Patrick’s Cathedral in the wonderful American city of New York. The weather this morning is beautiful although it was extremely warm.

As I am standing, in a dark men’s suit and silver tie, at the altar near the priest waiting for my gorgeous bride to enter, my attention was caught on Bianca’s mom, the mother of the bride, Diane, entering the church and walking down the aisle and sitting down in a pew.

Although I love Bianca, Diane was a gorgeous early 40s woman. She is so skinny, so attractive-looking, and was dressed sexy and elegant. She is wearing a graceful skirt suit. Even though she was skinny, her breasts were 75D that stuck out under her tight white top that she is wearing under her smooth and silky opened jacket. Her legs looked attractive and shapely thin from under her silky knee-length skirt and were shining from the bright church lights.

I knew Diane very well after I first met Bianca. Diane was proud of her daughter to marry a handsome man like myself, as Diane had a miserable time before when her husband died from a heart attack, but when Diane met me, she thought I would be her new man in her life. Diane glanced at me and smiled and I grinned back.

Suddenly the ceremony begins: Bianca appears and walking down the aisle. She looked beautiful but she was hot and busty with the bare outline of her enormous breasts appeared on the v-neck front of her wedding dress!

After the ceremony was over in the church, I was proud that me and Bianca are now a married couple. When we arrived at the Plaza Hotel for the function, my eyes were focused on Diane as she massaging her fingertips on her nipples visible on her top. My penis begins to expand and harden inside my trousers.

I quickly got up from my seat and tapped my glass of champagne with a spoon. I announced to the guests: "Guests, family members and friends, I would like to appreciate your attendance at this beautiful wedding today on behalf of the marriage of myself and Bianca my lovely bride. When I first met Bianca, she looked the same as her mother, Diane, and Diane has raised a lovely daughter." Diane smiles in delight and raises her glass of red wine. After the function, the wedding dance was on next. Bianca and I started it off first.
Later on, Diane approached me and said kindly: "Terry, I want you up in my hotel room right now for, you know what we want…" I was hesitant to accept it. I asked anxiously: "What about Bianca?" Diane then said: "I’ll talk to her."

Diane went over to her daughter Bianca. "Bianca, honey, I’m sorry but I have to go to sleep as I’m tired and my belly is full. I know you …" But Bianca interrupts: "It’s alright, Mom. If you want to go to bed early, I don’t mind."

Diane kisses her daughter good night before she left the function room with me. As we went up the stairs, Diane could see my penis sticking firm under my trousers. I rubbed my hand on Diane’s smooth and rounded buttocks, but she took my hand and kissed it. "My daughter is lucky to marry you, but I’m lucky to have you, Terry."

As we entered Diane’s hotel room, it was a looked tidy with a double bed but the room was boiling warm from the weather and the heating in the hotel. Diane turned to me and eagerly smiled: "Shall we begin before my daughter arrives and finds out?"

I quickly grabbed Diane and brought her to me and I quickly kissed her on her soft red lips. Diane was enjoying kissing her new son-in-law and was very eager for sex. As I could smell from her breath, Diane had drunk a lot of wine but she still has perfume on. As we continued smooching, Diane wrapped her arms around my waist as I lay my hands on her buttocks again and gave them a squeeze.

Diane managed to hold still and she continued to give me a deep kiss before I could stick my tongue into her mouth and rubbed it against her tongue. As we stopped kissing, I lifted Diane tight to me and dropped her on the double bed.

Diane took deep breaths as she placed her hand on her bloated belly and laid her head on the pillow. I fixed up my tie before I lay down over Diane and continued kissing her. She wrapped her arms around the back of my head and pulled my face close to hers.

After kissing for fifteen minutes, I then placed my hand under Diane’s skirt to massage her pussy. Diane groaned as I massaged her moist but warm vagina.

Diane lifted up her skirt to reveal her skinny thighs and her hairy pussy. As I stuck my head under her skirt, I then licked her vagina with delight. Diane was resting and moaning of her pussy been licked. "That’s it, baby, that’s it!"

I continued kissing Diane again, her lips were very soft and smooth with a deep red colour. As she left her jacket on her, she pulled up her top to reveal her big 75D breasts strapped behind her see-through tight bra. "Diane, I really think you should do this to your daughter."

But Diane rejects my refusal to suck her breasts. "You are now part of my family, Terry. My daughter wouldn’t mind." I was still hesitant but I couldn’t resist the sight of Diane’s tits: they are huge, cream-coloured and firm-looking with dark nipples.

I quickly put my eager lips to Diane’s nipple and suckled it with delight. "That’s it, baby, suck your new mother in-law’s tits!" groaned Diane quietly to herself. Sweat was pouring down Diane’s tits which made her breasts and her sexy belly hot and sticky as I kissed all over her stomach and her tits.

We wrapped around each other’s necks before we kissed again for two minutes. "You are such a gorgeous babe!" I whispered near Diane’s pretty face. She replies back: "You’re a sexy handsome young man!"

Then, without hesitation, Diane quickly reached into my trousers to feel for my firm penis. As she pulled it out, she looked truly amazed and eager to suck it. "I must have your cock!!!!" exclaimed Diane. She quickly stuffed my penis into her mouth and sucked it in delight.

Although it was impossible for her to fit every bit of my firm penis into her mouth, she covered as much of it with her red lips as she can. Diane really enjoyed the taste as she licked her tongue all over my penis. "Sweet and juicy cock!" she whispered. Diane kept sucking my firm penis until it was very moist.

Diane tipped the end of my penis with her pink fingernail and as she let go of it, it kept swaying about up and down. "Fuck me, Terry!" I sat up and pulled up Diane’s skirt, she stretched out her legs apart and I struck my moist penis into her vagina.

It was a difficult fit but I managed to fit every part of my penis into her hairy pussy. Then I fucked Diane! At every time I pumped my penis in and out her pussy, her huge breasts shook, hitting against each other, her legs were shaking and she was moaning in delight of the semen going into her vagina.

As I kept fucking her, she moaned loudly saying: "Oh God! This feels so good! If I get pregnant, my daughter Bianca would be surprised to have a brother or sister with you as a father!" I said: "I’m just glad I have you as a mother!"

Slowly, I slid my penis out of Diane’s pussy. It’s covered completely of white pussy juice. Diane moaned: "Oh my pussy hurts so much but…" Diane grabs my tie and pulls me to her "…my love for you, doesn’t."

As Diane kissed me again, the hotel door starts to open. Diane quickly pulled down her skirt and her top and I started fitting my penis back into my trousers but the zipper is stuck as I tried to close it.

Instead of a hotel maid or some other member of the hotel staff we thought, it’s Bianca that enters, still in her wedding dress. She can tell on our faces that she knows what was really happening.

Diane explained anxiously: "Diane, sweetheart, Terry and I were just…spending some time together." Bianca said: "Mom, I know you are in love with Terry and I’m not angry at you or Terry for that."

I interrupted: "Bianca, I’m in love with your mom and, I know you might be upset…" Bianca says: "I’m not. Mom and I are lovers and we usually kiss and embrace each other like lesbians. She even breastfed me when I was a teenager."

I felt a bit surprised. "I didn’t know about that...although it’s none of my business." Bianca replied: "Mom and I like to keep to ourselves."

Diane and Bianca join and wrap their arms around each other. "I love you, Mom." "I love you too, sweetheart." Bianca and Diane kissed each other like lesbians rather than mother and daughter.

Diane brought Bianca over to the bed and laid her down on her back. And with help from me, Diane lifted the bottom of Bianca’s wedding dress up to her large bosoms, revealing her bare legs underneath. As my penis was still firm and moist, I gently pushed it into Bianca’s vagina.

Every time I pumped my penis, her breasts shook and she moaned. I went into the bathroom for to go to the toilet, Bianca and Diane were left on the bed. Diane massaged the outline of Bianca’s breasts on the front of her white wedding dress. "You are such a beautiful girl!" Diane lifted up her top to reveal her huge breasts again.

She brought the nipple to Bianca’s mouth for suckling on to. Diane started breastfeeding her daughter in her wedding dress. Bianca was enjoying the sweet taste of her mother’s breast milk from her huge soft tits.

While she is embracing her daughter to her breast, Diane placed her hand under Bianca’s wedding dress and touched her daughter’s pussy with her red fingernails. "You are my favourite daughter, Bianca!" Bianca was very happy when she replied: "Mom, there will no wedding as great as this. I’m glad you are here with me and Terry." Diane smiled and kissed her daughter on the cheek.

After I returned from the bathroom, Bianca, Diane and I stripped out of our wedding outfits and tossing them onto the floor until we were fully naked cause of the heat in the room. Diane’s breasts were equally huge and brown coloured to Bianca’s breasts.

As I rested onto the bed, Diane snuggled up beside me and laid her head on my chest. Bianca huddled up on my other side and I kissed on the back of her head. I scratched Bianca’s sweaty bare back as she was having difficulty reaching and scratching an itch on her back.

Seeing my new wife and her mother completely naked, made my penis stick out long and firm. As the three snuggled closer together, we fell asleep through the rest of my wedding night.

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