Julio is a man who does not like to see bones sticking out of a woman; he likes something to really hold onto. He is a lot of man, and he likes a woman who can take what he dishes out.

"Me gusta carne," he told me. (I like meat) "I no want break a woman body, por eso, I no like the skinny womans. They are beautiful for some man, pero yo, me gusta carne. Mi verga se queda dormida con una mujer flaca." (My dick stays asleep with a skinny woman)

He means he likes a woman of substance, which I am. I am full of soft curves and I am a 'whole lotta woman', more like those 'sex goddesses' used to be, with ample servings of all of it. NO way can I be considered too thin. He'd made this remark several times before, but when he said it once again, right after we'd made sweet love, still in the bedroom, it stung. Giving me a little squeeze on my ass, he declared:

"You are get un poco flaca -- I still love you, but you are more flaca. You are perfect, only skinny, but I love you anyway."

What! Me? Skinny! Oh, I just got so mad! My hand just made a fist and I actually punched him, just as he was leaning in to kiss me. He jumped back in reflex, and he was quite surprised - and then he burst out laughing. I just glowered at him, totally furious!

I know most women like to be told they are getting skinny, but I was not pleased at all! It's because he had said, "No me gusta flaca" long ago, and now he just said it again! It absolutely enraged me. I am NOT skinny. And I kept pounding on his arms and chest and back, shouting at him,

"JULIO! Don't you dare say that! I hate you! You KNOW I am NOT flaca!"

He was still laughing, but tried to hold me again, saying, "Yes, I like a little bit fat, and you are beautiful! This is good, you are perfect! My beautiful girl, eres mi amor -- te amo tanto, I love too much you!"

He had been divorced, and he had showed me pictures of his ex. She looked pretty hefty. Of course I recalled those pictures with perfect clarity.

"Maybe you should call your ex -- she's fat, if you think I am too skinny," I snarled. "Maybe you will fall in love again with your ex-wife if she is fat! And her sister is fat! So how many women do you want? Your wife, and how many?"

"No more womans. Only you. I love you!"

"Yeah, right!" I snapped. "But I don't want to be fat, not even for you. I am already plenty of woman for any man -- here and here and here -- (touching my tits, hips and ass) and I don't need more fat!"

He smiled and nodded. "Vale, (vah-leh) ok. Baby, I need drive to Las Vegas, for a new job, and I will be working there all week. I come home Sunday. Now, I am sorry, I need go."

"Ok, I know. I love you -- but do NOT ever say I am skinny!"

He was going to play games with it still. "I go, baby, mi bonita flaca, flaca, flaca... te amo!"

I threw my panties at him. He caught them and rubbed them on his face, and went towards the bedroom door, making kissy lips and still chuckling. Skipping down the stairs, he called out, "I call you! I go now!"

I flung my dress back on and followed him downstairs. He tried to encircle me in his arms and kiss me and I just hit him again, pretty hard, I thought. He was grinning widely as he held me tight, pressing my hands towards my sides as I was twisting my body and turning my face away. He still kissed me anyway, on the cheeks. Then he turned and went out, chuckling.

"Bye, bonita! I love you!"

I did not answer him. He was gone. And I was still pissed, pissed, pissed! Even though he left, seemingly in an indulgent mood, he was not going to let me tell him what to say or do, and he did not call for over a week, since that day we'd had a bit of a tiff. The scene and his words kept echoing in my head, how he said I looked a bit thin, which I do NOT; and well, I couldn't get past it.

So I was on edge all this time. But no matter what, I do always miss him. I wanted him back, but I was still angry, and usually it is I who text or call. It was already Thursday afternoon, and I just was so upset, still insulted. I felt he should call me, really. I was entirely determined that I would not be the one to call this time. So that big effort lasted till today.

I dialed his number and he picked up at once. He seemed rather petulant.

"Alo? Hey, why you no call me?"

"Oh, I don't know -- I didn't want to call you."

"What?" he was confused. "I tell you when I leave for Las Vegas that I am home from Nevada on Sunday. You no call to me on Monday. Why?"

"What about you? You didn't call either! Maybe I think maybe you don't love me anymore, and so I did not call. I feel sad, I don't know. Anyway, I am not very happy today."


"I must be too skinny, no energy to call you," I said in a tone flavored with venom.

"Ahh, ok. Entonces, estas enojada." (Then, you're still mad) He chuckled a bit.

"Si. tienes razón, I am still mad at you. Porque, I am NOT skinny. And also, I say it again: I am NOT skinny. And one more thing I have to say -- I am NOT SKINNY! Entiendes? No me gusta eso. So don't ever say that!"

I said all this in a very firm tone, almost shouting, scolding him -- sort of. Well, actually yes, I was definitely scolding him. He was silent, saying nothing; a rather longish pause.

I waited a moment or two and then asked, "Are you still there?"

"Umm-hm. Ok, si, pero, baby, I want see you! You like I come later?"

I waited a tiny moment longer to answer, trying to be stubborn, hold my ground, I guess... but I was already weakening. My body, as always, unable to refuse anything to him, all my nerves were saying, 'yes, yes, yes, yes!'

"Mmm-hmm..." I muttered meekly, feeling fluttery between my legs...

"Ah? What you say? You want I come for you house today?"

"Yes," I whispered. I sighed, giving in, of course.

"Ah, bueno, bonita! Ok, I have to give estimate -- new job. I come, maybe in one hour -- ok?"

I was still mad at him, wanted to get back at him. I got a big pillow and a scarf and tied it around myself... and waited. I wanted him to see how I looked 'fatter'...

Two hours later -- he's at the door. Checked blue shirt, clean loose jeans, big happy smile. He put his arms around me and literally jumped back when he felt that big pillow. He lifted my loose tunic, looked underneath - and then bent over double, holding his belly and laughing. Yeah -- it was funny now. I laughed too, sarcastically, feeling pretty sassy, and I threw my head back with a 'so there' look. Oh, I just had to get that last laugh. He just smiled at me.

Then he untied the knot and got that pillow off me. He got a beer and glugged it down quickly as I started getting him some food. I had a big hunk of rare juicy prime rib from a leftover dinner out, and a big loaded baked potato.

But he said, "I no eat now, I am hungry for you first."

Dropping his clothes on the floor, he was stripped in a flash and I didn't protest at all as he slipped my tunic off over my head. It was all I had on. He put his face very close, looked right into my eyes and yanked me to him, slapping my butt so hard, it sounded like a car back-firing and made me jump.

"Nena, portante bien!" (Girl, behave yourself)

He continued to hit my ass really sharply several times, his jaw set in a sexy grin. Damn, it hurt -- but wow -- it got me so hot! Still, it did shock me with the force of it. My mouth fell open and I cried out, "Ow!! Hey! OWWW!"

He snorted and then he pretty much slammed me flat on my back, onto that little loveseat and leaped on top of me, flinging my legs way up. He just plunged into me and my head kept bumping against the armrest as he started his moves.

Ohh, my God, it was instantly so wild and his cock was so hard, zapping me like an electric prod. Savage, intense, scary, smoking hot, I was just electrified with it all - my head swam. I was gasping like crazy, grabbing his legs and back and ass -- oh, I was so horny! Wow! He was not about to stop either, teaching me a serious lesson now for sure! Fucking me so hard, my head was hurting! I was grunting and moaning with the sheer force of his actions. Then he pulled back and turned himself around to the 69 position. His mouth all over me, he kept kissing and biting at my inner thighs, pushing his tongue into my pussy, while sliding his cock into my mouth. I held it with both hands and sucked... I did my best. He didn't push down too hard, for which I was very grateful, but he was totally unstoppable, relentless and frankly, kind of scary! In spite of everything, it turned me on so much, but neither of us was close to coming. That was not on the menu just now.

After a few minutes, he got up, and leaped over to the upper level of the living room. He stretched out on the area rug, flat on his back, his cock all sticking straight up - a tower of hardness. He held his cock in one hand and then motioned to me, without a word, beckoning with four fingers: his left hand and those four fingers were saying, "Get on top of me."

I crawled weakly off the loveseat and stood naked before him. He looked at me, silent and stern, and nodded. I knew what he wanted me to do, and I knelt by his side and then straddled him. He held my hips, raising me up high, then yanking me down pretty darn hard, popping me on his cock like a chicken on a spit. My head fell back and I moaned out loud as he squeezed my tits, but his hands still held my hips and I kept up that motion, riding him fast, and then I knew he was about to come. He was breathing very hard, but made not another sound. His mouth wide open, brows knit, ohhh, there it was - that grimace of ecstasy... so beautiful to see!

I was instantly soaked with semen and immediately collapsed fully on his chest, my thighs all sticky, and his firm belly all slick, full of both our juices. Even with all those wild things he did to me, I myself had not been able to come before though -- it was just too rushed. I really couldn't relax into it because I felt nervous at his mood too. But watching him come, oh yes, that did it! My vagina clamped his cock and he felt it and locked his strong arms around me, pressing my body tightly to him. What a man! Knockout hot and sexy, so macho, so irresistible to me! I rolled over, close beside him, lying motionless on the carpeted floor, exhausted, floating on a cloud with all of it, everything he does.

But he was up in a minute, prancing around like nothing fazed him at all. He knew I was trounced, in his power completely. He loomed above me, looking down and nodded with a clear expression of triumph. "Necesitaba domesticar a mi potra luchadora." ( I needed to tame my feisty filly)

"Now I eat," he announced. He went to the kitchen and brought me a warm wet kitchen towel, leaving me to clean myself this time. I left the towel between my thighs to soak up everything. He got two more beers and downed them both quickly, while I put my tunic back on and got his food ready.

I sat next to him as he ate. He had cut all the meat and potato into little pieces; then he put bits of the meat and potato together on a fork and into my mouth, while holding my hair tightly in his fist. He really was kind of in a weird mood, just very dominating and determined to make sure I was going to be all submissive today. He'd clearly had enough of me being so uppity....

"Me amas?" His eyes were narrowed, the corners of his mouth in a tight little twist. His face close to mine, he was looking very hard at me, still clutching my hair.

I nodded and answered very softly, subdued and cautious. "Si, por supuesto."

He released my hair, let his hand slide onto my throat and softly squeezed.

"You are mine, si?"

I could feel my pulse beating hard against his fingers. "Yes..." I answered in a barely audible voice.

I looked back at him, a bit unnerved, but my whole body was convulsed with heat. I actually slid down on the chair, clutching my belly, as it was so full of butterflies and zappy sensations. Even a day later, my vagina is still thrilling, contracting instantly as I think of him.

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