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21 black latina
she he pronouns enby queer
gendered terms are ok! NO THEY/THEM

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Image description byr im on here to be nosy so i don't tweet lol. i tend to block ppl randomly. i truly only care about blackpink, aespa & my 1st & 2nd gen ggroups (snsd, f(x), babyvox, ses) when it comes to kpop.

Image description dnr you only talk about kpop. a bts, skz, p1harmony or treasure stan. larrie or louis stan. anti black. obsessed with mitski or lana del rey. genshin impact or minecraft youtuber enjoyer. other than that, i'll just block you lol

Image description notes if i have you blocked & i don't know you, it's bc u popped up on my tl for some reason and you tweeted something stupid sawry not sawry 😕. also please don't copy me that's really weird

Image description music blackpink, snsd, f(x), babyvox, ses, aespa, boa, red velvet, twice, exo, shinee, fromis9, ive, ariana, harry styles, janet jackson, beyoncé, britney spears, namie amuro, tomoko kawase, hikaru utada, megan thee stallion, sza, spice girls, doja cat, fleetwood mac, olivia rodrigo, pinkpantheress + many more

Image description interests girl groups, jpop, anime, teen dramas, reality tv, making carrds (sometimes), horror movies + manga/books, learning languages, lost media

Image description media battle royale, tuca & bertie, desperate housewives, harry potter, the penthouse, gravity falls, the owl house, amphibia, bridgerton, the good place, wonder women, mcu, nope, don't worry darling

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