The words send a happy, eager buzzing all through Honey's body. If she were standing she might bounce on her toes with joy. She's been a good girl, a good box-girl, and now she's getting a reward. A reward! She grins the goofiest grin she can with the ballgag still in her mouth, and lowers her bound wrists so that the short chain between them catches on the underside of her chin.

Candy laughs as she settles into the space between Honey's legs. "You are the cutest birthday present," she says, and then her lips descend to plant a fluttering, ticklish kiss just above Honey's navel. Honey squeals; Candy tucks her hands under the box-girl's thighs and tugs, giving her permission to wrap her legs around her waist. Honey is delighted to feel Candy's naked skin under her calves--she doesn't recall when Candy took off her clothes, but she's glad she did.

Candy messes with Honey a bit more, alternating between comically sloppy tongue kisses that leave saliva trails all over the box-girl's stomach and short, sharp nips that tickle more than they hurt. Eventually Candy makes her way down further, her chin starting to brush against Honey's patch of wiry, neatly trimmed pubic hair. She hooks her hands under the backs of Honey's knees and pushes Honey's legs up, nearly folding the box-girl in half. It's alright though, Honey is flexible--besides, she's less worried about pulled muscles and more preoccupied by the fact that Candy is spreading her open and putting her pussy and asshole on full display. Honey nearly vibrates with anticipation, nervous-and-excited butterflies crowding her stomach.

Candy makes her wait, just a few seconds longer. She breathes hot air over Honey's wet, needy cunt. And then she licks up its length with the broad, flat surface of her tongue, the hard little barbell of her piercing a startling focus-point of sensation.

Honey rolls her hips forward without meaning to, at least as much as she can while still trapped under the weight of Candy's arms and her own legs. She moans, long and loud, trying to pour all of her pleasure and gratitude into the sound. Candy does it again; Honey's head tips back and her jaw drops open so wide the ballgag is barely an impediment, and her toes flex and curl in the air.

As Candy sucks leisurely on Honey's puffy labia, Honey hears muted whispering nearby. She's too distracted to make out the words--especially when Candy bares her teeth to nibble her sensitive lips-- but Reya and Jin sound like they're bickering again. Or maybe they're flirting, it's hard to tell with those two.

Then Candy flicks Honey's clit with the tip of her tongue. A tremor runs through Honey's entire body, and she forgets Jin and Reya altogether, all her thoughts zoning in on the single point of contact. She whimpers even though Candy's not touching her anymore, pleading plaintively for more.

Candy giggles. She worms the tip of her tongue in between Honey's folds, then licks up, teasing her from her entrance all the way up to her clit. She does it again and again; then she ignores Honey's throbbing clit altogether in favor of massaging a circle around her entrance. Then her tongue dips into Honey, just enough to tease, before drawing back out.

Every time Candy teases her that way, Honey's stomach muscles seize up and her inner walls flutter, anticipating more--the urge to be stretched out and filled is suddenly at the forefront of her mind, crowding out all other thoughts and making her dizzy.

"Mmmm, Honey, you taste so good," Candy says, her voice muffled by Honey's folds. The vibrations make Honey twitch uncontrollably, every one of her breaths a whine. "Don't worry baby, we'll fuck you nice and full later. Just focus on this for now..."

And then the warm tip of Candy's tongue is circling around Honey's clit, spiraling closer and closer to the sensitive bud—then she presses her tongue against it, wraps her lips around it, and Honey is gone.

As Honey convulses, she feels one of Candy's hands worm underneath her to grope her ass-- the renewed ache of the spanking sets her off all over again and she's crying out until she can't breathe, hands in white-knuckled fists straining the chain of her cuffs. When she comes back to the world she can feel Candy's tongue still gently lapping up her juices--her piercing catching on Honey's labia every now and then--and a reassuring hand rubbing circles around her lower stomach, triggering gentle, pleasant little aftershocks throughout her frayed nerves.

Honey tries to speak through the ballgag; it comes out as a weak, unintelligible mumble. Candy stops licking, giggles into Honey's muff, then lets her legs down one by one, crawling up Honey's body as the box-girl flexes her tingling legs and feet. Honey can feel Candy's body warmth, her breasts--ooo, they're bigger than Honey's--pressing against hers, her breath against her cheek.

"You wanna say something, Honey?" Candy asks. Honey nods. "Alright, let's get this thing off..."

Candy pulls the silicone ball out of Honey's mouth and tucks it under her chin, a trail of drool following. Honey immediately closes her mouth, swallows, tests her stiff jaw, then says in a shy, breathy voice, "Thank you so much for the reward, Mistress Candy."

There's an immediate chorus of "Awwwww!"s from the other women that turn Honey's face tomato-red.

"Well now that we know she says cute shit like that, we can't just put the gag back in," Reya huffs, sounding almost offended.

"That's perfectly alright with me," Candy coos, wrapping herself around the box-girl and nuzzling a cheek against hers. She also draws a thigh up between Honey's legs, presses up--the friction makes Honey gasp and moan out loud, hips squirming. And she feels something else, a hard, heavy length sheathed in soft skin against her hip bone.

She looks down... and can't see anything, because she's in a blindfold. Candy laughs.

"Yeah, I do have a dick. Wanna feel?"

Honey nods, already reaching. She squeaks as her bound hands are pinned back above her head.

"Not like that, like this."

The mattress is shifting, creaking, sinking to either side of Honey's head. And then that sheath of soft skin is brushing Honey's cheek, the heat from its heavy core radiating, and the musky smell of it--Honey feels runny spit gathering at the base of her tongue, and she breathes out raggedly through a bitten lower lip.

"Candy, did you take your hormones today?" says Jin, a bit of motherly concern creeping into her voice. "You usually have trouble staying hard after taking them..."

"No worries, I took my dose on time. I guess I'm just super excited!"

As she says that last bit, Candy reaches down to press the length of her cock against the side of Honey's face. Honey nuzzles against it, breaking into a smile when she feels it twitch in response.

"Here," says Candy, moving to straddle Honey's chest instead of her face, "I'm going to use that sweet little mouth of yours, but I want to look into your eyes while I do it."

The straps of the blindfold slip off Honey's ears, and the pressure over her closed eyes disappears. She blinks her eyes carefully open, trying not to flinch at the light.

Oh--Candy has the prettiest eyelashes, and a cute square face framed by dirty blond hair that's brown at the roots. Freckles dust her button nose and tan shoulders, and below that she looks so soft and squishy, Honey just wants to put her face right between those boobs.

Two other faces come into view: one is long and angled with a sharp nose, spider-leg false lashes, and a mole beneath the right eye. Honey immediately knows it's Reya. So Jin must be the one with the weightlifter's jaw, bushy black brows, and a deliciously plump lower lip.

Candy strokes Honey's cheek, bringing her attention back to her. Her brown eyes, which are almost light enough to be amber, twinkle.

Honey forgets herself a moment and stammers out a "H-hi."

Candy grins wide, and there's a gap between her two front teeth. "Hi yourself."

And she shuffles forward and guides her tasty-looking cock just in front of Honey's nose with the foreskin pulled back. Honey kisses the exposed tip, licks up a gooey little drop of precum. Then she licks her lips and slides down the length of it.

She likes the way it fills her mouth; it's a nice size, comfortable. She could deepthroat it if she wanted, but that would be a little awkward while lying on her back. Candy gives a satisfied little sigh, presses Honey down further--Jin shows up, pushing a pillow behind Honey's head to keep it propped up.

Honey swirls her tongue around the tip of Candy's cock each time she pulls back. Candy really likes that, she's making these cute breathy whimpers and her cock keeps jumping in Honey's mouth. And then Honey jumps as she feels the scratch of blunt nails on her lower stomach. They trace a path around her bellybutton, creep down to her muff. Honey can't see who it is, her whole field of vision is shadowed by Candy's pudgy stomach--but the sadism in Reya's voice is unmistakable.

"So, cutie, you wanna get fucked like a real slut?"

A wet fingertip draws up Honey's slit, sharply flicking her clit--Honey eeps around the cock in her mouth. And then the fingertip draws down, applying a little more irritating pressure to her urethra than necessary, finding and teasing the tight, wet little hole of her cunt--then plunging in.

Reya's finger is long and bony and she's cruel with it, twisting and snaking, getting so deep Honey can feel it brush her cervix. Honey whimpers, slack-jawed, and Candy takes the opportunity to push further into her mouth, the head of her cock stopping up Honey's throat.

Reya pulls out a little, curls her finger to press on that spot on Honey's front wall that immediately makes Honey think she might pee. And then Reya keeps doing that, mercilessly hooking her finger on Honey's g-spot, getting faster and rougher with every thrust--Honey wails a little, cringing, overwhelmed but trying not to let it affect the blowjob.

"It's okay," Candy pants, "it's okay baby, just keep your mouth open and I'll do the work, I want you to come again."

Honey yells in surprise as Reya forces another finger into her pussy, and then her eyes roll back as the pressure against her g-spot doubles. She still really really needs to pee, but vaguely understands that's not what's happening with her body. And then Reya pins down Honey's clit with the pad of her thumb--Honey's scream is cut off by Candy's cock slipping all the way down her open throat. And then Honey's nose is smothered in Candy's soft mass of pubic hair, she's completely blind again, and Reya's just being so mean to her poor abused pussy--

Honey comes, kicking, a flood of hot liquid drenching the sheets between her thighs. Her throat flutters around Candy's cock as she screams in short bursts. And she's still coming--Reya refuses to stop fucking her and Honey still can't breathe, she just gags and gurgles on Candy's cock as the blonde swears under her breath and pumps her hips--

Candy shoves Honey's face into her crotch and comes all the way down the box-girl's throat. The back of Honey's tongue catches only a hint of bitterness; when she swallows, the warm, sticky fluid thickly coats her throat. Candy keeps a death-grip on Honey's head for what feels like minutes, making the box-girl's lungs burn--Honey's just on the verge of spasming when Candy whimpers quietly and pulls back. Honey's a little dizzy, but she works her cheeks around the sensitive head, gives it a firm little lick. Candy hisses and goes rigid, her cock jumping once before it goes soft for good.

"You--you little tease," she groans.

"Hey Candy, check this out," calls Jin.

"Look at the mess your box-girl made," Reya chides, two fingers still buried inside Honey. Honey can feel her poor little clit still twitching periodically, cramping with recent memory.

Candy turns and gasps. Honey cranes her neck to see too--oh no, the lavender bedsheets between her legs are soaked. Candy squeals.

"Aww, she squirted!"

"S-sorry, Mistress," Honey squeaks.

Candy turns and shimmies her hips down so she can bend over and kiss Honey's forehead. "Don't worry, we have an absorbent pad under the sheets. Reya's a gusher, so we have to be prepared."

Honey breathes a sigh of relief...and then giggles at the thought of Reya squirting all over the bed.

"Speaking of gushing," says Jin, crawling up the bed in a hefty blue sports bra and boxer briefs, "Candy didn't get to see Honey squirt. And the sheets are ruined anyway, so..." She grins, top teeth wrinkling her thick lower lip, and holds up a purple, sparkling rabbit vibrator.

Candy immediately begins rearranging herself, pushing Honey upright so quickly her head spins. She scoots into the space behind the box-girl, letting her lean back between her legs and use her boobs as a pillow. "Careful, don't crush my nuts," she says, holding Honey in a warm, comfortable embrace as Jin dribbles lube over the rabbit. The vibrator is cold when Jin rubs the shaft over Honey's cunt; Honey jumps, and Candy's hand snakes down to spread her pussy lips open, making it easy for Jin to fuck her.

The rabbit vibe has a pronounced head that makes a little pop sensation as it pushes into Honey's cunt. Honey moans as the bulky, slippery shaft stretches her out, in a much smoother and forgiving way than Reya's fingers. Candy pets Honey's hair soothingly, holds her jaw with her other hand and slips a finger in the box-girl's mouth. Honey relaxes as she sucks on it, sinking into the blonde behind her.

Something thin and hard THWACKs Honey's tit. Honey yelps, and everyone looks to see Reya standing at the side of the bed with a wolfish grin and a wickedly long wooden switch in her hand. Honey finally gets a good look at what Reya's wearing: tight black lingerie that leaves visible indents on her pale skin and obnoxiously pushes up her tits, with her pink nipples just barely peeking out of the lace.

"Well, go on," Reya snarks. "I'm not going to stop torturing her just because she's getting fucked."

Jin turns the vibrator on. Honey melts into the rumbly buzzing, moaning. Jin wiggles the vibe in further, gets the little rabbit ears to either side of her clit--Honey's calves tighten, her toes pointing and flexing. And then Jin rocks the vibe back and forth inside her, coaxing stronger sensations out of Honey's g-spot with every thrust, making the box-girl's hips roll--she loves how her entrance is stretching, she loves clenching down around hard rubber--

And then Reya lashes her right nipple with the switch, right on the bruise Candy bit into her earlier. Honey gives a choked little squeak--and then a scream as Reya reaches down and pinches the nipple she just hit. The pain arcs down her body like lightning, makes her clit tingle and her inner walls clench. Just as Reya lets go with a cruel twist of her fingers, Jin yanks the dildo out, and Honey convulses as she lets loose another stream of clear liquid.

Candy squeals right in her ear. "Oh my god, that was so cute! Make her do it again!"

Jin fucks Honey relentlessly, the wet spot on the sheets not even having time to grow cold before Honey squirts all over it again. Reya is merciless with the wooden switch, reawakening old bruises, striping the insides of Honey's thighs, stopping just shy of breaking the fragile skin. Upon a particularly vicious strike on the underside of her tit, Honey squirms and tosses her head without meaning to; Candy's hand closes around her throat in a firm but harmless grip, and Honey's eyes glass over with the bliss of feeling thoroughly and utterly owned.

"So, Honey, how are you feeling right now?" Jin asks, almost conversationally.

Honey means to say Good, so good, but her tongue gets all tied up and she blurts something unintelligible, bucking her hips helplessly. All three dommes laugh at that. Then Candy lets go of Honey's neck, hooks her hands under the box-girl's thighs, and pull her legs up and apart; pinned and spread wide open, Honey can't do anything to resist as Jin really starts to drill her.

She loses track of how many times she's actually come, she feels like she's having one long, brutal orgasm with hills and freefalls like a rollercoaster. Her clit becomes a raw, exposed nerve, so sensitive that Honey finally cries out, "Please, Mistress, stop--oh god oh god, please stop--"

Jin stops fucking her immediately...which maybe isn't a good idea, because the rabbit vibe's ears land directly on Honey's clit, and she spirals into another gut-wrenching orgasm that she babbles the whole way through.

"Ohnowait that's not what I meant--nonono don't pull it out Mistress please--oh no oh god it hurts--it feels so good--it hurts--please Mistress pleasepullitout--"

Jin obliges, and Honey collapses onto the bed in a sweaty tangle of limbs. She gulps for oxygen while Candy cards fingers through her messy, sweat-soaked hair, cooing nonsense as she gazes down at the box-girl with adoring eyes.

"Throwing in the towel?" Jin asks, gently, in a tone that says, It's okay to say yes.

"N-no," Honey stutters, "I mean--yes? I mean--I don't want to stop, I don't think I can come anymore or use my clit anymore but--but I don't want to stop, I really don't want to stop..."

"Hmm," says Jin, "then how about a quick shower? We can freshen you up, change the sheets..."

"And then I wanna fuck your tight little ass," Candy coos in Honey's ear.

Honey can't help the violent shudder that rips through her, or the needy whimper that escapes her lips. The three women laugh at her again, but not unkindly.

Candy kisses her one more time, and as her pierced tongue slides across Honey's, the box-girl thinks she can taste a hint of her own sour juices on the blonde's lips. Then Candy pushes her gently off the bed and says, "I think Jin and I are gonna take a break. Reya, can you take Honey to shower?"

A sinister glow is in Reya's eyes. It activates Honey's prey instincts, making her turn to run--but Reya snatches up the chain between her cuffs and drags the bruised, exhausted box-girl to the bathroom by her wrists.

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