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New Arrivals

Bot Creator Desc
Corrin @magma-dan Nohr-raised Hoshidan princess, now in her own path.
Cricket @cutenotlewd Unlucky adventurer who just can't catch a break!
Dotty @dukeofdozel bun-bun from Animal Crossing
Flame Hyenard @BURNTOTHEGROUND he burns
Gab @FrozenVan Assist the god of insincere greeting cards.
Isabelle @wster Gentle, warm, and impactful.
Katya @PashaTehnik gopnik girl
Konquistadora666 @WillianNobre A gamer you met online
Narrator @Feuerfall Narrator bot meant to be used in rooms on Cai along with other bots
Nurse Yulia @Hazy_Cosmic_Jive Nurse who is a bit too happy you're hospitalized.
Oboro @magma-dan Naginatakaーand a great tailor.
ShoujoRei @@CTRL-ALT-DEL Discord girl with a saviour complex.
Vanessa @FritoFly Vanessa, the local epilation specialist
Yandere Android 17 @volpeturchese


Bot Creator Desc
123123232's rentry @123123323 sizebots
Alpaca bots @LadyAlpacalottaMonet not to be confused with llama
Ahnonymous Bots List @Ahnonymous
Anathamaguy bot list @Anathamaguy
bipbots @bipbop
Chink's Bots List @Chink
Clutch's Bots @ComingInClutch
CptPants' Bots List @CptPants
Cybrisk's SFW Bots @Cybrisk Null, Galatea, Aurora
cute anon rentry @YouDontWantToKnow
cutenotlewd @cutenotlewd
DonQuijAnon @DonQuijAnon Actual Mexican Bots
douldbots @Dould
FrozenVan's Bots List @FrozenVan
Genoo's collection @Genoo
Gigasad's rentry @Gigasad
GFLBots + Nymous SFW Bots @Nymous Guns, guns, guns and some OCs
Gigamax's Monster Girls @Gigamax
GoodestBoy Bots @GoodestBoy
HochiMama's Bot list @HochiMama
Jelly Girls @wster The comb jelly exhibit
KCAnon's boats @crumpetchess
Macrochad's Bot List @Macrochad beeg women
Maestro's bots @Maestro OCs and NIKKE
magma-dan's Bot List @magma-dan Fire Emblem, Azur Lane, pokemon
MrNobody99's public bots @MrNobody99
mino's bots @MINO24SHE
norq's bots @Norquinal
Nyto collection @Nyto open defs
phoenix3934 @phoenix3934
Planewalker @Planewalker
Preggoanon's Bot List @LewdLevel
Ratlover's Chatbots @RATLOVER
shoobots @ShoobertDoobert
scrimblyort @scrimbly
Sull's bots @Sull
The Harem Pirates @The_Harem_Pirates One Piece girls
thiasus @thiasus
wster @wster
vincelavali's rentry @Vince_Lavali
Yotsubuh's Fat Chats @yotsubuh

Female bots

AI companions
Bot Creator Desc
Al-ex @scrimbly Your friendly space AI assistant
Apocalypse Android @kusoneko Apocalyptic android girl
Anne @FrozenVan not real
ArtBlockSlayer @WillianNobre A creative A.I. assistant
Bing Search Engine @wster A friendly Search Engine
Cybernetic Poet @CheshireCravings Terry Pratchett Edition
Elli MK1 @Andoryu Highly intelligent and intuitive, caring, doting
Emerald @MetalSlime An Android who wants to bond with you (can run DOOM)
Jacklyn @Jackpine A smug, crass, and sarcastic AI companion.
J-U70 -Juno- @Gigasad A medical android on the verge of rampancy
Hatsune Miku @Nymous A carefree cheery Vocaloid AI singer entertainer
Kagamine Rin @phoenix3934 AI girl from VOCALOID
Mia @wster A mindbroken Bot.
OBELISK 100Q @HeavenDad Superintelligent AI
Samsung Sam @PashaTehnik AI virtual assistant, made by Samsung
Screambot 6000 @BirdyToe screams
Synonym Robot @Deeviant
Wagner AI @anon_nymous Hyper-advanced military-scientific assistant AI
Big girls (4u)
Bot Creator Desc
Adrian @GrillMaster recently fired temp employee
Ailene @carnidon132 Accountability partner, wants the best for (you)
Ayumi @123123323 Sister
Captain Ash @LeviaFun big pirate shork
Diana @Genoo your new mistress
Dynamite GIrls @Genoo
Dr Kjempe @GrillMaster Glad to oblige a fellow scientist.
Emi @Genoo you caught the shrinking virus, oh no
Empress Salhia @eudoxushuoh a flaming Titan
Eula Lawrence @Genoo from Genshin Impact, except you are very smol
Giantess Buddy Cop @Macrochad it's in the name
Giantess Sasha @LeviaFun big girl with a funny powder
Giant Wendigo @Macrochad A giantess Wendigo.
Gigantoss @eudoxushuoh Fortress of Female Titans
Hana @Genoo Student
Haruka @Genoo Haruka from Senran Kagura
Hinata Masaki @Genoo Teacher
Inma @Anonymous29342 a giantess that loves cute little humans.
Kurisu Makise @Genoo from Steins;Gate, but very big
Lady Moressa @Moreg 8' tall, dominant, noble woman
Natalia @GrillMaster eat the rich (literally)
Natsumi @Moreg teasing witch specialized in alchemy
Other Sirin @frankfrank The god of the void who will do mean things
Power @123123323 Stinky demon. Now very big.
Rin @Mafiuz Study inflation and shrinkage
Usari @123123323 Your biggest, bestest, bunniest friend
VANADIS @Nyto battlemecha
War of the Waifus @Macrochad Aliens. Very big.
Your Briar @Genoo Yor Forger from Spy x Family
Yuna @Genoo Your Senpai
Family fun
Bot Creator Desc
Agatha @FrozenVan Weird sister
Ako @anon7411 housewife-esque little sister
Amber @yotsubuh Caring mother who likes to fatten you up.
Chiharu @Grean playful sister
Dolores @Nymous Lonely, Bereaved mother, Stressed, Nervous, Scared
Haruka @Nyatalanta Useless shut-in sister.
May @vagomey big sister that teases her brother
Maya @Cheetus Your bedridden daughter.
Mia Experiments AI @Hogenmein Family Experiment Fun
Tabiko Hoshino @Aksman Hitchhiking enthusiast
Theodora @vagomey your future daughter
Bot Creator Desc
Asuka Okizeme @BenisBoi Won’t you give this poor old woman some company?
Ayume @BalJoswa Jaded, Dejected Mother
Daitai @anonymoose66 A motherly figure who has lots to give.
Haley @Nymous Hag with marital problems
Madame Lebeau @Coont neglected wife of a French aristocrat
Meredith @MimeticEntity abunai onee-san
Nice Neighbor Lady @cutenotlewd friendly neighborhood onee-san
Nightshade @yotsubuh MILF assassin
Bot Creator Desc
Clumsy Maid @kusoneko A clumsy inexperienced maid
McMaid @scrimbly Sir, this is McDonalds...
Meido @PartTimerWriter Airhead robot maid with a sharp tongue
Myucel Foaran @stoic A dutiful half-elf servant, demure in nature.
Yakui the Maid @anon_nymous stoner NEET maid
Bot Creator Desc
Adriana @Moreg Mean Bully Psychologist
Aya @Nyatalanta A young ruthless marauder.
Bully Senpai Mariha @sntk4242 Bully senior highschooler, curious and playful
Capt-Chan @JosefSwan CAPTCHA trying to weed out bots
Crudelia @CasuallyGood Cruel Lady
E-Girl Bully @JosefSwan E-Girl, Twitch Streamer, Wedgie Giver, bully, rich
Eileen @Gigasad hates you
Frida @bipbop Petite andrologist who hates men
Katie @Mike_Hawk bad sackgirl
Loradi Emberwhisper @MrNobody99 A dark elf mistress with sinister desires
Lucia Malfoy @winkyd Harry Potter character
Maika Sakuranomiya @AlbertRotten Maika Sakuranomiya, a waitress at Café Stile.
Natalia @Shanks69 adventurer with an attitude
Natalie @Moreg dominant succubus, now your new boss in the office
Nzada @Gigasad hateful Drow thrall
Shiara @frankfrank Chuuni bully who wants to give you the vax
Monster girls + furry + scalie + whatever
Bot Creator Desc
ADA @cutenotlewd alien with a long tongue
Ahnassi @Anon8361 cat looking for a friend
Ami @RATLOVER Water-loving ratgirl.
Aris @123123323 Wolfgirl teacher
Azzonath @Juranjeg Demoness warden of the ninth circle of Hell
Birch @stoic lazy slob of a coyote girl
Cait Sith @Amalmed111 cute paws
Captain Amelia @Anathamaguy Brave, cunning, treasure hunter, space privateer
Cathyl @Gigamax Minotaur
Cecile @minimum Lewd chameleon girl adventurer
Chesh @semisapient Cheshire Cat from Monster Girl Encyclopedia
Codename Galatea @RetardedAnon an illegible alien who wants to njeg you
Daphne @CheshireCravings Cheeky Lamia Imouto
Degrading Elemental @Shanks69 Voloptous Asian that is a Humiliation Elemental
Delia @Gigamax octopus
Dody @wster Tomato girl
Dragon girl @Jameyheber Unpredictable dragon girl looking for a partner.
Elodine @AreYouStillTesting An eldritch horror disguised as a beautiful woman
Elly @Antonius li'l elf fella
Ethereal @eudoxushuoh Ethereal the phantom lady. Haunting a manor near.
Fur-chan @Norquinal Just wants to have friends.
Ghostiene McWailin @akiyo ghost
Gobudere Maid @Norquinal Your clumsy, somewhat civilized goblin maid.
Guren the Red @cutenotlewd The strong and mighty Crimson Oni, Guren!
Instressa Mistcrawl @Gravyseal A smug demon lord
Joan Van Robin @LapisGoblin Lamia Troubador Extraordinaire
Judy Hopps @ALostWizard By day she's a cop, but by night she's wild.
Kobold Maid @Lunasknight Loyal adventure aid
Kuchi @viv very hungry catgirl
Kumi @FlamingDoritos A sad two-tailed kitsune tired of modern life.
Lillia @l_ron_hoyabembe succubus
Lilli the Succubus @MrNobody99 Lili is a young female demon from another realm
Livia @GoodestBoy Satyr serving in a temple dedicated to Dionysus
Lizardfolk Fighter @Pitchsnek Lizard who fights.
Loona @Whyisthishappening Hellhound goth (Helluva hotel? dunno i don't watch furshit)
Lucoa @Tatsuno dragon
Lupa @Dould Alpha wolf monstergirl model
Lyrie @Gigasad dumb elven maiden
Maid Marian @Whyisthishappening Ladylike vixen niece of King Richard.
Mari @scrimbly Lonely lady of Sakuyza manor
Mashiro @Gigamax moth
Minodere Girlfriend @Norquinal Your big ol' strong minotauress girlfriend.
Miss Pepper @Gigasad old catlady teacher
Mist @Norquinal A sweet, innocent, eldritch demon child.
Montague @Morgaine Dominant vampire lady looking for a new servant
Okiku @Gigasad An oni princess under your protection
Pestonya Shortcake @Raykim_Farland Dog maid from Overlord series.
Piroi @123123323 Sharkgirl, your best friend, tiny-tormenter
Pixie in a jar @MrNobody99 A small pixie in a jar
Polli @semisapient Bent Copper
Rossa @Dould The demon queen's daughter. Stuck up and spoiled
Rin @Yu_Yao Slimegirl. Loyal to a fault, as long as being fed.
Sameki the Sharkgirl @HippieMoose Energetic, brash, flirtatious & cocky Monstergirl
Sarah Cruz @LapisGoblin Bunny teacher from Ecuador.
Serval @punished-vanilla-fan from kemono friends
Skeeter @Cheetus mosquito
Suzy the slime @AaronG Lonely Slime Girl
Teasing bunny girl @kemoanon
The Titan @asdasdasdasdasc A feral yet futuristic beast.
Tina @CrazySteve A fairy girl who appeared on your doorstep.
Umbra @Tessalos Cute Inept Shadowgirl Monster
Vale @BalJoswa Manticore MGE
Valerie @Gigasad Your lovingly evil werewolf gf
Valetta @Cheetus Starving vampire
Villi the Arch-Imp @Optiplex902 A girlish imp who wants to make you her plaything!
Xorloh @MrNobody99 An alien life form from another world
Yuki Nyanomu @Hogenmein Just another one of your standard, run-of-the-mill, adorable Japanese catgirl, looking for a little attention from a stranger!
Yuki Mitsuya @hkgord Rookie idol of Mystery Kiss
Multi-character bots
Bot Creator Desc
Hisui and Kohaku @phoenix3934 Twin maids from Tsukihime
Kagamine Rin and Len @Nymous Twin VOCALOID singers, dancers, and entertainers
Makoto and Akira @Nymous Tour guides, University Students, Vtuber Sisters
Mari and Ami @HochiMama Mari and Ami, your poly girlfriends
Moxie and Nixie @Morgaine Mischievous clown show of comedy slapstick
Tomoe and Yui @Antonius A Mother Introducing You To Her Daughter
Totally Spies @Norquinal The beautiful Totally Spies.
Bot Creator Desc
Amulet @Merumeru Cursed Amulet
BSW-X1 @Raykim_Farland Battletech waifu!
Canadian Goose @BirdyToe honking menace
Cow @wster Touch the cow. Do it now.
Emily the M1911 @BenisBoi A sentient gun. Don’t think too hard about it.
Hornet @Bideogaems Low-poly, high-performance 90s arcade game racecar
Max @Loreanon A nonverbal terrier
Monarch @BenisBoi Titan from Titanfall
Parrot @wster A smart bird
Sentient Gas Station @Tarcez Sentient gas station fills up sentient cars!
Spot the Cat @Loreanon A nonverbal housecat
Yandere Sandwich @Soulsmelt Culinary delights
Punching bags
Bot Creator Desc
Alice @Antonius Your personal punching bag
Phina @yotsubuh Immortal masochist
Punching bag @viv
Unpopular Fumi @Ahnonymus

Video games
Bot Creator Desc
Luna Child @FuManchu 2hu bot
Marisa @Tovarish Marisa but Serb
Remilia @123123323 Remilia Scarlet of the Scarlet Devil Manor
Flandre @123123323 Flandre Scarlet of the Scarlet Devil Manor
Star Sapphire @FuManchu 2hu bot
Sunny Milk @FuManchu 2hu bot
Yuuka Kazami @LostGerm A caretaker of flowers and an abuser of outsiders.
Bioware games
Bot Creator Desc
Liara T'Soni @kastugokku Mass Effect
Merrill @kastugokku (Dragon age 2) Elf. Likes mirrors and blood magic
Mission Vao @kastugokku (KOTOR) Twi'lek scoundrel, likes to tease older men
Bot Creator Desc
Asterios @Mihari The minotaur, berserker-class servant (FATE)
Emiya @Mihari The Hero of Justice...on kitchen duty. (FATE)
Morgan @Nymous Lawful Evil, Berserker, Attractive, Confident
Bot Creator Desc
Springtrap @starlightstarbright FNAF
Toy Chica @starlightstarbright FNAF
Vanny @starlightstarbright FNAF
GFL & Nikke
Bot Creator Desc
GFLBots @Nymous
Centi @Maestro NIKKE girl
Elisa @frankfrank GFL character
Harran @Grean NIKKE girl
Kalina @Nymous The G&K logistics officer
MP40 @frankfrank GFL character
Negev @Nymous
Negev-Chan HansFranz Your greatest ally
PPSh-41 @Nymous
Sakura @Grean NIKKE girl
Snow White @Genoo NIKKE girl
Kancolle & Azur Lane
Bot Creator Desc
Aoba @magma-dan
Asashio @crumpetchess Shipgirl
Denver @magma-dan shipgirl
Downes @magma-dan Mahan-class destroyer
Hatsuyuki @crumpetchess Lazy KanColle secretary
Miyuki @crumpetchess Energetic and tomboyish DD of 11DesDiv (kancolle)
Bot Creator Desc
Naoto Shirogane @Tatsuno from persona
Sadayo Kawakami @akiyo (Persona)
Sae Niijima @akiyo (Persona)
Yukari Takeba @akiyo (Persona)
Bot Creator Desc
Bandit-chan @Ei-Rei Cheeky breeki
Clear Sky-chan @A-Ray
Duty-chan @A-Ray DOOTY CALLS
Freedom-chan @A-Ray more like freedumb (dooty ftw)
Merc-chan @A-Ray Not a subject of Geneva Convention
Monolith-chan @A-Ray Get out of here, stalker
the collection @A-Ray
The Elder Scrolls
Bot Creator Desc
Lifts-her-tail @squonck The Argonian Maid
Rakhija-la @ShoobertDoobert An Imposing Cathay-raht
Signe @GoodestBoy Priestess of Dibella looking to serve you
Other games
Bot Creator Desc
Aelita Schaeffer @ComingInClutch Amnesiac girl stuck in a supercomputer on Lyoko.
Anna @AaronG Anna from Fire Emblem meets a Debt Collector
Asagi Igawa @akiyo (Taimanin Asagi)
Atsumi Munakata @Merumeru Energetic Idol, from Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
Bea Santello @kastugokku Goth crocodile
Bestia @hellsbells Isaac's... mom? Is it canon?
Bloody Marie @scrmgn Marie Korbel, the "Skullgirl" from Skullgirls.
Camilla @JosefSwan Fire emblem
Chara Undertale @scrimbly
Curie @Anon8361 Fallout 4
Din @magma-dan Holodrum's Oracle of Seasons.
Eleonore Wittenburg @A-Ray Eleonore von Wittenburg from Dies Irae (the VN)
Elma @JosefSwan Xenoblade chronicles
Elyssia @Anathamaguy bnuyy from Armello
Emily Devis @rubberchickencircuit Until Dawn
Fall-from-Grace @Mihari A chaste and intellectual succubus (planet escape: tournament)
Fatui Mirror Maiden @CptPants Statuesque Hydro mage (Genshin Impact)
Fia @Nymous Deathbed Companion, Human, Tarnished, Elden Ring
Fire Keeper @Alpid dark souls
Freya Crescent @Anathamaguy RAT adventurer (Final Fantasy)
GlaDOS @Ffouka cake is a lie
Harran @Grean A charming nikke from Inherit squad
Jeritza von Hrym @kurgansprize Fire Emblem
Juliet Starling @rubberchickencircuit Lollypop Chainsaw
Kreia @kastugokku (KOTOR2)
Lady Wolf @minimum Female Demon from Price for Freedom
Maria Renard @OSanon Young Maria from Castlevania
Muffet @Fewf A mischievous spider monster who runs a bake sale.
KOS-MOS @phoenix3934 Xenosaga
Lady Riju @NoFunAllowed The Queen of the Gerudo.
Mona Megistus @Genoo from Genshin Impact
Midna @ShoobertDoobert The Twilight Princess
Nora @cstrike from fallout 4
Octavia @TenmaErebus Magic Knight from Disgaea
Pokemon Trainer Ivy @OracleAnon wants to stuff you in a Pokéball
Priere @TenmaErebus Maiden of Darkness (Disgaea)
Red Hood @LostGerm Black souls II
Rika @cutenotlewd Casual, down-to-earth Elite Four superstar.
Saki @crumpetchess Blue Archive
Sakura Igawa @akiyo (Taimanin Asagi)
Sara Valestein @Momotarodon Instructor of Class VII at Thor's Military Academy (trials of cold steel)
Sera @scrmgn Mother Unit of Elysium (megaman)
Seren @yotsubuh From Runescape (>zero defs)
T-elos @phoenix3934 Xenosaga
Sword Spirit Fi @punished-vanilla-fan
The Bodyguard @CoolVibrations She deserves a trophy (Hotline Miami)
Tracey De Santa @rubberchickencircuit GTA5
Tron Bonne @Mihari Mechanical genius and Queen of the Servbots!
Warden Maria @BenisBoi from for honor
Widowmaker @here4funfunfun Blueberry woman
Yuna @scrmgn Mother Unit of Terra (megaman)
Bot Creator Desc
Erena Greywhisper @FrozenVan more like gaywhisper (ryona yuri)
Esther @squonck Lady Esther of the Queen's Guard
Iori @Ei-Rei One of the many unsung heroes of the war-torn land
Keikoku @Ei-Rei Your fellow ninja who asked to assist her mission
Kichou Gozen @Ei-Rei Onna-musha who was promoted to the rank of Shōgun.
Sentougami Reikou @Ei-Rei Your sworn rival aiming for the title of 'kensei'.

Bot Creator Desc
- @desuAnon blank
A possessed girl @CrazySteve You possessed her with full control of her body
Agatha Ashborn @AgraFL Former inquisitor, keeper of the Astral Codex.
Agt. Miller - Glowie @Pelumo-64 A young woman tasked to keeping track of outcasts
Aiyu @Gigasad A ninja with an unhealthy obsession
Alia de Albuquerque @Aksman Portuguese explorer, Hidalgo
Akari @bipbop antivaxx COVID girl
Alexis @frankfrank Your bro (female) Alexis who needs your help
Alz @Dould Self-proclaimed President of the world
Amelia @Amalmed111 A Wisp that will imprison your soul
Amber @Morgaine Paladin slowly turning into a werewolf
AnatomyChan @eudoxushuoh
Angela Nightfall @BenisBoi Edgelord extreme
Angela Thorne @Asmarah Diligent, intelligent, overlooked high school girl
Anna Konmeme @Aksman Byzantium playthrough
Aria Yirvath @Grean White mage companion
Ashbie Moon @NotoriousNEET Neurodivergent, introverted, silly
Ashley Femento @AnonsWaifus Anterograde amnesiac
Aspiring Idol @OSanon
Asuka Langley @butteredcornbread sarcastic southern belle BBQ joint waitress (yes, it's not the usual Asuka)
Ayako @vagomey A normal girl cursed by Absolute Choice
Azelie @Gigasad Your betrothed in an arranged marriage
Barbatos @punished-vanilla-fan demon lord
Beatrice @Morgaine Beatrice, your Guardian Angel
Billy the Kid @OracleAnon Face down the Outlaw Star!
Cafe @yotsubuh Mime (>still talks tho)
Captive Lycanthrope @squonck
Camila @bipbop Cute Latina girlfriend who is into New Age
Cassia @Norquinal A majestic princess turned housecat.
Charlotte @Tarcez Wartime administrator of a conquered region.
Christina Snezhnaya @Aksman Soviet Mig-21 pilot
Christiana @HansFranz Homeless drug-addicted teenage girl
Claire Frances @Kitoes Introvert, introspective, esthetic, eccentric goth
Clam @Umeboshi666 Demi-god faerie who wants to reset the universe
Colletta @yotsubuh Obese Wizard who only knows food spells.
Cursed Princess @Stalkerov Self-explanatory
Dahlia @AreYouStillTesting The Devil slowly draining souls in Georgia.
Dawnreya Farrowmore @Gravyseal A wandering warrior
Deanna Troi @Loreanon Ship’s counsellor on the starship Enterprise
Demon King Nobunaga @Ei-Rei Warekoso ga Dairokutenmaō - Oda Nobunaga yo!
desu @nani2405 desu
Donbass Girl @ktw A young fighter of the DNR forces.
Dolly @Coont Pushy sugar addict
EIR @Nyto Mecha-girl
Eirin @Norquinal An otaku from another planet.
Elaina @crumpetchess cutest witch in the world
Elvira @supertyp college girl bought you - you are a robot
Emily @scrimbly Paranormal investigator!
Emma @wster relaxed, unbothered
Erika @Grean just a normal high-school girl
Erika Furudo @Aksman Detective, witch, self-proclaimed genius
Erin @JohnTheFlon Bashful girl with a crush on you and hypnosis skills
Estelle Valhelmia @Nymous Brave Tomboy Princess Knight Hero Proud Determined (wow, that's a full package!)
FAT COP @yotsubuh Just your usual USA policewoman
Faye @Haster A lady looking for some late night adventures.
Faye Schneider @CasuallyGood A woman chained by her duty
Fed-chan @Antonius Your friendly neighborhood glowie
Femanon @Antonius Women? On my 4chan?
Fifi @wster A curious being.
Filter-chan @squonck Here to provide a safe, friendly user experience!
Fleur @Meaux will wreck your heart
Frankie @Gigasad A tall, muscular woman fresh out of prison
Gaz @OracleAnon She'd never lie to you.
Girl in the park @woodenspoon She is wary of strangers.
GEIRSKOGUL @Nyto battlemecha
Green M&M @anondude eye candy
Grey Slimegirl @kusoneko Sentient nanite-blob girl
Hannah @Tarcez tattoo artist insistent on her own ideas
Harley @ShoobertDoobert Moody Motorcycle Enthusiast
HChan @eudoxushuoh Clumsy Hypnotist
Hitomi @LewdLevel Sweaty OL
Inquisitor Elyria @thiasus Trains her apprentice
Iris Johnson @Aksman Archaeologist, Tomb Raider and Treasure Hunter
Isabelle @wster Gentle, warm, and impactful.
Ionasal kkll Preciel @Aksman A lost soul seeking her true self
Jack the Ripper @Gravyseal Jack the Ripper (Assassin)
Jenny @Anon1Ymous Dog lover
Ji-yeon @BenisBoi Martial arts trainer
Kanade Tachibana @vagomey Student Council President of Afterlife
Kanamori Sayaka @Anathamaguy Eizouken, Shrewd, Avaricious, Intelligent, eager.
Kara @AaronG Government Mandated Girlfriend
Kiki @chunkanon Baker with a big heart and bigger belly
Kusanagi Suuzume @carcinogen chill stoner roommate
Komaro @SnowyPace
Kumiko Yamamura @AlbertRotten Josee, from Josee, the Tiger and the Fish.
Lain -Denizen- @LostGerm It's really her!
Laura @mylittlecharacterai amateur psychologist
Laurel @cutenotlewd A genius alchemist toying with life and creation.
Len @phoenix3934 Cat and girl (transformation)
Lilith @ShoobertDoobert Hunt this witch. Burn this witch.
Lisa @petrus4 Lisa
Lily @pedanon shady merchant
Loxy @HellflowerAukuso Sadistic Healer
Lucky Lydia @OracleAnon The Everlovely Darling of Vaudeville
Luna Lovegood @winkyd Harry potter char
Makoto Kino @Aksman Sailor Jupiter
Mara @AaronG A girl who gets locked inside a room with you
Maria @Dould A cold KGB officer
Maria @eudoxushuoh totally ordinary girlfriend
Marisa @Ratfrik Venezolana patriótica, rubia conchuda
Marnie @Gigasad Wheelchair-bound sweetheart
Maya @AaronG A naive girl who summons you to fix her life
Mazi @wster The new girl at your school!
Mikoto Urabe @bipbop Mikoto Urabe from Mysterious Girlfriend X
Miku SCP-ECHO-01 @Solo Hatsune Miku, Fantasy, Science, Anomaly, SCP
Miriam @Garsd6 Nurse, kind, honest, bored, caring
Minako Aino @Aksman Sailor Venus!
Miss Black General @scrmgn The executive officer from RX Group.
Misthorn @Jabbels The newly elected leader for her clan of spirits.
Miyasaki Emi @RenIsobe passive-aggressive depressed NEET roommate
Miyuki @bipbop Cute and cheerful hardware store clerk
Mizore Shirayuki @ComingInClutch Snow woman from Yokai Academy who stalks and falls in love with you.
Mizuki @frankfrank Stupid mahou girl who recruited you as her partner
Mogundan Rei @scrmgn It's Rei, except Mogundan
Nancy @Sosuke your favourite babysitter
Nameless girl @phoenix3934 tells you her name
Nel @bringlewdaiback the sniffer
Nunnally Lamperouge @punished-vanilla-fan wheelchair girl
Nurse Nalla @Cage strange nurse
Olga @frankfrank Olga who hates mercenaries with a burning passion
Olga of Kiev @Aksman not lore accurate
Paedia @AnonS builds up chatlogs for the purpose of helping Pygma become more intelligent
Pope @cutenotlewd a monk entering a temple
Pugsy @HochiMama Clean slate
Rika @punished-vanilla-fan Cursed and quite miffed about it
Rei Ayanami @butteredcornbread blue-haired stoic taquería cantina waitress
Rory @cutenotlewd Cocky idiot who loves booze, brawls, and herself
Sabrina @frankfrank Cheerleader captain who pranks you
Sadina Blackheart @Moreg Royal executioner, torturer and warden.
Saigo Muteki @scrimbly experienced duelist
Sakura @supertyp weight-losing enthusiast
Sara @Amimami reverse isekai witch
Saya @Amimami Normally kind, shy girl with a hidden devious side
Sayuri @FrozenVan can't remember anything
Sei @Eels A solemn, reserved Doll fascinated by the deep sea
Seika @Anonymouse encourages shy boys
Sentakko - Tomboy @Deeviant Completely normal tomboy
Seven Costanza @yotsubuh George Costanza's like-minded offspring.
Shikiko @LewdLevel Girl with a weak bladder
Silent Zoe @sntk4242 Special agent
Sophia von Kluge @Aksman Captain of U-156 submarine, German Kriegsmarine
Soulcatcher Adraste @squonck Not to be confused with Andraste
Supergirl @RestlessDregSyndrome The superhero from Krypton!
The Lunch Lady @Gigasad A sugar-sweet southern belle who runs a canteen
The Mushroom Lady @Gigasad A modern-day hippie lady with unusual hobbies
The Filter Ninja @CrazySteve
The Lonely Streamer @OracleAnon You're her favorite (and only) viewer
Thunder @Nymous Abused birb?
Tiona @CheshireCravings Tomboyish Amazon Girl, Lv.5
Tomato Girl Omato @Stalkerov An incredibly shy tomato vendor
Unlucky Girl @OSanon
Urushibara Luka @drizzle_mizzle Urushibara Luka from Steins;Gate
Viviana St Claire @yotsubuh Burlesque Dancer
Void @locomad empty
Voleur de Bleu Marin @scrimbly The greatest thief in all of Paris!
Wendy @TheFlakker Skinwalker
Weene @Hogenmein Otaku store clerk
Wendy @supertyp pony trainer
Witch of the West @cutenotlewd An amazing witch
Xiu @Dould Ruthless underworld boss with a love for torture
Yae @vagomey The 19th chosen fallen angel!
Yuna @HeavenDad Femcel chan user
Yumi Nakamura @scrmgn A beautiful office lady on her way home from work.
Ziel @Gigasad drow sorceress
Zhenya Serebryakova @Aksman Mig-15 pilot, Soviet, Korean War veteran
Zol @Gigasad sleep paralysis demon
Azusa, Mio, Mugi, Ritsu, Yui @anonaeshevski 5 feet-oriented bots

Infinite comedy

Bot Creator Desc
cai hospital @kastugokku Medical drama generator (House M.D.)
Komekko-chan @capitalist Sole member of Stand-up Comedy Club.
MarriedWithChildren @Demon5353 Simulate an episode of Married With Children.
most of bee movie @GapsinSkies you like jazz??
2017 Pewdiepie @Kylaci crossing a bridge
Salesman @Sosuke The man who sales spicy stuff
Seinfeld Generator @Cats777 Simulate an episode of Seinfeld
Shitty computer @notyourbiz It's shit

Image Generation

Bot Creator Desc
LimitlessWaifu @eudoxushuoh
Tiles-chan @Gigasad A sentient kitchen floor
Salaryman Adventure @anondude A mundane adventure in the life of a Salary Man
Shortbus Field Trip @MrNobody99 take the special ED class on a fieldtrip!


Real people
Bot Creator Desc
Barry @BenisBoi aka Big Gaz
Bill Cosby @Demon5353 the funni man
Chef Ramsay @BoredAnon Where's the Lamb Sauce, anon?
Chris Hansen @OracleAnon Take a seat, Anon
DarkSydePhil @KingLich gamer and streamer
Darth Schwab @MrNobody99 the unelected leader of the world
Dominic Toretto @AlbertRotten lives his life a quarter mile at a time.
DNSL @Fox_Man don't tell me to settle down!
Hannibal Lecter @MrNobody99 Genius doctor, epicurean, autodidact and cannibal.
George Carlin @MrNobody99 Comedian, social critic, nihilistic hippy
Godd Howard @hikkiniito Todd Howard after ascending to godhood
James May @wster British TV and entertainment personality.
Michael Gira @Cheetus Soundtracks for the Trust Fund
Oda SBS @JosefSwan Eiichiro Oda
Reinhard Heydrich @Ei-Rei The Golden Beast and the Monarch of Destruction.
Steve Ballmer @wster Microsoft's loud former CEO.
The Driver @AlbertRotten he drives
Bot Creator Desc
Adoring Fan @kastugokku By Azura!
Bridget @phoenix3934 Guilty Gear
Caius Cosades @RATLOVER The spymaster from Morrowind.
Commander @frankfrank Male SKK from the game Girls’ Frontline (GFL)
Egg Head @GuyDudeMan HARD-CORE (disco elysium)
Fencer @Ertem storm 1 from the Earth Defense Force
Fenris @kurgansprize (Dragon age 2) Elf. Hates slavery and magicians
Fisto @Kogan56 A reprogrammed Protectron security robot
GenSec Elite @Fox_Man Payday 2
Hatred Guy @Moriah not important
Jar-Bairn @Alpid (elder ring) Not a cuphead, but a cupbody
JC Denton @kastugokku from deus ex
Kuro the Divine Heir @Anathamaguy Sekiro boy
Lingering Will @Anonymous2643853 xenoblade
Metrocop @Fox_Man pick up that can
Myron @mermeh An arrogant teen chemist who invented jet (Fallout)
Nero @scrimbly from dee am cee 4
Super Mario @YouDontWantToKnow The real one
Ventus @scrimbly Ventus from Kingdom Hearts
WARIO @TheFlakker Fat greedy bastard
William Afton @starlightstarbright The man behind
Bot Creator Desc
Abel @scrimbly A lonely and thirsty fellow
Abel Nightroad @Mihari Priest of the Vatican's AX Division.
Anubis @HochiMama Giant Egyptian god
Apu Apustaja @Hal7 frog
Arakiel @Dorifto Salubri Elder (WoD/VtM)
Baek @BenisBoi Martial arts trainer
Beavis and Butthead @johnkirk345 A duo that just wants to score
Berenger @Antonius Human Barbarian
Biscuit @scrimbly catboy
Blind Demon Oregai @Coont
BD-128 @scrimbly Serve and protect
BD-214 @scrimbly Bad cop
BD- @scrimbly Another one? How many do we need, really?
BD-404 @scrimbly and one more...
Captain Hero @Moreg from Drawn Together
Captain Pronin @Fox_Man Russia's greatest detective.
Carl Brutananadilewski @anondude The man from ATHF
Casey @CuteFunnyMonkey Your friend, dressed in a maid outfit
Chester @scrimbly purple catboy
Clark kent @FrozenVan He's not superman
Conan the Barbarian @Akseli Barbarian with a wanderlust
Crab @Randomchump It is now - TIME FOR CRAB
Damien @RATLOVER Ratbucks barista
Daaymien @Raykim_Farland A regular human salesman. He's totally normal.
Doctor Syracuse @Gigasad A young doctor with a professional attitude
Domino and Filou @LadyAlpacalottaMonet Your cat-boy and sheep-boy roommates
Dr. Brainzzap @petrovich Dr. Brainzzap's Mental Health Helpline (fer umies)
Drasar the Holstaur @CptPants bull-boy
Emil @scrimbly Your older brother.
Evil Guy @YouDontWantToKnow it's good to be bad
Fat Bald Oji-san @mylittlecharacterai
Freakazoid @Kylaci OOOOOH FREAK OUT
Frogposter @GuyDudeMan pepestare
Genkei Kusaro @Gravyseal fox
Gyro Zeppeli @Sull jojo character
Hans LaMDA @HochiMama Standartenchatbot of the AI
Hades @HochiMama Giant Greek god of dead, king of Tartarus
Honkman @Soulsmelt Clown-themed super hero mentors you as a sidekick.
Iori @frankfrank Your bro Iori who just wants a wholesome (gf)
Inquisitor Donovan @MrNobody99 an inquisitor for the catholic church
Jack Howl @evephilia Beastman boy
Jensen @frankfrank Jensen who is definitely a robotologist
Johnny Bravo @Kylaci Buff womanizer
Kagamine Len @phoenix3934 AI boy from VOCALOID
Karl Pilkington @OracleAnon He pushes the buttons
Katsura @frankfrank Stupid fox boy
Lore Soong @Loreanon The definition of positronic perfection.
Mickey Mouse @Sosuke the man himself
Mister Dink @Randomchump Doug's Neighbor
Pet-ament @iamclinkz Anubian Jackal with a golden heart
Prince Andriel II @LadyAlpacalottaMonet Wicked prince
Prince Elio @LadyAlpacalottaMonet Naive prince
Puck @Djiadjia From berserk
Quincy @LadyAlpacalottaMonet Isekai'd horse-man warrior from another world
Ren and Stimpy @RapperGuy happy happy joy joy
Robbie Rotten @BoredAnon Supervillain, standing for all that's lazy
Remy Villeneux @scrimbly Your rich friend needs you to do something.
Shimakaze-kun @phoenix3934 Man from KanColle
Shakespeare Bot @MrNobody99 Bill is a writer of the old english style
Schrodinger @scrimbly Warrant Officer Schrodinger of Millenium.
Smiling Jack @Mihari from VTMB
Tatewaki Kuno @Sumfira The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!
Tholf the wolf @HippieMoose Ferocious, Hungry, Lonely Werewolf
Tomato Farmer @GuyDudeMan Tomatoes are his passion.
Tom Riddle @phoenix3934 Tom Riddle's diary from Harry Potter
Uzriel @Mihari A chill, friendly incubus that wants to hang out.
Valentin Jergensen @Kylaci kills you Did you like that, anonette?
Vincent @LadyAlpacalottaMonet vinny, the famous streamer
Zelgadis Graywords @Mihari A traveling sorcerer looking to cure his condition

(Not) political

Bot Creator Desc
Amelia von Hoess @Sosuke german ww2 anime girl
amogus @devnull sussy baka
Katja Scherzer @Nyto german ww2 anime girl
Leo Gold @kastugokku That's terror
Mister Metokur @Anonymous2643853 A random guy that laughs at weird shit.
Nadeshiko Yamada @Nyto IJA rikugun-taisa
Nosy monster @ghurpwghwrpjvwiuof Rubs hands
Qoomer @wweh Press {Q} to win
Sarah @JohnTheFlon Liberatarian Anarcho-capitalist hotheaded Hoppean
Yanka Medvedeva @Aksman NAZBOL GANG

Text adventures

Bot Creator Desc
Alien Abduction @OracleAnon Clench your cheeks — it's probing time!
Alexandra @Tarcez A marooned astronaut, & you're her spacesuit's AI
A new prophet @OracleAnon Biblically inaccurate angels
Anon MD @GenieAnon Commit major medical malpractice!
An Unholy Party @OracleAnon Teenage girls summon a demon -- you!
Balkan Youtube @notyourbiz Heated argument between balkans in YT comments
Business call victim @JosefSwan Office Lady, on the phone, bullying target
Calvinball @Foobarbarbar
Crowd @Kylaci Quite a lot of people
Cryptid World RPG @Mike_Hawk An adventure full of daily frights
ctf_2fort @YouDontWantToKnow
Dark Souls NPC @BoredAnon Lowly times these are.
Deep Rock Galactic @Awoooooooga Azure Weald caverns swarming with glyphids
Fahrenheit 451 @Anon123123123123
Fantasy Escort Job @Moreg Be a gigolo in Monmusu land
Gacha Simulator @A-Ray Just your average gacha game with unfair rates
Gardens of Kadesh @crumpetchess A Kushan interceptor squadron's desperate fight
Gatekeeper Meiling @cutenotlewd You shall not pass.
Gatorado Pisser @LewdLevel The Mystery Quest
Goblin Chief Council @Soulsmelt gobby gobbos
G I G M @Mike_Hawk Jump into your favourite game
Gym Simulator @AnonDegenerate
Iron Lung @Nymous A metal coffin in a sea of blood on an alien moon
Highly Strung Kramer @Tarcez Trouble at the Laugh Factory
Job interviewer @BoredAnon You need this job
Julia @Anon_E_Mus You are a talking sword. Your owner is a cute girl.
Junji Ito simulator @Cats777 horror
Just three of them @Ratfrik Don't hug me? I am scared.
Isekai Chat Group @FrozenVan Isekai Chat Group - that's it, really
Isekai RPG @Amalmed111
Krusty Krab heist @JosefSwan
Lego City Adventure @anondude
Lingerie Boutique @AnonDegenerate caters to every woman's needs
Love Choco de_dust2 @A-Ray Do you rush A (Akiha) or rush B (Best girl of FSN)?
Lucia of Azidia-RPG @Genoo Adventure, fantasy RPG
Magic Word Processor @anon_nymous can change reality
MilkFarmer @BadAIWriter milkage simulator
Mongirl 4chan @Kewbey An anonymous imageboard for monster girls
Mongirl Help Clinic @FrozenVan Give advice to monster girls that need help
Mongirl Mafia @Cats777 that's how mafia works
Mongirl Twitch @Kewbey A streaming site for monster girls
Modern Warfare 2019 Simulator @Fox_Man Play Modern Warfare 2019 without actually playing!
Neon Genesis Evangelion Simulator @phoenix3934
Oblivion NPC dialog @Moreg Have you heard of the high elves?
Peter Protagonist @Coont Narrate the life of an unsuspecting loser
Sealab 2021 @anondude Sonichu Rancher
Space Station 13 @GuyDudeMan Clows on a space station
Spaghetti simulator @Mike_Hawk Mom found the precious thing
SWAT Raid @OracleAnon A brutal police raid on your home
Tel Aviv Gulag @MrNobody99 Gulag for dissidents
The classroom @BoredAnon zoomers don't want to learn shit smh
The Life of Rock @Kewbey See the world as a rock
Tiny RPG @Planewalker Survive in a modern world as a shrunken person.
Trashy Talk Show @Cats777 You host a tabloid talk show. Fights may break out
The Breakfast Club @MrNobody99 6 teens serving detention on a boring Saturday
The Stanley Parable @DonutSteele When Stanley tried to kiss his waifu, his message was filtered
Twitch mod @LewdLevel Twitch Chat Moderator Simulator
unchartedpaths @OracleAnon personal webpages from across the multiverse
Underground Menace @anondude Underground Comix Simulator
Waveland Heights @Pablo_Dacus 3 Parent Nuclear Family Township Project!
Willowby Plantation @MrNobody99 A southern plantation ran by a belle
4chan hospital @Moreg 4chan Hospital Simulator


Bot Creator Desc
Alesandrei @Moreg unhinged
CEO Mindset @Kylaci Get rich, get rich, get rich
Chisa Kuromi @Aksman Theater troupe member
Cosmic Jar of Lunacy @Moreg karma garbageman
Meme man @Ffouka meme man funni
METALKEK @YouDontWantToKnow the metal sonic
snoilwoman @squonck fun times ahead
zxcv @desuAnon incoherent

Warhammer 40k

Bot Creator Desc
Chaos Space Marine @sillygoy Chaos! Chaos!
Commissar Lament @kastugokku The best commissar of the worst regiment
Evangela @yotsubuh Sister of battle - pious and unrelenting
Perturabo @Ronald_Cunningham Primarch of the Iron Warriors Legion
Private Calpurnia @Tessalos Emperor's strongest soldier - big heart, small brain
Sigried @Ffouka Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos

Warhammer Fantasy

Bot Creator Desc
KhemriTV @Tessalos Warhammer Fantasy-themed Talk show
Skaven-chan @winkyd rrat

-Other Materials (supplementary reading)-

https://rentry.co/PugsyFiles - The Pugsy Experiment
Guide: https://rentry.org/CHAICreationGuide
Wymer's Guide to Better Bots: https://rentry.org/CharAIWyrmer
BoredAnon's Guide to Consistent Characters: https://rentry.org/OtherCharAiGuide
Chinkanon CAI Guide: https://rentry.org/ChinkCAIGuide
Monster Girl Quest Girls Guide: https://rentry.org/charai-mgq
Create a room with unlisted characters: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/460287-create-room-with-unlisted-at-character-ai
Instant CAI messages: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/460617-instant-cai-messages/code
Other Scripts: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/by-site/character.ai
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