My landlord had starting showing up at my place at arbitrary hours. We weren't late with rent right now, but we usually were and we were about to be again soon.

There was nothing wrong with performing cunnilingus on her to keep her happy and ready to cut us some slack again this month. The hardest part was bringing it up. I'm a poorly socialized millennial male and she's a wealthy middle-aged lady. I didn't think that I could come on as though I was attracted to her and then pivot to a power-slash-money thing. It had to be something much closer to a cold transactional open.

In the end, I texted her, only ten minutes after she left the building. We'd just spent twenty minutes drinking coffee, grinning at one another, and discussing some routine maintenance.

"Hi Angela, sorry didn't know how to bring it up when you were here. I'm more than willing to lick your pussy or whatever you like really next time. I'm a sexual submissive, tell me where you want me and what you need and I'll be there. I really want to keep you happy - we love this apartment!"

"PS If you're not interested sorry for the approach! Just let me know - I'll never bring it up again."

And some emojis which aren't really the point of the story.


Now she was arriving at the building, sending me a text telling me what it was going to be today. And ten minutes later we'd be in the bathroom, behind the locked door.

Like right now, when she'd quickly washed the bottom half of her body in the shower, and then I stuck my tongue into her asshole.

Was it sex? Was it submission? Is kneeling down and licking someone's butt at their instructions inherently submissive? She certainly wasn't going to have an orgasm, at least not before she left. She must be stopping a couple of streets away to send her follow-up texts, so perhaps she masturbated then?

"Thanks Max, next time I might let you come on them before you lick them clean! See you soon."

Or "Thanks for coffee. If you aren't getting paid Friday tell me and I'll come over to sit on your face, maybe Saturday morning?"

She also used emojis, the ones you'd probably imagine.

Anyway, I really doubted she touched herself in her parked car. More likely she mentally filed the encounter away, while texting and flipping through her diary.


The grocery store never sent the same guy twice, but Amazon sent 'blue shorts' around 50% of the time. My roommate Sherry would answer the door. She had let him bang her in the back of his truck, twice I knew about and probably a few times I didn't. For her, it was that which made opening the door, taking a package and thanking him with a brief smile more exciting, rather than the other way around.


My favorite part was how business-like she was, undressing minimally before straddling me. It seemed more like something she had to do than something she wanted to.

She would let me go on for a long time. I would get hard, pull my pants down and start to jerk off, cum and then go through the whole refractory period while she stayed in place. I knew that I could ejaculate on her bare skin and the only punishment/reward would be licking it off before she pulled her stockings up. But getting anything on her clothing was a different story.

She tasted bitter, often faintly of pee. I could lose myself in the repetitive tonguing, anticipating the moment when she started to swing into my strokes, pushing her clitoral region closer to the action. I would grasp it in my lips and suck on it, short strokes again and again that would make her start to shout, then pause and try to pull back.


Alice's behavior became weirder and weirder. First she spent most of her time in her room. She was texting with strangers she met online, and we would hear the buzz of her vibrator at all hours.

Then her online-only 'Master' started to make requests of her which bled over into our shared life. We would find her tied up on the sofa when we got up in the morning, her vulva exposed to us. A note on her back told us, the men, that we could use her in any way we liked, except that at 9 o'clock she would immediately leave.

We heard from a friend that he had seen her peeing in the park, barely hidden behind some trees. Later she told us that she would urinate and then kneel in the woods until she knew someone had seen her bare ass.


One time Angela got me and Steve in the bathroom together. 'Rub him off', she told me. I pulled his cock out and started to comply. She undid her blouse and held her tits right in front of his field of view.

Two days later he asked me to suck him. I got down on my knees. He called me a fucking slut and a homo. I jerked myself whilst I blew him.


We tried to build a fucking machine but, while it would judder the dildo rapidly without anyone on it, didn't have enough force to move it inside either Alice or Sherry's pussy. I played with Sherry's clit during the last, frustrating attempt. Both were extremely turned on by the idea of the machine working away at them. I could barely get hard after playing by myself and with Steve, working on the machine. I licked them hungrily. I touched Alice's asshole and she rubbed herself on Sherry's thigh.


The next day Alice grabbed me in the corridor, holding a silicone cock sleeve, the non-anatomical type from Japan. I stood there as she masturbated me with the abstract piece of plastic. As she was turning it inside out to lick it clean, Sherry and Steve came out of their room. Alice's face was determined, poised, despite the mess on her chin.


The masturbation energy in the apartment had just become too fierce. I could feel it from other floors of the building too. I would call Angela and do nothing but breathe while I humped the bed and dry-came. The four of us would feel each others' synchronized orgasms, staring at our phones in different rooms, more and more times each day.

The square nature of a relationship between four people became key. Permutations played out, different and the same each time. We became the line, the T, the skew tetromino. I fucked Steve's ass while he ate Alice out. Sherry transformed herself into a fucktoy. I tried to nourish myself on oral sex alone. One evening Steve called us into the landing. An elderly couple were dildo-ing each other inside the elevator. They stared intently at us as we started to undress, then the door began to close. They had pushed the buttons for every single floor.

We messaged online sex workers, reddit users, people we knew, family members. We sat back to back with our laptops, each on a work call, tangled in a complex of mutual masturbation. Deliveries arrived with ever more advanced vibrators, trailing USB cables and feedback requests from the boxes. I would forget how to open a browser on my phone and sit triggering teledildonics devices in confusion, buzzing first Alice's nipples, next Steve's prostate or Sherry's cunt.


Slowly the world became a huge, home-like vagina. I felt my ego pop like a zit, like an orgasm, as I melded with the universal, erotic, Divine. My whole body became a penis, then all penises, then every penis and every cunt. The fucking turned to atmospheric throbbing, geofrottage, an ejaculation outside of time.

Our partners, their partners and slowly, everyone we had ever watched fucking in any video ever, joined our circle. Somehow the extra people inserted themselves without interrupting the daisy-chain. Angela and the two men who had raped Alice in the park became intermediaries, interstitial between a host of large men from Sherry's fantasies. Everyone I had worked with and all Steve's family sixty-nined me, then fucked my ass, then stared into my eyes as they rode me.

Now the whole of everything turned inside out. Putting more and more cum energy into a smaller and smaller space was over. Now life squirted, spurted and we were its cum. We jizzed ourselves over green spaces and along open roads. Juice, urine and wet clouds. The thought of a bottle of lube, at that point, would have made any of us laugh.

At once we could feel our merged bodies, still whole but also distinct. Every mole or hair stood out to all of us. Time froze while our minds flashed through each detail, starting again when a pulse or jiggle reset every cell. I twitched my cock and felt the reflections of all their orgasms, then the reflections of the reflections and the reflections of those.

I came again, first in time, then outside of time. I consumed my whole self in semen and started to consume the rest of the universe. How could I have forgotten that my whole life had only been a short, strange interruption to an infinite orgasm?

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