After that, fifteen hundred dollars a night was quite achievable, and not uncommon. My very top score was two and a half thousand, but that was for something that was never repeated, but that came quite a bit later.

(It was the sort of thing I wouldn’t even have considered doing under normal circumstances, it was just one of those things that just seem to ‘happen’ from time to time. Erika did many things that I would not, but that wasn’t because I was less adventurous than she was. It was simply that she was braver than me when it came to dealing with multiple clients. She was willing to rent herself out to several men at once because she could, and would, carve them up into spare body parts if they got out of hand, in a way that I never could. I would have been at their mercy, and I knew what that felt like. Erika would never be at any man’s mercy; not for as long as she lived; she’d kill him before she allowed that to happen.

I’d been picked up by three women in a big BMW, and we had driven around the city with the three of them changing seats so that I could go down on each of them in turn. For that they had paid me six hundred dollars, and take my word for it, that was easy money. They then invited me to join the three of them and their partners for what they called ‘a good old gang-bang.’ Apparently one of their number had just split from his girlfriend, and they, in their optimism, had told him that they’d find him a replacement for the evening’s festivities. Well, they hadn’t, so they offered to employ me to take the empty place.

Normally the eight of them got together and just swapped partners, never bothering with condoms, because none of them ever slept with anyone except each other. I was asked if having four men I had never met cum inside me would be a problem, and remembering that I’d had my immune system boosted, I told them that it wouldn’t be but it would cost them a fair bit more than they’d already paid me. I told them that they’d have to make up what they’d already paid me to two and a half grand, never expecting that they’d agree. I figured that I’d have to haggle the price as far up as I could.

They didn’t even hesitate, agreeing immediately. Pity; if I’d realized how well off they were I’d have tried to charge them even more! Well I was a call-girl, wasn’t I, and shy call-girls never made a good living. We joined our ‘partners’ at an expensive restaurant, at the blokes’ expense, and had a great meal. Then it was off to the largest house for a mini-orgy, which was rather good fun. None of the blokes ever knew that I’d been paid to take part; they just figured that I was some pretty slut who had been interested in some sexy fun, so they took the time and made the effort to make sure that I enjoyed their attentions and I thoroughly did.

Our gang-bang lasted for several hours, before the owner of the BMW offered me a ride home, while her husband screwed me on the back seat one last time.

When I got home and found Erika waiting in one of the armchairs, I walked towards her with a couple of Kleenex tissues in my right hand. She cocked her head to one side and indicated the Kleenexes, saying, "You haven’t, have you, dirty cow?"
I just nodded and smiled, saying, "I most certainly have, and now I’m going to stick it in your face and make you eat it." I was joking, of course. I wasn’t going to ‘make’ Erika eat my cum-filled pussy; I wasn’t even going to ask her to, because I knew she didn’t like the taste of semen. I intended to shower first, and invite her to eat me afterwards.
"In that case sweetie, bring it over here and spread ‘em nice and wide." The instruction surprised me, because I thought that Erika actually meant to eat me.
I stood in front of the chair, my thighs parted to give Erika easy access to my honeypot, holding my skirt up out of the way, and after Erika had taken the Kleenexes from me and thrown them away she simply stared at my pussy for a few seconds, licking her lips.

Then she stood up and rubbed a couple of fingertips through the copious quantities of semen splattered around my pussy, and trickling down my thighs. Surprisingly, she licked the fingertips clean, looked straight into my eyes and said, "Somebody’s been a very naughty girl, hasn’t she?"
The meaning was clear; Erika enjoyed spanking me almost as much I enjoyed being spanked, and she wanted to spank me. I smiled at my Mistress, and asked, "Have I been bad enough to deserve to be spanked, pretty Mistress?"
"You’ve come home late, you’re not wearing any knickers, and you’ve got a cunt full of spunk. You know what that makes you, don’t you?"
"Yes Mistress, it makes me a slut and a whore."
"Yes, you’re a dirty blonde slut, and you’re definitely going to get spanked for that. And when I’ve finished spanking you, I’m going to take you into the bedroom, grab the big strap-on and ram it straight up your sloppy cunt. From the state you’re in, I won’t have to lube it first, will I? Clearly you’re a bitch in heat, and once you’re on your knees, I’m gonna fuck you like one! You can expect to be roughly handled, with a large cock, and you can expect your punishment to last for a long time. Now, on your knees, bend over the arm of that chair, and bare your bum for Mistress to punish."

I didn’t argue, or even hesitate. I simply obeyed my beautiful little Mistress, and waited for the spanking to begin. I looked over my shoulder at my beautiful Mistress, and announced, "Ready for punishment, Mistress!" It had been a couple if months since Mistress had punished me with a spanking, and I was looking forward to it. Erika teased me for a little while by running something small and hard, (I figured it was a pen,) around the backs of my thighs and my bum, occasionally pressing it against one or the other of my orifices, before using it to direct me in opening my legs a little further, and then a little further, until they were about as wide apart as I could get them, and then grabbing me firmly by the crotch from behind. As her fingers pressed up against my pussy lips, her thumb pressed down into my bum crack, and against my bumhole, and Erika commented on how slutty I was, to be so well splattered with sperm. (It had been a good night though; the men had pleasured me in the way that customers simply never did. It was almost funny to realize that they didn’t know they were customers!) After placing the hand that had been at my crotch, in front of my face and telling me to extend my tongue and lick it clean, she began to spank me.

We both enjoyed the ‘crack’ of hand onto buttock, and soon both of mine were tingling and stinging, as Mistress interrogated me about what I’d done. Each question was separated by one stroke of Mistress’ hand on one of my buttocks, and there were so many questions that I must have been given at least thirty strokes of the hand!

(I don’t want you to get the wrong impression from sections like this. I wasn’t being bullied, or mistreated. Erika never made me do anything I didn’t want to do. I always knew that refusal was an option open to me at any time, if I didn’t like what she told me to do. ‘No’ was always a word that would be accepted by my beautiful Mistress, without complaint. However, as I have previously stated, I enjoyed being told what to do by a domineering partner; I was definitely the submissive, obedient type, and I wanted to be dominated. I found being roughly manhandled; or was that ‘womanhandled,’ by my Mistress, to be a considerable turn-on, so I actively encouraged it. It was nice to be asked if I wanted to go to bed and make love. It was also nice to be told to get into the bedroom and take off my clothes because Mistress wanted me on my back with my legs spread wide, for the obvious purpose of giving my hole a thoroughly vigorous filling!

If Erika gave me the choice of gentle handling, as if I was an old woman with brittle bones, who she was afraid she would hurt, or rough handling to the point where she bruised my skin, I’d take the rough handling and the bruises for the promise of many orgasms. For those occasions where we properly played the roles of dominatrix and submissive bitch, I was more than willing to be mildly slapped around if I was deemed by Mistress to be misbehaving, or being disobedient.

Sometimes I’d be disobedient on purpose, silently encouraging Mistress to take the palm of her hand to her naughty slave. I’ve had my legs and backside slapped on many an occasion as part of our role-playing; I’ve even been threatened with having the back of Mistress’ hand applied to my pretty face, but that never materialized. I wouldn’t have raised too much fuss if it had, though, just as long as it wasn’t too hard, but I knew it wasn’t a serious threat. Erika wouldn’t have done that to me, not even gently during our role-playing. She threatened, with a snarl on her lips, as was her role, and I pretended to take the threat seriously, and do what Mistress demanded, as was my role! I knew that the playful spankings would be limited to my buttocks and the meaty parts of my thighs; extending perhaps to my upper arms on occasion, but that would be all. There’d never be any chance of Mistress marking my pretty face. She wouldn’t want anyone to question how I got marks on my face, and be labeled as the abusive partner that she wasn’t. She wouldn’t have wanted to people to mistakenly think that she used to beat me. I’ve never figured out why any woman stays with a partner who beats her.)

As I described what I had done with three women and four men, Erika smiled down at me. She was smiling because she was happy for me! That might sound crazy at first, but after the amount of stories I had told her of the things I hated doing, Erika was happy that I hadn’t thought I had been badly treated. Yes, I had enjoyed group sex with seven people, and most lovers would take such infidelity quite badly, but to us it wasn’t infidelity. To us, sex was business; it was what we lived on; pleasure from the sex was just a bonus to us.

After the spanking, Erika began with the fingering, and I could hear the unmistakable ‘squelch’ as her fingers pushed up into my pussy, and forced the semen out of it and down my inner thighs. She scooped the semen up as it trickled down my thighs, and fed it into my waiting mouth.

Erika surprised me that night, because I knew she didn’t like the taste of semen, but when she’d teased me most of the way to an orgasm, forcing out most of the semen in the process, she got down behind me and licked me entirely clean, using her tongue to explore my sopping pussy. When she’d licked as much up as she could, she placed her entire mouth over my pussy and sucked. She swallowed what she sucked out, too, and that was very surprising. After that, she resorted to scooping out what little remained, with her fingers and licking them clean. Then she told me to turn around and returned to giving me her tongue until I climaxed, gently holding her head. When she’d finished, and I’d released her head, she looked up at me, smiled and asked, "What do I earn for services rendered, Princess?"

I pulled a pair of five hundred dollar bills out of a pocket, "You can have these, Mistress," I said, waving the notes at her, "or you can have the same value from this", I said, sticking my tongue out, "Your choice, Mistress." I already knew what choice she was going to make; she was going to ask me to lick her pussy in return for her licking mine!

"I’ll take the tongue, babe, I’ve got plenty of money," she replied.
"In that case, oh gorgeous, big-titted one, get your lovely peachy ass into the bedroom, and get your knickers off. I’ll pleasure you until my tongue hurts!"
That got me a laugh and a, "Knickers, what knickers? I’ve been waiting for you, you dirty, sperm filled blonde trollop." She grabbed the front of my skirt and literally dragged me into the bedroom before throwing me onto the bed, where she sat on my face, and I buried my tongue in her pussy, for what seemed like hours, and I pleasured my gorgeous little Mistress, in the manner that she preferred over all others.

When I had finished licking and nibbling, and Erika had finished moaning, writhing, sobbing and whimpering from my expert ministrations, she asked me for a small favor. She picked up the big strap-on and said, "Would you let me put this big cock up your tight little bum, princess?"
I pretended to look nervous at the massive thing, although Erika didn’t fall for my acting for one moment, as I asked, "You want to put that huge thing up my tight, virginal little bum, Mistress? Will it hurt?" It was the largest prick, either real or fake, that I would have taken rear entry from, but not by a great deal, and I knew that ‘Mistress’ would be gentle, in order not to hurt me.
Erika just laughed. "Virginal little bum, princess? It’s still tight, despite the amount of men you’ve given it to, but it sure as hell isn’t virginal! I’ll try not to hurt you, but if I do, make sure to tell me that I am."
"Mistress, you can put the big strap-on in any of my holes that you like; you know you can. You know you’re unlikely to hurt me as long as you’re not too vigorous with that thing, so by all means, fill my tight little bum." I positioned myself to receive the big strap-on, and after a good supply of lube had been applied to both my bum, and the large bit of strap-on plastic, it got slowly and gently pushed all the way into my bottom, until Erika’s thighs were pressing against my own. While the big strap-on didn’t look a great deal bigger than the biggest prick I’d been ‘fed,’ it felt a lot bigger once Mistress had it straps deep inside me. As I began to adapt to the sheer size of the lump of plastic that seemed to be stirring my insides, Mistress began to slowly circle her hips, stretching me even wider around the large faux phallus, and the feeling was fabulous.
When Erika was being ‘Mistress,’ she was usually far more vulgar than at any other time. At first she’d asked for my permission to put the big strap-on up my ‘tight little bum.’ As she began the slide the big sex-toy in and out of me, I was handed a large vibrator, and instructed far more crudely, to, "Shove that up your sweet cunt, you dirty fucking blonde bitch!"

I didn’t always allow even customers to talk to me like that, and they were paying! However, I loved Erika, and I let her get away with just about anything. When she was pleasuring me in the bedroom, she could call me any foul or insulting name she liked. It was very rare that Erika used the ‘C’ word when she wasn’t being Mistress, but when she was, it was a commonly used word. In her role as Mistress, Erika’s vocabulary was always far cruder than it was, when she wasn’t playing the role of Mistress.

As I worked the vibrator in and out of my front entrance, and Erika worked the big dildo in and out of my rear entrance, I could do little except vocalize my increasing pleasure in my usual way, with moans, groans and finally, loud orgasmic screams! What would the neighbors have thought, hearing my screams at that time in the morning? Mistress didn’t care what the neighbors thought, and would have told them where to get off if they had dared complain to her about them!

Erika took two photographs of me that night; one with the vibrator still inside me, and the other without. The following day, two more labeled photographs ended up in the latest ‘dirty’ album. Below them was this legend, ‘This is a perfect example of that elusive, yet beautiful creature, the Totally Fucked Out, Submissive Blonde Dildo Slut-Bitch!!! The cause of the two big holes appearing in the lower abdomen in the second photograph is two big fat rubber cocks shoved hard up two tight little holes, as she screamed out her pleasure and begged for more, and the semi-reflective red effect in the face is a mixture of panting and gasping for breath during a mind-blowing orgasm, where she squealed so loudly she almost shattered the windows, and must have woken up all of the neighbors, and having copious quantities of fresh cunt-cream squirted all over the skin and rubbed in. This is how all Totally Fucked Out, Submissive Blonde Dildo Slut-Bitches should look each and every night!!!!!!’

I couldn’t help laughing at the references to nature, and the humorous way the label had been worded.)

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