Right Here, Right Now

written by Zone Theory Bae + IRyS

Regrets and inhibitions forgotten. Walls built and broken. Feelings pure and unrestrained. There was no room to process, there was no room for panic, there was nowhere to hide.

This was what she wanted.

18+, adult, smut, lemon, you get it, shit's lewd.

This happens between chapters 4 and 5 of my BaeRyS fanfic "You make me all the things I'm not" (read here). This version has been edited to remove the angst and any story relevant details and is able to serve as a standalone piece.

They started the movie, it opened with a scene of a car driving down an empty road, it abruptly cut to a clip of a crow emitting a low caw. Bae jumped in her seat in reaction to this. IRyS found the other girl's reaction adorable.

“I’m going to scream. I am going to scream my head off, I can’t do this.” Bae panicked.

“The horror movie watch-along was your idea."

“I know! And you let me do it. I’m going to die, I’m actually going to die. IRyS, I can’t do this.”

“Awww Bae it’s alright, come here,” she unfurled the blanket she had wrapped around her shoulders so the other could fit under it as well, “I’ll keep you safe.” She didn’t care about the audience at this point, she was drunk (a try not-to-laugh drinking challenge was to blame) and her friend was scared. She had no ulterior motive, she told herself.

This was how they spent the movie, after every scare Bae would freak out and IRyS would pull her in. IRyS wouldn’t admit it, but in some weird way she was looking forward to the scares, each time the tension built towards a jump would be a countdown to pulling the other girl in and making her feel safe. Bae really didn’t handle horror well, she had tears running down her face from how terrified she was, IRyS held her and whispered comforting words and wiped away the tears. They went through this, like a routine, until the end of the movie. IRyS knew she was compromising herself, but in those moments she didn’t care about herself, she just had to make sure Bae was alright.

The movie ended and Bae spent some time composing herself, apologising to the chat for how she acted. They didn’t mind, this stream had given them enough fuel for the Baerys fire for months. After saying their goodbyes and promising to read superchats at a later date, they ended the stream.

The tension between them was like a static current running through the air, charging both of them. Neither knew what to say. IRyS was afraid to speak, she knew she was breaking, she felt it within herself and was scared of it.

“That was a good stream…” Bae started.

“Y- yeah. Um, I should probably get going.” IRyS responded, pushing herself up from the sofa.

“Oh, okay.”

IRyS had to go, for her own sake. Her mind was spinning, she had to hold herself from doing something. She was so terrified to engage the feelings she told herself she didn’t have.

“You don’t need to go, you can stay the night.” Bae said, standing by the door with IRyS.

“I don’t want to do something I’ll regret.”

This is wrong. We're just friends...

IRyS took a step forward, her meticulously crafted walls cracked under the effects of the alcohol running through her system. Cracked from the charge that ran through both of them.

Bae looked away awkwardly.

Another step forward. Bae trembled. The bricks fell and their scattered remains lie at her feet.

IRyS gently cupped her hand on Bae’s chin, lifting her head and forcing their eyes to meet. Faces centimetres apart. “Can I?” She asked.

Bae nodded.

She kissed her, the spark they held between roared into a flame. A silent firecracker ignited, filling their hearts with fire. The key had found the lock. Bae pressed herself against the wall, arms at her side, giving IRyS all of the control. IRyS moved her hand to fully cup the others cheek and placed the other onto the girl's hip. Bae shook at the touch.

At first they were gentle, occasionally breaking to breathe before closing the gap between them once again. Neither could stand to be apart, even for those split seconds. IRyS grew bolder in her actions, as they met she gently opened her mouth and pressed her tongue to the other girls lips, they parted to allow her entry, responding with a deep pleasured sigh. They continued this dance of passion until they needed to breathe, yet neither stopped. She was manic, she couldn’t stop, she couldn’t think. IRyS legs shook and her body screamed at her to breathe. Bae lightly pushed on the other girl to separate them, and allow them both some reprieve. They stood there for a moment, foreheads touching, both breathing heavily.

IRyS gently traced her fingers down Bae’s arm until she was touching the tips of her fingers. Static electricity raced through them. She grabbed her hand. Hand in hand, IRyS led the smaller girl towards the bed.

IRyS slowly pushed down the other girl and moved over top of her. She felt legs gently wrap around her waist. She planted kisses all along the small girl's jawline and on her cheeks before turning her attention to her lips. She dove back into her like she was starving and this was the only thing that could sate her. Taking no time to force her tongue through into the now familiar mouth. Bae moaned at the contact, and IRyS liked the feeling of the sound vibrating through her.

While she explored her mouth, she started to move her hands along Bae’s exposed midriff, enjoying the way the girl tensed and flexed under her fingers as her hands moved across her skin, making their way upwards under her shirt.

IRyS pulled back her head, separating the two. Bae almost looked sad, her eyes pleading for more. IRyS took her hands and grabbed the edges of Bae’s undershirt and carefully tugged upwards to pull it off. Bae lifted her arms to help her achieve this, in a single fluid motion she pulled it off and threw it off the bed, onto the floor.

She took in the sight of the topless rat, trying to burn the image of her breasts into her mind. IRyS knew that she was sizable, but somehow it was still a surprise seeing them freed like this. It took all her will-power not to dive into the girl right then and there. Why resist? Mindlessly she reached towards her and squeezed the exposed mounds with both hands, feeling them in her hands. Bae bit her lip as she did this. IRyS felt silly, like a teenage boy seeing boobs for the first time, but she didn’t care.

She cursed her own outfit, it was a pain to put on and an even larger pain to take off. She pulled herself off of the smaller girl and started undoing the strings on the back of her dress holding it tight to her body. Bae sat up and started helping her undo them as well. Occasionally the pair stole kisses from the other as they did this. Eventually IRyS was able to pull her top half of clothing off, leaving just her monochrome mismatched leggings.

“Fuck me, you’re hot.” Bae said, looking at her top to bottom.

She kicked the clothes away and moved back towards the bed. Once again she pushed the other girl back down and they returned to the familiar position with Bae’s legs wrapped around her. This time she didn’t move to the other girl's lips, and instead she moved the side of her neck.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” She breathed out onto her neck. Bae squirmed from feeling the hot breath on her skin.

IRyS began to roguely kiss the girl’s neck, which caused soft moans that she found intoxicating, it was a sound she wanted to hear more of. She began sucking and licking at her neck, which elicited even louder moans. She wondered how far she could push this and lightly bit her.

Bae’s sudden gasp shocked her. She was worried she hurt the girl, and pulled away to look into her face.

“Bae, are you alright?”

Bae quickly threw up her arms to cover her burning face. “I… I’m fine. It’s just… p- please do that again.”


She complied, returning to her neck, carefully biting and nibbling her way along. She was sure this would leave a very noticeable series of bruises on the poor girl, but the pleasure IRyS felt from hearing her reactions was too great for either of them to try and stop her actions. She upped the ante and used a free hand to begin groping at Bae’s exposed chest. The sounds grew louder in volume. She took her nipple and gently rolled it between her fingers, lightly squeezing it. Feeling it stiffen at her touch. A deep moan this time.

IRyS continued this routine, making Bae gasp from the bites to her neck and moan from the fingers at her chest. She felt a burning within her own core and a wetness between her legs, she ignored it, choosing to instead focus on making sure Bae was taken care of.

“IRyS… I’m… I’m gonna…” The girl managed to say between breaths.

Too soon.

IRyS stopped what she was doing and sat up. Bae looked desperately at her, breathing heavily. 

“Why did you stop?” Bae asked quietly.

“I want to taste you.” She whispered back

Bae didn’t know how to respond to that, so she stayed quiet, electing to just watch the girl above her.

IRyS slid back from on top of the smaller girl until she was at her waist. She wasted no time grabbing ahold of her skirt and quickly pulled it off of her legs, desperate to get at her core. After discarding that article of clothing, Bae was just left wearing a pair of dark red panties.


With a delicate touch, she felt Bae's burning center through the last layer of clothing, it was completely drenched. Bae moaned desperately, trying to force her hips forward, to force IRyS to touch her more.

“You’re soaked. All this for me?”

“Mmmm” was all Bae could manage to say.

She wanted to keep teasing the girl, but at this point she couldn’t wait any longer. She had never craved something this bad before, it was kind of worrisome. She felt like she was letting her demon half control her. She grabbed the sides of the girls underwear and pulled them down her legs, discarding them to the ground once they were freed.

IRyS used her hands to spread Bae’s legs apart, fully taking in the view of the glistening naked mound before her, Bae squirmed under her gaze. She looked away from the slit and locked her eyes with her tiny lover. Not breaking eye contact, she lowered her head to meet the waiting folds, without hesitation she licked at the wetness.

“Ohhhhh IRyS.” 

She savoured the taste of the girl she had fallen in love with, as if she would never be able to do this again. She continued lapping at her, attentively listening to the resulting sounds to figure out the most pleasurable technique. Her efforts brought her to the bud above her damp opening, carefully she licked and sucked at it, driving the small girl crazy.

IRyS felt thighs press into the sides of her head as hands went through her hair to the back of her head, pulling her closer.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh fuuuuuuck.” Bae cried.

This wasn’t enough for IRyS, she needed more, so she lowered her mouth and pressed inside, exploring the moistened walls with her tongue. Bae was practically shouting at this point, and if either had any sense of themselves they would surely try to quiet down, but both were lost in the pleasures of the moment.

“IRyS… IRyS I’m so close… Please don’t stop… please.” Bae pleaded, her hands reached down into the other girls hair to pull her deeper into her, and preventing her from escaping.

Clearly stopping earlier when she was so close had gotten to her. IRyS didn’t want to torture the poor girl, so she complied, moving her tongue faster and deeper inside of the hot core. She ate at her desperately trying to get her to climax, needing to hear the sound she would make as she came. She felt like was going to black out her craving was so bad, but she knew it would be satiated as the Bae's breathing quickened, and her grew moans louder and more frequent.

“IRyS! I’m cumming!”

Shuddering legs pressed into her head even harder than they had before, hands grabbed onto her hair and gripped hard. Bae arched her back upwards and she threw her head back. IRyS felt a rush of warm fluid wash over her tongue, eagerly lapping it up as she listened to the sweet cries of pleasure.

She carefully eased up her actions, helping the small girl ride out her orgasm until it had completed. The hands and legs restrained her head relented and she withdrew her tongue and sat up, hungrily licking away the moisture around her own lips. She crawled back up Bae until their faces were beside each other again. Gently she kissed her, sticking her tounge past the other girl's lips, letting her taste her own climax. After a while they pulled away, needing reprieve.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this.” Bae admitted to her, smiling blissfully, still lost in a post-orgasmic haze.

She answered with another heated kiss, pressing her tongue back inside Bae’s mouth. She talked better without words.

Bae made good sounds from making out, but IRyS was still hungry for more. Pulling away from her lips she moved to the other side of her neck, intending to mark her territory here too. As she sucked and bit on the untouched skin, she used a free hand to grope at the small girl once more, re-exploring her adorable body with her fingers. She worked way across both of her breasts, massaging the mounds before pinching and twisting at the nipples, hardening them under her touch.

"Ohh~" Bae moaned, it was like a song to her ears.

Still not enough.

With her other hand moved her attention back to the soaked slit she had just intimately tasted. Judging by the shocked gasp that Bae emitted at the sudden attention to her core once again, IRyS realised that Bae had thought they were done, and that the fondling was just after-play. She smirked to herself at the thought.

We're was just getting started.

IRyS made small circles on the wet opening, moistening her fingers.

"Mmhmmm~" Bae whimpered under her and brought her hands up to cover her mouth and hide the sounds she was making.

That's no good.

Without stopping her fingers below, she pulled away from nibbling her neck, letting go of her breast and grabbing the hands covering her mouth by the wrists, she forced her arms over her head. Bae looked shocked by this, she had no control of herself anymore, embarrassed to have her defences taken away.

"Ooooh~" Bae moaned loudly into the face of the girl pleasuring her.

“I want to hear you.” IRyS said devilishly.

Still holding the arms over Bae’s head and her fingers thoroughly slick from her juices, she plunged 2 fingers inside. Moving them around, exploring for a spot that would drive her partner wild. She pressed onto a spot on the spongy wall that triggered a pleasured gasp moan she hadn’t heard before. She continued to touch on and around this spot, enjoying the new chords she was striking. She felt a stirring within herself, and she realised she was starting to slowly approach her own climax, just through the experience of pleasuring this other girl.


She knew what this meant by now. She continued her rhythmic motions, as the girl’s breathing grew more and more rapid.

“IRyS…!” Bae called out again, desperately.

She maintained course, not doing anything to upset or throw off the girl’s second climax.

They locked eyes. “Cum for me.” IRyS pleaded.

That was enough to trigger it, once more she felt the girl tighten around her, as she rode her second orgasm of the night. A maddened look like a hungry wolf was on IRyS’ face, she was close herself and couldn’t let this stop until she had cum too. She continued the movements of her fingers through the waves of pleasure Bae was riding, and not letting up even after it had ended. Bae was too exhausted from cumming twice already to do anything to stop the demonic woman thrusting inside her, she was trapped in a prison of overwhelming pleasures, with her arms pinned over her head.

"Oooh I- Iry- mmm~ ah!~ Aahhh!~"

IRyS inserted a third finger and increased her speed and pressure. Tears ran down Bae’s face from the overstimulation, her cute moans had practically turned to desperate screams for release. It was all Bae could do not to lose herself here, her mind almost completely shattered as she babbled and begged non-sensically. IRyS felt the tension once again inside the girl, and this time she felt it within herself as well, she desperately needed to release it.

She leaned down to Bae’s bruised neck and bit down hard, sinking her fangs in, breaking the skin and tasting iron. That was enough to drive Bae wild, and was exactly what IRyS needed to release her tension. Together they shared their climax. IRyS collapsed onto Bae, and they both convulsed into shivering messes as Bae hit her third peak of the night and IRyS rode out her first. Shuddered cries escaping both of their lips and a dark wet spot formed between IRyS' legs, staining the still-worn leggings.

Once they had both come down from their highs IRyS carefully removed her fingers from Bae, who whimpered in response through the deep breathes she was taking. She lifted herself up enough so that she was no longer crushing the poor rat girl under her and stole a quick kiss on her waiting lips before rolling herself off of the girl and onto the bed beside. They both were exhausted.

Bae leaned over to tangle herself in the nephilim, pulling her close and peppering tired kisses on her lips, cheeks, and collarbone. A way of offering thanks and praise to the woman who had taken care of her.

The two laid next to each other, trying to catch their breaths. Tangled in each other's arms.

“I’m sorry.” IRyS apologized.

“Huh? What for… that was incredible. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life.”

“I was so close, I couldn’t stop myself.” 

“Oh baby it’s alright, I loved it.” Bae responded, brushing hair out from the nephilims face to be able to look into her eyes. “You didn’t even touch yourself did you? 

"No." IRyS admitted.

"And you still came.”

IRyS looked away sheepishly. “I liked the sounds you made.”

Bae turned beet red at this. "I'll take care of you next time, don't you worry, but tonight… I'm spent." 

"Mmmm, get some sleep."

"I love you.”

“I love you too.”

A flutter filled her heart. Right here, right now, she could be happy. She closed her eyes and let it take her away to sweet dreams, of soft kisses and happy memories.

These bitches gay? Good for them.
First time writing something like this, sorry if this isn't how women work.

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