­čî┤Kiwikiwi Island­čąŁ: Kiwikiwi-girl Edition
Continuation for the kiwkiwi storytime anon

Thank you for providing me a wonderful playground of despair.
I decided it needed a glimmer of hope~

Time passes, a blur of rendering the tiny kiwikiwi corpses to nothing but bare-bones and withered flesh. Your work is always punctuated with feasting on the delicious, life-restoring bodies of the cute birds. The island you're on is small, coastlines barren and under the constant barrage of the burning tropical sun, leaving you little to explore. The trees are fruitless, and the water devoid of fish, empty and desolate.
The only thing that passes the time is eating the birds, feasting on their delicious bodies agonizingly slowly at a time of the scorching island in solitude and boredom for days until finally, you pass out only to wake up to do it all over again.

Weeks become months...

You slowly realize there are fewer and fewer kiwikiwi birds...

Little, brown, plump kiwikiwis hop clumsily from branch to branch as they chatter, living out their lives in blissful ignorance of the fate that awaits them at your hands.
Sitting at the base of the tree you've made your home, shaded by its lush green leaves from the burning sun, you have all the time in the world to wallow in this misery. Listlessly, you watch the little, chattering birds hop from branch to branch. One bird looks at you curiously, tilting its head and hopping closer toward you.
The tiny bird seems to be trying to indicate something to you, blinking curiously.
It pokes its head at a withered olive-colored leaf, seemingly attempting to show you the dull object of nature. You stare at it, baffled, and it seems agitated at your confusion. Tapping its beak on the ground and hopping toward you, the bird seems determined to get your attention on something.
It pokes at the leaf again before looking up at you expectantly.
The birds haven't spoken in a while, so you are used to their poor communication skills by now.
Curiosity getting the better of you, you pick up the leaf and examine it as the bird looks on eagerly. Before you know it, the little thing hops on under the leaf and into the brush.
You watch it waddle away; maybe you should just eat it...
The bird's odd behavior sets off a strange emotion inside you, and non surprisingly, it's hunger.
As always.
An unnatural sense of hunger.
The bird hops around for a bit before shuffling back into your view, head tilting back behind it.
It seems like it wants you to follow further, but your mouth waters at the sight of the little kiwikiwi's fluffy, sweet body.
Grunting in affirmation, you pull yourself to your feet and follow it. It gives you time to keep up by stopping and looking back at you expectantly repeatedly, but you maintain focus and eventually catch up to it. You're in a small clearing when the bird stops, looking around. It backs up a few paces and turns, prancing nervously before diving under a large mass of leaves.
You groan as you drag your legs along, "Where...?"
A cringe runs through you at the sound of your own voice.
The isolation has definitely gotten to you.

It makes it hard to focus on anything for too long; all you can think about is kiwi birds and eating.

The rustling of leaves stops as the little bird waits for you to arrive. You shake your head harshly and move your lips in an attempt to stop yourself from talking with your mind on this important matter at hand.
"w-what do you want, bird?" you lower your tired body to get a little closer to it.
Your kiwikiwi diet has certainly destroyed your body over the past months, leaving you with soft, doughy flesh, weak muscles, and severe anemia. Your stomach growls in response, and your hand twitches by your side, preparing to lunge if given even the tiniest bit of encouragement, but you resist - for now. You fight the fatigue the short trip left you with and manage to sit up on your haunches, watching it.
It has muddy brown feathers, a rounded body, and tiny, helpless wings that aren't capable of flying. It looks like a normal kiwikiwi, like every cursed kiwikiwi on this forsaken island. You close your tired eyes for a moment, lifting your thin arm to rub your forehead. These cursed headaches are the worst, it's like someone is driving a dagger into your brain. "I'm... gonna make... it." you manage to stammer to yourself through clenched teeth as you prop up your bony shoulders with your palms pressed into the dirt. It's the strangest thing; every once in a while, you will feel stabs of pain in your chest. It feels like a fleshy, pulsating pocket of nerves is being irritated. You open your eyes to a slit and glare at the cute bird. A bead of sweat drips down your forehead and your lips part, expelling hot air.
"J-just give me a minute..." you gasp and lower your head again, clutching your chest. You know this diet is killing you, but what else can you do? The cursed island of Kiwikiwi - is devoid of any edible plant matter, as you've tested. Standing gives you an itchy feeling, so you decide to stay still and rest for a moment. The bird, meanwhile, takes note of your struggle and begins to approach. You notice it getting closer as your eyes flick between its legs and beady, unblinking eyes. The island's protein-deficient diet has lead you to develop itchy, almost non-existent muscles and the inability to react quickly. Luckily the birds are friendly, docile and most of all stupidly trusting- which makes killing, eating, and fucking them even more heartbreaking. Your body is incredibly scrawny from lack of nutrition, you're almost unrecognizable from how you used to be.
You wipe the long hair that falls onto your face to the side and hit the bird with a glare, "you better not... waste... my time." A bead of sweat falls with a tiny 'plop' onto the soil, and you slowly manage to pull yourself back up. With a crack in your back and a curl of your toes, you manage to rise. Dust kicks up from the dry ground as you lift your palms, their scratched skin, and knuckles that now look more boney than ever.
The kiwikiwi shuffles closer, it's large beady eyes seeming to peer into your soul while its stupid, useless wings flap weakly, not really propelling it forward.
You give it a weak nod, "alright.. I'm coming..." moaning, you shuffle after it again, your frail frame struggling to keep up as you go.

The island, at least, isn't a dangerous place.
There are no other animals.
The only predator here is you.

There are barely any insects, and you truly wonder what the kiwikiwi birds use for sustenance.
Hunger pains wrack through you, and you begin to feel hot under your leathery skin while tiny cramps hit your sides with vicious jabs, your feet shuffle in the dirt, and clouds of dust are kicked up around your feet as you go. Blessing the calluses on your feet that protect you somewhat from cuts and blisters while you wince at the weariness in your muscles and the seeming impossibility of continuing this pace. You lean against the tropical trees along the way, catching your ragged breath while you look up at the burning sun above you. It seems to move with a malevolent delight as if taunting you about your inability to escape this hellish existence. You growl, tearing your eyes away from it.
The bird chirps excitedly as it wanders ahead of you, along the path.
With a slowness that would put the most aged senior to shame, you forge on, trudging slowly along with the tiny steps your tired legs can make. You see a small outcropping of rocks at the end of the path and the sound of a stream - that seems like a logical spot for you to rest. Dragging your feet, you manage to make your way over to a comfortable-looking rock and plop down upon it.
Your eyes flutter closed, and you can feel sleep beginning to take hold of you.
The bird, however, will have none of this. It seems to recognize that you are sleepy and try to get comfortable enough for a nap and begins to chirp loudly.
Two noises come out of it: One is the familiar intercourse call while the other is something between a growl and chirp, which is what it does now.
"SHUT UP!" you yell in pure frustration, gripping at your hair and pulling as you howl in pain.
The bird backs away, startled yet still within your view. The bird's feathers begin to ruffle, and it seems to bristle with anger. Its eyes grow wider, and it seems to be screaming at you - somehow - as its chest appears to puff up.
You can feel pure, unbridled fury in the way it looks at you, and before you know it, your hand darts out, and you find yourself latched onto its tiny, feathery body. Feathers fly as you shred the creature in your hands.
It peeps once and then falls silent as you break its bones.
Your stomach growls as the most fearsome roar of anger and hunger escapes your lips.
One bite, then another, then another, as you consume what's left of the creature that filled you with such rage.
It tastes delightful, filling your mouth with juices and flavor, and afterward, soothing the savage beast within you for a few minutes.
The awful growl in your stomach abates, and the dreadful feeling that something is trying to rise down there subsides for now. You can think again, although the memories of overwhelming anger are still fresh in your mind.
Your head falls as you brace for the other side effect of the fruity kiwikiwi meat: the lust.
A bitter taste of defeat mixes with the sour fruity liquid still assaulting your hungry mouth.
Tears begin to sting the corners of your eyes.
It's too much.
The constant pain and barely sated urges are too much.
You can't take it anymore, but you don't have a choice.
The throbbing, aching torment between your legs that grows stronger with each beat of your heart is back, and there's no escaping it.
You find yourself staring into the wide gaping hole your teeth tore into the kiwikiwi in your hand.
The green insides of a kiwi fruit stare back at you, mocking you with its delicious, lush green juices, and you find your fingers tearing into it as you pop a series of pieces into your mouth.
You don't want to eat.
You don't like this feeling in your mouth.
You don't like the way this fruit fills your belly with its crushed, mushy remains and sticks to your throat on its way down. Your other hand takes care of the issue between your legs. Stroking away with your weak and shaky hand. The vibrant green sight of a ripe kiwikiwi's insides is just too much, and your tongue darts out, dragging through the wet, dewy skin of the plump kiwi and onto your lips. It's so delicious, so mouthwatering sweet, and juicy that you can't resist another second to devour the rest of it, but then you hear it: a melodious hum that breaks the silence of the island. ÔÖ¬ Your head darts up, juices running down your chin from the remaining bits of fruit in your mouth as you try to discern the source of the soothing sound. You've finally gone completely mad, haven't you? No, that can't be it. There's nobody else on this island except for you, so who else could be making that lovely sound? Your eyes dart around the thick greenery. Is this a new effect of the kiwikiwi flesh? Are you not only stupidly horny but also having hallucinations now?
That can't be right.
You think to yourself as you're really starting to doubt your mental faculties after eating so many of the kiwikiwi. If it's a hallucination, it's one hell of an elaborate one because the singing is getting louder the more you focus on it. There's no other explanation, though.
You hear music, so mayhaps it must be a byproduct or side-effect of eating too much of this cursed fruit.
If the answer isn't that, then it has to be... well, you don't know it, but there is really no other option.
Even as the thoughts rush through your head, you find yourself walking towards the source of the beckoning melody, your feet moving as if they aren't even part of you. Your left hand still clutching the half-devoured bird corpse in your hands, you walk through the thick jungle vegetation.
It's almost as if the plants are making way for you, clearing a path for you to walk through. You approach closer and closer to the source of the tune, your legs moving almost of their own accord at this point. You didn't expect your malnourished body to have this much energy, but you're sprinting as fast as you can.
The strange melody grows even louder in your ears, almost as if someone had turned the volume up. You growl as you push through the pain, your anemic, emaciated, weak body wanting to give out on you. A gap in the trees opens up in front of you, a circular clearing in the forest just ahead of you. You freeze, one hand still pushing aside a large leaf as you stare, transfixed at the scene just in front of you.
The source of the humming stops with a surprised squeak.
Tan skin illuminated by the sun reflecting off the stream, her luscious thighs were so close to.
Voluptuous breasts jutting forth between her defensively raised arms. Her long hair cascaded down in a mess of curls around her head. Wide green eyes that seemed to stare into your soul as she gapes. Soft pink lips parted slightly.
She is surrounded by a fuzzy, feathery armful of adorable, delicious kiwi kiwis chirping away, playing in the glittering shallows. Suddenly aware of the half-eaten kiwikiwi in your hand, it's juices glistening as it runs in streams over your clawed hand. You blush and look away, aware of her supple breasts heaving as she takes in an indignant gasp to try to refill the air that has been knocked out of her. Her eyes fly between your half-naked, emancipated body, to your kiwikiwi juice-drenched fist to your ashamed gaze and back as she realizes the position she's in.
Savoring the scene, you watch as her pupils dilate and her nostrils flare. The sights of her entranced you as her head slowly descends towards the mangled meal in your hand.
Perverted thoughts swirl in your brain from all directions.
Her succulent hips swaying as she reels backward so fast she loses her footing and crashes into the stream behind her, the birds flying into the air chirping indignantly.
You drop the half-consumed corpse and stumble forward into the water, "W-wait! Please" You manage between ragged breaths as you swipe your tongue over your dry lips.
You make to lunge into the stream after her, but she backs further and further away from you, her flowing hair fanning out. Stumbling over the wet rocks she whimpers, her eyes widening in apparent shock.
"P-please!" you hold your trembling hands before you, quickly letting your burning knees buckle into the water with a splash, its chill startling you and making you gasp.
"D-don't be scared. What about the birds?" You ask pathetically as her jade green gaze slowly looks you up and down.
There are fear and confusion written plainly on both of your faces.
Your fear stems from the fact that you have finally found another soul on the island. She might be an illusion, though - no matter what, you won't be letting her go.
Her confusion stems from the fact that she's nothing but a fully grown-kiwikiwi bird - the first one on the island that you haven't eaten yet - so she doesn't know humans, let alone men - let alone a strange, half-naked one holding his hand out towards her while knee-deep in the refreshing stream. You open and close your mouth nervously as you try to say something, though you have no idea what to say in this situation.
She shifts into a kneel, bringing herself down to your height, though she still holds some distance between the pair of you by moving back a few inches. What do you want?
You want to fuck- no, you can't!
You gasp as you realize you must fight the effect of the kiwikiwi flesh!
Blessing the fresh stream water around your loins, you force yourself to ignore your lust and instead try to concentrate on the situation.
With a shaky hand, you reach out towards the girl, kiwikiwi bird goddess, singer, illusion, or whatever she is.
"P-please." you whisper, feverishly. "d-don't leave me..."
You whimper on pathetically, though thankfully, she doesn't understand you.
Sighing desperately you hold out your hand once again towards the girl, who is staring at you, still wide-eyed.
She blinks slowly - like a cat.
You've read about this!
You let out a ragged breath then also blink very slowly back at her. You are trying your best to steady your breathing. You hold her gaze for a good ten seconds, and then she blinks again. It takes all of your concentration and willpower to seem unhurried, but you can't hold her gaze as long the second time, and you look away after a few brief seconds. You sit there for a minute or two, just blinking at her, letting the stream water soothe your always aching body. You blink once every few seconds and notice with grim satisfaction that she's copying you, her long black eyelashes flickering as she looks from your eyes to your hands. Slowly you lift a trembling hand and hold it out to her.
Any moment now...
There it is.
The sun gleams off of her hair as she leans forward and puts her palm in yours. She closes her fingers around your hand gently as you stare at her, mouth gaping. Her tan skin is so soft and warm to the touch it brings tears to your eyes. A pained sob bursts from your lips, "Y-you ...are real." Fighting back the tears as you try not to scare her. "I dreamed of this...but I thought...I thought I was going mad."
It's all real.
Not an illusion.
She's here.
You are not alone.
Not anymore.
She's here, holding your hand, and she's so, so real.

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