Certified Quality Men

by Eddy Edizejavi

Chapter 1


Foreword: This is my first time writing erotica. I hope you enjoy it, and feedback is more than welcome. This series will have sci-fi and BDSM elements, so if that sounds interesting to you I'd suggest you keep on reading. Also, this first chapter is more focused on world-building, but further chapters will have more sex on them.

Hello and welcome to the Steven Rogers Center for Genetic Research! My name is Luke Claye and I'm in charge of our Quality Assurance department. My work here basically revolves around making sure that our products are up to our clients' high standards, running a lot of tests, and scoring the candidates so that only the best ones are delivered. But let me explain what exactly we do here.

Let's say that a member of our exclusive club wants to buy a baseball team. It would be really easy for him to just go out looking for the best teams around and buy the one he likes the most, but we have come so far in Genetic Engineering this past century that someone who's thinking about having the absolute best team should consider hiring us. Here at our labs, we can give you men whose DNA was perfectly developed to make for the best baseball players in history. Or anything, really, athletes, musicians, models, singers, construction workers... If you need the best men for a job just tell us and we'll make them for you. The process is really simple: first, the guys at our Archives search our database for the genetic codes of athletes that they think would make for the best baseball players (height, speed, reflex, muscle mass, etc, etc), then the guys at the Genome Engineering Center mix and match those codes for unique specimens (and hopefully better ones), making it so that no one will ever be able to just buy a clone of your star player. After that, the Greenhouse guys cultivate them. Our patented Accelerated Growth Technology makes these guys grow from a fecundated egg cell to a fully grown man in just about one month. This process also develops their brains with memories and the knowledge that they need to perform their duties (so they don't come out as babies in a 25-year-old body), and now they are ready for Quality Assurance.

In the example we are dealing with, this would involve making sure that they are at peak physical condition, being able to lift heavy weights, or sustaining a high speed while running for an extended period, and so on. After these basic tests, we put them on the field and simulate what they were bred for: a baseball match. If everything goes as planned they already are seasoned players, with full knowledge of the rules and advanced tactics of the game. And if you need anything else more specific about each of them, we test that too. For example, maybe you'd like one of the guys to be good looking enough to be the eye-candy and attract the female audience... Don't worry, we've got you covered there as well!

The third part of our QA test is the personality of our subjects. What good is it to you if the player you paid top dollar for would rather be playing chess? Well, let's just say that won't be happening. During the developing phase of our players' brains, we form them with memories at key points of their "childhoods" so that they feel like playing for your team is a dream come true. For instance, maybe they've always dreamed about being a professional athlete, and have fond memories of playing catch with their fathers or were popular in High School playing in the State Youth Baseball League. Maybe their first time was with their High School crush after winning a game... The possibilities are endless!

And of course, their personalities are not all that matters. What you want is a cohesive team, with players who can think as a group, and act selflessly for the collective benefit. And this is where our patented technology shines. Our competitors may give you natural humans artificially enhanced to be good at sports, or even alter their brains so that they come up with the personality traits that you seek, but only here you'll get men built from the ground up, with not only memories perfectly designed to suit your needs, but also instincts. Because if they can have a natural aversion to spiders or worms, why can't they also have instincts for being loyal to your team, or giving it their absolute best at all times so as not to disappoint the coach? We can do this by giving our men a strong and natural hatred against the colors of the rival team, or feelings of intense shame and disappointment when the coach isn't happy, or feelings of relaxation and happiness when they smell the specific odor on their teammates' sweat (and then a strong feeling of camaraderie is developed). You see, the possibilities REALLY are endless here at the Steven Rogers Center for Genetic Research, and our team is always exploring new and inventive ways to give you the men you need.

So, be it a football or a piano player, just ask us and we'll get you the perfect man you always dreamed of.

And with a big smile from the narrator, the presentation of our product was over. The video feed was turned off and we turned to our audience.

"So, generals, would you like a tour of our facilities? We can show you the labs and some of the men we think you'd be interested in having by your side on the battlefield."

I just watched silently as the Suits kept on talking to what would be our biggest clients yet. All this talk of baseball players was made to appeal to their patriotic taste, but really what we were selling were soldiers. The perfect soldiers, bigger, stronger, always awake, and ready for action. We could even make them hate anyone with a different uniform, or recognize each other by their sweat and annihilate anything with a different smell... Our marketing team thought it was best to present it this roundabout way, we didn't want video evidence of what we were working on here. But I think the message was clear enough.

"These are the vats inside of which our next subjects are being developed. This one is only 3 weeks old, and as you can see it's almost complete. Right now it is... 6 feet tall and weighs 230 pounds, but by the end, it'll be around 7' and 270lbs of pure muscle!"

I kept behind, observing the reactions of the generals. They seemed pretty impressed but didn't want to seem too eager to buy. The guy in the vat was pretty amazing. Already he was one of the better ones we've ever had, being this big at this early a point. For a moment I imagined what it would feel like being fucked by such a powerhouse...

But of course, we killed all their sex drive. We were in the business of making soldiers: killers, not lovers. And making them oblivious to sex was the easiest way to solve the problem of having hundreds of guys with much more testosterone than the human body could process stuck on the rainforest for weeks or months... Poor guy. As a side effect of us trying to make him as big and muscular as possible, his dick was very long. I'd say he would be around 11" hard at the end of his development... if he could get hard, that is. What a waste.

The generals voiced some concerns, but the overall mood seemed positive. They went away with the promise to come back to us with an answer in a few days. They just had some things to run by the President, and then a new era of war would begin. To be honest, I wasn't very comfortable. But when my father began this company this was the end goal, so there is nothing that I could do to change the mind of the Suits. But thank God when I inherited his shares and became the new CEO I got to start my own side project, and there I make sure that no dick ever gets so shamefully wasted.

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