Rest Stop Rounds

pt 5

Somewhat slowly I began to wake back up as I felt my head bounce from left to right and my wet sticky body jostle in a rough back and forth from end to end motion. Opening my eyes seemed to take several minutes as muffle sounds of grunts, laughs, and cheers filled my head with a flooding sensation. I felt strong hands firmly gripping me from different angles all over my body. So many hands.

The blur of my sight began to slowly give way to focus as I looked around me, all the while as my body was still being rattled around. I could tell that I was now positioned atop a picnic table. Oddly enough the main and near only thought that dominated my mind was to count how many figures were surrounding me as my gaze shifted.

Two. Four-five. Seven. No, eight. I could make out eight men around me. As this sunk into my thought process I realized there was another inside me. With my sight cleared I looked before me to see a young guy going to town on my ass. He looked like he could be no older than 20. With a focused and stern look on his face he fucked my used ass with one obvious objective. Any guy his age banging a hole only has one concern. To cum.

And cum I knew he would. Deep inside me he would dump a hot cream load just like every other cock that had hammered my tight hole. I'm certain that not a single drop of jizz wasn''t either up my sore ass, or had been injected down my greedy throat.

I was so exhausted and thus very relaxed that this young guy's solid 8 inches didn't even hurt at this point. Instead, I was taking dick like a prom queen on her back that had been with every linebacker on the school team. I looked over my body. I was so wet with sweat and who knows what else. Some of the guys were groping me in any and every area they could reach. Both cheeks of my ass constantly pinched and squeezed. My poor little dick also being squeezed and stroked. Hands rubbing my stomach, chest and even around my neck with gentle squeezes there as well.

Semi erect and flaccid thick heavy cocks slapped across my face. A couple of the guys would randomly spit on me. Usually on my belly and on my cock.

I was completely resigned in my current role as a naked roadside cum dump as I rested my head back and began to close my eyes. ONly this didn't last for long before the young stud railing my ass spoke up with a type of skater surfer kind of accent.

"Fuck! I don't know if I'm gonna be able to cum. FUCK!"

Another guy quickly responded to him with a chuckle, "You'll cum, kid. Maybe you need a little help. You need another cock in there with you?"

It took a second for this statement to process in my mind, but when it did my eyes shot open and I lifted my head once more. In a meek tired voice I interjected, "Another cock? Wait, what you mean another cock?"

"Shut your mouth, bitch" Another guy that was standing behind my head snapped at me as he pulled my head back and slowly shoved his insanely thick nine black inches into my mouth.

As I was once again being force fed delicious cock, I felt all those hands that had been groping me work in unison as they lifted my body up and one of the guys slide underneath me. They set me down on top of him. As this shift was made, the young kid had pulled out of my ass.

Once again I felt guys spitting on me. Only this time each time it was directed precisely on my asshole. I could feel globs of spit drip down between my sore puckered little butt cheeks. And then I felt one of the many familiar cocks begin to part those cheeks on its way to my hole.

I was guided right down on his stiff cock like a perfect little slut. I moaned with a mouth full of chocolate cock as I slid my ass down eight plus inches of man pole until I felt two warm balls greet my slutty bottom. No thrusts, just staying balls deep in my love canal for me to feel full and wanted. And then for the first time in my entire life I felt the head of a second incoming cock at my ass while I was already stuffed full.

The skater guy's cock was dripping wet. I'm sure it was a combination of precum, sweat, and spit. And I was praying it would be enough to minimize the pain I was fearing having two big cocks up my ass at the same time.

With firm hands once more holding my legs wide apart and a few sets of hands making sure my ass was also spread as wide as possible, the skater pushed his cock that was as hard as steel against my hole and the current residing cock. He pushed slowly but very firmly without pausing or showing any mercy.

It seemed like a futile battle lasting forever as my ass would not let up. I was as relaxed as I could be purely from exhaustion. As I breathed through my nose as I was literally sucking drops of cum from the meat in my mouth I suddenly felt my ass give way.

The skater moaned as the head of his tool broke in and he kept his momentum going as he slid every inch inside until his balls too were paired with the other guy's against my ass crack. Between my two hole I now had around twenty to twenty four inches of cock inside me. It was too much and absolute bliss all at once. My own cock instantly became painfully rock hard before within seconds completely exploding my own load that I felt shoot up my chest and hitting myself in the neck and chin with some of it dripping over my chin onto my lower lips as I continued to service a real man's cock.

The two cocks up my ass began to thrust in alternating motions as if they were pistons ramming the cylinder of my ass.

This was definitely the point at which I was 100% a cock slut for any guy I would encounter from this point on. Knowing the pure joy, satisfaction, and euphora it is to be a male cocksucking bottom whore for men with big cocks makes you understand why those girls in school enjoyed being on their backs.

*I'm enjoying writing this Rest Stop series, hopefully many of you are as well. I am thinking of either wrapping it up in the next installment or perhaps transitioning it into another new series. Basically continuing the character's adventures through the course of the night past the rest stop or perhaps even past the night. I write these purely for the excitement and joy I get recalling experiences and adding fantasy and sharing them with you all. Let me know what you think and your opinions. Thank you so much for reading!

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