She moaned as they kissed and wanted more. Her sensitive nipples pressed into his firm chest added to the sensation. But Erin had to break away; she needed to lose the panties. Her urgency reminded Jack about the limited time they had -- they had an hour at max, maybe. He pulled his knees up, his painfully hard cock swinging as he squirmed out of his remaining clothes.

Now naked, Erin looked down and found that Lucy was completely bare between her legs. She remembered the videos that Lucy and Jack had shown her; it was common for women her age. If or when she had her body back, Erin was going to do the same.

Her eyes were drawn to Jack's cock, rock hard still wet from her spit and pointing to the ceiling. An intense craving developed; Erin needed to have that dick deep inside her again. Lucy spoke to her, saying that there was doggy-style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary. Erin was lost with the labels and descriptions, but she knew what she wanted to do.

"I'm going to ride him," she said out loud, slowly smiling.

Erin placed her hand on his chest and swung her legs over, slowly straddling him. She let out a gasp as she gripped his rigid pole; it felt like it was pulsing in her fingers. Erin exhaled again; her eyes closed as the tip against her lips. Taking a deep breath, Erin lowered herself onto his rock-hard prick.

"Oh, Lord!" Erin groaned, arching her back and gasping for air. His dick felt thicker than last time.

Her hips slowly dropped, grunting as Jack's cock stretched her out. She took a long inhale of air as her pussy swallowed the thick, throbbing shaft inch by inch. Erin finally breathed out when she felt the firm curves of her ass press down on his balls, and he was completely buried in her cunt. She whimpered as her inner muscles tightened around the dick.

"Yes," Erin said as she slowly moved her hips.

She gently rode him, sliding her pussy up on his shaft until just his head was inside, then pushing her ass down. Erin had her palms on Jack's shoulders, slowly increasing her rhythm. She loved this, taking control of sex instead of being so passive, setting the pace. Telling her pussy to clench and massaging Jack's punishing cock as she slowly fucked him.

Jack was losing his mind, not wanting to cum, which was getting really hard to prevent. The way she deliberately rode his dick, twisting her hips after each stroke, making him moan with delight and his cockhead throb. All that porn Erin had been consuming was working. He then grabbed her ass, squeezing her/Lucy's firm cheeks.

"Oh, Lord," Erin said, "Oh, Jack!"

Erin then pushed her legs up and leaned forward, shallowly fucking Jack's cock. He said yes over and over, and Erin grinned, knowing that she was doing something right. She lowered her head and pressed her breasts firmly against his chest, and they tenderly kissed.

Erin then cried as she rode him harder and faster. She bounced on his rigid dick, her large tits shaking with her hopping body, while the sound of Erin's ass slapping against his balls drowned out her own moans. It felt so good.

"Lucy," Erin said, breathless. "Lucy wants you to play with her breasts. Oh, yes. Our... our friend is very perverted."

Jack quickly reached up and grabbed both of her bouncing tits. If he had to guess, he figured that Lucy was blessed with a pair of taut C-cups. The nipples felt harder than he had ever experienced before, pushing deep into his palms. Erin gasped as he pinched on her nipples, shuddering above him, slamming on his dick while also squeezing her cunt around it tighter.

"More! More, Jack!" Erin said, crying out, "Please. Please... fuck me... us!"

Jack grinned; he loved this dirty side to her. He quickly let go of her tits, and gently pushed her down; they were now in a man-missionary position. With their eyes locked, Jack thrust his hips and stroked his cock in short, frantic burst.

"Oh, Lord. Yes!" Erin cried out, shaking her head.

For Jack's sake, she rested her hands on the mattress, not on his shoulders, her fingers digging deep into the memory foam. She trembled above him, taken back from his onslaught. She wanted more, and her shrill whimpers egged him on.

Wherever Lucy was, she too wanted more. Erin could hear the medium's panting cries; Lucy, like her, was edging closer to a massive orgasm. She could imagine Lucy in that room she said before, naked and fingering herself. Just that thought made Erin more on edge.

"Oh Jack... oh Lord... YES!"

Erin threw her head back and yelled. Her eyes firmly shut; her face scrunched up in eager anticipation for a massive release. She and Lucy were so incredibly close. She violently clutched on his sheets, slamming her ass down on Jack's rampaging cock.

"Oh my..." Erin said, "I..."

Her brain stopped working, and quick yelps replaced her words. Her breasts shook against Jack's chest. This is it. Her hot pussy clenched his cock and spasmed around it. Erin shrieked in orgasmic fervor, her Irish accent getting stronger with every cry.

"Oh, Lord," she said, weakly groaning, "That was good."

Jack grunted, shocked that Erin's intense orgasm and her convulsions hadn't made him cum. Taking deep breaths, he stayed still, not moving an inch as he watched Erin's crashed body slowly ride out her orgasm. He then raised his hands to her waist and slowly fucked her still-trembling cunt.

Hugging her firmly, Jack now madly thrust his dick but got a limited response from Erin. She still had her eyes closed, and soft moans escaped her lips. He threw his hips up, hammering his cock in her wet pussy, but couldn't last any longer. His balls spasmed and groan, that was more like a roar.

"I'm going to cum, Erin. Fuck!" he said, feeling his cum about to erupt from his tip.

Erin suddenly woke and raised herself up. Their lips met again, groaning in each other's mouths as Jack's cock spurted thick ropes of cum in Erin's possessed body. He held her close as his cum flooded her cunt, still thrusting his hips, eking out more jizz from his balls.

Erin writhed on top of him, suddenly full of energy, she wanted more. She passionately kissed him while rubbing her borrowed tits against his chest. It felt wicked and sinful, but Erin missed having her womb filled with cum, especially since it belonged to Jack.

They rode out Jack's orgasm, and when he was finally spent, they collapsed into each other. Both exhausted. Their eyes locked together, and Jack noticed that Erin's irises were now green, not blue. Maybe the ritual was working. Ignoring that, Jack leaned in and tenderly kissed her. Erin moaned and kissed him back. Both were still dealing with the lingering effects of their orgasms, with tiny trembles of delight vibrated through their bodies. They closed their eyes and felt tired.

"Oh, shit!" Jack said, but couldn't do anything and instantly fell asleep.

Jack opened his eyes. He was instantly wide awake. It didn't take him long to realize that Jack was somewhere else, definitely not his bedroom. He was in his living room; yeah, it had to be. The room had the same shape, but there were no lights, electronics or anything modern. Ornate wood and gold-framed paintings filled the walls. The room felt smaller, but Jack noticed a massive fireplace that must have been removed before his parents bought the house.

He had to be in 1898. It was the only thing that made sense.

An older man walked into the room, but he didn't notice Jack sitting on the chair. Again, Jack was quick to understand; he was the ghost this time around. He couldn't touch anything, but could sit and stand, like Erin after the séance. Looking down, he found himself wearing the same clothes before the ritual.

The older man looked like he was in his sixties, overweight and balding salt and pepper hair. He reminded Jack of a railroad baron in old westerns. He had these large sideburns that went down to his chin. Jack couldn't help but stare at him. He guessed that the man was Jedediah Franklin. He poured himself a glass of whiskey and stood next to the fire. Jack could hear him speaking to himself but couldn't make out what he was saying.

They were soon joined by another. A woman, in her sixties, walked into the room. Stone-faced and with grey eyes, she looked miserable. She was wearing this dark blue, nearly black ruffled dress that had this deep, sweeping skirt. If the man was Jedediah Franklin, she had to be Alice Franklin.

She joined her husband at the fire and said, "Where is Robert?"

"In the library," he answered.

"And that jezebel?"

"Fixing herself supper."

"She cannot stay. She talks about marriage."

"We cannot just force her out," Jedediah Franklin said, staring at the fire.

"What? Let her marry your only son?"

He turned and glared at his wife, "You think I would allow that Irish fucking whore to be part of this family? No, she must be silenced. She cannot speak to anyone about this."

Alice Franklin slowly smiled and said, "Then we are at agreement. But it must be tonight."

They both nodded and turned to watch the fire. Jedediah Franklin snaked an arm around his wife's waist while she rested her head on his shoulder. It would have looked like a heartwarming moment, but they were planning a murder, and it just pissed off Jack even more. The way they talked about death, so casual and just to avoid a minor scandal, disgusted Jack.

Needed to get away, Jack caught Erin walking past in the hallway. He ran after her, following her into the kitchen.

"Erin? Erin?" He said, standing in front of her.

She didn't respond. It wasn't the Erin he knew. She had her hair tied in a bun, her face disinterested and a little tired. She slowly washed the dishes, staring dead-eyed at the water.

Jack then followed her as she went about with her chores. He had called out for Erin, his Erin, but only got silence. Going back to the alive-Erin, Jack got it. He needed to see her die, to understand what happened to her. It made sense to him.

A younger man, looking like a mix of Jedediah Franklin and weirdly enough for Jack, himself. Robert. Dressed in a black three-piece suit, he didn't have his father's impressive muttonchops but a simple beard. Jack watched him stare at Erin, taking in her every movement as she did her chores.

Erin was putting away a jar, leaning up to place it in a cabinet when Robert approached her. He quickly trapped her in the corner of the room. He smiled and said, "Erin."

She jolted, nearly dropping the jar. Erin then turned and clutched her chest. "Oh Robert, you frightened me."

"I have to see you tonight." Robert stroked her cheek and grinned. "In the attic?"

"Your mother and father?"

"Please," he replied.

Erin nodded.

Lucy shook awake. She was on Jack's bed, naked and warm. Her hand slithered down her nude body, liking how it felt, stopping at her crotch. A big dirty smile appeared on her face as Lucy slid her hand between her legs. Jack's cum dripped out, coating her fingers and her thighs. The guy knew how to fuck; she'd give him that. It was a hot show.

But Lucy turned her head and realized that she was alone. No Jack. No Erin. She jumped off the bed and yelled their names. It was getting close to two in the morning. Lucy ran to Jack's bathroom and cleaned herself up, she usually would take her time with post-sex cleanup, but she rushed through it. Lucy then emptied out her overnight bag and quickly got dressed.

Opening the grimoire, she tried to find clues on what had happened. Sex magic and resurrecting the dead don't make people disappear. Frantically flipping through the pages, this was not supposed to happen. Lucy could feel her heart thumping, and her hands were trembling, where did she send Erin and Jack.

She then heard a thud from downstairs, and Lucy stopped. This was getting weird. Jack's parents, she realized. Fuck, if they were awake, she will be in a lot of trouble.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Lucy yelled to herself and ran out of the room.

Jack had followed Robert upstairs to the attic. He struggled to see how the space would be turned into his bedroom. A massive trunk, a decrepit dollhouse and an ancient full-length mirror covered in rust were the only things that filled the space. It looked more like a scene from a clichéd horror movie.

While Robert waited on Erin, Jack circled around him. He had this vibe that Jack really hated. Like he was some entitled frat boy. Jack had read about him, failed business ventures, multiple marriages, some for money. Robert finally lost it all in 1929 and disappeared from public record.

They both turned, hearing someone coming up. Erin was carrying a lantern as she walked to Robert, a big smile on her face. This wasn't going to be pretty, Jack said to himself.

"Robert," she said, resting the lantern on the trunk. Erin then gave him a long hug, wrapping her arms around him.

Robert just kept his arms by his sides and looked away. Jack sighed, knowing that there was no point in getting angry.

She then kissed him and said, "I'm so sorry. I was a fool and the drink got on me."

"It is fine, my darling." Robert then rested his hand on her stomach. "Are you?"

"No. I am not with child." Erin glanced at this hand and then back up, hopeful. "I want to be... with you."

"I wish that as well. But soon. I... we have dealings that need to be cleared. But I wish it too. And when these deals..."

Jack couldn't watch Robert struggle to pacify Erin with vague words anymore. He saw something move behind Erin. There was someone else. The figure then struck Erin in the back of the head. It took a step closer, Jedediah Franklin with a fireplace poker in his hands. Erin was on the floor, bleeding but still alive. Her eyes focused on Robert, and she called out his name. The elder Franklin aimed the poker and swung for the final blow.

He had to look away. Jack couldn't watch her die; it was too much. But there Erin stood, her hair undone and flowing and looking at him. Her apron was gone, and she had undone the first two buttons of her shirt like before. Her face dropping and she raised a hand, blocking her view of her dead body.

"I always hated this moment. Watching my body handled like meat," Erin said. Her tone was more of annoyance and disgust than sadness.

"I'm so sorry."

Erin took his hand and held it close to her. "There's nothing you could've done. This is where I was, whenever I wasn't with you. Seeing my death over and over."

"Was that why you didn't want to believe in the ritual?"

"Somewhat. While I couldn't touch anything, and possibly be treated as some curiosity. I would have taken being a specter than watch this again."

Alice Franklin had joined them in the attic. She held on to the lantern as Jedediah and Robert lifted Erin's dead body, directing them down the stairs. Jack visibly winced as he heard the Franklins mock Erin and ask if someone should have done the last rites.

"There is something that I must tell you," Erin said, taking a step closer. Their faces inches apart. "When Patrick died, he lost all our money in a card game. I was told that I've become too old to marry and I should just work. The Franklins gave me a job and I felt that was it. Then I met Robert. I felt my life had begun again."

Erin gave a faint smile and carried on, "We courted for a few months, until he took me while his mother and father were in New York. Weeks passed and I thought that I was with child. I told him and he choked me."

"I knew that I picked the wrong man. But still believed that I could be something more than a maid through him. That he could take me away from a bucket. Now I have you. You make me hopeful. What I want to say is that I love you. I know I am this spirit and...

Jack interrupted her and said, "I love you too." He grinned.

They kissed again. Erin wrapped her arm around his neck, pushing herself against his chest. She parted her lips and moaned, welcoming Jack's invading tongue. He had his hand resting on the small of her back, not letting her go, and their tongues twirled.

Erin then broke their embrace. Her lips turned into a smirk; she had a dirty idea. "Let's leave. I hated this room. Well, until it was changed."

She then took him downstairs. Both were soon running and laughing.

Erin pulled him into the master bedroom and pushed him onto the bed. This room would later belong to Jack's parents. Thankfully for him and his erection, the room was completely different in 1898. A lot of heavy furniture, with drapes everywhere and a parquet floor. He was lying on the bed, a four-poster bed that was made out of solid wood, while the mattress was very soft and lumpy.

Erin crawled and laid next to him. She quickly got on top of him and stared into his eyes, a small smile forming on her face. She pressed her lips to his, swiftly parting them and sliding her tongue out. The tips of their tongues met again, snaking over each other as their bodies grinded.

They tore through their clothing, ignoring any damage as they got nude, Erin especially not caring at the state of her ripped uniform. She wished to never see it again. Jack kissed down her neck and reached her milky, perky tits. He instantly attacked them with his mouth, giving both nipples considerable attention.

Erin's breathing was becoming more rapid; a deep, warm glow rippled from her crotch. She pulled Jack up, her eyes drifted down, focusing on his powerful erection. It was making her mouth water. She wanted another taste. Her delicate, soft fingers wrapped around his heavy shaft, and she looked back at Jack. Smirking at him.

Just like minutes, hours or maybe days before, Erin kneeled in front of Jack's cock. She had no explanation for why he was here in purgatory with her, but if this was to be the end, she really wanted one more taste of his prick. She made him groan as she brushed her lips against his swollen head. Erin parted her lips, ready to suck on his tip, but stopped.

She looked up at Jack; he had this kind look, his eyes dilated, and he just smiled back at her. Erin could feel herself glow, and she went back to his dick, carefully guiding the head to her waiting mouth. She was scared for a moment, missing Lucy's guiding voice. But soon, Erin's cravings took over and she slurped on his tip, swirling her tongue around it.

Erin then wrapped her fingers around the shaft, looked Jack in the eye, slowly bobbing her head up and down. It was easier this time. Erin felt more confident in swallowing his dick. She scooted forward, her perky breasts pressing on his balls as she took in another inch of his cock.

"Oh, god. Erin," Jack said, stunned. He couldn't believe the change in Erin. She was swallowing more and more of his prick with complete ease.

But they both stopped and looked up; they had a visitor. Alice Franklin walked around the bed, going to the dresser, totally ignoring them as she searched the drawers. Jack pulled his focus away from her to Erin; she looked as confused as he was. She released his cock from her lips but slowly stroked it as she stared at Mrs. Franklin.

Seconds passed, but there was no reaction from the older woman. Jack waved at her and even Erin called her name, addressing her formally as she used to do. But Mrs. Franklin didn't respond. She didn't just ignore them; to them, it felt like couldn't see them at all.

Jack stroked Erin's chin and pointed to his dick. Erin grinned and lowered her mouth down, sensually kissing the tip. She then ran her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft before swallowing the head. Jack moaned again. Erin firmly sucked on the head, slurping on it as her hand worked the shaft. She had her eyes on him, watching Jack's contorted face. He loved it.

Erin now hunched over Jack's dick, ready to take more of it. She took him deeper and deeper, his head grazing the back of her throat. She remembered Lucy's advice, taking it slow and breathe. Erin didn't gag, her throat stretched out and eagerly taking his full length.,0,0,0,27,866

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