Crazy Critters Make Your Dog A Happy Puppy

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The wine bottle holders in this range include a whole host of animals and characters. We have themed holders for dog and cat lovers, shopping addicts, party girls, motorbike fans and foodies amongst others and they are all made from 100% recyclable metal.

gifts for cat lovers If you euthanise your pet you are selfish. By letting you pet die with dignity and releasing them from pain is a gift that we can give a loved one. If you want to prolong your animal to a few more months of pain, that would be selfish.

Present for Cat Lovers It has a higher acid content than that of many other animals. This was designed to ward off predators, and for cats that are still allowed outdoors to find food, this is a huge aid in self-defense.

Your kitty's doctor will most likely prescribe a type of lubricant which makes it easier for the hair to pass through your cat. It typically comes in oral gel form and will stop your feline friend from coughing up his own hair. In addition, it is probably a good idea to brush your cat on a regular basis to remove loose hair, especially if he has long hair. This will prevent him from swallowing large and uncomfortable hairballs that he may not be able to pass.

Pixie-bob - this is a domestic cat that resembles the North American Bobcat. Pixie-bob is known for its loving, tender and trustworthy characteristics.

I was closing up the office for the long weekend, and totally forgot about the cat in the coat room. I just assumed with half the building going in and out of there all day some one surly took "IT" home. Imagine my great surprise when I go to turn off the lights in the coat room I heard a sound like snoring, and looked around and sure enough on one of the chairs snoring away with very bad fish breath was "IT".

Cat Lovers Gift Imagine, in say the year 3000, we may have technology to travel through space in luxurious aircraft, and of course, one of the first things that people will want to bring with them is their favorite book, favorite music, and... their cat!

Feline Leukemia is one of the most common diseases in cats and is transmitted through cat saliva, which means a stray cat that licks your roaming pet or a water source used by multiple cats can be a source of the disease. A second serious disease is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). This disease is transmitted through cat blood so if your pet becomes involved in a fight with another cat while roaming outdoors he could contract the disease. Unfortunately, FIV is fatal and no cure is available at this time.

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