Blue Cruise Turkey -
The Blue cruise began as a romantic adventure exploring the spectacular and historic coast of south-west Turkey but has now expanded as a concept into the Adriatic where we are pleased to offer a wide range of Gulets sleeping parties of up to 24 guests. Our Turkish fleet has been extensively updated too as we always aim to bring you the very best in luxury and deluxe Gulet cruising.

For new guests the Blue Cruise opens a door to an entirely new way of experiencing the Mediterranean. Our chosen cruising ground is rich with historic sites, ancient cities and unique rock tombs and we aim to show you and your family the best of this wonderful experience where you can feast on breathtaking panoramic views of the sea or marvel at the wonder of nature. Seeing the blue waters and green nature embrace each other so beautifully can only be described as priceless. The crystal clear coastline of Turkey makes it ideal for swimming, enjoying water sports and exploring a mesmerising marine world. Countless hidden coves, deserted bays, sun-drenched sandy beaches and isolated villages make this an exceptional holiday adventure.

Pub: 16 Apr 2019 19:18 UTC
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