I am 19 years old, male, and a student at university. My parents are both dead but I have an older sister, Amy who is 22 and she lives with her boyfriend, Tony. Last summer i went to stay with them for a few weeks before going off travelling with friends until the start of a new term.

I never had a girlfriend before the summer, but the number of women that i fantasised over kept me busy. I was happy with that. I was in no rush to get into a relationship. I was young and carefree, i guess but cutting to the chase, i was painfully shy.

My sister and Tony were both nice people, both working, so i had the run of the two bedroom flat to myself during the day. For the first few weeks everything was normal - I learned how to fit in to their routines. Both would be gone by 7:30 and Tony got back around 5:30pm and Amy around 6pm.

I tidied up and washed up and prepared some food sometimes but mainly i slept, watched TV, went for walks in the park and went into town a few times. I basically was enjoying myself, doing nothing in particular.

One day, a Tuesday, i was pottering around and needed a clean cup so i went around the flat collecting all the dirty stuff i could. I went into Amy's bedroom and found a few cups, a glass and a plate. I avoided the clothing mess - neither of them were particularly tidy. I saw a pair of knickers on the floor, crumpled... used, and my breathe caught. I paused at them on the floor then turned and ignored them, collecting all the pots and leaving for the kitchen.

By the time i had washed up and made myself a coffee, i was back in my sister's bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed, their bed. Being a two bedroom flat, the walls were thin and sound travelled. I had gotten used to the noises from their room at night. I had blocked out any imagery i had of them at it but Amy was fairly animated in her moaning, i will give her that at least.

I was staring at the knickers. They were black and rolled on themselves. I could see the crotch, which was stained and i felt my heart pounding. I drank some coffee and nudged them with my foot. I was breathing hard, suddenly. Strange emotions were welling up.

I put the coffee cup down on the bedside table and i leaned over, picking up the knickers, tentatively. They felt so light and soft. I unrolled them and stared at the black thong on my palm. They were definitely used and i could smell staleness on them from an arm-length away. I was grossed out but still i held on to them. Amy had been wearing these. I guess she had gotten wet and then taken them off and thrown them on to the floor. My imagery stopped there but my memory of the sounds they made last night were certainly in my head and i built up a set of vivid images of what had happened on this bed after the knickers had come off.

I shuddered at my desperation. I looked again at the knickers on the palm of my hand. The string parts hung limply over my palm. I sighed then for no reason i could muster and looked up. On the chair was a black bra, matching the knickers and under that was a white top and a black skirt.

I paused again and breathed heavily, taking in this moment where imagery was very real for a few split seconds. I dropped the knickers and collected my cup and left her room.

That night, i was again listening to Amy and Tony next door. This time however, i was fully focused on the noises, the stifled laughter, the moans and the rhythmic bed noises. I was surprised to find myself responding to it. I was hard but i was thinking about Tony here with me, doing those things he did with my sister but with me instead and that was a huge shock to me because i did not fancy Tony. Honestly, i did not fancy him (or any bloke) but I had a sudden, overwhelming urge to be with him, if not as my sister, then as... I wasn't sure!

I was truly shocked with my thoughts because i knew i was 100% not gay: I loved women, I loved their curves, their hair... everything about them. I never looked at men and thought anything sexually about them. No man had ever approached me like that. I never gave off any sort of gay-vibe, if such a thing even existed and yet here i was, hard, thinking about the man next door as he fucked my sister. Shit! Stop...stop...stop.

The next day i got up at 8:30. The flat was all mine, as usual. I found myself in my sister's room, naked, looking around at the clothing on the floor. I had tried not to come in here but i couldn't resist that niggling urge.

I was looking at a pair of red knickers and a lacy black bra on the floor. The knickers were still damp and i almost gagged at the realisation that it was Tony's cum wiped on them. My cock lurched and i knew then that i didn't actually care about that. I put them on, damp patch and all and i luxuriated in the feel of them. Amy was slightly larger than i was, especially around the bottom and hips. Her knickers fitted OK. Then i struggled with the bra, eventually getting it on after wrenching my shoulder, whilst pushing my arm halfway around my back... must be a better way than this, i thought, rubbing my pulled muscle.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was such a bloke in knickers but i still enjoyed the feel of it all. I had no hips or breasts to talk of and i was hairy.

Mmmmmmm... time for a shower.

I locked the door and quickly undressed in the bathroom. I ran the shower then started shaving my whole body smooth. It took ages but as it progressed, i got more and more turned on by the look and feel of my torso and arms and then legs as they all became smooth. I gulped, then started shaving my balls, holding the skin taut as i tried to get all the hairs. I left a track of pubic hair alone but apart from that, i was now bald. I dried myself off, and then saw the moisturiser and the red nail polish. Oh well, in for a penny!

After 30 minutes, i had rubbed my skin with moisturiser and my toenails were drying. I put the knickers and bra back on and unlocked the bathroom door. As I walked out, Tony was walking out of the kitchen, on his phone, walking squarely towards me.

We stopped, facing each other. That moment was the longest one of my life. It dragged. I have no idea what i did but Tony just gawped and looked me up and down then said "I'll call you back" to the person on the phone. "Well, well, well Max" he said.

"It's not what you think" I blurted out

He looked at me quizzically, an eyebrow raised. "What, you aren't shaved smooth with nail polish on and wearing your sisters underwear." He looked more closely and then corrected himself, "No actually, your sister's used underwear."

"That's what i think." he said. "You explain what is going on then, Max."

"I... I..." I stopped and moved towards my bedroom, edging closer, around Tony. I held the towel protectively before me.

Tony looked at me then with a bizarre look. It was like he was reassessing me, putting me on another level in his head. "Max...". He stopped and smiled slightly. "Megan, come with me." and he indicated my sister's bedroom.

"Oh no. No way" I blurted out, my voice rising with terror.."and my name is Max, not Megan."

"Max left last night sometime, Megan. Now it is just you here. With me. I am the one who knows your little dirty secret remember. I have a phone here." He waved it suggestively.

"Oh no you don't" I wailed. "Don't you dare threaten me with that." I had stopped moving towards my bedroom.

"Things have changed Megan. Look at you for fuck's sake. Now, get your arse in there." and he pointed to his bedroom.

For some reason, i stupidly obeyed and was in the room. Power and perceived power are two amazing things to behold in action, I learned that morning. Tony followed and closed the door. I watched him, like a lamb to the slaughter. "Sit on the edge of the bed, Megan." he told me. I obeyed meekly.

"I have never done anything like this Megan but you know what, when Fate hands you an opportunity, it would be silly not to take it. Don't you think?"

I stared up at him. "Why are you home?" I asked, stupidly. It was the first thing i could think of.

He laughed. "The heating is playing up. I booked an engineer for the boiler at 11." He looked at his phone, "in an hour. We have plenty of time, Megan."

With that, he put his phone on the bed and stood in front of me, my face almost touching his crotch, through his trousers. I gulped, not knowing what to do or where to look.

Tony unzipped his trousers and was in the act of pulling them down when i said "Please don't. I don't want to."

Tony didn't stop and dropped his trousers and his cock sprang up, swelling before my eyes. I could smell it. "Why don't you look at your clit, Megan?" I wasn't sure what he meant, so he pointed down at my crotch and my own cock was straining inside my sister's knickers. I groaned and closed my eyes. "See, Megan. Now, this is how it is going to happen. Just nod."

I looked up at him, half naked and i nodded quickly, at a loss on what to do to get away but go along with Tony.

"Good. Now, i assume this is your first time?" I nodded again, after a moment.

"Right, i am going to be kind then. Just go with it, OK?" Again, i nodded, still looking up at him.

He held his cock in his hand and rubbed it over my cheek. I gasped and my lips opened slightly. He patted my lips with the eye, rubbing it along my lips. I closed my eyes and swallowed a mouthful of saliva with Tony slapping my face with his cock, softly, suggestively.

"Kiss my cock, Megan."

I railed then until i felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing me forwards until my mouth was touching him. He moved my head back and forth simulating me kissing him and pretty soon i realised i was kissing his cock of my own volition.

He groaned then and took a deep breathe. "That's it baby, kiss it all over."

I was laying soft little kisses on his head. I was sure i tasted pre-cum but i found I didn't care. I was revelling in the moment: I had a man hard because of me. It wasn't scary in the sense of what i was doing - loads of women and indeed men suck cock every day. Life goes on, doesn't it? It was terrifying in the sense that i was enjoying having a man's cock this close to me.

I raised a hand and gripped his cock as i lowered my head, kissing the shaft. "Yes baby. That's it. Just like that. Kiss it all over and don't forget my balls"

Max was phasing out and Megan was assuming control in my head. I was enjoying the feel of the cock in my hand and its smell. I was sat, undressed and smooth and loving it.

During those first few moments, i was aware that i was kissing and rubbing his cock. At the same time I was moving his foreskin over the head. I was licking his balls and then sitting his cock on my stuck out tongue. I pulled my head back, so his cock slid along my tongue.

I broke contact with my tongue and was going back to lick again when he said "Suck it Megan."

I stopped, looking up at him. Something in my head flipped on those words. I could physically pin-point that moment. I opened my lips and i put his cock inside my mouth as i held his gaze. I closed my lips around his head and i held him in my warmth, my tongue swirling around. I began sucking Tony's cock, on my sister's bed, wearing my sister's knickers and bra. I was enjoying it all. I loved the feel of Tony's cock in my mouth, I loved the power i had to make him moan and thrust. I was rubbing his cock and holding his balls as i sucked him greedily, ignoring all the weird noises i made and all the saliva drooling out of my mouth.

"Megan, i am close. Make me cum, babe" he stuttered. I re-doubled my efforts, wanking him and sucking him. I wanted him to want me, as a girl. It made me feel so sexy doing this and i wanted the ultimate prize. I played with his head and sucked it. I could sense his orgasm approaching - i had done many myself in my time, for goodness sake. I knew the signs. Then he held my head still and he came over my shocked face... i was expecting it in my mouth but it all shot over my hair and face. It went in my eyes, up my nose and dribbled down my chin. Reflexively, i licked my lips and tasted Tony for that first time. It wasn't the best taste to be honest, but i was still horny as hell and so would have done anything at that moment to get off as much as i could.

Tony shuddered and ground himself over me, coming down from his orgasm.

I was sat there, looking up at him, frustrated as hell, wanting more and covered in his cum.

"Shit!" Tony said. "It's nearly eleven. Stay here Megan whilst the engineer is here. I want you waiting. Do not play with yourself. You understand?" I nodded, thrilled that he was coming back. I know i was certainly horny as hell as i watched him leave the room, shutting me in, still sat on the bed.

"Oh wow" I thought to myself. "That really did happen" and I wiped some of the cum from my face with my fingers. My stomach ached so much.

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