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21 black latina
she he pronouns enby queer
gendered terms are ok! NO THEY/THEM

Image description links whicrd accresourcesretrospringreferral code

Image description women. huh yunjin. CHRIS PINE Image description. horror. y2k aesthetics. 90s ggs. 70s/80s music. milfs/dilfs. cybercore. fairies. reality tv. city pop. new jack swing.

Image description byr im on here to be nosy so i don't tweet lol. i tend to block ppl randomly. i don't care that much about kpop and i don't take it seriously.

Image description dnr not active so i don't care who follows.

Image description notes please don't copy me that's weird and it makes me very uncomfortable ty <3

Image description kpop blackpink, snsd, f(x), baby vox, ses, aespa, boa, rv, twice, exo, shinee, fromis9, ive, le sserafim

Image description music ariana, harry styles, janet jackson, beyoncé, britney, namie amuro, tomoko kawase, hikaru utada, megan, sza, spice girls, doja cat, fleetwood mac, olivia rodrigo, pinkpantheress, flo, abba + many more

Image description media battle royale, ginger snaps, tuca & bertie, desperate housewives, harry potter, the penthouse, gravity falls, the owl house, amphibia, bridgerton, the good place, wonder women, mcu, nope, don't worry darling, x, pearl, abbott elementary, the bear

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