Once it is ready, she begins to slide the sock over Mac's pole-like cock. Mac gasps at the feeling of sweat and cotton that swallows his penis. The sock opening reaches the end, and covers it completely. Delilah smiles as she creates a innovative sock-cock.

"Holy shit" Mac says. "I don't think I've ever seen this before... Fuck, this is so hot, Del..."

"Hehe... I know... I have been thinking about doing this since I started college. In fact... I've been craving it."

"Doing... doing what?"

Smacking her lips, Delilah leans in towards the sock-cock, and whispers "This..."

Opening her mouth, Delilah lowers her head and consumes the cock into her salivating mouth. Mac gasps with wide-eyes, and grunts from the feeling of her mouth over his penis. Once her mouth get halfway onto his cock, she plants her lips over it, securing a grip. She then grabs the remaining exposed cock with her left hand, holding tightly. She finally closes her eyes, sighs, and begins to create a soft suction onto his sock-covered penis.

Mac softly sighs and moans "Holy fuck... Delilah... God, Delilah... ugghh... mnng..." Delilah muffles a giggle, and begins to pick up the pace. Her head bobs up and down, and subtle sucking sounds can be heard through the quiet art class. As her head leans down, she moans softly. Her head bobs back up, and a internal smacking sound can be heard. It seems that she is enjoying the taboo flavor of her sock along with the sweat it collected, now with his throbbing cock. Mac, mean while, grabs her free shoe with his hands, and brings it to his nose. He desperately takes a long whiff, and groans again from the 9-year stench. He agrees with her brother's statement: When it at least comes to the smell, converse sneakers really are the best shoes on the planet.

Mac drops the shoe and grabs onto the couch hard, trying not to move from pleasure. He mostly fails, and squirms and shivers from the incredible feeling of receiving his first ever blowjob. His head leans onto the back of the couch, and he stares at the ceiling. Trying his best to gather his thoughts (and to keep from unleashing), he bites his lip as Delilah begins to speed up. Delilah suddenly stops and pulls out, breathing hard and giggling.

Mac looks down back at her, and with another gasps, he asks her "Wh-What is it?"

Delilah smirks, and says to him "Mmm... tastes like feet."

Before Mac can even groan, Delilah leans back down and rams his sock-cock back into her mouth. She slurps away, and sucks even with a more devourable gesture. Mac can feel his testicles boil, knowing he is close. "Del... God, Del, I'm... I'm ab—"

Delilah interrupts him by pulling out again, and saying with a more teasing tone "Tastes like my FEET."

"God, fuck, Del... SUCK IT."

"Yes... it tastes like my stinky FEET."



"I'm about to cum! God, I'm about to cum!"

"Your cock tastes like my sweaty sock and my FEET!"




Delilah quickly sticks his cock back into her mouth, and makes a bold effort to suck the sweat right off of her sock. As she rapidly sucks, Mac groans loudly and twitches. His cock sputters inside Delilah's mouth, and built-up gobs of cum attack the inside of her sweaty sock. Delilah moans from the feeling of her sock becoming moist from the inside, and sucks even harder. The cum seeps through the sock, and lathers up onto her tongue.

Delilah widens her eyes, and looks up at Mac, who is too busy stuttering with moans and grunts to even think straight. He shoots another load into her sock, and her lips grip his cock even more, continuing the determined suction. She sucks hard and deep, smacking internally again to gather more cum that injects through the sock. After a bit of hesitation, she submits and finally gulps down the cum, still sucking away.

"UUGH!!!! AAAGHHHH!!! FUCK!!! AH, FUCK!!!! UUUGHGG!!!!" Mac shouts as the last bits of cum ooze into her sock. Delilah squeals, and sucks away the remains that go through her now soaked sock. After swallowing one last time, she pulls out slowly, taking the sock with her inside her mouth. Mac's deflated penis becomes exposed, along with a single thin string of semen still attached to the urethra and connected to the sock opening.

As Mac opens his eyes, he sees Delilah putting back on her ruined sock on her bare foot. She wiggles her toes once the sock is on, feeling the cum smother them. Licking her lips of any escaped cum, she looks at Mac and says "See you at 8 tonight?"

Mac nods, breathing hard and saying "Yes... definitely yes... I'll b-be there."

"Good... hehehe... because we're just getting started, tiger. I want more milk tonight..."


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