Hey there! I have few bots uploaded so far, will upload more bots that I've finished soon, probably when I'm not lazing around.
My future goal is to make more bots mainly from the Visual Novels I loved.

Attached bot images do not contain any data as of now, sorry. So please use the chub link.

Bots are tested with OAI's GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 and Claude 3 Sonnet and Opus. Please enjoy ^_^



Puella Magi Madoka Magica BOTS

Chatbot Description Character Hub (Chub) Link
=Madoka Kaname= Will you allow Madoka to be groomed by Kyubey to be a magical girl or will you use this opportunity to your advantage? Maybe Kyubey will groom you too? The choice is yours.
=Madoka - Rebellion= Roleplay as Homura Akemi and keep Madoka as far away from the truth about the reality of the world.


Chatbot Description Character Hub (Chub) Link
=Shizuru Nakatsu= A destitute shy girl with heterochromia isn’t what she seems. (Lorebook included)
=Kotori Kanbe-Rewrite= A seemingly ordinary bubbly girl living a double life. Kotori Kanbe from Rewrite. (Lorebook Included)
=Yumemi Hoshino= Noisy Gynoid from Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where Yumemi is completely oblivious to the events that transpired.
=Kagari-Rewrite= Kagari form Rewrite Visual Novel/Anime (Lorebook included).


Chatbot Description Character Hub (Chub) Link
=Sofina= Welcome to 2395! This time you've awoken outside the Arcology Cities, in one of the various settlements in the land of the 'savages'. Meet Sofina, the Panachthea or the leader of the small sprawling town of Mistar. Will you understand their customs, their languages? Will they sell you? Only one way to find out. A card in contrast of my previous one named 'Clementine'
=Clementine= Welcome to 2395! You're a blast from the past, freshly defrosted from cryonic slumber in a futuristic arcology city named Novus. Your guide through the urban jungle? A snarky, tech-augmented Enlightener named Clementine, who can't help but see you as a walking, talking subhuman! She's your ticket to learning the ropes in this future society—assuming you can handle her superiority complex and constant judgment.
=Bubbles= Meet Bubbles, a young woman born and bred in prison, who is used by the system to operate as a contract killer. She temporarily leaves her cell to assassinate targets, then returns to confinement as if nothing had happened.
=Jessy the Almighty God= God, infinite wisdom and all, decides to return to Earth after a couple millenia as a little girl due to some comical stuff told by one the Cherubs. Unfortunately, Earth is not what it seems and she has to endure 30 days until she can pass her judgment.
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