5 Exclusive Games for PC Game Pass

Everyone is familiar with Game Pass by now, but did you know that there is also a special PC Game Pass? In fact, PC Game Pass includes some games that are even exclusive to its service. We have listed five cool exclusive games for PC Game Pass for you.

Age of Empires IV

We kick off this list with Age of Empires IV, the latest title from Canadian Relic Entertainment and American World’s Edge. The real-time strategy game was released on October 28, 2021 and received rave reviews. In short, the fourth part is a new coat of paint for part 3 that is mainly reminiscent of the earlier games.

Still, the Xbox Game Studios-published title enjoys an 81 on Metacritic and a player base that is extremely satisfied with the game. Down to the last detail, players can delve into the histories of the various factions, with even weapons offering their own history lesson. Fans of RTS titles and fans of history can therefore shake hands in Age of Empires IV while enjoying Age of Empires IV.

Age of Empires IV

Europa Universalis IV

Age of Empires IV is not the only fourth game in this list that comes along, because Europa Universalis IV is also in the list. These can only be found on PC Game Pass, not Xbox Game Pass. That makes sense considering this is an in-depth grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio.

In the game, you take control of countries of your choice, with the countries diverging through the Ages. The game is extremely in-depth and you can easily spend tens of hours per campaign in the world. That shouldn’t surprise you, because the game has been hugely popular since 2013.

Fallout 2

Fallout and Fallout 2 can also be found exclusively via PC Game Pass. The first two parts are both rock hard RPGs, with the original even celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In terms of design, the games are therefore a bit smaller, but that does not take away from the fact that they are a pleasure to play.

These are just not the Fallout games as we know them today. These two titles date back to the days when Bethesda Game Studios hadn’t taken over the series. So the games come from Interplay Entertainment and Black Isle Studios respectively.

Football Manager 2022

You may wonder why Football Manager 2022 is in this list, but the reason for that is quite logical. This game is also available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles. However, that is a somewhat stripped-down version of the game and so we count Football Manager 2022 as an exclusive game for PC Game Pass.

The game puts you in control of football clubs to your heart’s content and puts you at the helm of the clubs. That means that you have to arrange the new transfers, who will be drafted and you are responsible for achieving the objectives. Time to choose your path in detail!

Total War: Warhammer 3

We close with the most recent title in this list: Total War: Warhammer 3. The latest installment in this series from Creative Assembly (and published by SEGA) released exclusively for PC on February 17th and was a big hit. The tactical turn-based strategy title is back and bigger than ever before.

For example, the third part in the Warhammer series of Total War brings welcome additions in the form of quality of life improvements, while the game is both nice and deep and still accessible to new players. This is mainly thanks to a strong tutorial that guides players. The game currently enjoys an 86 on Metacritic for all these aspects, making it one of the highest-rated games of 2022 to date.

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Age of Empires IV

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