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After her adventures with her Aunt, Uncle and Mum, Zena wanted to explore. Those experiences, which had been so rewarding, had turned her curiosity away from people her own age and towards experienced, mature people and particularly her father. She no longer felt that family fun was taboo, but something to be shared and enjoyed.

Zena's mum and dad had divorced a few years ago and her dad lived alone. It wasn't unusual for her to spend a few weeks staying with him, but now she wanted to make it more then just a visit. One thing she had learnt from her Aunt Penny is that you need a plan.

Zena discussed these desires with her Aunt Penny. She had a more open relationship with her aunt than her mum and she knew Penny would give her the right advice and probably a few tips.

Despite the debauched goings on with her mother, Zena was still apprehensive about her father, "It seems different, Aunt Penny. You convinced me that even if Uncle Nic put a baby in me, he's only related to me because he married you, but what if my dad gave me a baby?"

Penny meant forward and picked up her cup of tea and in doing so, exposed almost all of her cleavage to Zena.

Zena looked and licked her lips. Penny and Zena enjoyed teasing each other and making each other squishy down there. Especially in circumstances like this. They'd taken some time out from the rest of the people attending the family barbecue to talk privately, but anybody could walk in at any time, so they couldn't act on their urges.

"You don't need to worry about that sweetie. You can have some marvellous fun with your dad without having to worry about that. There's more fun to be had than just having a man put his penis into you. What we need to think about is how to seduce him. Convince him that he should let his daughter take care of his needs and then surprise him," Penny advised.

Zena's relief was was evident in her sexy smile and Penny had no doubt about her excitement as she watched Zena cross her legs slowly, giving her a long and clear view of her green panties. She couldn't help but notice the thin but distinct line where the shade of green was much darker.

"I see you're very excited at the prospect Zena," she smirked.

"You know me too well, auntie. You're such a good schemer. Do you have any ideas?" Zena asked.

"You visit with your dad often. Have you ever gone sneaking around? Have you found any hints about what naughty interests he might have?"

"Aunt Penny!" Zena said indignantly, "no I haven't, but dad isn't careful with hiding his internet history," Zena smiled cheekily as she sipped her tea.

On previous visits, while her dad was at work and between doing household chores, Zena had come across her dad's internet history. It was interesting reading. Among all of the usual sites a person would visit, there were long lists of porn sites.

"Do tell, dear."

Zena responded conspiratorially, "He seems to have many interests, but a recurring theme is women's panties. Women parading around in panties, upskirt views of panties, women flashing their panties, women masturbating in panties."

Penny said, "Nothing really unusual there. All men seem to have a thing about peeking up women's skirts to get a glimpse of their panties."

"Not just men, Aunt Penny. I bet the flash of mine I just gave you, gave you a bit of a thrill," there was that cheeky smile again.

Penny looked down at her bosom, drawing Zena's eyes down to it too, "The nipples never lie dear. They are aching for some attention."

Zena ignored Penny's comment, but was pleased with the effect she'd had on her aunt.

"Then the things dad had been looking at got a bit more unusual. Photos of soiled panties, men masturbating with soiled panties, men wearing panties, men masturbating in panties, men masturbating while holding panties to their nose and women wearing panties sitting on men's faces while the men masturbate." Zena enjoyed revealing this to her aunt.

Penny knew that Zena's plan to seduce her father would revolve around panties. That would be easy enough. The tricky part would be to go from her being the seductress, to her dad taking the lead.

Zena and Penny were interrupted by the call that lunch was ready, but they worked on their plan over the next week.

When Zena greeted her father, in a short, tight, blue and white flowery summer dress, which highlighted her shapely thighs and full bosom, she held him tighter and longer than usual. She wanted him to feel that she was now a young woman in full bloom. Bill, her father certainly didn't miss noticing her firm breasts or her prominent mound, pressed against his crotch. He did feel a bit uncomfortable though, because his own crotch now had a prominent mound and it was getting more prominent.

They chatted as usual before Zena said it had been a big day and she was having an early night and went upstairs to the bedroom that was set aside for her. She visited the upstairs bathroom and laid her bait. She knew from previous visits that her father would surf the internet and take care of his needs, after she went to bed, so she took off her sodden knickers and put them on top of the laundry basket.

Zena lay in bed reading and sure enough, about half an hour after she had gone to her room she heard daddy enter the bathroom. Once she was sure he was occupied downstairs she crept back to the bathroom and her knickers were nowhere to be seen. When she went there in the morning, they had reappeared. Daddy had used them to aid with caring for her needs. The thought made Zena's pussy twitch and drip.

Bill had gone to work and Zena made herself some breakfast and then busied herself with chores. Bill kept his house superficially clean and tidy, but neglected the things that men just don't see, like dusting and vacuuming under and behind furniture.

Zena was interrupted by a knock at the door. It was a parcel delivery for her dad. She smiled as she lay the parcel on the lounge room table and finished her chores.

When she finished the chores, Zena hopped on her father's computer to make sure panties would still be the right direction to take, but her knickers going missing last night and returning in the morning was a pretty good hint. Bill's internet history confirmed that, but then she noticed a favourites folder called 'PRIVATE'.

She had a look at the names of some of the links, which included many commencing 'Old and Young'. She was a little worried until she saw all of the webpages she brought up had disclaimers saying that all models were over 18 years of age. She breathed a sigh of relief that her dad wasn't a paedophile. After all, she was 19 and legal herself.

She hoped the next lot would be the same. She was on one hand excited by the names and on the other, she was still filled with trepidation. Titles like 'Daddy's Little Slut', 'Daddy's Naughty Girl' and 'Daughter Helps Daddy' could be exactly what she hoped for or what she dreaded.

Fortunately, it was the latter and something Zena noticed was that none of the women looked less than mid twenties and the men tended to be much older than her own father, who was in his early fifties. That confirmed for her that it wasn't young girls he was interested, but the taboo of family fun that she had already reconciled herself to, in her discussions with her mother, aunt and uncle.

Now she was very excited. These fetishes of her father's didn't bother her, in fact she looked forward to helping him with them. Coming across this new information meant she could accelerate her plan and that she could move forward to confronting daddy tonight.

When Bill arrived home she pointed him to the parcel. "That's strange, I didn't order anything," he said.

"Maybe it's a present from a secret admirer," Zena said, laughing at that old chestnut and left the room. Bill opened the parcel and was both shocked and thrilled when he saw the parcel contained a pair of see through, frilly panties, sealed in a plastic ziplock bag.

Bill was confused, but quickly hid the parcel in his study, so Zena didn't have a chance to look in the box. He would be mortified if his daughter found out his innermost desires.

Zena returned with a cup of coffee each and enquired about the parcel. Bill shrugged it off with a "Nothing exciting. Just work stuff." Zena didn't push any further. Her heart was pounding as was her pussy, to the same beat. She was so looking forward to playing out her plan tonight.

She yawned and said, "Daddy, do you mind ordering some delivery for your dinner? I've done a lot around the house today and I don't feel like cooking. I think I'll have another early night."

Bill replied, "Of course baby girl," the use of that term had Zena's nipples hardening, "I appreciate the effort you put in. I might have an early night myself."

Of course, Bill had no intention of doing that. He was thinking, 'Great. I can't wait to check out those panties. I wonder if they're used or new? Who would send me something like that?"

Zena washed up the cups and bade Bill a goodnight. It was getting dark and she'd wait until after she heard her father leave the bathroom before putting her plan into action. She then went to the bathroom and left her own present for her daddy. One pair of well worn and very wet panties.

Bill waited for enough time for Zena to fall asleep before opening his parcel again. He went to his study. There was a typed note under the ziplock bag. "The thought of you wearing my wet panties makes for another pair of wet panties 😉. From a secret admirer."

Bill's heart skipped a beat when he remembered that Zena had used 'secret admirer', but it didn't stop him opening the bag. The smell of sex immediately emanated from the bag. Female sex, excited female sex, pussy juice.

He held the sexy panties up and saw immediately that they were far too big to be Zena's. Bill thought they were very sexy and his small cock began to stiffen. They completely transparent with light pink piping along the seams, light pink crotch and a little bow.

The back panel was full and would cover his bum cheeks. He did like the feeling of bareness there that a g-string gave, but he also liked the feeling of knicker material against his cheeks.

He checked the crotch and it was soaked. He brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply, confirming that the wetness had come from the depths of a woman's vagina.

Bill was wearing only a towelling robe and he now removed it and slipped the panties on, hoping desperately they would fit him. He was so pleased that they did and when he pulled them up tight he could feel the wetness pressing against his shaved balls. The thought that his balls were sitting where his benefactor's labia had sat and leaked the sexy juices his balls now sat in made his penis stiffen to its full 5 inches.

While this was going on, Zena was on the phone with Penny. "It's going better than we'd planned auntie. Dad's been looking at young and old websites and daddy fantasy videos online and I left my panties out last night and he used them."

Penny sounded as pleased as Zena, "Wonderful, sweetie. Did he leave any incriminating evidence?"

"No, he must have just smelt them. The parcel arrived. I've gone to bed early to give him a chance to use them," Zena enthused, her hand creeping between her legs to rub the itch beneath the fresh pair of panties she'd donned.

Penny giggled at the thought of Bill's surprise at receiving the parcel. "He won't be able to resist my parcel dear. I wore them all day, while I was sexting back and forth with my friend Sean. I was soaking and every time I received a text, I'd rub myself through them. They were very wet when I put them in the parcel."

"I can't wait to sneak down and catch him at it, Aunt Penny," Zena said breathlessly.

"Now dear, don't go off track. It's not time to confront him yet. It's time for teasing and titillating, so he becomes so needful, he'll go along with anything."

"Yes auntie."

"Are you wearing that blue silky nightie we bought for you dear?" Penny enquired.

"Good, now just give him enough time, but not so much time he finishes dealing with himself and then put the next part of the plan into action," Penny instructed.

"Yes Aunt Penny," Zena said and giggled, "He'll either spend a lot of time enjoying his present or finish very quickly."

"You'd better go now then sweetie. We need him to be fully excited and thinking with his man's brain, not the one in his skull."

Zena went downstairs, very quietly. She knew her father would be in his study. She giggled inside, thinking it should be called his wanking room. She peeked around the doorway and saw her father dressed in Penny's panties. This was the time! She walked in.

"Dad, what the fuck!?"

Bill didn't know what to do. Should he try to hide his erection, that could be seen through the sheer transparency of the panties? Should he try to hide the fact he was wearing panties? Where was his robe? He needed to cover up. How could he explain this?

Zena's pussy twitched at her father's predicament. She was surprised at that, but then thought what a genius her Aunt Penny was. She let her pussy relax and she orgasmed. Her pussy leaking masses of juice into her own panties.

They were both so caught up in the moment it took them some time to realise that they'd heard the front door open and footsteps approaching them. They were both rooted to the spot when Aunt Penny and Uncle Nic entered the room.

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