Alice was bored, she had been walking around town for almost an hour searching for the perfect dress for the weekend with no results. She was close to giving up and heading home when she passed by an independent store that she hadn't noticed before. It was the kind of place she would normally avoid and make fun of, with weird crystals hanging in the window and a constant stench of incense wafting from inside.

But something in the window caught her eye, she saw a black choker necklace with diamonds all over. It could be perfect for her sexy kitty outfit for halloween which was only a few weeks away. Although it wasn't her preferred style she hesitantly walked in, curious as to what else they might stock.

Once inside Alice was amazed at how large the store was, from the street it looked like a tiny storefront, but it went back and opened up into a huge area. They seemed to have everything, clothes, shoes, books, homeware all disorganised and randomly placed around the space. She considered walking straight back out, but after locking eyes with the incredibly beautiful and judgey cashier she felt obliged to walk around a little first.

She went along, stopping to take a closer look at a few items, mostly trying to figure out what they were. After a few minutes she was ready to leave when a young black haired woman appeared in front of her,

"Can I help you with anything?" Alice jumped, not sure where she had come from,

"Oh I'm alright, just having a look" she hoped the woman would take the hint and leave but she seemed persistent.

"Looking for anything in particular?" she asked, staring at Alice with her huge dark eyes, surrounded by black liner. She blurted out that she was trying to find a dress for the weekend, then kicked herself once the woman got excited and dragged her over to a clothing section. Alice looked over the long skirts and tie dyed clothes, and tried to hide the look of disgust on her face.

"This isn't the kind of thing I'm looking for, it's more of a clubbing dress I'm after." She said, turning to leave

"Oh I think we might have something that would be good for that." she said, then paused to look Alice over. After a moment she nodded, seeming to confirm something to herself then pulled her into a side room filled with more clothes.

"Oh god, I can't be seen in any of this!" Alice thought, as she saw the mostly black clothing which she would expect to see on goths and emos. She imaged the kind of pale macho women who would shop here, with spiky hair and tattoos.

She was shown a few things, by the woman who introduced herself as Harley, all of which she wouldn't be caught dead in. While planning out her excuse to leave Harley pulled out a dress that caught her eye. It wasn't anything like any of her other clothes, a red short flowy dress, with a thick black belt around the waist, attached to straps that went up to accentuate the breasts and around the neck. It was sleeveless, but had some tiny chains running from the shoulders to more belt-like straps that she guessed would clasp around the wrists.

Her mind ran rampant with thoughts of some BDSM videos she had watched as a joke with her friends which secretly had hugely turned her on. Haley took her silence as approval and was clearly pleased with herself.

"This is one of my favourites too, you should try it on though, to make sure it fits alright!" Alice was being directed to the dressing room before she knew it, without having said a word.

Once there she figured it couldn't hurt to try it out, and took off her cutesy pink dress, before picking up the new one to try and figure out how to get it on. "Are you doing alright in there?" Harley shouted over the curtain.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just trying to figure out these straps" Alice answered, staring at the material in front of her. She heard the curtain open and spun around terrified. Harley wandered in, not seeming to care that Alice was half naked and clearly uncomfortable.

"Not to worry, I know it can be confusing at first, here" she said picking up the dress and holding it below Alice "pop your feet in this way". Alice did as she was instructed, wanting to cover up as quickly as possible. Haryley pulled the dress up until it was in place, then zipped up the back. She then went about sorting the belt straps, pulling them in at the waist, up and around each shoulder, then around her neck.

As she fastened the circular clip Harley got very close, her hands running gently over Alice's skin as she secured the dress. After adding on the cuffs she stood back, looking over her work, "wow you look amazing!" She seemed genuinely impressed, and Alice understood why when she turned to look in the mirror.

The dress stuck to her, showing off her perfect figure, the skirt was very short, but covered enough to hide her underwear. The straps just felt incredible, they were tight and restricting,and she imagined that that was what it would feel like to be tied up.

Harley was very complimentary, and took the time to show Alice all the different ways of fastening the straps. Feeling her pulling and tightening the straps in different positions was making Alice's knees weak. She went red from embarrassment, getting genuinely worried that her juices may start running down her leg because she was so wet.

"That's great, I'll take it, can you help me get it off now?" Alice stuttered out, imagining taking it home and wearing it secretly while watching more of those videos.

"Oh are you not going to keep it on? It looks so good on you!" Harley said, stepping a little closer again to pull at one of the rings on the straps. Alice briefly considered it, but remembered that she didn't have a coat and she did not want to be seen in public wearing this kind of thing!

"Nah, I want to keep it for the weekend." she smiled at the saleswoman, stuck waiting for her to untie the straps. Harley got a dark look in her eyes and her face revealed a wicked grin.

"Well maybe I just won't untie the straps and then you won't be able to get it off." Alice's eyes widened, desperately trying to study the woman's face for signs that it was a joke. She looked deadly serious.

"But, I...em" Alice started mumbling, not sure what to do, trapped in the tiny dressing room, stuck in this slutty dress.

"Okay, okay, calm down. I'll help you get it off" Harley's face changed into a more innocent smile, but with a hint of something mischievous. "On one condition." Alice's face scrunched into confusion at that. Harley walked out of the dressing room, and Alice held back trembling as she waited for her to return.

A few minutes later Harley pulled back the dressing room curtain and proudly displayed to Alice a strange black strappy thing. She looked closer trying to figure out what it was, there were some rows of beads along two straps and lots of other bare ones.

"I'll take off the dress for you, if you wear this" she announced while eyeing Alice hungrily. "Don't worry I'll throw them in for free" she said with a wink, as she rearranged the item in her hand to show Alice what it was.

Finally something clicked in her mind and Alice realised it was underwear, "ew, what a creep" she thought as she reconsidered just walking out of the shop wearing the red dress. Looking at herself in the mirror though she saw the leather wrapped around her neck, and metal chains, and imagined what her friends would say if they bumped into her.

She turned back to inspect the underwear again, not wanting to agree to Harley's twisted proposal but acknowledging it may be her safest option. "Well I can just go and buy new underwear and change out of it once I leave" she reasoned in her head. She gave Harley a nod and reached her hand out for the pants.

"Allow me" Harley said greedily, stepping forward and placing the underwear to one side. She slid her cold hands up Alice's thigh, finding the end of her white lacy thong and slowly pulling it down. Alice cringed knowing how wet they were from her fantasising about being tied up, and she hoped that somehow Harley wouldn't notice.

"Oh my" Harley moaned out, when she saw the stained crotch of her pants. She adjusted them as they continued to slide down her thighs, rubbing the juices along Alice's skin. The woman then picked up the black material and helped her step into the new underwear.

Only once Harley got them on and began adjusting things did Alice realise her mistake. The two beaded rows were in the middle, and pushed in to rub either side of her clit as she moved. Already blushing profusely Alice then noticed a larger teardrop shaped bead which hung at the back as a kind of tail. Harley grabbed this and rubbed it along her sleek slit.

"Wow, what are you doing?!" Alice squealed out.

"Relax, you're almost done, but you have to wear them properly" she continued coating the bead then moved it toward her ass. Alice finally caught on to where it was supposed to go and jumped back.

"There's no way that is going up my..." she couldn't even say it out loud, who did this woman think she was!

Harley stood up and kissed her, thrusting her tongue into Alice's mouth and pulling her into her with her hands. She froze, unsure of what to do, but then for a moment was overwhelmed with the sensation. It was a great kiss, and so unexpected she didn't have time to fight back before she was enjoying it.

Just when she allowed herself to melt into the moment Harley pulled back. "Just stand still and enjoy it," she said, bending over to press the bead into her ass once more. Alice had never been more confused in her life, but she was dazed enough to let the object push inside her. "That's it, good girl" Harley whispered, as she stood up and kissed her again. This time there was no resistance from Alice, she let Haley's tongue explore her mouth and her hands explore her body freely.

Harley ran one hand under the dress and ran it along her slit, Alice felt all of the beads rolling, rubbing gently against the side of her clit. She moaned out at the pleasure, it was unlike anything else she had ever felt. "You want more?" Harley whispered in her ear as she danced her fingertips around her opening.

She moaned out again, her body pleaded to be penetrated. "Get on your knees and wait for me" Harley barked out, waiting to watch Alice sink obediently to her knees before heading out of the changing rooms again.

She returned with a small black bag and a huge dildo. Alice's mouth watered, she had never had anything that large inside of her but she needed it. Harley knelt down behind her, rummaging in her bag. She could hear metal clinking together before she felt her cuffed hands clipped together behind her back. Her excitement only grew more at this, as she pulled at the clips testing their strength and realising she was now stuck like this.

Harley moved around in front of her, and had Alice kneel up so that she could insert the dildo inside of her. As the head began rubbing against her Alice felt it come to life, vibrating aggressively and sending jolts of pleasure through her entire body. She moaned and almost crumpled to the ground, rubbing against the dildo hungry for more.

Harley worked it back and forth before pushing gently against her open hole. Alice started pushing down, desperate to feel filled by it. Sensing her desperation Harley went extra slow, getting to half way then pulling out slightly, then going a little further. Finally she plunged it all the way in, eliciting a sigh of relief and excitement from Alice.

She could feel her orgasm building when suddenly the vibration stopped and Harley pushed down Alice's shoulders so that the end of the dildo pressed against the ground while the rest was inside of her.

"What makes you think you get to go first?" Harley snapped out, going into her bag and pulling out another clasp. She attached it to the ring on Alice's strap around her neck, then pulled up the edge of her dress to reveal her underwear in a similar style. Covered in straps, chains and rings, with the crotch missing, and a visible sign of excitement shining through the gap.

Alice's neck was pulled forward as Harley attached the clasp on her neck to a ring on her underwear, pulling her face in close to Harley's cunt. She had never touched a girl there before, or even thought about it. She knew what she was expected to do, and tentatively poked out her tongue to taste her. Harley groaned so she kept going, trying to replicate the feeling of when guys had gone down on her in the past.

Harley's hand came to the back of her head, pushing it in further, encouraging Alice to get rougher with her tongue, lapping over Harley's clit. She could feel her legs shaking and hear her constant moaning getting continually louder. After a few more minutes Harley screamed out "Fuck, fuck, FUCK!" and exploded in her face.

She kept Alice's head pushed into her for a few moments, before letting go, unclasping her and then sliding down against the wall to sit on the floor. "Not bad for a beginner" she gasped out in between breaths.

Alice felt humiliated, stuck here on the floor of a dressing room, bound and covered in a strangers cum! But for some reason it turned her on more than anything she had ever experienced. Once Harley caught her breath she moved forward and switched on the dildo, instructing Alice to make herself cum and she leaned back against the wall and watched.

Alice felt awkward at first, but her lust came over her and a few minutes later she was riding the vibrating dildo and screaming out as her orgasm smashed through her. Harley grabbed Alice's old dress and used it to clean herself up, then used it to wipe Alice up as well. She tossed it in the bin afterwards, which Alice simply watched silently, aware that the dress was now ruined and so no point in arguing about.

After taking back the clasps and dildo Harley wandered off, presumably to clean them up and put them away. Alice waited in the dressing room for her to return but after 15 minutes she gathered herself up and went to look for her. She couldn't see her around in the store, and eventually just gave up and went to the till to pay for the dress.

The cute brunette seemed impressed with her transformation. "Wow, that looks great on you, Harley is so good at finding the right clothes for people!" she mused. Alice blushed,

"I couldn't find the tag, how much do I owe you?" she asked sheepishly, suddenly afraid of the unknown price of the dress she would now have to buy.

"Oh not to worry, the first ones on us" the cashier replied with a knowing smile. "You can make up for it next time" she added with a wink, looking Alice up and down. She walked back outside feeling foggy, not sure what on earth just happened, but knowing that she definitely would be going back to that store.

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