She said the old legs and feet needed more of my magic touch. I told her it's been a while and she agreed.

I suspected Barb and Marilyn had been talking about their sessions with me. In a way they were somewhat alike as far as sexual experiences. Barb was in a sexless marriage and Marilyn had been without a partner for more than ten years. They both craved something different. Barb had never received or given oral sex, Marilyn hasn’t had any for many years. One day at her salon she described to Barb how great it was and one thing led to another. Soon after, Barb came to me to fulfill her oral fantasies.

Today begins with Marilyn making an appointment for the following Sunday afternoon around 1:00 o'clock at her apartment. Sunday was her day off and she usually just lounged around with her robe, pj's and slippers. She felt it would be more convenient for her if I came over to her house. It was not a problem; much of my massage work was at the clients' homes. Being in the comfort of your own home there was no necessity to jump up and have to drive home after a very relaxing massage. Actually most people would rather have their massages at home. The only problem is finding the quietness; many have children running around, a nosy in-law or maybe even a husband that would rather not know his wife was being serviced by a strange man. When these situations are of concern, they come to me to enjoy a pleasurable hour or two of peace and relaxation.

When I arrived at Marilyn's, I could see that she was also much more relaxed at the idea of having her massage at home. Standing in her robe pj's and slippers just like she said on the phone, Marilyn suggested I set-up in the spacious living room. She offered to help, so I didn't mind. She had just made some coffee and offered me a cup. Never refuse when offered is my motto. We sat at the kitchenette table and talked for quite a while we drank my 3rd and her 1st mug of coffee. She had taken off her robe before sitting down with her cup. It was getting warm from the afternoon sun heating up the place. Her pajama top was missing all the buttons; probably more comfortable when sleeping? Or maybe just for ‘show and tell’. I wouldn't know. I don't wear tops to bed. She held it closed with her left arm as we talked. We turned the subject to today's massage and what she would like done special if anything. When I mentioned the word ‘special’, I could see a curiously questioning look on her face.

She put her arms on the table as she leaned forward and sheepishly and softly spoke so that anyone listening couldn’t hear (if there was anybody), and told me there was something special she wanted from me. All the time I was gawking at her exposed breasts. Just something I can't stop myself from doing. I've seen her perky size C’s with her pink puffy nipples several times before while giving her massages, but it always tempts me to look when they are partially or even mostly uncovered. It must be a guy thing!

Any way, getting back to Marilyn's Sunday afternoon request; she began telling me about the kind of massage I had given to Barb the last two times. I think I knew what she meant, but I played with her until she could drop her shyness and tell me. After I had convinced her that there is nothing better to help bring out her hidden emotions and sexuality feelings than talking about it to a doctor, friend or therapist. She felt a bit more at ease. To gain self confidence and lose some hidden inhibitions, I prodded Marilyn to say what was on her mind. I told her don't be embarrassed. I've heard some of women’s most secret desires and things that pleasure them; for some strange reason, things that only their hair stylist and therapist know; these little secrets and fantasies for the most part are even hidden from their lovers or husbands and even their doctors.

I have helped many women live out their most intimate sexual fantasies. That’s probably why they keep returning. They know their secrets are safe with me. Marilyn knew this now too. She at last told me that is has been over twenty years since anyone had made her feel calm and relaxed as I have done. Today she finally said, "Pete, I feel like I can tell you everything. I want you to give me a massage like you had given to Barb. She told me how she laid on her back at the end of your table and you took each leg and put....I stopped Marilyn right there in mid sentence. I now surely knew what she was trying to tell me. I felt I had taunted her enough. It was still terribly difficult for her to say what she wanted. Things that women talk about amongst themselves are sometimes more difficult to say in front of men. Rather than continue with this talk I said, "Let's get your massage started."

She hadn't realized her pj top was completely exposing her breasts until she stood up. She actually turned red and said excuse me. I told her no need to apologize. I had to reassure her.
Her breasts were beautiful and she should be proud of them She blushed again and said,"Thanks, you're so kind." Marilyn definitely felt more comfortable now as she stepped out of her bottoms and shed her top as she walked from her kitchenette to the living room. I still sat in the kitchen, finished the last drop from my cup and watched her tall beautiful butt shimmy with each step. I also felt my dick swelling slightly; I gave it a little pat as I silently wished to calm down.

She mounted my table, laying face down waiting for me to get started. No towel, no sheet, nothing to cover a square inch of her glowing freckled skin lying in the early afternoon sunlight. I finished my third cup of coffee and gave my semi hard cock one last squeeze before heading into the living room. She was anticipating some new pleasures today. A pleasure she hadn't felt in over ten years from what she was trying to tell me. She had just about forgotten what if felt like to have a man’s hot tongue between her legs.

Marilyn's skin was very sensitive and always wanted a very light pressure massage. Basically she liked the sensual/sexual strokes from start to finish even for her regular massage. She never
knew why she always got so aroused from just a simple massage. It may have sounded simple to her, but there were many special strokes and the manner in which they were executed that made a simple massage into a sensual and possibly sexual dream trip. Marilyn absorbed every stroke. This Sunday I was about to give her the most sensual massage she ever had.

Marilyn was only introduced to her first sexual massage about a month ago. It was so intense that she couldn't even finish. She held back as much as she could, but her sexual tension had built up so fast. She reached her point of no return before I had completed the front of her massage. She still doesn't know there was a lot more remaining after her orgasm left her melted on the table. She had all the pleasure she could handle. Today I was going to try and complete what she had missed. Let's see if she can take it today!

While she was getting on the table, I went to warm some conditioner and lubricants. From the kitchenette, I turned to see her long freckled legs and her firm round butt shining in the afternoon sun which started to pour into the room. She was lying motionless with her legs still together. I was wondering just how long they would stay that way. Would I have to help move them or would she unconsciously open them as I applied my soothing touch? Time to find out!

Immediately upon stroking her back with the warmed conditioner, Marilyn let out a long soothing,"ooh that feels so good." Her lower back was a little stiff today, so a little extra pressure was required. Every new part of her body I touched resulted in more oohs and aahs, her butt no exception. The light tickling strokes were really getting her aroused faster than in her previous massages. Perhaps she was anticipating the finale already. It would be a while before it would come to that.

By the time I had finished her back side Marilyn was already floating on air. It was so soothing and relaxing, not to mention arousing. Her legs and feet really did need some serious work; first one then the other. But to finish I switched the light strokes that she loved so much. Light touches in the right places tend to awaken certain parts of the body making every touch that much more exciting. After a few strokes up the backs of her thighs, I was about to begin at her feet and spread her legs slightly in order to get to her soft inner thighs. As I placed my hands on her feet, she must have sensed my intentions and subconsciously spread her feet to the edges of the table. Her moist vulva was being offered to my eyes and my hands.

Gliding lightly up the backs of her thighs, I shifted my hands to her inner thighs and was rewarded with sweet alluring moans to continue. Marilyn was getting ready; I continued on her inner thighs, now sliding the edge of my hands and fingers along her smooth hairless lips. Her fragrance and moistness told me she excited and in need of a lot more massage.

Before I asked Marilyn to turn over on her back, I could see she had enjoyed her back massage more than most people because when she turned over and made herself comfortable, she already had her legs spread slightly in anticipation of the balance of her front massage. She was full of surprises today. Her vulva was freshly shaved; smooth as a baby’s butt. I had to hold back the urge to go for it; she was primed and totally anticipated my mouth and hot tongue to manipulate her clitoris. She wanted what Barbara experienced from her last two massages sessions with me.

As I mention earlier, she only got as far as the inner and outer lip massage with only mild clitoral stimulation. Her release came unexpectedly. It was hard and fast. She was pushing down with slight pumping pressure on her abdomen with each major contraction. This powerful release and warm feelings from a very soothing connecting massage would stay in her memory forever. She couldn’t wait for her next encounter with me.

Today she was about to receive some new memories. Until now, this was as far as she had gotten from her last session before she let go. Today we were going beyond just a simple light tickling massage. Today Marilyn would reach new heights in sexual release. As I began on her front with her hands and arms, I could see her starting to relax and come down from her aroused high. But that was not to last. Next after her neck and shoulders, I began sliding my hands down to her firm pink tipped C sized breasts. Before I finished with her thoroughly soothing and powerfully arousing breast massage, Marilyn was having a mild orgasm. She was gripping the edges of my table as her tummy contracted and her legs quivered slightly. I could sense her anticipation as her sexual excitement wafted above the table. She was very wet now and hoping I would get back to her clit without stopping.

As you probably guessed by now, I did stop to allow this sexual high to subside. It felt like torture for Marilyn, but she knew I was going to give her what she expected; she just didn’t know when it was going to happen.

After playing with her feet and lower legs for several minutes, I decided it was time to move on. Marilyn had relaxed again, but just slightly. First the right thigh and then the left using smooth strokes, starting higher and going higher with each repetition. I finally worked my way up along her inner thighs so that the last several light side pulls just grazed her lips, she was moving her hips wanting more of what; she didn't exactly know what was next. She was becoming very verbal at this point, "Pete, you’re driving me crazy. Don’t stop. God that feels so nice. Do more!"
How could I resist a woman’s request! So I continued brushing her slick swollen lips lightly as I stroked her inner thighs. Marilyn started to tense again as she spurted,"Oh, Pete that feels so damn good. Do it harder and faster." As she began having another small orgasm, I stopped and told her soon her torture would be over.

Her writhing and pelvic movements were screaming for more. Now was a good time to begin a gentle shiatsu massage on her outer lips, starting at the top of her smooth mound with pressure on her lips gently squeezing her labia into the base of her clit working down to her vagina and
back again; first on one side then the other. This maneuver really got her blood flowing toward her genitalia increasing sensitivity. Marilyn had her eyes closed and moaned with appreciative pleasure throughout her mini shiatsu. I think she might have come again.

Next I went for the warmed Astroglide. I placed my left hand on her mound with my fingers spreading her lips as I poured the Warm lubricant over the back of my left hand allowing the slippery elixir to drool between my fingers and down onto her clitoris and between her lips. After this initial nice feeling of warmth, I began labia pulls with my thumb and forefinger of my right hand. I would grasp her lips from her vagina to her clitoris and lightly pull. After repeating this several times, I would go to the other side. Then I added some gliding stokes up and down these same lips. By this time my thoroughly lubed fingers were also bumping and rubbing her swollen little nub on each stroke. Her hips were gyrating showing her lustful pleasure; she would raise her butt a little each time my slick fingers approached her clit just so I would touch it that much sooner. Marilyn was ready for the next phase of her Sunday matinee. It was getting warm with the now mid-afternoon sun glaring through the open window. Marilyn was lying on her back panting from both the heat from within and the sunshine on the outside. I needed an excuse to slow things down a bit. So what else? I offered her a glass of water which she gladly accepted and I took one too.

This intermission was just what the doctor ordered. Marilyn required a cooling down period. She sat up and sipped her drink while I stood in front of her gulping mine down. Did I mention I had gotten this throbbing boner, I needed this break also? I tried not to pay much attention to it, but it was silently brought to my consciousness as I noticed Marilyn looking down at me over the top of her glass. I think I twitched and I could feel something wet. As I stood in front of Marilyn, I didn’t dare look down to see if my wet spot was visible. Marilyn finished her drink and it was she who said, "Let’s get back to work."

She lain back down and automatically spread her legs wide for me. She wasn’t quite as swollen as she was before the break, but she was very wet. Even so, I added more warm Astroglide before delicately attacking her clitoris directly with slow circular, up and down, and side to side manipulation; each giving different sensations.

At this point in the massage, a lot of women will have a small orgasm; Marilyn was like a lot of women as she shook with mild contractions. Marilyn has gone beyond anything she’s ever had. . She was unquestionably excited. Her clitoris was engorged along with her lips. As I was about to start the vaginal clock massage, I could see she was producing a lot of her own lubricant. Her vagina was relaxed and ready to accept the clock and the finale if she could hold off. I was half way through the clock. Marilyn was moving her hips with each clock stroke. I could feel some fairly strong contractions. Marilyn didn't want to come, not yet. Could she survive the clock? Her breathing was erratic and fast. She was just about at the point of no return when I finished the clock. My dick was pounding inside my shorts. The thought of eating this beautiful pussy was almost making me cum without even removing my tool from my wet pants. I gave her a few minutes to come down before I would give her the finale. Marilyn thought I was finished and I told her there was just one more section before this massage was over. Marilyn was already floating in heaven, "what could Pete possibly do to make that feel better," she thought?

With my left hand still manipulating her pulsing clitoris and alternating with light breast and nipple massaging, my right began the finale; the G-spot massage. Most women if they have an orgasm from a G-spot massage have a very profound orgasm. Sometimes lasting up to several minutes. Marilyn in her already very excited state was no exception. A couple of minutes into the G-spot, Marilyn erupted into a screaming orgasm. I could feel immense waves of contractions. Marilyn had her first complete sexual massage. She was in heaven. I was watching her face with her gorgeous red hair whipping left to right. Her mouth open and breathing rapidly. She opened her big green eyes to look at me and I could feel my load shooting down my left leg. I felt like I impregnated my pants. The vision of her in throes of ecstasy caused me to soak myself. She was spent and couldn't take any more. I left her lying on my table after a final connecting massage.

I wobbled to the kitchen on weakened legs to help myself to another cup of coffee. While sitting in the kitchenette drinking, I could see that Marilyn had fallen asleep. I went to her bathroom to clean myself up. The slow rising and falling of her breasts was almost hypnotic. It was a beautiful sight to see that I had given her so much pleasure.
I let her sleep for a while, and then woke her before she decided to turn in her sleep. She thought she was still dreaming when I woke her. I helped her up and she fell into my arms with a big thankful hug and a kiss. She noticed my huge wet spot and I told her I accidentally spilled coffee on myself. She never would have believed a massage could leave her feeling so warm and relaxed. I knew she couldn't handle any more today. I apologized for nor giving her exactly what she asked for, but she was far more satisfied with what she received. I told her next time I would give her the same massage that her friend Barbara had. And promised she would not be disappointed.
Marilyn remained in her birthday suit even as I had packed up and was leaving. I told her she could get dressed now, but being in her own house, she said why? Getting a massage at home has many advantages. Beside the fact you don't have to run out and drive home, you can stay at home and truly enjoy the after effects of your massage and you don't even have to get dressed.
She made an appointment for the following Sunday. Another delicious hug with her warm naked body pressing against me and succulent kiss that said I wish you could stay. I wished I could have stayed too, as my cock sprang to life once more and pressed against Marilyn’s naked abdomen. I knew she felt it as we said our goodbyes until next week. I held my duffel bag in front of me as I turned from that last goodbye. It was necessary I should turn quickly and leave before we both got other ideas.

I hope you enjoyed this episode, because you may want to hear about what happens next Sunday.

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