"Hey baby, can you come in here for a minute?"

I perked up from my book. I was lounging on the luxurious orbit chair in the living room of the apartment my boyfriend and I shared.

"Sure baby," I called over.

I padded over to our bedroom. I peaked my head in the doorway to see him sitting up in bed with his hand resting on his crotch. I could see the strained fabric of his joggers barely concealing his bulging erection.

"My god baby... hello there." I smiled and walked over to sit on the edge of the bed. I was surprised, but it was not an unwelcome surprise.

"I'm sorry for ambushing you baby... I was thinking about that dress you wore to dinner last night. It showcased your breasts beautifully... And it made your ass look amazing. I can't stop thinking about it."

I was glad he noticed. I had bought that dress two weeks prior in preparation for our 1-year anniversary dinner date. We went to an upscale steakhouse the night before. Think dim lighting, white tablecloths and lots of red wine.

Even though we had had passionate sex the night before, it seemed like he still wanted more. To be fair, we had only fucked once, which was unusual for us. We could probably blame that on the wine.

"Would you like me to put the dress back on?" I was teasing him, and it was working.

"I don't think that would be wise considering what I have in mind. Wouldn't want to ruin such a sexy dress."

I could feel my pussy contract and heat rush through me. Wetness was already appearing between my legs. I crawled towards the headboard so could sit beside him and rest my head on his shoulder.

He stroked the side of my hair with his far hand. "Being with you makes me so happy. I swear I woke up this morning in awe that I have such a sexy girlfriend. I love you so much."

He was undoubtedly a very sexy man. He was tall and lean, with longish, shiny, thick black hair. Although he had glasses and a nerdy look, his quick wit and intelligence was what sealed the deal for me.

I felt a wave of happiness in response to his profession. I loved how sweet he was, and how eager he was to communicate his desire.

"You are incredibly sexy, you know. Especially since I have a great view of your raging erection. I love you so much." I leaned over to kiss him on the neck, giggling. I couldn't help it. I was becoming increasingly turned on and I knew how that drove him crazy. I wanted him to feel good.

He started to moan softly as he brought his far hand towards my waist. He started to knead my stomach, his closer hand still resting on his erection. I could see that he was starting to rub slowly.

He wrapped his hand around my waist and started to pull me towards him. "If you're gonna tease me then you can get on my lap," he whispered into my ear. He let his tongue probe the outside of ear, he knew I loved that.

I placed my hands on his shoulders to steady myself as a swung my leg across his lap. I rested my pelvis against his while rotating my hips in small circles. My wrap skirt was riding my on my thighs with every movement.

"That's a good girl." He smiled up at me.

My god he was sexy. I continued to grind my hips into his. "I wouldn't want to be naughty for you, baby."

"Oh of course not, I know you're obedient. Let me play with your breasts, take off your shirt." I quickly wiggled out of my t-shirt and pressed my bra-covered breasts towards his face.

"You didn't take off your bra for me, that IS naughty." He looked up mischievously. He moved one of his hands from my hips to cup the side of my breast. He trailed his tongue over the top, my heaving chest raising my flesh towards his mouth. "How should I set you straight?"

"I'm sorry baby, please don't punish me." I smiled at him and winked. With my hand, I guided his hand from my hip to my ass cheek. He knew what to do. He wiggled his hand under the hem of my skirt.

"Baby you're so horny." He lifted his hand abruptly, hovering a few centimeters above my ass. Watching my face, he saw me gasp in anticipation of being spanked. He brought his hand down firmly and we heard my flesh sing out in response. I started to moan quietly.

"You like that? Hmm?" He had his hand poised to spank me again.

"Yes baby," I gasped enthusiastically. He continued to spank me as my moaning got louder and louder. I gripped his shoulders to steady myself.

"Tell me what you want baby, I want to make you feel good." His hand made contact with my ass, and I could feel my wetness on my thighs.

"Please fuck me."

He immediately reached down to lower his pants and let his erection spring free. I reached between my legs to slide my panties aside. Looking into his eyes intensely, I grabbed the base of his penis and guided it into me. I felt myself fill up as I lowered myself onto him. He grabbed my hips started bouncing me up and down. I let out a small grunt with each thrust.

Still thrusting, he reached into the bedside drawer a pulled out my vibrator. He turned on the vibration to medium and held the vibrating head against my clit.

"Yes, baby!" I was pleading.

"I want to feel you tighten around me, come on baby." I felt his lips sucking on my neck. He turned up the vibration speed. I kept bouncing.

I couldn't help but to throw my head back as the orgasm shook my body. He didn't stop, he kept thrusting into me repeatedly, lost in pleasure. "You feel so amazing."

He closed his eyes and I could feel his cock twitch as he came inside me.

Still on top of him, I cradled the side of his face and kissed him deeply.

"I love you."

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