You have it all thought out."

"Yes," I said, my cheeks burning as I felt the futa's attention.

"Shame, because you are cute, Lola." She let out a purring sound. "Nothing like a cute White girl squealing on my big, Black futa-dick."

I didn't respond, gripping my cross tighter. We all walked with our back straights. We'd heard all these sort of crude comments before.

"Huh, nothing?" Shelena asked. "No shock. No gasp."

"You're nothing to me," I said and kept walking.

"Cold," Shelena said. "Real cold. Fine, miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime."

Macie snorted. She took my hand and gave me a supportive squeeze. "Egotistical brat. Wouldn't a big cock just hurt a lot?"

"My sister sings by them," said Kylie. "She went to an out of state college and came back a tattooed slut. I won't be like her. She has sex with futas and girls. She tried to tell me all about it before she made a move on me. My sister!"

I shook my head.

The day passed. It was unpleasant. I was stared at. In classes, I couldn't have my escort and the futas knew it. They squeezed my rump and my tits. One ripped off a pastie, exposing my nipple. She rolled it between her fingers, making me shiver.

My escort always swooped in to save me. They stayed around between classes. They were already racking up the tardy slips. It was a shame, but they were willing to pay the price for me. Georgia replaced my missing pasties three times over the course of the day.

The itch grew. Swelled. I gripped my cross against it every time. I sat in my seat, feeling my hot juices leak out of me as the students leered at me. I ignored them. I was better than them. I didn't surrender to my lusts.

It was hard. I wanted to do naughty things. I had shamed myself a few times in my life and masturbated. It had been five months since the last time. I had come across Shelena fucking a girl in the Program. Her Black cock had penetrated into the depths of the girl's cunt, stretching her out. It was at the end of the day and it had set my mind on fire.

I surrendered in the hidden sanctuary of my bed and stroked myself until I had my release.

Masturbation was a lesser sin than surrendering to a futa before I married. I wished I knew a futa to date. The few in the club already had girlfriends with whom they'd swapped promise rings. None of the others wanted anything to do with us.

They were all so horny.

It was at the end of the day when I could clothe myself, that the text arrived. To my shock, Shelena had sent me a picture of her dick. My cheeks reddened at the blatant image of her large, ebony shaft thrusting from the shaved folds of her pussy. I could see her breasts at the bottom of the frame. She's snapped the shot aimed down her body. Her breasts were large and soft, bigger than my own despite the year I had on her.

Just imagine this in you, Shelena sent with it. You're in the Program. Enjoy yourself.

I would not.

That night, I locked my phone in my desk drawer and fought for over an hour to pull it out and shame myself. I put on my heaviest nightgown, rolled on my side, and resisted the urge as I hugged my pillow. I clutched my cross and battled with my lusts.

I didn't surrender. I fell into a deep sleep triumphant in my denial of my lusts.

Lola Lovell's Week, Tuesday

The next day, my friends were with me again. Georgia placed fresh pasties on my nipples after I stripped nude. President McTaggart watched on, shaking her head. The perverted futa had a hardon she absently rubbed through her skirt. She was married to Mrs. Ava, who taught German and coached the futa's track and field team, and here the president was lusting for me.

Once again, I waged into the college and did battle. Shelena peppered my phone with dick, tits, and pussy picks. She sent me photos of her fucking a few different White girls, inviting me to experience what had put such big grins on their faces. She was such a futa-sow. 

I hated how wet she made me.

It made resisting the futas harder. I went through ten pasties today. Jade was particularly nimble. She could slip through my escort and have my pasties off in a flash. She would rub my nipples into her face and rub her fingers through my bush, caressing my pussy before one of my escorts pulled her away and shoved her out of the circle.

I was visibly wet by the time lunch came. It was a constant battle to fight off my lusts as I ate. It didn't help that Shelena was sending more picks. In the new series, she was receiving a blowjob from the Freshman girl in the Program this week. Monica Rocha was enthusiastic. Shelena snapped photo after photo of Monica sliding her mouth up and down that big, ebony girl-dick. 

Imagine you sucking this big dick. 

The last pic for a while showed Shelena's pearly futa-cum dripping down Monica's smiling face. You could be just as happy. Now I'm going to fuck her hard. I bet you'll hear her screaming.

I didn't. But just as lunch was over, I received a pic of Monica's pussy dripping with cum while she beamed at the camera, her face still smeared in jizz. I gripped my cross and battled against my inequities. I would not submit.

When I retrieved my clothing from President McTaggart, she studied me. "You really plan on not having fun during the Program."

"What fun is there to have?" I asked.

"So, so much," she said. "You are missing out on the spirit of the Program. You're supposed to be learning about your sexuality."

"I already know it." I lifted my chin. "I have nothing to learn."

She gave me a look of such pity. "I really believe you. You're going to keep yourself from having fun out of pure stubbornness."

"Conviction," I said, my voice getting breathy.

That night, I battled against my lusts again. I conquered them even with all the filthy images Shelena kept sending me. 

Lola Lovell's Week, Wednesday

"Come with me to my office President McTaggart," said the next day when arrived to strip naked and hand her my clothes. "You can bring one of your friends."

"I'll come," Macie said. The rest of my escort all chimed in, too.

"You all can't fit in my office," said President McTaggart.

After I'd stripped naked, getting out a sports bra and panties, along with a loose dress that was easy to take off and don (what was the point of wearing anything difficult to take off?), I marched through the halls to the main office. Soon, Macie and I were sitting across from President McTaggart. The college's nurse, a futa with bleached-blonde hair named Ms. Mutton, was with her.

"Well, you and your club have put up a great defiance of the Program," President McTaggart said. "You're falling all the rules."

"Yes, we are," I said, wondering why the school's nurse was here.

"Now, you must be familiar with Rule 24."

My stomach twisted. I glanced at the nurse. "You're going to administer an aphrodisiac to me?"

"It's in the Program rules," the nurse said, "for me to administer a pill that can help relax a student who is having undo distress. Nothing serious. Nothing that will harm you."

"I'm not in distress," I protested.

"You are not behaving like a healthy, young woman," said the president. Her fiery hair swayed about her face as she leaned forward. "You're clearly horny, but you're not accepting any relief. I'm getting concerned that such bottled-up lust will cause adverse consequences to your emotional health. It could cause all manner of psychological problems."

"In rare circumstances," the nurse added. She pulled a pill bottle out of her pocket and shook out a single pill. "This has been approved for the Program. I'm allowed to administer it at my discretion. You have to take it, Miss Lovell, for your own health."

I stared at it, swallowing. "Macie?"

"It's in the rules," my friend muttered. "I never thought they'd claim you need it. This is horse pucky, President McTaggart."

"You almost swore at me," the president said, amusement in her tone. "It's this or expulsion, Miss Lovell. Your choice."

"Doesn't matter," I said and took the white pill. I popped into my mouth and swallowed. "I'm still in control."

"Of course you are," the president said. She gave me a smile. "Enjoy your day. I hope it helps."

"She won't succumb," said Macie, grabbing my hand. "Right?"

I nodded.

This warmth spread through my stomach as I rose. I could feel it working on me. It drifted down to that hot itch I had been ignoring and fanned it. I shuddered as it swelled. My fingers twitched. The need to pleasure myself intensified.

I arrived at my first class, feeling my pussy juices already soaking through my bush. My nipples ached against the restraining pasties. A line of hot cream worked down my inner thigh as Britney opened the door for me. She had a furious look on her face.

"Be strong," she whispered.

I nodded to her.

"Ah, Miss Lovell," Miss Dannel said. "Do you want your ten minutes of relief, or should I just start the lesson?"

All the futas stared at me with such hunger in their eyes. I swallowed as I headed to my desk. My pussy ached and throbbed. I could take care of it right now. I could just surrender to this warmth. I took the pill. I was being affected by a drug.

It really wasn't me doing it.

"No, Miss Dannel," I answered, squirming beneath the eyes staring at me.

"She is making this so boring," muttered Charisma Lacy, a futa who was naked save for her slave collar. She and her sister were sex slaves to one of the football players. They were rewards for winning the big game.

"I know," groaned Kenya Short. The Black futa shook her head and looked away from me.

I blushed furiously at this impulse to just relax. It wasn't really me. It was the pill. How could it be a sin if I wasn't in control of what I was doing? I bit my lip. I struggled to focus as a puddle of juices slowly formed beneath me on the chair.

Just as the class ended, Macie and four members of my escort burst into the room, leaving their classes early to help me out. I think most professors were resigned to let them get away with it. Maybe they respected what they were doing for me.

"How are you doing?" asked Macie as we headed out, her voice a low whisper. She leaned in close, her long, brown hair slipping off the shoulders of the blue blouse she wore today. It went all the way to her neckline and didn't cup her round breasts. I knew she had firm tits. I'd seen them before at sleepovers when we'd change.

I licked my lips. "Fine, fine. I'm in control. The pill is just... I can do this."

"Okay," she said, rubbing my lower back in support. Heat rippled from her hand. "We're all so proud that you're staying strong."

"We are, Lola," said Kylie, beaming at me.

"You're an inspiration!" Britney said.

I had to remember that. An inspiration. But would it really be my fault if the pill made me slip up? a voice whispered through my mind. Ask for relief in the next class. What's the harm?

The pill's effects increased as I walked. My pussy had never burned so much. My nipples throbbed beneath the constraining pasties. I wanted to rip them off and free them. My fingers flexed and itched. I whimpered and then I did it.

I tore the first one off, gasping in relief as my dark-red nipple came into view. I groaned, this wicked heat rippling through me as I exposed my nipple for all to see. I then tugged on the other one, gasping in delight as I freed my nubs.

"Lola?" Macie gasped as I balled up the sticky circles.

"They were driving me nuts," I panted. "Everyone's seen them. Futas are ripping them off of me twenty times a day. They itch."

Macie bit her lip. "Are you sure you're handling the pill."

"I'm fine," I said, resisting the urge to stroke my nipple. It was just a pill. A pill. I controlled myself.

We reached my next classroom. I didn't have any of my society in this one either. I took a deep breath. The pill swelled through me. My fingers rubbed at my skin as we waited for class to almost start so I could dart in. this way no futas could grope me.

"Be strong," Macie said and hugged me. My naked nipples throbbed against her blouse. Her lips kissed me. She smelled so good. This wonderful, dizzy wave washed through me. I heard my phone chirp in my bag right then.

I broke away from her and fled into the classroom. I fished out my phone as I sat down, glancing at it. I groaned at the sight of Shelena's big, Black futa-dick. She stroked it. Saw you rip off your pasties. If you need more relief, my cock's ready and waiting.

I shuddered and shoved my phone into my backpack as a puddle of juices formed beneath me. I leaned over my desk, rubbing my breasts into the surface. It was so cool and smooth. I leaned over it more, my nipples drinking in the feel. They were so sensitive.

Did the pill make my nipples more sensitive? They felt electrified. Tingles raced down to my pussy. I could feel the seat rubbing on my clit. My bud burst with pleasure. I could make myself cum just squirming here.

This pill was driving me wild. I couldn't resist it. But I had to. I had to get through today, tomorrow, and Friday. I had to show everyone that the Purity Society was correct. That we could control our actions.

"Miss Lovell, dare I even ask?" Ms. Ridley said, glancing at me. "Relief?"

I straightened up. The words were on my tongue. I just had to blurt them out. I grabbed the edge of my desk, fighting against that sinful impulse. Everyone would see me. Those horny futas, and at least half the girls, were staring at me with interest and hunger in their eyes.

"No," I croaked. "I'm fine."

The pill does not control me. I told myself that over and over as Ms. Ridley went into her lesson on physics. The pill does not control me. The pill does not control me.

I wanted to masturbate.

The pill does not control me.

I needed to rub my pussy and make myself cum.

The pill does not control me.

I could just rock myself to an orgasm right here.

The pill does not control me.

I could grind myself to a wonderful relief and surrender to the pill.

The pill does not control me.

Didn't it? I was so horny. I could just frig myself to an orgasm in a heartbeat because...

The pill does control me.

It wasn't my fault I was so horny. This wasn't the normal temptation of my flesh. This was enhanced. I felt this calm ripple over me as I embraced this revelation. This wasn't my fault. I would have made it if President McTaggart hadn't given me this pill. If I did anything naughty, it wouldn't be really me. Just the pill.

I raised my hand.

"Miss Lovell?" asked Ms. Ridley.

"I need to use the restroom."

She shrugged so I grabbed my bag and headed out of the classroom at a calm walk. I missed my chance to have relief in the first ten minutes of class, but that didn't mean I couldn't get off. I could make myself cum in privacy. I left the classroom and hurried naked and alone down the hallway. There were no futas to accost me and grope my body.

What a shame. If they did touch me and I enjoyed it, that was the pill's doing.

I went into the futas' restroom for the first time without being embarrassed. Without forcing several of my escorts to come in with me and protect me in the stall. I sauntered in, my breasts jiggling. In the mirror, I caught sight of my flushed body, my round breasts jiggling. My inner thighs gleamed with my spicy excitement. I breathed it in over the fresh scent of lemon.

Our custodial staff was excellent.

I entered the last stall, sat down on the toilet, and fished out my phone. I opened up that pic from Shelena. I stared at her dick, really studying a futa and her cock for the first time. I shuddered, this wicked heat rippling through me.

I shoved my hand between my thighs. My soaked bush tickled my palm. I gasped as I found the lips of my pussy. I felt so calm and relaxed now, surrendering to the effects of that naughty pill. I rubbed my hot cunt as I lusted after that big, Black futa-cock.

I stared at the shaft as I rubbed up and down my virgin pussy slit. The pleasure rippled through me. I groaned, my breasts jiggling as my eyes ran up and down the thick shaft. The tip was shaped like a helmet atop a thick shaft. It descended down to pussy lips, pink delight peeking around the darker outer vulva.

"Just like my pussy," I moaned to myself. "Only I have a little clit instead of a big dick."

I brushed my little clit and gasped. The rapture surged through me. I whimpered, squeezing my eyes shut. I strummed that amazing bud. It was incredible. The toilet seat creaked beneath me. My moans echoed through the restroom.

"Oh, my gosh!" I gasped. "Oh, my gosh, yes!"

I came.

I couldn't believe how fast it happened. Never in the past, those times when I'd lost control, did it sweep over me with such intensity. The pill was amazing. It controlled my lusts, fed me such pleasure. I bucked on the toilet, the seat creaking beneath me.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I kept gasping, my virgin pussy spasming, aching. I needed to be filled. I needed a hard cock thrusting into me.

The pill controls me.

I needed to enjoy that bliss. My eyes fell on my phone. I tapped the screen to brighten the image as I shuddered through my orgasm. I needed that cock in me. I had to do it.

The pill controls me.

My fingers typed one-handed as I kept diddling my clit, the waves of pleasure rippling through me. I'm in the first-floor bathroom by the science classrooms. Last stall. I need your cock in me.

I hit send.


I shuddered at that quick answer. I whimpered, shuddering, my phone falling out of my fingers. I moaned as my fingers caressed my clit. The pleasure surged through me. My eyes rolled into my head. It was wonderful.

Another orgasm burst through me. This wonderful heat surged through my body. This amazing bliss that had my tits heaving. My left hand, free of my phone, grabbed my tit. I squeezed it, massaged it. Such rapture shuddered through me.

The pill controls me.

I loved it.

The door to the bathroom burst open. "Well, well, well, Miss Lola Lovell, President of the Purity Society begging for my cock to fuck her."

"Yes!" I moaned. "Don't be annoying and get in here and fuck me." I shuddered at saying such a dirty word out loud. The F word.

The pill controls me.

Shelena chuckled, a delicious, feminine sound. She reached the stall and rattled the door. I released my tit to unlock it for her. She opened it up and smiled at me sitting on the toilet, my legs spread wide. She cocked her head at me, her breasts rising and falling in a tight crop top that left her smooth, ebony belly exposed. She was lean and athletic, busty and beautiful. Her hard cock tented her jeans. That dick I was lusting for.

"This is such a sight to see," she said, pulling out her phone. The flash strobed as she immortalized me in the throes of the pill's aphrodisiac effect. "Mmm, I love it."

"I just need you to fuck me!"

"What are you going to do for me?" Shelena asked, this naughty smile on her face.

"What?" I moaned. "Do? I'm going to let you fuck me. Gosh, isn't that enough?"

"Gosh?" she snorted as she pulled up her blouse. Her large tits spilled out, her nipples dark brown and hard. "You have to do something for me."

"I'll, uh, let you eat my pussy," I suggested.

"Mmm, no, I need something more than that." She unzipped her jeans, her large tits swaying back and forth.

"What?" I moaned in frustration. The pill needed me to be fucked by a futa-dick. It was the only way to scratch this fire it had started inside of me. An inferno that raged. Nothing could put it out. I'd tried. I wasn't as strong as the pill. "I'll do anything."

She grinned and pulled out her phone. "I'm going to record a video. I want you to tell the world that you're my slut."

"Yes!" I moaned. "Just fuck me!"

She tapped the screen, nodding her head.

"I, Lola Lovell, driven mad with lust by the pill, am now Shelena's slut. I just want her to fuck me. I have a cherry pussy. A wet and dripping cunt." It felt so wicked to say such nasty words. "I want her to pound me until I cum! I want to scream out in holy heck on her big dick!"

She tapped the screen again and slipped her phone in her jeans pocket. They slipped on her with her fly open. Her purple panties peeked out, her dick throbbing beneath the panties. "That was perfect, though what was that about a pill."

"President McTaggart made me take it," I moaned. "I'm on fire. I don't have a choice. It's making me do this. Ooh, hurry up. I want your big dick in me. I want it so much. I've been thinking about it since Monday. Hurry and fuck me!"

She smiled. "Mmm, turn around and kneel on the seat. Grab the plumbing. I'll fuck you hard from behind like that nasty slut you are."

"Yes, yes," I gasped. It was so different how my first time should be. Not lying on my back beneath my futa-wife on our wedding day, but in the restroom with the star quarterback and her massive, Black girl-dick. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. The pill's heat rippled through me.

I knelt there and bent over. I pointed my rump at Shelena. I shuddered, waiting for her to fuck me hard. To pound me with her big girl-dick. It would be incredible. She moved in, and I gasped as her hands grabbed my rump. Her fingers were so naughty. She parted them, exposing my sphincter.

"Damn, you got a thick bush," she said. "You should shave this off. A girl should have a sexy, hairless cunt."

"Uh-huh," I moaned. The pill wanted that. "Just fuck me."

"Let me enjoy this," Shelena purred. "You got a virgin cunt. That's a treat."

I gasped as her tongue flicked through my bush and ran up my pussy. I shuddered at the feel of her. Her fingers clenched into my rump. Her tongue darted up again and again. My blonde hair swayed about my face, my tits jiggling. I gripped the stainless steel plumbing with a tight grip as the pleasure rushed through me.

It was so much more intense than my fingers. So much naughtier. It had me whimpering. I bit my lower lip, groaning as her tongue danced over my folds. She brushed my clit, making me gasp, and then caressed my hymen.

"Damn, your cherry cunt's got a spice to it," she moaned. "Mmm, you're going to enjoy my big, Black dick, won't you?"

"Uh-huh," I panted.

"All you White sluts do," she purred. "Even that cunt Ginny did. She'll lie and say it was her futa-girlfriend who took her cherry, but I did."

"Gosh, I do not care about your sordid life, I just need you to fuck me! Fuck my cunt!"

"I'll get to it," she said and took another lick.

A feverish heat shot through me. I whimpered and groaned. My pussy was so sensitive from my first two orgasms. Her tongue stroking over me sent a flutter of delight through me. I groaned, wiggling from side to side, grinding my twat on her mouth. She brushed my clit. My labia. She teased me. Stimulated me.

"Oh, Lady, I'm sorry!" I moaned. "The pill is just too strong! Yes!"

I came again.

Intense bliss rushed through me. Shelena groaned as she lapped up my folds. I quivered, the porcelain toilet seat rattling beneath me. She licked at me, devoured me, her fingers digging into my rump. The waves of delight rushed through me. They were intense. Incredible.

My mind drank in the rapture. I shuddered, my hips shaking from side to side as she licked and lapped at me. Little stars danced before my eyes. Her mouth pulled away from my pussy as I trembled through my orgasm.

Her cock nudged against my virgin folds.

I whimpered as she rubbed her dick up and down my aching cunt. My tits swayed as she found my hymen. She pressed right against it. I arched my back, my heart pounding heat through my body as I waited for her to thrust.

"Pop my cherry!" I moaned.

"Goddess damn, I love this!" She thrust.

My cherry didn't stand a chance against her big dick. I felt a small flare of pain then molten heat plunged deeper and deeper into my pussy. I had no idea I could take so much futa-cock in me. My back arched as she stretched my quivering cunt wider and wider open. She reached into my belly. She had to be pressing on my womb.

I wiggled my hips, impaled on her girl-dick. She gripped my hips and groaned. I stirred around, loving the stimulation. Already, another orgasm built in me. It was incredible. She was caressing all these naughty bits inside of me.

Being fucked was amazing.

"Oh, my gosh, yes!" I whimpered. "Oh, do it! Fuck me!"

"Just a slut," she said.

"It's the pill!" I moaned as she drew back.

"Right," she grunted and then slammed back into me.

Thoughts vanished from my mind as her cock pumped away at my deflowered pussy. The Black futa fucked me hard. She drove her large girl-dick in and out of my cunt. The friction on my silky walls melted my mind.

I gasped and moaned, rocking back into her. My tits swayed beneath me, my nipples aching. My fingers gripped the stainless steel plumbing in a death grip. Her tits heaved above me, slapping together while her crotch smacked my rump.

She spanked my ass with every plunge.

"Oh, goddess damn, that's good pussy!" groaned Shelena. "Fuck, your cunt is tight, Prez. Yes, yes, the fucking president of the goddess damn Purity Society is on my dick. Fuckin' A, I love this!"

"Yes, yes, I love it, too!" I moaned.

The pill controls me.

"Pound me! Make me cum again!"

"Then I'm going to fire all that cum into your cunt!" grunted Shelena, slamming hard in me. "Just flooding you."

The pill controls me.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I howled, throwing a look over my shoulder. My pussy clenched down on her thick cock reaming my deflowered depths. My pleasure swelled. "Pump your cum in me. Flood me. Fill me to the brim with your jizz!"

"Shit, yes!"

She slammed so hard into me. I gasped, my eyes widening. I didn't know this could feel better, but it did. Her hands stroked my sides as she fucked me. Then she seized my blonde hair, gripping me tight as she fucked me like a naughty bitch.

A wanton slut.

Her futa-dick plunged into my cunt over and over. The stimulation was incredible. I was dizzy with the bliss flooding through me. I whimpered and groaned, squeezing my cunt down around her girl-dick plowing into me again and again. I whimpered, the stars bursting before my eyes. Such pure delight rippled through my mind.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I howled. "I'm going to cum! My pussy is going to cum on your big dick!"

"And milk my futa-dick dry of all my cum?" she grunted, slamming into me. "Huh, Prez?"

"Yes!" I screamed and came.

My pussy convulsed around her big dick. A rapture more intense than any orgasms I had in my life flooded through me. A tsunami of ecstasy swept through my body and slammed into my mind. Stars exploded before me. Darkness fuzzed across my vision, swallowing the world.

"I'm cumming on your big dick! Oh, gosh darn it, this is amazing! Fuck, yes!"

"Shit!" she moaned, pounding my cunt. Every thrust into my pussy sent another tidal wave of rapture surging through my body to drown my mind.

I swam in bliss. I gasped, moaned. My tits swayed, nipples aching. She gripped my hair tight as she pounded my convulsing cunt. She hammered hard into me. She drove me wild. I kept cumming. The rapture rippled from one high to another.

"Prez!" she gasped and rammed into me.

Hot cum spurted into my pussy.

My cunt convulsed harder. My twat milked her cock. I welcomed her cum in me like a slut. The pill drove me wild. I savored it. I was just along for the ride. It was out of my hands. I just enjoyed the rapture slamming through my body.

"Shit, yes, you're milking my ovaries dry, Prez!" groaned Shelena. "Fuck, yes. This is incredible."

"I'm glad you love it!" I panted, my pussy convulsing around her girl-dick. "Oh, yes, yes, that's amazing. Mmm, you make me feel awesome. My pussy loved it."

My orgasm peaked as she ripped her girl-dick out of me. I panted, feeling her cum pooling inside of me. I smiled, staring at my distorted reflection in the stainless steel plumbing. My entire body buzzed, controlled by the pill.

What sweet rapture I just experienced.

"You were a good fuck," Shelena said, smacking my ass. I trembled there, listening to her dress while she whistled. I heard a camera flash and knew she had another pic of me. I didn't care.

The pill controls me.

It took me a few minutes before I could move. She was already gone by then, not saying a word. She was such a terrible person, but her girl-dick... Oh, gosh, her girl-dick really, really made up for that deficiency.

Shelena's cum leaked out of me as I floated down the hallway back to my physics class. I felt so wonderful. So open down there. It wasn't my fault. The pill made me do it. I had no choice but to enjoy it. I smiled as I reached my class and stepped in.

"Well, you've been gone a while, Miss..." Ms. Ridley's words trailed off. "Oh, my. I see why."

The class exploded in conversation as everyone stared at the proof I was no longer a virgin. I sank down on my seat, my breasts bouncing, a huge smile on my face. I didn't care. The pill took all that away. The guilt. The shame. There was just the enjoyment of my body.

The pill controls me.

"Who was it?" asked April Gore, one of the futas on the football team.

"You have to tell us," said Annalee Blake.

"Lola, I can't believe this. That's awesome," said Randi Bjork. "You're finally accepting who you are."

I just smiled at them.

The pill controls me.

It wasn't me. I wasn't in control here. I was just along for the ride.

Just as the class was about to end, Macie and my escort arrived. I stood up and smiled at them. My best friend gasped in shock as she stared at my thighs, sticky with my cum. I smiled at her and scooped up a line of Shelena's jizz.

"Want to try it?" I asked.

Macie fainted into the arms of Sandra and Asuka. I sighed and popped the salty treat into my mouth, tasting my spicy cream seasoning it. didn't she understand? The pill controlled me now. Nothing I did was my fault.

Come next Monday, I would be pure again. Until then...

To be continued...

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