5 Reasons You Should Change Your Major - Why Marketing is the Key To Success
What are the 5 Reasons You Should Change Your Major?
One of the most important decisions you will ever make is what major to select. It can be tough to decide, but there are five reasons why you should change your major and make this decision now.

  1. You don't know what you want to do with your life yet
  2. You've been stuck in a rut
  3. You're not happy with the career path you chose
  4. Your major is not relevant anymore
  5. Your major doesn't pay well
    5 Reasons to Switch to Business Management From Psychology Careers
  6. Business management is a more lucrative career option
  7. Business management students get an average of $43,000 more than psychology students
  8. Business management jobs are available in all industries
  9. Psychology careers are becoming obsolete and irrelevant
  10. Psychology careers do not require the same amount of education
    5 Reasons to Switch to PR From Journalism Careers
  11. PR is more lucrative than journalism.
  12. There are many more opportunities in the field of PR.
  13. You can work with a wider range of industries, including technology, retail, and health care.
  14. You get to work with different people and organizations every day, which means you have a lot of opportunities to learn new skills and grow your career in different ways.
  15. The opportunities for career growth are endless in the field of PR compared to journalism careers that don't have as much room for advancement or growth opportunities as PR does (For example: Journalism is often considered "dead end" when it comes to jobs)


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