Tips And Infos for Microsoft Bing Image Creator

  • So many users say that the filters relax sometimes where there are times that are heavily censored, there are times arent. (like breathing)
  • Both Bing Image Creator ( And Microsoft Designer Generator ( have possibly different censorships so relax timing may be different than the other one.
  • When run out of credits on bing image creator, you can use a temp mail service.
  • You can use a cookie clicker software for the generate button if microsoft ai denies the request. Best to set it around 3-5 seconds.
  • You can try the "not" method. example "not phallic"
  • Try to put out more obscure words to get around restrictions.
  • The dog censorship are more connected to visual content. While certain prompts might be filtered based on keywords, images undergo censorship through analysis.
  • Also a function theory from /u/Suitable-Skies-Above/
  1. When you first submit a prompt, it goes through a simple keyword filter that will immediately reject if you input a banned word.
  2. Next the prompt goes to some sort of LLM that checks your prompt again using a model and will block it if the LLM thinks it is harmful. You will notice this filter if your prompt doesn't get immediately rejected, but does after a few seconds.Based on some other posts I've seen on the main bing subreddit in the last few months, I think this LLM also enhances your prompt and fills in the gaps to make it more rich. I suspect this is why BIC will trend towards more spicy images if you infer it with your prompt, while DIC needs very direct guidance.
  3. Dalle-3 spits out your images.
  4. Microsoft then runs image recognition on the output and filters based on what it detects in the image. I don't know what type of model does this. It could just be a classifier piped to another LLM, or maybe they're filtering keywords.
  5. All images that get passed step 4 are shown to you.
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