'I am sorry.' Our dad spoke, sitting on the ottoman, and me, my mom and Abby, sitting on the cushion, 'we should have told you about this sooner, but we felt...that it would somehow force you into an incestuous relationship, we don't want to be that type of parent's.'

My sister was wearing a grey camisole and her pink shorts, my mom wore a white a collared t-shirt, not opaque enough, that it revealed her hard poking nipples. So did my sister's camisole.

'Now that you know, it's up to you.' He said, waiting for us to say something, I didn't have anything in my mind, I glared at Abby, she was blank as I was. so we all dispersed upon concluding.

After spending a week at grandpa's house, I spent the entire night in my mom's bedroom, though, there was my room, I spent the night with my mom, naked, cuddling and making love to my mom. Sometimes I was in the mood, sometimes, she insisted starting with a slow hand job, gentle kiss on my lips. And the next minute we were in her bed, fucking.

After that week, it was time for me to go back to school, but that morning, my dad started the family meeting sort of thing, he apologized for not telling us the truth, he admitted that Carmen, my mom, is her elder sister and that he married her.

That evening, Daphne came to our house, I was watching tv with my mom, dad still in the store, and my sister was at her room, probably waiting for Daphne. she gave a warm smile to me and mom. She took the stairs and disappeared from our sight. And in a few minutes, we heard loud moaning and bed creaking noise. Everyone knows what that meant. We increased the TV volume and continued watching.

Soon, my mom's hand guided my head to her laps, and I responded seamlessly to her guidance. I was lying on her soft thighs, over her silky nightwear. I laid on her thighs and continued watching TV, it was a movie called The Informers. That movie was a steamy one, we didn't care what the story was though. Her hands were running through my hair and fondling, then her fingers met lips and next, her fingers were in my mouth, I was sucking her soft, cold, gentle fingers.

Until 2 things interrupted us at the same time, my dad arrived and so did Daphne and Abby.

Late that night, I tried sleeping in my bed, I crawled for a bit, rolled for a bit, but couldn't sleep at all, the past week I slept with mom and got habituated to it, that I couldn't sleep now. I jumped out of the bed and went to my mom's room; I know that my dad would be with her. But I can wake my mom in silence and ask her to come to my room, ask her to stay until I fall asleep, or she could stay in the room every night, I don't know what would happen.

I opened the door, expecting them to be sound asleep, but No, my mom was lying on the edge of the bed, naked, her hands cupping and playing with her boobs, with her legs widespread. My dad was kneeling, his face buried between her thighs, rummaging, and scavenging her pussy. she saw me as soon as I got in.

'Adam?' she simmered, pulling herself from the bed, my dad stopped and stood, he was naked as well, his fat, long dick standing almost upright, by seeing my dad's dick, I was intimidated on my sexual performance.

'I am sorry, I...I couldn't sleep, Sorry.' I said as I pulled the door and tried to leave.

'It's okay honey, come in now,' she smiled, tapping her left side of the bed.

'But Dad? How?' I stammered.

'Oh, I will be alright, come in.' dad said. It was the weirdest moment that I have ever faced.

I closed the door and crawled up on the bed, next to my mom. My dad laid left to my mom and me on her right, they were naked, and I was wearing only my shorts. I didn't know what to do, sleep? watch them? partake? I have no idea. My dad got on top of my mom, as she grabbed his dick and directed it to her pussy. I decided I shall watch.

He pushed his dick in and she let a quick jerk, curved, and lifted her torso, her eyes rolled back, and her hands went around his back, digging her nails inside his muscular back. She moaned and moaned, and eventually, she began to cry, her eyes shed tears that rolled down to her ears. He was gradually increasing the pace of digging his dick in her pussy. until a few minutes later, he grunted and slowed down, he came. He shot the load into her pussy.

I lay there, watching my mom and dad fucking, moaning, and having an orgasm at last. He kissed her, then laid on her soft breast for some time. Her hands fondling his head, and her other hand reaching out to me and started to fondle my head, and just like before, she put her fingers into my mouth, and I began sucking.

'It's okay honey, you can remove them.' She said, in a heavy breath. I did as I was asked. Then my dad slid down and laid on the bed, recovering from the orgasm. She opened her arms, smiling, asking me to hug her, cuddle her and...make love to her. I hesitated for a moment. I saw my dad, lying gasping and his dick settled and lying on his thigh pathetically.

'It's okay honey, come to mommy.' She said in her seductive tone, as I stopped hesitating and went on top of her. I didn't put my dick in her pussy right away. I laid on top of her, pressing my lips on hers, my chest crushing her boobs, her nipples poking on me, my dick lying on and rubbing her wet pussy.

She kissed me, and pushed her tongue in my mouth, as I reacted and kissed deeply for few minutes until my dick grew too hard and began hurting, it also oozed some pre-cum on her abdomen, leaving it sticky. I broke the kiss and looked right into her eyes.

'Mom?' I said, with the hurting boner. She understood what that meant.

'It's time honey.' She said and directed my dick, that is few inches shorter and not so fat like my dad's dick. Once my dick was in her pussy, it was not a big effort for my dick to penetrate her pussy, as my dad's dick already made plenty of room. I began swaying my hips and kissing her, my hand groping her boobs, squeezing, and pinching her nipples. She moaned in my mouth and gasped as her breath directly went into my mouth like CPR operation.

I noticed her other hand reaching for my dad's dick and stroking them gently, as soon as her hands touched his dick, it throbbed and began getting hard. She broke the kiss, pulled me down. I was on her right and dad to my left, she turned facing me, and her ass facing my dad. I stopped for a moment.

'It's okay sweetheart, go on.' She said as she grabbed my dick, stroked them gently, meanwhile my dad hugged her from behind, his hands groping her boobs, and cupping them, he put his dick in her asshole and began fucking, while she pulled me closer by my cheeks and directed my dick into her pussy.

She was moaning already, and when I put my dick in her pussy, and my dad's dick in her ass, she moaned harder. Soon her moan transformed in to scream, she began screaming and tears rolled down from her eyes again. Dad tried to shut her mouth, by covering her mouth. she was suffocating. So, he pushed her head forward, and also pulled my head closer, until her lips were locked with mine and she was screaming and gasping in my mouth in between our deep passionate kisses.

'Yes, yes!!!, yes!' She screamed.

In a minute or two, the door was flung open, Abby came in, in her panties, that was wet near her crotch, topless, her boobs standing out, and slightly hanging, her nipples pointy and perky.

'Mom, too much sou...' she stopped mid-air upon seeing me. she wasn't surprised by seeing me with mom, but she was surprised seeing me with mom and dad in a threesome. It is a surprise to me as well. This all feels like a dream. 'what... Adam?' she yelled.

I stopped, my dick still inside mom's pussy. I looked at her rather plainly. I didn't say anything at all.

'If you can't sleep, come, join us.' Mom said, her voice was tired and broken.

'Come to daddy.' Dad said. Abby removed her panties right then and crawled on to the bed, between mom and dad, she joined, dad's dick in her pussy now.

Threesome turned into a foursome, only in a matter of seconds, my mom turned, her back facing me, she kissed Abby, as mom grabbed my hand which was on her waist. She guided my hands to her boobs and made my hands cup and play with her boobs. While she continued kissing Abby, Mom's hand reached for Abby's wet and pussy and began rubbing her clit. She was moaning and gasping into mom's mouth, as dad's dick was inside her fucking her to the core of pleasure with his thick, fat and long dick.

In a few minutes, I felt the urge to cum, she put her hands on my cheeks, fondling. 'let it go honey.' She whispered. As I came hard in her pussy, and I felt the warm flood gushing on my dick, then I felt warm juice all over my balls, thighs, and bed. She squirted like a wild lady.

She broke her kiss with Abby, she laid on her back, her hands made me rest on her boobs, I was sucking on her boobs while recovering. On the other hand, Abby turned towards her dad, kissed him and his hands groping her boobs. The next minute, dad was on top of her, pushing his fat meat in her pussy. tearing and ripping her pussy lips apart. In a few minutes, he grunted like his spine was being ripped away, he grunted and yelled as he shot his second load of the night in her pussy. he laid on top of her for a few seconds until he took his breath and he crumbled on her boobs just like before. Only this time, he is recovering, lying on her daughter's boobs.

Few minutes went by, I was still lying on my mom's breast, my dick rubbing against her thighs and my left thigh on top of her, my knee rubbing her pubic region.

'Daddy? We should have a no dressing rule inside the house.' Abby spoke.

'Sounds good to me. approved.' Dad replied. That was fun rule though, but I had a question.

'What if someone came or barged in. remember Abby, the door was unlocked and we were making out, that's when Carla came in.' I spoke.

'Speaking of which...' mom and Abby spoke in chorus. They stopped and giggled before Abby continued. 'you should go talk to her tomorrow, maybe I can help.'

'Why would I do that?'

'Because what happened has happened, even if you are planning to end a relationship, be nice, ending abruptly is rude, you know.' She replied.

'Will see.'

'She won't talk to me. she sees me in this.... The disgusting way you know.' I said to Abby, she was lying on her bed, naked, since last night she is the one to strictly follow the no dress inside house rule. I lay next to her, in my shorts. I couldn't help but notice her tiny dark pubic hairs. That caught my attention for almost a minute until she spoke back.

'What did you say?' she asked

'Today after lunch, I locked her near the exit of the cafeteria, I apologized to her, like a hundred times, she didn't even speak a word. You said you would help me. so, help me, I think you should go talk to her.'

'I don't suppose that is a good idea.' She hesitated. I didn't talk back. I looked at her for a minute. She understood and heaved a sigh.

She smiled and crawled closer to me, adjusting her ass over my dick. 'would you mind removing them, they are tickling me.' she indicated my silky shorts. I removed them and placed my dick between her ass cheeks, my hands curling up and groping her boobs.

'Good night, baby brother.' She spoke.

It was Friday already. I didn't know how the week passed, the only person I haven't sleep within my house is my dad. That doesn't mean, we stayed in our limits. I recalled my dad's hand grabbing my dick, and stroking, while I was eating mom's pussy. she was sitting on my face, suffocating, and having me scavenge her pleasant, smelled pussy, while my sister Abby was riding dad's dick. His hand on her boob and his other hand, stroking me, until I shot the load in his hand. Then he fed my cum to Abby, she licked clean of my cum from his hand.

I just dreamed this precisely 2 weeks ago, when I made love to my mom for the 1st time ever at Grandpa's house. My dad did jerk me off now and then, while me or him eating mom's or Abby's pussy. And I took it far with my curiosity and did take his dick in my mouth while he was eating mom's pussy and my sister taking my dick in her mouth. Only he did cum in my mouth, which I swapped with Abby. This incest filled family excites me more and more every day.

Every Friday, we have a family dinner, mom and dad laid out some rules, that with their busy schedule, they can't spend lots of time with me and Abby. But every Saturday and Sunday, we make love to whomever in the family, I often choose mom, and Abby often choose dad.

That Friday night, Abby was missing, me, mom and dad sat on the dining table, waiting for Abby. I called her quite a few times, sent her message. No response. Until half an hour later, she came home with Carla. That was quite a surprise to me, I wonder how Abby convinced her.

I wasn't aware whether Carla knew about our family, about me and mom, me, and sister, she, and dad, and even she and mom. Every way that went. I mouthed Abby "HOW?"

She got my signal and smiled. She kissed Carla right in front of us. Oh fuck. She slept with her, she fucked her. Right. That's how she convinced her. Anyway, she is not my girlfriend anymore, I got Abby herself, and in a desperate time, I got Mommy!

Abby kept on kissing her, for a few minutes, we kept staring at them. Until she broke the kiss, she helped Carla remove her jacket and they all joined the dining table. And we kissed each other before we began our dinner.

I went back to my room, stripped naked, except for my shorts, sat on the bed,

staring the wall facing me. the wall behind where my sister Abby and Carla would be. I imagined Abby kissing Carla passionately and ferociously, and after some time, they both end up naked, with their wet pussy rubbing and eating each other's pussy, moaning, scissoring, and screaming.

But then none of it did happen, because, my room door opened ajar, and there came Carla and Abby. Topless, with only their panties. Their alluring breast pointing at me. this looks like a party. I thought.

'Care to join us?' Abby asked. Till now, Carla hasn't spoken a word to me.

'Sure.' I spoke.

As Carla and Abby approached, I stood up and removed my shorts, exposing my hard dick, pointing at them, Abby hugged me, began kissing as Carla stood by the bed and watched us. I haven't had a clue of how Abby convinced her. But who cares? She is here, watching me and my sister making out, possibly fucking in few minutes. For all that I know, she would join us.

Abby began kissing me passionately, making my face wet all over with her saliva, she kissed my neck, chest, and she was in her knees, kissing and sucking my dick. Carla approached me, with her boobs bouncing for each heavy step. Until her boobs were crushed against mine, and her lips settled on mine. I didn't even try to think for any more second. I pushed my tongue in her mouth, she didn't resist. She responded.

Carla and I were kissing while Abby was sucking my dick, and playing with my balls, then we all ended up in the bed, as I lay on my back, and Carla sat on my dick, gently and began humping. My hands reached and grabbed her bosom and pinching her nipples, squeezing her firm boobs. Abby laid beside me, kissing me, and fingering her pussy herself. I noticed that she was getting hornier every minute.

Eventually, she couldn't resist as she sat on my face, her vagina pressed against my face, suffocating me, leaving only a small room for me to breath, and I smelled her pussy juice, sore and salty, also arousing, now Carla doesn't need a condom? Is the question that popped into my mind. Abby was kissing Carla, as her vagina was on my face and Carla on my dick, riding, and humping.

Until after few minutes, they took turns, and now, Carla was on my face, her pussy smelled no different than my sister's, and Abby sat on my dick, riding, and humping. Then, I grunted, letting them know, I was about to cum.

'So soon baby brother?' Abby teased me. of course, men have pressure and not women. Especially when I am eating my ex-girlfriends pussy, who is now my sister's girlfriend. And also, who looks like Nathalie Emmanuel, and when my sister is riding my dick, my sister who reminds me of Melissa Benoist. also, I can't help but think of my mom, who reminds me of Michelle Monaghan, now being nailed by dad's monstrous dick.

Then they both got up and bought their face close to my dick, taking turns in sucking for a few minutes. Abby held my dick by the bottom, squeezed tight, that she stopped the blood flow, my shaft turned bright red, then slowly it went pale. I began screaming in pain and pressure.

'Holy fuck Abby, stop it.' I lost the urge to cum and my dick remained hard somehow, and it was throbbing. She kissed Carla and made her sit on dick and continue riding my dick.

Abby stood up, pressing her pussy to Carla as she rubbed, fingered, and ate Abby's pussy, sitting and riding my dick. Again, soon, I grunted expressing my urge to cum and I came in Carla's pussy. Abby, whose pussy was eaten by Carla, squirted all over Carla's face and my tummy.

I laid on the bed, recovering, while Abby and Carla, continued, fingering. Just like I imagined, they began rubbing their pussy, scissoring, and screaming. They both squirted like a volcano. They made a mess on my bed, and we were all wet wit their pussy juice. Carla laid on the bed to my left and Abby laid on the bed to my right. Their thighs on me. Abby's head on my chest. Cara's head on my left arm. She looked right into me and gave a smile.

'I am sorry, I love you.' She said as she kissed, I didn't understand that part though. I thought she was my sister's girlfriend.

'Can one of you care to explain to me what happened between you both?' I asked quizzically.

Carla took my dick in her hand, it was not hard then, she played with my dick, caressing and experimenting with my cum sticking on the shaft. I noticed how her soft velvet fingers got sticky on touching it.

'Me and my sister, Chloe, we are a part of a sex cult.' Carla started.

'You have a sister?'

'Yea. And we were a part of a sex cult ever since I was 18.' She spoke like that was a long time now.

'So, how old are you by the way.' I hesitated.

'I am 23. Same as Abby's age and my sister Chloe is 29. She will be back from New York tomorrow; she went for an audition like 3 days ago. And I will introduce you to Chloe tomorrow after school.'

'What audition?'

'She likes acting.'

'Too many questions.' Abby said, frustrated.

'I and Chloe were a part of a sex cult, there are certain rules that should be followed. One of which is, when the members of this sex cult have a relationship with outsiders, the partner, as in the companion should perform a ritual. A rather painful one I would say. So I feared I shouldn't bring you in. and I will be punished, If I have sex with an outsider.'

'What punishment?'

'Umm, I don't think you are ready yet. Listen to this before I say that. I feared for you. I remembered the ritual when I saw you both making out. So, I decided to keep my distance. I shouldn't have sex with an outsider, make out is okay. but sex? No. that's why, the other day, I lied that I wasn't on pills. You did bring the condom. But when you met me at the house, it took me a few minutes to find your condom and throw them away. I didn't remember the ritual you should perform to become a member of this cult. I thought this would be a one-time thing. You saved me from those assholes at school, I give you a blowjob. And call it even.'

'What about now? We fucked; I came in you. I am an outsider. Won't you be punished?' I asked.

'I will, I will be punished. Tomorrow is Saturday, a ritual takes places at the Jeff Clayton lake tomorrow midnight. I can take the punishment. But if you wish, you can save me from that, by becoming a member of the cult.' She said and kissed the shaft of my dick. 'what do you say?'

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