music ministry, nine inch nails, left spine down, stormtroopers of death, swamp terrorists, deftones, surgical meth machine, pitbull daycare, revco, stayte, the young gods, sepultura, x-cops, ringworm, dj? acucrack, nasenbluten, godflesh, acumen nation, ohgr, buck satan & the 666 shooters, chemlab, limbogott, sheep on drugs, slipknot, kmfdm, rammstein, hanzel und gretyl, pissing razors, znöwhite, skinless, combichrist, suizid, woods of desolation, spyder baby, special affect, korn, revolting cocks, lard, lifelover, skrew, ost+front, die pigeon die, tool, blood and batteries, hades nexus 16, pigface, puscifer, placebo my lastfm
*jeordie note: i am critical of everything i listen to and i like bands purely for their music (unless stated otherwise)

music genres industrial metal, dsbm, thrash metal, industrial/electronic rock shit & more

assorted stuff dead rising (whole franchise), fight club, zombie apocalypse movies & games, shitty "disturbing" horror & i really love centipedes. Also i am really into edward norton at the moment Sorry I do not know why.

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