[ERROR] Fatal error: [NXBOOT] Couldn't parse boot0: !

If you updated via ChoidujourNX on SX OS then you will have a corrupt BOOT0.
Ensure that your SysNAND is on the same version as your EmuNAND and do the following to resolve the issue:

  1. Boot into Hekate.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Select Backup eMMC.
  4. Select eMMC BOOT0 & BOOT1.
  5. Once done, power off your device and connect your SD card to your PC.
    In your /backup/xxxxxxxx/ folder, move your BOOT0 and BOOT1 files into the /backup/xxxxxxxx/restore/ folder.
  6. Boot into Hekate and select Tools.
  7. Select Restore eMMC.
  8. Select SD emuMMC Raw Partition and make sure its ON.
  9. Select SD emuMMC BOOT0 & BOOT1.

Once the process is done, you may boot into Hekate and launch into Atmosphere.

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Pub: 03 Jan 2023 13:03 UTC
Edit: 25 Jan 2023 10:10 UTC
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